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4 Enema Stories

Confabulation 3

It's Saturday morning. I remind Noreen, my wife, it's her turn Sunday. "I know," she says. "I just forgot."

Sure she did. "Right, well do it now before you forget again." She sighs, but prepares the double dose of Metamucil. She makes an ugly face as she drinks it down.

"I don't know how you can stand this stuff," she tells me as gulps water and washes out her mouth.

I don't know how I stand it either, but I do.

Over the years, Sunday mornings developed into our enema-play time. I found that a good dose of fiber twenty-four hours before an enema makes for a nicely full colon, while still allowing ample room for the water.

We switch roles - taking turns every other week - on who is on the receiving end. Enemas, after all, are a very personal thing, with their own timetable. By taking turns, the bottom gets all the attention and pleasure. The active partner does most of the work, ensuring the recipient achieves maximum delight, and postpones or foregoes personal release. Pleasure deferred is pleasure doubled.

We can do anything during these sessions as long as assplay dominates. Of course there must be an enema - at least one (but no more than three) and the recipient must get off at least once.

This Sunday it is Noreen's turn to be on the receiving end. My wife of thirty years is a big, beautiful woman. The proverbial "four-hooker" of yore, her 38-DD breasts are now 44's. Her shapely ass has broadened. Her thighs and abdomen expanded, too. I love every ounce of her massive, 48 year-old body!

Nothing excites me the way attending to her voluptuous ass does. I can literally spend hours consorting with to those enormous pillows of passion.

Funny how attractions can shift. Early in our marriage, it was her boobs I was fixated on. Oh, I fondled her big ass plenty then, too, but it was her tits I worshiped. I must have sucked, licked, massaged, fucked and cum on them thousands of times. Heh, now I do those things (and more) to her globular, gorgeous nates.

It's Sunday morning now. I usually wake before Noreen, and today is no exception. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. She wakes partially, but makes no attempt to become fully alert. She likes her sleep, my Noreen does.

After carefully closing the door, I run the hot water in the lav. I perform a few basic ablutions and take my medications; at 54 my body-from the top of my bald head to the ends of my toes-requires a few modern miracles to function.

Fully awake, I select the enema equipment I intend to use on Noreen. While I cannot recall a time when enemas where not a part of my life, Noreen came to them almost as an adult - from some stupid diet plan. She abandoned the diet, but stayed with the enemas.

Her capacity exceeds mine. It always did, much to my chagrin. I thought I was hot stuff to be able to suffer through a full two quart enema when constipated. Noreen took them with ease. Now, thirty years later, her max capacity is almost four quarts.

I pick up the large ice bag to use for her enema. It holds over a gallon. I don't expect her to take all of it, but I want her to have a big enema this morning. This bag is bulky when full, a large, sloshy blue pumpkin. We solved the problem of holding it by making use of a small wire hanging basket. The tube is placed through the bottom of the wire basket (we use a Four-In-One adapter cap) which then supports the otherwise awkward balloon-like bag.

For the business end I choose our pride and joy, the double inflatable nozzle. This is my favorite "nozzle." I love having that thing up my ass. It makes my ass feel packed, plus the inflated inner cuff presses directly on my prostate, causing all manner of wonderful sensations.

Noreen likes it as well, but only for the "no leaks" feature. When she sees it she knows she's in for a major enema - a prospect my commodious wife relishes. For a turn-on, she prefers to have the large douche nozzle up her ass.

After the enema is prepared and ready to go, I put on a pair of latex exam gloves - I said I liked to play with her ass - and take everything to the bedroom.

Noreen comes a bit more awake as I put the full ice bag in its support. The inflatable nozzle and the tubing hang from the top of the basket. I'm not quite ready for it yet.

"On your side, baby," I instruct her. She shifts her weight and I watch the rolls of belly fat assume new positions. Soon I will be massaging those jumbo curls as they fill with water.

I push her top thigh up so I can have better access to her charming pillow of flesh. Her inner thighs still bear the evidence of last night's oral suckfest.

Usually we take turns going down on each other, but last night I couldn't get enough of her sweet cunt and we ended up in an extended sixty-nine session. She came several times as I drowned myself in her nectar until I finally shot my load down her throat.

I squeeze a large gob of K-Y onto my gloved fingers and begin to probe her nether region. My hand about disappears under the great mass of ass-flesh. I take my time, savoring the tight warmth that is my wife's ass-cleft. First I rub her crack, getting it all greasy, before I touch her anus. I add more K-Y and rub circles around her tight ring of flesh. This action elicits a few heart- felt moans from Noreen's lips. When my finger tip presses into her ass, I receive a gasp and shudder as a reward. I push the finger deeper into her anal recess.

