Sissy baby Timmy

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Caught diapered

Part 3

After calling Dora and Shelly Dora asked me to be her little baby girl to replace her natural baby witch had died in an auto wreck with her spouse years before. And my yes answer she had taken me with her to buy dress making material for me and my subsequent diapering and baby treatment we were invited to a fetish party by Shelly’s boyfriend. After he had seen me dresses as a sissy baby he had been told I was a bisexual who had to wear diapers due to a back injury and liked to get treated like a baby girl.

After a wet night dressed in my new nightgown I awoke when shelly came into the room with a warm bottle of milk for me and after handing me the bottle. She then checked my diaper and after finding it only wet she announced that since I wasn’t poopie then I must need an enema. After I told her I didn’t really have to go she just shushed me and told me mommy knows best and hade me sit up so she could remove my nightgown then she had me follow her. As I following her into the bathroom with a definite waddle from the wet diapers and the plastic pants I still wore she had me get on my knees over the tub then she pulled the back of my diaper down and then proceeded to pull an enema bag from the cupboard and filled it up. When the enema bag was full of warm and soapy water Dora greased the tip and slipped it into my rear end and started the water.

As I knelt there I could feel the water filling my belly and when I started to feel bloated and stomach-cramping Dora told me to be quiet and that she was almost done. When I felt her remove the tip she quickly pulled up my diaper and told me to try and hold it in so it would clean me out then she had me stand and get into the shower. As I did I felt my bowels release and I could feel my diaper filling up with a watery and lumpy mess. After I had finished Dora turned on the shower and pulled down my plastic panties and had me step out of them. When I stepped out of the plastic panties I could feel the mess from my diaper running down my legs so Dora turned on the warm water and untapped my diaper letting it fall to the bottom of the shower. As I let the water rinse me off Dora had grabbed a trash bag and carefully placed the wet and messy diaper in it then she grabbed the hand showerhead and washed me clean. After using some baby shampoo and sweet smelling baby body wash Dora turned off the water and wrapped me in a large fluffy towel then dried me off.

When Dora was satisfied her baby was clean she walked me into the spare room she was now calling the nursery. After my enema and shower Dora had me lay on the bed then she pulled out a diaper and her favorite butt plug then had me raise my hips so she could slide the diaper under me. Once the diaper was under me Dora then removed her slacks and underwear and straddled my hips and told me that it was time her sissybaby pleased her and she grabbed my little cock and guider it into the warm wet pussy. As Dora mounted me I felt like I was in baby heaven and gave Dora a slow long ride till she started to moan and hump me faster till I felt her arch her back and scream out that she was coming. After I felt Dora have her orgasm I stiffened and sprayed my cum into her pussy and expected Dora to get up and diaper me but she just crawled up my body till her pussy was right my face and said that it was time for her baby to lick her clean.

As Dora sat on my face I started licking her clean then felt a large creamy glob slide into my mouth and when I tasted it I knew it was all the cum I had just sprayed into her pussy and Dora said “drink it all baby you like cum don’t you”. After she had fed me my own cum Dora told me to lick her and she would feed me some of her cum also and as I licked her clitty she arched back and came a second time. After Dora was satisfied she got off me and kissed me then she picked up the butt plug and greased it up then she slid it into place in my butt and sprinkled powder on my crotch and taped my diaper closed. When I was well padded Dora told me that she had to hurry because it was time to leave for Vegas so we could get a room and would have a place to get ready for Shelly and her boyfriend’s fetish party.

While Dora dressed me in my usual pink nursery print plastic pants and white tights then pulled a white onesie over my head and snapped the crotch Shelly walked in and told us we were making to much noise and up way early. Dora told Shelly that we were leaving early because she had some stops she wanted to make. After the onesie was on Dora had me pull on a tight pair of slacks and when I complained but was told to be quiet because it was the look that mommy wanted and I told her “but everyone who sees me can tell im diapered”. Dora laughed and told me that babies don’t care how they look and to be quiet also we had better hurry. Then Dora grabbed the bags she had packed and my pink diaper bag that I could see she had embroidered SISSY TIMMY”S DIAPER BAG on and it now had ruffles sewn on it also. As we put the bags into my truck Dora told me she had two addresses to stop at so she gave me the paper and I just entered the numbers into my trucks GPS system and we were off.

While we drove south to Las Vegas we stopped and Dora had gotten us two large coffees then we stopped about two hours later and had gotten us some deli sandwiches and two extra large cokes. Later Dora couldn’t finish her soda so I drank the rest and we finally arrived in Vegas then we drove to the first address where the sign said Unique medical supplies I said I would stay in the truck but was told by Dora I must go inside with her. When we entered the lady looked at me and sort of stared at my clearly diapered state and Dora told her that she had called early that mourning and placed an order. The girl just smiled and when she left to get the order I complained that she could tell I was diapered and I was also soaking wet. When the girl returned with a small unmarked box she smiled and told Dora that she and her little one should have lots of fun with it then I paid and left because I wanted out as fast as possible. After we got back into the truck Dora told me that she was loving the look on my face when people noticed I was diapered. I was quiet and sullen when we arrived at the second address that was a sex novelty shop and Dora led me in to the dildo section and was looking at the display when a lady walked up and asked if we needed help to which Dora asked to see their different styles of strapons.

She asked if the strap on was going to used by me or Dora she told her she was goining to use it on me for sissy training causing me to want to die right there. As the girl said ok she showed us one of the Doc Johnson’s types that had interchangeable sizes dildos she said also that Dora should buy a bigger size dildo for when I had gotten used to the standard one and Dora agreed then picked out the biggest one and whispered to me that she couldn’t wait till later so she could fuck me like the sissy I was. We then went to the butt plug section and Dora picked out an inflatable and vibrating one then she walked to the cashiers counter the same girl walked behind the counter and as she rang up the bill she said to Dora she hoped Dora was going to have fun breaking her sissy but also that she noticed that I had wet spots on the back legs of my pants and since I was wearing a diaper maybe my mommy should hurry and change my britches.

When I herd this I could of died on the spot then Dora told her she knew and that she had noticed at our last stop. When we left Dora was laughing as we drove to our hotel and Dora checked us in as I tried to hide my wet pants. When we entered the room Dora was laughing at my looks then she pulled out my diaper bag and grabbed the changing pad and told me to get on the bed so she could strip me down and get me ready for later. After Dora stripped me naked she picked up the small box and opened it then she removed a bra and a pair of jell breast forms then she showed me a rubber hose looking device that had what looked to have two balloons on one end and some connectors on the other. Next she pulled out two black bulb devices that looked like the pumps on a nurse’s blood pressure cuff. When I asked what it was Dora removed an enema bag and told me it was a double balloon rectal catheter so I could hold my enemas in easier.