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Diaper Training for Rebecca

Part 2

The first few weeks with Lucy and Jon had been horrific, and there were no signs of getting used to it anytime soon. Lucy liked to keep things fresh, except Rebecca’s smelly bottom that is. For the entire summer, Monday thru Friday, Rebecca would act as a tailored servant, pleasing those with diaper fetishes, or wanting to act out their fantasies as mommies, daddies, or playmates. She usually saw anywhere from 10-15 clients a day, thanks to Jon and Lucy.

Weekends were only a little better, as Saturdays were for shopping, and Lucy dragged Rebecca along to wherever she needed to go, always dressing her in the most revealing attire to showcase her disposable diapers best she could. Sundays Rebecca was granted a little bit of peace, if she behaved. So far, Rebecca was still clinging to her rebellious ways, even after the sessions and revisiting the chamber in the basement. Lucy and Jon had never had a brat quite like Rebecca, but that didn’t worry them one bit, she would not win this fight, that was for sure.

It was now the beginning of July, and as it was a Saturday, Lucy roused Rebecca up and at em at her usual 8:20 for her change. Lost on Rebecca, Lucy the night before had put extra laxatives in Rebecca’s milk, making her overnight diaper swell considerably more than usual. Rebecca herself, realized this when she was woken up by Lucy and rolled her over as she usually did. The bulk and weight between her legs was more than it usually was. Lucy just smiled, and reached down and firmly placed her hand on the top of Rebecca’s diaper. “Oh, what a messy girl we are today, aren’t we sweetums, Lucy cooed. If I didn’t know better I’d say you were losing control completely, and not just experiencing laxatives. You must like your diapers, is that it sweetie…?”

Rebecca sneered at Lucy in her usual sarcastic demeanor. “I hate these diapers, and why is there more than usual? Did you slip something to me?” “Oh, we don’t hate anything Rebecca, especially not when it was your own actions that brought you to this place, and therefore these lovely diapers right?” Rebecca grimaces, but begrudgingly nodded, knowing what would happen to her if she didn’t. “Alright, let’s change this nasty diaper shall we?” “Yeah, it’s about freaking time, instead of hovering over me, wipe my ass will you?” Lucy’s smile faded, and she moved her hand from the top of Rebecca’s diaper to her tummy, exposed due to the smallish night shirt she wore. She pressed her hand roughly down. “Blarrrt” a loud and wet fart exploded out of Rebecca’s butt into her already soiled diaper. Lucy took her other hand and slapped Rebecca’s face hard.

“You disrespectful brat, when will you learn... probably never,” Lucy said answering her own question. She roughly turned Rebecca over, and pressed her down. Another loud fart escaped into the diaper. Lucy chuckled. “Whew, stinky, stinky girl you are.” She reached down and touched Rebecca’s swollen butt, squishing the poop around her ass. “Stop it, Lucy, now!” Enough was enough, Lucy ripped the back of the diaper down, revealing the horrid smelling mess, and jammed a nearby butt plug up Rebecca’s ass, causing her much discomfort. She then let the diaper back up, and pushed roughly on Rebecca’s back again, and saw, rather than heard the diaper fill up even more, nearly to the point of overflowing. “Shut up Rebecca, I’m so damn tired of your loud mouth.”

Lucy turned Rebecca over again on her back, hearing the mess in her diaper squish and move around freely. She picked her up and took her to the bathroom. She placed Rebecca, standing her up on her feet in the shower, and reached under the vanity for the special shower nozzle. Rebecca sighed. She hated this part. Lucy unhinged the regular shower head, and replaced it with a cone shaped attachment. A special compartment in the wall nearby allowed her to increase the water pressure for this particular system only. Closing the shower curtain almost all the way, Lucy ripped Rebecca’s dirty diaper off her. It dropped to the floor with a disgusting plop, and waste leaked out.. Lucy engaged the shower handle and the spray hit Rebecca hard, stinging her skin. She had developed a nasty rash on her ass and private region, and the warm water stung it even more along with the harsh pressure.

