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4 Enema Stories

Confabulation 4

The vast majority of us don't have willing enema partners. When chance or luck provides the opportunity to share, however briefly, erotic enemas with a member of the appropriate sex we jump at it.

If the question of fidelity arises, it is summarily dealt with without much soul searching. After all, we rationalize, we aren't truly cheating, we are merely sharing something that happens to be intimate and sexual. If it wasn't for the enema component, we wouldn't be doing it. No matter the excuse, the excitement over the prospect of enema intimacy quickly consumes us and nothing much will sway us from our destiny. So be it.

The time arrives, you are as nervous as a teenager on a first date. Much fortification takes place; drinks are polished off, cigarettes chain smoked and much babbling occurs. You hit it off with her. Your heart soars and flutters simultaneously as the reality of it sinks in. You are finally going to give and receive an erotic enema. This won't be like the game attempts of the past by your spouse; those sincere but lacking "Oh all right, if you really want me to" that invariably end up as, while not quite all out disasters, nevertheless disappointing and a bit silly.

Prior to meeting, the two of you have discussed at enormous length and in minute detail, every aspect, nuance and particular about your enema predilections. Now you get to DO IT.

Finally the two of you are alone. You volunteer to go first. There wasn't much choice there, really. She is nervous about everything, and face it, men will do just about anything if it means getting off.

You strip, unselfconscious of your middle-aged body. That helps to put her at ease. Neither of you have been bare-assed naked in front of anyone other than your spouse for quite a long time. You are smart enough not to joke about the condition of your body. Instead, you hand her your enema kit and tell her you can't wait for her to give you an enema.

She takes the offered items and makes a decision. She'll give you the enema, see how it goes and then see how comfortable she is with it.

It a bit she returns to the bed and starts giving you orders. you eagerly comply. You are positioned, examined, and probed. Her gloved fingers send thrills up your spine and you sport a blue steel hardon, the likes of which you haven't had in decades.

It is indeed better with a knowing partner. The enema is exquisite. Nothing is rushed and her intuition is flawless. Your inarticulate grunts, sighs and moans turn her on. If you had asked her when you first met if she would jerk you off, at best she would have turned around and left. Now, unbidden, her hand grasps your peter after she closes the clamp.

You moan and writhe at the unfamiliar, yet delightful, touch. She chuckles, "You like that, eh?"

"Oh yes," you manage to say.

Her gloved hand continues to hold the nozzle in place while her other hand fondles and pumps your quivering hardon. You don't last long. How could you? You climax in giant, whole-body spasms. You tell her over and over how good it feels.

She laughs and nods. Her nipples are quite erect and evident, even though she is still completely dressed. She surprises you by following you into the bathroom. She stays with you while you expel to caress your shoulders and upper back. No one has ever done that for you before and you are pleasantly astonished at good it feels.

She allows you to give her an enema in return. She starts out on her side, then turns onto her back. You massage her stomach, using broad, wide sweeps of your hand, as the enema progresses. Her large nipples stand stiff above vermilion areoles. The thick patch of graying pubic hair does not completely conceal her lust-engorged labia. You are not sure what to do. She stops your massaging hand mid-stride and guides it to her crotch. There is no mistaking that.

You shift your position slightly on the bed to afford better access and begin to probe her womanhood. She gasps (much like you did) when your fingers part her puffy outer lips and touch her moist inner reaches. Each woman is different, but you know how to read the feedback, and you have no difficulty touching her the way she likes to be touched. You bring her close several times to climax, but it is her own hand that completes the task.

You didn't dress after your enema, you didn't even think about it. Now you notice, as you help her off the bed, that you have a full erection. She doesn't seem to mind in the least.

You return the favor while she sits and expels. Her orgasm was just as intense as yours was. You hands feel wonderful on her back. What happens after you shower together, well, it happened. It was very nice (so strange to feel your penis inside another vagina!) but it really didn't mean anything.

It wasn't cheating, was it?