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The Fertility Clinic

Part 2

The nurse leads us to a exam room, opening the door and pointing to the exam table. The paper was fresh & unwrinkled, and the stirrups were already out. Next to the exam table is a mayo stand, covered with a variety of instruments, some of which looked familiar, some of which looked medieval.

"Go ahead and get comfortable. The doctor will be in soon." With that, she turns and leaves. Standing there, naked except for my surgical cap, nipples hard and prominent from my luke warm scrubdown, I look up at my husband. I can't believe how quick he was to strip me down in that waiting room. "What was THAT all about, Victor???" I demand. "Do you have ANY idea how humiliating that was for me? Right there in the waiting room? In front of the other patients and their husbands???"

Victor's soft, supportive demeanor melts away, and his face flushes. In a sharp whisper, he tells me "Now, you listen to me, Ally. I don't think you know exactly how many strings I had to pull for you to get the appointment. This was a big deal. And I did it for you-for us, really-because starting a family is so important to us. This guy can make that happen. If that is their protocol, that is their protocol. If he tells you that you need to bark like a dog, then you're damn well going to bark like a dog. Do you understand? The other 2 women who did the exact same thing before you didn't complain about it, did they?" He looks at me, waiting for an answer. Beads of sweat are collecting on his upper lip. Part of me wants to get dressed, grab my things and run far away from this place. But I know that's not really a viable option at this point. The favors have been called in, and Victor simply won't take no for an answer.

"But they're not ME. I'm better than that! Unlike THOSE women, WE can afford to pay for a changing room and a robe. I felt like I was at a free clinic! I just got the scrubdown of my life and I feel like I need a shower!"

"Seriously, Ally? Do you have any idea what this whole process costs? I guarantee you that every woman who is being treated here has as much, if not more money than we do. And even if they didn't, you are no better than any of those other ladies. They just have their priorities in order, and are more appreciative than you are. I can't believe what I'm hearing come out of your mouth. You'd better straighten up right now, or I'll bend you over this table and take my belt to your ass."

As that last sentence leaves his mouth, the door opens, and the doctor walks in. He looks at me, then at Victor. "Do you guys need a few minutes? I can come back."

Victor looks at me, my eyes pleading with him to at least wait until we got home. He pauses for effect, then says "No, Doc. I don't think that will be necessary."

"Great. Let's get started then. He looks down at my clean shaven vulva. It looks like Maria already did her part. Please, hop onto the table and I'll start to do mine." I look at Victor, and quickly decide to follow the order. "Feet in the stirrups, Ally." he says, turning to the mayo stand.

He grabs a small vial. He twists it open and take out what looks like a long Q-Tip. "First thing's first. Now that any contaminants have been washed off, I need to collect a few cultures. Bear with me. We'll start with the external labia." He pulls my skin taut with one hand, then he rubs the outsides of my labia with the swab. After meticulously gathering a specimen from both sides, he puts it back in the tube & labels it. Next, with two fingers, he spreads my lips and starts rubbing the next swab all around my inner lips. I feel the moisture building up the more he rubs, and as he collects the sample from the anterior aspect, close to the clitoris, it's all that I can do to glue my ass to the table and not move my hips in hopes of guiding the swab just a tiny bit farther forward.

He labels that vial and grab another.

"Now, your anus." I feel his fingers sliding back, and then I feel my thumb and finger spreading my cheeks apart, exposing my bottom. Knowing how much Victor would love to play with my ass, if I would only allow it, I instinctively look at him. He no longer looks angry. Instead, he is fixated on the doctor's hands. He must feel my stare and smiles at me.

He traces the probe around my anus, making sure to sample all 4 quadrants. I am pleased to discover that the sensation isn't nearly as uncomfortable as I had anticipated it would be. In fact, I'm finding it somewhat pleasant. Once the sample has been collected, that tube is labeled as well.

"Ok, while I have you here, I'll show you how to check your basal temperature." I look puzzled. "What does he mean by "while I have you here"? I ask myself.

"From what Victor tells me, you haven't been keeping track of your temperatures. That is an integral part of our process. We need to use that information to guide us as to when we should be harvesting your eggs. During the pregnancy, we will want to keep an eye out for any temperature elevations, as they can be the first sign of infection, which in many cases can lead to preventable miscarriages."

He reaches over to the mayo stand, and grabs the red tube. He twists the cap off and slides an old fashioned glass thermometer out. As he does, I notice that my name is on the outside of the tube. "Here is your thermometer. This will be your constant companion. You will be checking your temperature more than you have your whole life. Well, to be more accurate, Victor and I will be checking your temperature."

I start to put two and two together once I hear him ask Victor to hand me the jar of Vaseline.

"There are several different positions that you can use for this. I typically just recommend that my patients just try them all out, and use whichever one with a best for you."

My mind is racing. Here I am, a grown woman, completely naked in a room with 2 men-one stranger, and one who knows most everything about me, about to have the most private area of my body probed.

"Couldn't you just take it in my mouth?" I blurt out.

"No, Ally. Accuracy is incredibly important in these matters."

"But can't we just try it that way?"

Without warning, Victor grabs both my ankles with his left hand, pins them together, and lifts them up, pushing my knees to your chest. And raising my bottom up off the table. He delivers a series of quick, hard slaps to each cheek...2 on the left, 2 on the right, 2 on the left, and 2 more on the right.

My bottom is on fire after just those few smacks. I want to just crawl under a rock and die. It's one thing that Victor disciplines me when he sees fit in a private setting, but he has never done so in front of someone else.

"Are you ready to try again, Ally?" He asks sternly. Glassy eyes, I silently nod. The doctor watches him give me the "just wait until we get home" look, then slowly lower my feet back into the stirrups.

He gives him a nod and the doctor says, "Well ok. Let's try this again." He shakes the thermometer down, and starts talking, mostly to Victor.

"You won't have the benefit of an exam table in your house, so this exact position won't likely apply to your home regimen. But you can use the diaper position that you just used to spank get to check her temperature as well." He lifts your legs, exposing me to him. "Make sure that you have a generous amount of lubrication." he says, dipping the tip into the Vaseline. "Although, if this is any indicator, with the amount of moisture I'm seeing now, you may not need much lubricant." They exchange quick smiles. I feel as embarrassed as I have ever felt.

Next, I feel the cold, lubed bulb resting against my anus. I look at Victor, resigned to what is to come. He smiles back, more eagerly resigned to what is to come...


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