Tears formed in Rebecca’s eyes as it hurt, but Lucy wasn’t finished yet. She took her time. Once she had finally gotten all the poo off of Rebecca’s ass, she took a soft cloth and gently washed her private region, turning down the pressure, for she knew even Rebecca didn’t deserve that. That would really hurt, and she was strict and firm, but not cruel. She finished with shampooing the girls hair and washing her private region which Rebecca detested greatly. Shutting the water off finally, Lucy toweled Rebecca off, and laid her on the floor, her breasts still pink from the warm shower moments before. A fresh diaper from under the vanity was brought forth, and Lucy lifted Rebecca’s shaven legs up in the air, and slide the disposable under her butt. She taped it up with lightning efficiency after powdering her bottom up. “All fresh and clean she said when she had finished. Isn’t that better now love…?” Rebecca offered a slight nod, knowing backlashing on her situation would hurt more than it was worth on her behind.

Lucy reached her hands down and took Rebecca's in hers, lifting her up. Once she was on her feet, Lucy picked up her charge and placed her padded bottom on the counter top. With a slight grin upon her face, Lucy began to mull around in the drawer between Rebecca's legs. Rebecca, getting impatient and rather annoyed, huffed loudly enough for Lucy to hear, but when her gaze met Rebecca's the girl had a confused look. "I was just breathing Lucy" she answered with a verbal sneer. Lucy returned to her plight below, bothered she couldn't find what she was after. A final bit of rummaging yielded to her what she wanted.

Lucy produced a small piece of shaped metal from the open drawer. Rebecca just rolled her eyes rudely upon seeing the contraption in Lucy's palm. Lucy took her free hand and grabbed her charge's chin and roughly turned her head to look at her. I've had about enough of your stubborn attitude today and it's barely after 9 in the morning you brat. Rebecca crossed her arms, "then can we get on with the activities today?" asked Rebecca. This brought a wry smile across Lucy's lips. "Yes we may, now that I've found this,"she said, gesturing to the metal in her hand. Lucy reached her hands under Rebecca's armpits and lifted her off the counter, laying her on the floor. She patted her crotch a few times, the grin still on her face. Rebecca hated being lifted and touched by Jon and Lucy, and showed as much by the ugly expression she wore. " Oh, I know baby doesn't like to be touched and picked up, Lucy said sweetly, as she pinched Rebecca's cheek, but she must remember she has no one to blame but herself" Lucy finished.

And with her final words, she quickly flipped her charge onto her tummy, exposing Rebecca's thickly diapered ass. Lucy, after pulling a glove onto her right hand, used her left to pull down the top of the large disposable. She then took and began to insert the metal contraption into Rebecca's behind. Rebecca twisted and writhed as it was very uncomfortable going in, but she felt it slip into place finally as Lucy retracted her hand. "There, all finished." Lucy returned Rebecca to her original spot on the floor and helped her slowly sit up. She then pulled the back of the diaper open to check on the device. Still inserted perfect as could be, she let the elastic snap back into place.

One final time, Lucy retrieved Rebecca's hands to hoist her off the floor. "Ok Rebecca, all done, now let's get some breakfast and be on our way." "About damn time, my lord-" Rebecca felt herself being turned around and a hand laid a sharp slap on her face. "When..when will you learn, foolish girl. You are only making things harder on yourself. Much, much harder than they need to be, now get your butt downstairs. Jon will get your filthy mouth fed, young lady. And be quick about it, ya hear…?"