We are both very sensitive back there and we've used all manner of sex toys in each other's ass. (A slim vibrator up my bum is so stimulating that the only way she can keep it in there is if she holds me down by lying on top of me.)

We don't have anal sex that often, considering. I love fucking her ass, but I prefer to come in her cunt. When we do ass-fuck, it's a kick. Noreen is on her back, (her legs either beating the shit out of my shoulders or dragging my arms down) her hips on a folded pillow while I kneel in front of her stroking in and out of her tight, spasming ass. I can watch her fat bounce and jiggle as I pound my cock in her ass. Her chest flushes crimson as her orgasm builds. I stare at her huge tits as she pinches her hard, thick nipples. I love watching those huge, saucer- sized areoles darken as she becomes excited.

Yes. I digress. Back to Noreen's delicious ass.

I take the inflatable nozzle and put it in my well-lubed hand. Heh, this is a two handed operation. Pushing a rope is difficult. (I know at my age! Another quick digression - another advantage to anal play is that anal stimulation can induce strong male orgasms without the necessity of first having a decent - that is any - erection.) I have to carefully guide the tip of the inflatable nozzle into her anus. I do this by first inserting my fingertip into her butt, lining up the inflatable nozzle along my finger and then gingerly swapping one for the other.

Once I have the tip inserted it's fairly easy to push the balloon in. When it is in, I strip off the glove from my left hand. I use this dry hand to open the clamp.

With the enema flowing, I ease in the inflatable nozzle until it is well up my lover's ass. My slippery right hand holds the second balloon against her anus as I inflate the first balloon with my left hand.

I pump it up slowly but fully. Then I inflate the second balloon, at which time I reluctantly remove my right my from between her heavy cheeks.

Noreen sighs and takes a deep breath as she adjusts to the flowing water. I pinch the shutoff clamp to restrict the flow.

To the uninitiated, watching someone take an enema is akin to watching paint dry. Not so to the anally erotic! My cock is very hard at this point. As if we were one, or linked telepathically, I know exactly what she is feeling and it excites me tremendously.

I put one clean gloves and go about pleasuring my wife. I don't rush it, I allow the conflicting stimuli to balance themselves.

Noreen, though she hasn't come out and said it, likes to be fisted. I observed this during the many times I've manually masturbated her to orgasm. She has the most intense and prolonged orgasms when, after a suitable length of time, I've had all my fingers well up her cunt.

I dip my fingers into a jar of cream we keep for masturbation lubrication and begin to stoke and tease her labia.

She bitches to me that she's uncomfortable, so I place a big pillow next to her hips and have her roll onto it. Now her ass is elevated enough so the inflatable nozzle isn't poking her and I can have access to her cunt and her expansive belly.

My stomach bulges when I've taken a large enema, but Noreen's never appears different when she is bursting with liquid. I can feel the difference when I rub her folds of flesh, but I can't see it, which it disappointing. (Remind me to tell you about the fun we had during her three pregnancies.)

Noreen's moaning is growing in stridency. A mixture of sexual tension and abdominal discomfort. I have one hand busy teasing her cunt and another sweeping wide circles over her colon. Her hands are in flight. One moment they are playing with her tits, another they are twitching by her sides.

The enema begins to win the battle, her hands now are pulling her belly fat up towards her tits in an effort to ease the growing pressure in her guts. She has taken a lot of water.

I begin to masturbate her in earnest now - must maintain that yin and yang balance after all. Two of my fingers begin to stroke the spongy area just inside and "up" in her cunt. She loves that. I fuck her cunt with my fingers, pulling all the way out before plunging deeply in to stroke that "G" spot of hers.

Noreen is now gasping and mewing. She is close to climaxing. I urge her on by adding the rest of my fingers. My finger cone twists and pushes into her engorged pussy. She begins to heave (what a sight!) and writhe. Her mewing is increasing in pitch and her broad chest is deep red. I fully open the clamp.

The sudden increase in water flow sends her over the edge. She screams out an "Oh" - unusual for her - as her orgasm releases. I twist faster and deeper as she comes, doing my best to prolong her climax. (I also shut off the enema, but she doesn't notice it.)

When she's caught her breath, I help her up. The inflatable nozzle is still firmly lodged in her ass, all that is visible are the two black inflator bulbs. I hand her the tubing and the clamp and then lift out the seriously deflated ice bag from the basket. I upend it and remove the tubing so I can pass it through the bottom of the basket to Noreen.

I take her to the bathroom and help her into the shower. I turn on the water (aiming the spray away from us until it warms up) and Noreen gives me a big hug and a long, passionate kiss. I reach down and release the inflators. Noreen sighs and lets loose. We embrace and kiss as the water showers down from both above and below.