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3-Day Submissive Health Assessment

Checking In

This is a story about a polyamorous trio, two of whom work as Doms and doctors at a local play clinic. Their sub, Leo, is admitted for a three-day comprehensive health assessment.


Stella did not have to read the pamphlet that arrived in the mail from the clinic – it was the same one that she sent to all the other Dommes who brought their submissives in to her office for this kind of physical assessment. She did not discuss it with her partner Remington, also a Dom and a playdoc, who she knew followed a similar protocol with his patients.

The only one who didn’t fully know what he was in for was their beloved, if bratty, Leo.

Stella rushed through the form and jotted down answers where necessary. The form asked questions about what medications Leo took, how many partners he had, and what kind of discipline they used on him. It also had check boxes to ‘opt-in’ to some protocols and tests. It allowed the Domme to customize the level of invasiveness and humiliation they thought would get the best results for all parties involved. She skimmed through, ticking off several of the boxes.

The final paragraph of the pamphlet read as follows: Please ensure the patient gets a good nights’ rest before check-in, and help them collect a first morning urine specimen immediately upon waking the morning of. Do not allow submissive patients to carry out the collection unassisted, and follow the instructions outlined on the enclosed specimen cup.

Stella reached into the padded envelope and pulled out a plastic vessel that read “A.M. URINE” on the side in bold red letters.

“Leo,” she whispered, shaking her lover’s shoulder. Curled up in the bed, nestled behind him, Remington stirred. She had woken the wrong man.

“Leo,” she tried again, poking him harder. “It’s time to get up and get ready for the doctors’.”

Everything was packed and ready to go. A small duffel bag at the foot of the bed contained Leo’s toothbrush, comb, previous medical records, snacks and books for entertainment. They hadn’t bothered packing him clothes or even underwear. For the three-day stay at the clinic, Leo would be given a gown or scrubs for the scant time he would spend fully dressed.

There was only one thing left that they needed to pack – Leo’s urine specimen. Remington sat up and rubbed his eyes before pulling the covers off of Leo.

“Get up, dearest. You don’t fool us. I know you’re awake, and I know you need to go to the toilet.”

Leo’s reticence was part of the game—neither Remington nor Stella would ever want him to feel uncomfortable in a real way. But their dynamic worked best when Leo was tense enough to feel embarrassed, but still calm enough for them to gently dominate him through it.

Remington was right, and Leo had been awake for at least an hour, holding it. Now it was time for the inevitable.

“I’ll get him to pee,” Remington offered. “Would you bring the bags to the car?”

The specimen cup changed hands and Remington shooed Leo out of bed.

“I, uhm,” Leo stammered as he was shepherded towards the bathroom. “I actually don’t have to go yet.”

“I need you to try. We only need a little sample to turn in to the lab,” said Remington, not fooled for a second. He slipped his hands into the waistbands of both Leo’s pajama pants and tighty-whities.

“Your hands are cold!” Leo protested, but he quickly found himself standing before the toilet with his pants puddled around his ankles.

“Fold your nightshirt up out of the way,” Remington instructed. His t-shirt was just big enough on him to hang low, halfway covering his genitals. Leo obediently hiked the shirt up to his belly button. Remington nodded. “Now pee in the cup.”

Leo took the cup into his hands and placed the opening just below his cock. Remington kept his eyes trained on Leo’s genitals as the sub closed his eyes and tried to go.

“I can’t,” he exclaimed, reopening his eyes. “I don’t want to.”

“Leo,” said Remington very calmly, in his stern voice with just a hint of a british accent. “Do you want to know what I would say to one of my patients if they came in and their Dom said they had refused to produce a morning specimen, even though they hadn’t gone potty since the night before? I would tell them if they are going to act like babies, we can collect their urine the way we do for little babies. Either by putting them in a diaper with a plastic collection bag, or by sticking a tube through their urethra up to the bladder. Do either of those sound fun to you?”

Leo pouted and shook his head.

“Then you have sixty seconds to urinate in this cup,” Remington threatened.

Leo closed his eyes in shame and tried again. He wasn’t having any success.

“Do you have to watch?”

“Yes, I have to supervise the specimen collection. You’d better get used to that, or this will be a long weekend for you.”

“If they’re going to do it there too, why do I have to go at home?” he asked.

“The first urine that you void in the morning is very concentrated. It can be much more informative and accurate for testing. We want to make sure you’re nice and healthy, don’t we?” Remington patted Leo’s buttock teasingly. “But stop stalling.”

Sixty seconds were far past up, and Leo was starting to shift nervously from foot to foot. He didn’t want to be punished right before his check-in to the clinic where his Doms worked. But Remington took pity.

“How about you just relax,” he suggested. He turned the sink faucet on just a smidge, so that Leo could listen to the dripping water. Then he crouched down and took the specimen cup from the sub’s hands and positioned it for him. “I only need this much, Leo,” he explained, pointing out the line on the cup. “Can you go for me?”

Leo closed his eyes again and focused on the noise of the sink. He finally felt the pressure in his lower belly shift and heard the tinkle of a stream hitting the plastic cup.

“Good boy. Very good. You can void the rest into the toilet now,” Remington instructed. While Leo finished emptying his bladder, Remington sealed the cup filled with dark orange liquid and filled out boxes below the sticker that read “A.M. URINE” with the patient’s name, I.D. number, date and time of collection, and his own name as the supervisor.

“I think you’re a bit dehydrated, dearest,” he remarked, observing the color of the liquid sloshing around in the cup as Leo pulled up his pajama pants. “But I’m sure the doctors at the clinic will go over that if they need to. Go get dressed, and meet me in the car.”

Stella was already seated behind the wheel when the two men joined her. “Did he go pee for you?”

“He did,” Remington confirmed, holding up the clear plastic bag that contained the specimen cup. Leo blushed as he fumbled with the seatbelt in the back seat.

Stella and Remington would have normally used the staff entrance, but today they walked in through the waiting room.

“Dr. Stark!” the young man at the check-in desk exclaimed. “Your 9:00 patient is already here. She’s in exam room 3.”

Remington nodded. “I will check in on you two as soon as I get the chance. Be good, Leo,” he said as he left.

“What can I do for you, Dr. Nightengale?” the receptionist then asked, turning to Stella.

“I’m here as a patient today,” Stella laughed. “Or rather, Leo here is. Can you get a nurse to do his preliminaries?”

“Of course.”

A nurse was summoned, and Stella’s “doctor voice” came out as she ordered, “I need a full set of vitals, tympanic, oral and rectal temps, and his height and weight please. His medical history forms are in the duffel bag. He’ll be seeing a few of the other doctors, but I want to keep tabs on him throughout the day.”

“Sure thing. Were you able to get a first morning urine?”

“We were,” Stella confirmed, and Leo stared as the baggie containing his specimen changed hands again, this time in front of the whole waiting room.

“Well, Leo, come along with me now,” the nurse instructed.

“Behave,” Stella reminded him, echoing Remington’s warning. Leo would learn soon enough that information about his spanking regimen at home and the discipline his Doms gave him was included in the packet that would be given to the clinic staff.

“Now Dr. Nightengale, I’d like to go over the plan for Leo’s 72-hour assessment with you briefly while you wait for his preliminaries,” the receptionist said. “For the first day, they have him scheduled for all the usual procedures, a full physical examination, prostate exam, kidney function analysis, and the works. The agenda for the following two days will be based on his responses to the baseline tests. Do you have any objections?”

“No sir,” said Stella with a smirk. She suspected that the sub really had no idea what he was in for.


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