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3-Day Submissive Health Assessment

Day 1: Initial Exam

The nurse picked up a clipboard and Leo’s urine sample, and escorted him down the hall to an examination room while Stella stayed behind in the reception area, talking over the details. The table in the center of the room was flat and padded, with crinkly sanitary paper spread across the middle. Everything else—the drawers, the sinks, the glass-paneled cabinets which displayed a number of instruments, only some of which he could name, was dull chrome. Leo shivered.

A male nurse was waiting beside the table for them.

“This one belongs to Stark and Nightengale,” the nurse who had escorted him said. “So make sure to do a thorough job, and don’t be lenient with him. They’ll be particularly interested in making sure he follows doctor’s orders.”

The other nodded in agreement. “The normal prelims?”

“Yes, she also wants a cross-referenced temp. Oh, and we don’t need urine from him at this time. They took care of that,” she explained, setting the baggie containing the specimen down on the counter by the sink. “Undress him while I prep this for the lab.”

Leo watched her pull blue latex gloves on before handling his pee. She divided the dark yellow liquid, still lukewarm, between two test tubes. She sealed the first one up to be sent to the lab and labelled it with the date, time and name that Remington had written on the cup. The second test tube, she dipped something into and then placed on the counter.

He was distracted from his fascination by another pair of latex-gloved hands grabbing the hem of his shirt.

“Lift up your arms please, Leo,” the other nurse said evenly. Leo tried to maneuver his arms out of the sleeves. “No. Stand still please.”

So Leo lifted his arms as he was told, and his shirt was pulled off over his head. He stood, passive and helpless, as the nurse took down his trousers, stepping out of the leg holes when he was instructed to. Next came his underwear by a similar procedure. The nurse’s fingers hooked firmly into the waistband and lingered just a moment before pulling them straight down to his ankles. Finally, the nurse asked him to lift his feet one by one so that his socks could be removed.

He shivered again, more violently this time without a stitch of clothing on.

The nurse gave him a brief once-over, as if checking that he hadn’t missed any personal items. His fingers wandered through Leo’s hair and behind his ears, into his armpits, along the sensitive insides of his thighs, lifting up his genitals with quick, clinical disinterest. Finally the tips of his gloved fingers traced down the groove of Leo’s spine, ending by pulling one asscheek to the side for a quick peek at his anus. Leo felt his rectal muscles clench up as he squirmed in spite of himself. He could feel the nurse’s eyes on the tender area, and was bracing himself for the touch, but it never came.

Satisfied that Leo was not concealing any toys or other surprises, he pulled something out from a drawer.

“Hold your arms out straight now.”

The nurse put the short sleeves of a medical gown over his hands and arms and pulled it tight in the back. He only fastened the first set of ties, leaving Leo’s backside exposed to the breeze in the room.

“Good. You can sit up on the table now.”

The sanitary paper crinkled under his bare cheeks.

“The first stage of the urinalysis is clean,” the first nurse reported, consulting the dip stick. “Ketones, glucose, metabolites are all in a good range. We’ll have the full screening back in an hour or two.”

“Does that mean he doesn’t need continuous monitoring?” the other nurse asked.

“No. Look at this.” She held up the vial she had just tested. “This is a much darker color than we want to see. We’re going to chart his fluid intake and output for the duration of his stay, and hopefully with better hydration we see improvement. When we’re finished here, I’ll draw up a note for his chart, so any staff member who might help toilet him knows the protocol. Volume and time need to be recorded every time he goes, plus once daily he’ll need a full urinalysis – we’ll use the first morning void for that. The doctors also ordered a stool sample, but that only needs to be done once for the whole stay. After that, the supervising nurse will only need to make a note of bowel movements when they occur.”

“Now, Leo, let’s get you ready for the doctor,” the head nurse said. “Open up and say ‘ahh’.”

Reluctantly, Leo opened his mouth and she stuck the tip of a thermometer under his tongue.

She took his blood pressure while waiting for the thermometer to finish.

“98.9, that’s normal,” she announced. “Let’s see, tympanic tends to run slightly lower usually.”

Leo flinched at the touch of a second thermometer in his ear. That must be what they meant by a “cross-referenced” temperature.

“98.6. Textbook.”

They each took a turn listening to his heart and checking his reflexes. Leo could feel his heartrate speeding up.

“Now lie down on the table, on your stomach please,” the woman said.

Leo moved to comply, and realized how vulnerable that would feel with the back of his gown open as it was. “W-why?”

She did not answer, put simply patted the table encouragingly in a way that afforded no argument. The other nurse was getting something out of one of the drawers over by the counter.

Leo lowered himself down slowly, adjusting the gown self-consciously. The door opened, and Remington was on the other side.

“Dr. Stark!” The male nurse said. “We are almost ready for you, just finishing with the last temperature reading.”

With those words, Leo’s eyes darted towards what the nurse had been doing by the counter. He saw something long and thick, thicker than the oral thermometer, resting on a paper towel. It was a thermometer too, he realized, just a different kind, and covered in Vaseline.

“Oh,” he squeaked. “No, no.”

“What was that, sweetie?” the female nurse asked. “No, lie back down.”

Leo was already sitting up. “They already took it in my mouth, Remington, it was normal.”

“While we are here, Leo, you call me Dr. Stark,” the Dom corrected gently. “We decided that since you’re nervous, it would be best if I gave you your intake exam. You will need to be evaluated by other doctors while you are here, but this should help ease you into it.”

Leo swallowed as he nodded.

Dr. Stark moved to wash his hands at the sink. “What are you two waiting for? Get his rectal temp.”

Somehow, even though he had put the puzzle pieces together to know what they had been planning to do, hearing those two words made Leo’s heart sink lower.