Rebecca waddled downstairs, the thick diaper forcing her legs apart. Jon sat at the table, coffee mug in hand and the paper in the paper in the other. “Sounds like another rough start miss Rebecca, you had best watch yourself if you don’t want to find your bottom in a world of hurt. Rebecca kept silent as she shuffled closer. Ah, nothing to say this morning to me huh, that’s a first. Ok, up you go.” Jon hoisted her off her feet and into the massive highchair next to him. Rebecca winced slightly as Jon plopped her down. “Oh, I see Lucy found her new toy, I was wondering when it was going to get to put to use. That discomfort when I set you down means she put it in nice and snug, good.” Jon stepped away and snapped the top of the chair into place. He reached his hand down and squeezed the clean diaper. Still clean, well we can fix that now can’t we?” Releasing his grip, Jon moved back to the fridge and began to rummage around. Rebecca could hear Lucy upstairs getting things together for their usual trip out. Supplies for the diaper bag, the stroller she would have to be placed in, and extra laxatives if she was particularly lucky. Little did Rebecca know about the device in her ass and the trouble that was about to be spooned into her. Today was not an ordinary Saturday, and she had her nasty attitude to blame for it…

Loud noise from behind the chair caused Rebecca to crane her neck to see what was happening. Jon was in front of the blender, making some sick green looking concoction that she was obviously going to be forced to ingest. After what seemed like an eternity of blending and such, Jon shut off the appliance, and took off the top. Rebecca heard the awful texture of the drink, as Jon poured it into a glass for her. Hr returned moments later, and placed the vile liquid before her. “Drink up sweet pea, it’s good for you, as well as other things” Jon added with a wry grin.

Rebecca looked down from his gaze back at the disgusting smoothie type thing in front of her. She crossed her arms, despite knowing it was futile to resist such things by now. “Rebecca, don’t make me feed this to you myself. I thought we were making some slight progress with you. Now be a good girl and drink it.” Still poised to remain indignant, Rebecca didn’t back down, and only shook her head. “Fine, have it your way you brat.” At that moment, Lucy began to come down the stairs, and Jon smiled widely. “Let’s see what she has to say to your behavior missy, I can’t imagine her to be forgiving after misbehaving already this morning.” At his final words to her, Lucy emerged and began to come down the hall towards the pair at the table. “Rebecca, are you giving Jon a hard time, why haven't you eaten yet!?” Lucy’s tone went from 0-100 very quick, and she pinched her charges cheek tightly and pulled her close to her face. “You will not beat us, remember if you want out of her, you need to be a good girl, and by the looks of it, you’ll never be getting out. Not until this stupid rebellious behavior ends, yu hear me…? Now, drink it, and do not make us ask you again. It will be… unpleasant.”

Rebecca sighed quietly, and slowly reached out to grasp the glass and it’s smelly contents. She nearly gagged as she drew it closer to her mouth. “That’s a good girl” Jon said, watching closely from behind his wife. Rebecca brought the edge to her mouth and took the first sip. Vile didn’t even cover half of it. The taste was horrid. She almost dropped it. “Rebecca, you will finish every drop of that breakfast.” “I can’t-”, Lucy grabbed the glass and forced it between her lips and held it tightly in place. Jon then pinched her nose closed. Begrudgingly, Rebecca swallowed gulp after gulp of the drink. When it had finally gone down, Lucy removed the glass from her mouth and placed it over in the sink. “Come on Rebecca, thanks to your foolishness, were already behind, let’s go,” Lucy said sharply.

Jon undid the snaps on the highchair and placed Rebecca back on her feet, making sure to pat her bottom as she padded off to follow Lucy to the garage. Today’s attire was the worst yet, Rebecca wore babyish black snap shoes that clicked at her every step and girly stockings over her diaper, pushing it close to her. Above, she wore a pink skirt that did nothing to hide her diaper, as usual, and Lucy had made sure to braid her hair in pigtails. Walmart was not on the list of stores today, though Rebecca wished it was. If they went there it was usually the only stop, but today was for other assorted activities and items, meaning there would be more stops and the day would take longer. Lucy strapped Rebecca in the backseat, snug as a bug in her car seat. She made sure the crotch strap was nice and tight to accent the diaper if Rebecca shifted her weight. Just as Lucy was putting the finishing touches on her charge in the car, a rumble and noisy gurgle emanated from Rebecca’s stomach.

