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A dream came true

Part 7

It was a nice Saturday morning and I was starting to enjoy my well-deserved weekend. Lauren was at work and Cathy left a note that she went for a quick stop at the grocery store. As I ate my breakfast, Cathy came back with the groceries. “Morning sleepy.” she said as she gave me a kiss. “Hi sunshine.” I said to her as I playfully gave her a slap to her ass. “Ready for some fun? I want to try something new.” Cathy said. “Sure. I would love to have some fun with you.” I said. I quickly finished my breakfast and helped Cathy with the groceries. As she walked in front of me up the stairs, she walked slowly and wiggled her perfect ass a little extra every step she took. This already started to turn me on. “What’s your plan?” I asked. “You will see. You can watch and when I need your help, you will be the first to know.” Cathy said. She walked into the bathroom and she turned around to face me. Slowly she unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing. Every button she opened made her perfect breasts bulge out of her blouse more and more. As she reached the last button from the blouse, I was so turned on that she noticed the bulge in my pants. “Already enjoying the show?” she asked. “As always.” I said. She smiled and quickly opened the last button and let her blouse fell to the ground. She unzipped her skirt and dropped that to the ground too, before she started to undress me. She started with the zipper from my pants. As she opened it and had unbuttoned my pants, she quickly pulled it down with my underwear. As she got back up again, she used one hand to help me out of my shirt, while with her other hand she started to jerk me off. When my shirt was off and we were both standing there naked in the bathroom, we made love together in the shower. It was always a great feeling to have the warmth and feeling of her perfect body against mine. “Ready to try the new thing you talked about?” I asked. “Sure.” she said as she reached for the showerhead. She unscrewed it and gave the hose to me. She turned around and bent over to let me insert the hose into her ass. Once I have done this, she stood up straight again and turned on the water. “Hug me.” she said. I started hugging her and kissing her again.

After a couple of minutes I could feel her belly starting to swell against my belly. I kissed her neck and slowly got down, kissing her breasts, her swelling belly and finally reaching her damp pussy. I started eating her pussy as she squirmed from the sensations. After some time, she shut off the water. “That was stage one.” she said while rubbing her pregnant looking water filled belly. “Can you get the bikepump and the small hose from the garage?” she asked. “Give me a minute.” I replied as I ran out of the bathroom towards the garage. I found the bikepump and the hose Cathy talked about in the garage and ran back up the stairs again. When I was inside the bathroom again, I attached the bikepump to the small hose and inserted that into Cathy’s ass. “Give it some pumps.” she said. Bubbles could be heard every time I pumped air into her already water filled belly. “How does it feel?” I asked. “Amazing. Just like I have a small jacuzzi inside of me.” Cathy replied. After about 10 pumps she had enough since she already took a huge amount of water before. I rubbed her belly and tried to push it in a little. While doing so, I heard her belly gurgle because of the air that was moving inside of her. “Don’t do that. That hurts.” Cathy said with a pained face. I rubbed her belly as tender as I could. “Better?” I asked. “Yes.” she sighed. I played around with her belly button, which had turned in an outie because of the pressure inside of her. We made love again the best we could without pushing onto her belly. After about 15 minutes, she started to struggle holding in. “The air has made it more difficult to hold.” she said. I helped her out of the shower and lead her to the toilet to expel the water and air.

When we were both done in the bathroom, we helped each other in the clothes again and got downstairs to get something to drink. As we were enjoying the drinks, the frontdoor opened. “Hello.” Lauren said as she entered the house. “We are in the kitchen.” Cathy said. As Lauren walked into the kitchen tired from her shift she asked: “What have you two been doing this morning.” As we told Lauren what we had been up to, she started smiling. “I would love to give that a try myself too sometime. But now I am too tired from work. As for next time, please wait for me with the fun.” she said.


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