“Lie back down,” the nurse said again.

Leo hesitated. He wasn’t sure how much reluctance he could get away with to delay the procedure.

“Now, Leo,” Dr. Stark’s sharp voice added. He had turned around and retrieved two gloves from the dispenser on the wall. “I don’t want to hear any lip about this please.”

Leo obeyed, and lowered himself down onto his stomach. “This is silly, I mean, you already took—”

“Give me that, please,” the doctor interrupted, taking the Vaseline-loaded thermometer into his own hand. “There’s no reason to fuss. This is going up your bum either way, with or without the attitude. Would one of you spread his cheeks?”

Leo felt one of the nurses’ gloved fingers parting his buttocks again. They barely gave him a moment to anticipate the touch of the thermometer’s cold metal tip—before he could think, it had already slid deep up inside him. He felt his anus clench around it while the doctor smiled at his predicament.

“Sometimes we just need to be persistent with him,” Dr. Stark explained to the nurses. “He doesn’t respond well to shouting or cruelty, but sometimes you can embarrass him into wanting it over quicker.” He pinched Leo’s arse to demonstrate. Some of his patients, he would have demanded instant compliance from, but both he and his partner liked to twist Leo’s arm with the subtler shades of humiliation. “Of course, any serious disobedience, you can make note of in his chart, and we’ll deal with it the next time he’s due for a correction. He gets those weekly, one from each of us.”

He nudged the thermometer teasingly as he addressed the sub. “As you know, Leo, the goal of this exam is just to have a look at you and get some baseline measurements, which will help us determine your treatment plan for the rest of the weekend.” Dr. Stark slid the thermometer out, leaving Leo with an empty, greasy feeling. “99.4. Please sit up now.”

Leo wished they had given him something to wipe up the Vaseline with. The mess on the sanitary paper was going to be obvious.

Dr. Stark wrote something down on the clipboard and dismissed the two nurses. They shut the door behind them.

“Let’s start off nice and easy,” Dr. Stark suggested. He checked Leo’s eyes, ears, and throat with his otoscope.

“Good. Now I’m going to give you an abdominal exam, so lie down on your back this time.”

Leo’s heart was racing and even his breaths quickened as he rested his head down on the exam table.

“Now, Leo, why are you so nervous? I’ve seen everything you’ve got plenty of times,” Dr. Stark said as he folded the gown up to Leo’s elbows, exposing his lower belly and everything below.

Leo could only nod. He couldn’t explain why this was different. He let both his Doms poke and prod him with their medical toys at home, but this felt real in a whole new way, with the sterile-smelling room, and the doctor in his white coat looking down at Leo’s nakedness.

Dr. Stark’s hands started at the bottom of his ribcage. He felt around carefully, palpating deeply and methodically. “Any discomfort or pain?” he asked. Leo could only shake his head, biting on his tongue.

The doctor’s fingers brushed past the line where the waistband of his underwear normally rested. Leo flinched.

“Easy,” the doctor said. He felt the pulse in Leo’s groin, first on the right leg, then the left.

If he expected some kind of warning before the doctor took his testicles in hand, he was wrong. Dr. Stark’s fingers ran a complete revolution around them, pressing slightly, checking for any abnormal lumps. Then he took a long, careful look at Leo’s penis, stroking his hand up the underside, then exposing the urinary meatus for a quick inspection. By the time he was finished, the member was considerably harder than when he had begun.

“A completely normal, healthy response,” Stark assured him. He reached under the table and slid out two metal footrests.

“Oh, no, I don’t think I can—“

“Stay down,” Dr. Stark said preemptively, as Leo had started rolling his shoulders forward as if to get up. He crossed the room and retrieved the tube of lubricant from the thermometer station.

Remington looked into Leo’s eyes. He knew and trusted that his sub would use their safeword if he truly couldn’t go through with something. He was counting on Remington to push his boundaries, and show him what amazing things he could do with the proper guidance. He needed a gentle, but firm hand for this.

“Scoot down to the end here, Leo,” he ordered. “I just need to give you a little rectal exam.”


“Dr. Stark,” Remington corrected. “Hey, this isn’t going to hurt, although it might be a little uncomfortable. Scoot down and put your heels up here. Now.”

Leo could not disobey such a direct order. Stark coated two fingers with a generous amount of lube while he splayed himself out, exposing both his front and his bottom.

“Very good,” Stark praised.

At the first touch of the doctor’s fingertip at his entrance, Leo recoiled violently and his anus puckered.

“Calm down, I’m not inserting anything yet,” Stark said. “You are going to feel me apply some lubricant.”

“Okay,” Leo whined, attempting to relax his clenching muscles.

Remington returned to spreading lube around his hole, dipping in just slightly to get some in his rectum.

“Relax,” he reminded. “This will hardly be the last thing—or the worst thing—going up there, you know.”

Leo swallowed. “Will you tell me when you’re going to…you know?”

Instead of answering, Dr. Stark simply slipped a finger inside him. He felt Leo’s surprise in the form of the muscles spasming around his finger, protesting the intimate intrusion. He worked a second one in with a little more patience, and had himself a thorough feel around. Leo’s face was turning the color of a tomato.

Finally Remington relented.

“That will do for now. You can get up.”

Leo sat up and pulled the gown back down to cover his private bits.

“You did well,” the doctor assured him. “I am prescribing a full course of desensitization therapy. There were multiple aspects of your examination today to which you showed abnormally heightened negative reactions, even with me administering them. You must not let embarrassment get in the way of your medical care, dearest. We want you to stay healthy. We will meet to discuss your treatment plan after lunch today.”

Dr. Stark summoned a nurse and instructed her to bring Leo to the showers and then to the room which would be his for the remainder of the 72-hour assessment.


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