Cramps and painful gas were on the way, and Lucy smiled down at the girl, who gave her nothing but a rude glare in return. She planted a wet kiss on Rebecca’s cheek, knowing how the girl detested it, and placed herself in the driver's seat to be on their way. She waved goodbye to her husband, and the pair pulled away and sped off. Unlike Walmart, that was about an hour away, the few stores around Lucy and Jon’s home were relatively close, only about 15-20 minutes away depending on time and traffic conditions. Rebecca busied herself by looking out the window and trying desperately to ignore the ever growing discomfort in her stomach, and the rude noises it was making. Lucy heard every one of them, but remained quiet, just smiling to herself as she drove on.

A situation that had started a little after she had arrived at Lucy and Jon’s for Rebecca was beginning to arise again in the car. Since she had been with her “caregivers”, after her parents dumped her here, she had had no contact with her boyfriend or her “toys” in her room. Rebecca had been getting progressively more and more horny as time went on and found herself on occasion when she was alone, which was rare but did happen rubbing herself in her diaper. She stopped herself when she realized it, not wanting to do such a thing in a diaper, and more of not wanting to enjoy it while in such a babyish place. This was a situation Lucy and Jon not only suspected and planned for, but hoped for. It was all the more punishment for Rebecca, and little did she know it was all come to a climax sooner rather than later…

As the noises continued to grow louder in Rebecca’s tummy, Lucy pulled them into their first destination, Banana Republic. When Lucy was not dealing with such things as her charges and discipline, she worked online as a broker. And she liked to look her very best when she did so, and bought all her professional needs here. She always knew from the first day that Rebecca had arrived, it was her favorite place to get clothing from, and it would be a great place to start today’s punishment. Rebecca was speechless as the car pulled to a stop, and Lucy put the car in park. The door opened and Rebecca was let out of her enclosure in the car, and led by the hand sternly to the trunk as usual. The massive stroller quickly came out and was together. Lucy tapped her toe and crossed her arms, waiting. Rebecca, knowing it was no good, placed her big butt in the seat, and waited as Lucy did all the straps and restraints around her waist and diaper.

It was on full display for anyone curious enough to look over in their general direction. Locking the car, and placing the diaper bag in the back compartment of the stroller, Lucy began to wheel Rebecca towards the store. Like all their outings, people in their cars, sitting on benches, those eating their lunches stopped to stare and whisper. Rebecca felt her face flush red, but her attention was immediately diverted away as her tummy continued to growl and the pressure and discomfort grew fourfold. Banana Republic lay just ahead, so it was much to Rebecca's surprise when Lucy was mere feet from the entrance and veered left instead. Sensing the girls confusion, Lucy chuckled. “Don’t worry sweetie, I will be heading there, first I have to drop you off first.” The confusion in the girls mind quickly turned to sheer panic as the destination in mind came into view. Being part of a closed off plaza, many storefronts occupied the space available here. Places like the childcare facility “Diaper Hut”, to be exact.

Rebecca wanted out and to cry, but as if sensing her motivations, Lucy stuck a pacifier in her mouth and tied the straps around her head, silencing her. The pair entered the building, and the interior was everything that Rebecca had been afraid of. Kids were everywhere, and the place smelled like baby powder. The oldest child she saw was maybe 3 or 4, and they were the minority. It was then that Rebecca's stomach reminded her it was there and things were going to be happening soon.

Lucy wheeled her charge over to the check-in counter. A woman, barely older than Lucy, smiled at them as they approached. “Well hello there, Lucy! And you must be Rebecca, if I don’t miss my guess!” Lucy removed the gag from my mouth, and with a lightning fast look that the other lady couldn’t see, told me to answer her politely. “Hello ma’am” Rebecca replied, holding back my true emotions… Lucy and the woman chatted for a few minutes, and then Lucy reached down to undo the straps on her charge. Just as I was about to stand, Lucy grabbed my shoulders and forced me down. “Oh no young lady, you will be on all four while you are here, no standing, you’re too little for that. Now I expect you to do as you're told while I’m gone. I should be back in about 2 hours.” Lucy smacked the girls bottom, making her wince again.

