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A dream came true

Part 8

It was the start of a very hot sunny day. We were all enjoying our days off. After Cathy and Lauren woke up quite early, they went downstairs to get something to eat. When I woke up and got in the kitchen, the girls were discussing what they would use to cool off. As I was making myself breakfast, the girls got up and both kissed me on my cheeks. “We need to cool off, but we have some small things that need to happen in and around the house to.” Cathy said. “We had come up with an idea.” Lauren said. “What’s that idea?” I asked. The girls said nothing and went up to the bathroom. “Get some ice cubes and come to the bathroom.” Lauren said. I opened the freezer and took out the ice cubes. We had small one that were round and big squared ones. As I got up the stairs, I heard the showers running.

I entered the bathroom and noticed that both girls already filled up both enema bags. “Where do you need the ice cubes?” I asked. Cathy pointed to the enema bags and Lauren pointed to her pussy. “Big ones in here, small ones in here.” The girls said. I got the big squared ice cubes and added them in the water in the enema bags. As both girls inserted the nozzles and opened the clamps, I went to my knees and started inserting the small ice cubes in both girls pussies. They shivered as the ice touched their pussies, but after a while they got used to it and I could insert them fully with ease. Both bags started to drain and both bellies started to swell. “Could you refill the bags?” Cathy asked. I put more ice cubes in the bags, before adding more water. Once they were topped off again I started inserting another ice cube into both girls pussies. When both ice cubes were inserted again, I started rubbing both cold damp pussies. Both girls started squirming as they started to reach their orgasm. When both bags emptied out again, the girls decided they had enough. “We still have to do some small things in the house.” Lauren said. I plugged up both ladies and helped them get into their bikinis.

I went outside to go and started mowing the lawn. Meanwhile Cathy got the vacuum cleaner out and Lauren went to do the laundry. After some time we were all done with our tasks and went in for a drink. Both girls were looking amazing with their water filled bellies in their bikinis. “Like what you see?” Lauren asked as both girls turned to show every angle. “Definitely.” I said. “We want to take some more.” Cathy said. We went up to the bathroom again. After I unplugged both girls, they unscrewed the showerheads from the hoses. They inserted the tip into their asses and looked at each other. “Three, two, one.” They said and both turned on the water. “Let’s see who can take most.” Lauren said. As time went by, both bellies swelled out very big and both bellybuttons flattened out. Cathy turned up the volume even more. Cathy’s belly button popped out first, just some time before Laurens did. After a couple of minutes, Cathy started grunting to signal that she has reached her maximum. She quickly shut off the water and walked as quick as she could to the toilet to expel. While she was expelling, Lauren still was taking more water. “Not full yet?” I asked. “Starting to feel full, but not too full.” she said. Amazed from her belly size, I couldn’t believe how she could take more. After a couple of minutes Lauren was full enough too. “Can I use the toilet Cathy?” she asked. “No. Use the toilet downstairs.” Cathy replied. “Don’t make the shower dirty again, I just cleaned it a couple of hours ago.” Cathy added. Lauren looked at me and said: “Could you help me? There is no time to insert the buttplug and I am heavier now.” I nodded and asked: “How could I help you?” “Just insert your finger in my ass when I take out the hose.” Lauren said. As she turned around she counted down and removed the hose. I inserted my finger as fast as I could and could feel some water with my fingertip inside her ass. “Walk slowly with me, I don’t want any ‘accidents’ while we go down the stairs.” Lauren said. As we walked slowly down the stairs everything went great and no leaks were there. When we reached the toilet downstairs, Lauren opened the door and started entering the toilet. Being too small for two persons, she got as close to the toilet as she could. She gave me the go and as I removed my finger, she quickly turned to sit on the toilet. The water was coming out of her sounding like thunder in the small toilet. “Thanks for your assistance.” she said to me as she gave me a wink. Let's hope there are more hot days like these coming.


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