With a final goodbye to the nice lady, Lucy bid farewell to Rebecca with a glare. The lady picked up the diaper bag, and picked up her new charge too. “Lucy filled me in on exactly what has been going on, your behavior and what’s in your bottom right now. We are going to have so much fun aren’t we Rebecca…?” It was then, in the midst of being carried in this woman’s arm that it began. Rebecca ripped a fart into her disposable diaper, and it echoed due to the metal device in my ass. “Ohhh what a stinky girl, good thing your diaper is good and thick.” After that all control was gone, the waste piled up on the device in Rebecca's butt. But nothing would come out. The lady set the smelly girl down in a jumper, and smiled. You have to push to make it come out, that’s the whole point of that contraption in your bottom you know.” Rebecca gave a little push and nothing happened. She contorted her face as she tried again, and grunted hard. Rebecca grunted and grunted, pushing and pushing. The poop began to slide out into the back of her diaper. "Ugh, ahh, ugh", Rebecca strained as she pinched of another mess. "Hmph... Ooooh, Blarrt!" “Ohhh” the lady exclaimed, “You look just darling, trying to mess your diaper sweetie! Hold on, I’ll be right back.”

Rebecca stopped pushing for a moment to compose herself and catch some breath. She was disgusted that Lucy had not only stuck such a torturous device in her bottom, but that she’d also dumped her on this woman, so she could shop in peace… With that thought finished, the lady returned holding her phone. “Start again Rebecca, I want to film you for Lucy, I want her to see how sweet you are trying to poop your diaper with that device in your butt.” “Absolutely not lady, now let me out of this and change my shitty diaper. It’s sticking to my ass” Rebecca shouted, drawing the attention of some of the other children in the facility.

The lady lowered the phone slowly, and stuck it in the back of her jeans. A sour look crossed her face, and Rebecca met it with one of her own. “Miss Rebecca, I will not tolerate such disrespect and language from a toddler. You will behave yourself while you are in my care, or Lucy’s for that matter, she’s a good friend of mine, and I know you’ve been causing her and Jon serious trouble. That… will simply not fly with me, understand?” “You don’t scare me lady, this is a child care facility, what are you going to do?” A smile crept onto the ladies face. “I’m so glad you asked honey…”

The lady made her way to her charge and lifted her from the jumper. Rebecca was satisfied with herself, having won that round. She was brought to a changing table, and laid down. Her dirty diaper was peeled off, and the lady inserted a tough plug into the small hole of the device in Rebecca’s rear. “There, now let’s see how real constipation suits you, naughty one.” Almost immediately Rebecca felt discomfort in her ass. More waste was piling up from the shake she’d consumed for breakfast, and now no amount of pushing would enable it to come out into her diaper. She was trapped. “Now, let’s see if you can be a good girl till Lucy returns, though I highly doubt that.” The lady re-taped the dirty diaper on Rebecca, without any cleaning much to her disgust and protest. “Hey, clean me first dumb bitch, I’m covered-” The lady released her grip on Rebecca and dropped her several feet to the ground. It hurt Rebecca’s butt as the device was shoved another centimeter inside. The lady stooped over, and gripped her face tightly in her hand. “I have had enough of your filthy mouth, there will be no language of that kind in my care facility. One more outburst from you and all bets are off young lady, do I make myself clear?” Rebecca opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted, “Oh I guess you don’t, ok then we’ll do it my way, suit yourself.” “Wait, I didn’t even have a chance to reply, that’s not fair!”

“It’s exactly fair, and I could give a shit what you think is fair diaper girl, come alone now.” The lady placed Rebecca in the playroom with the other kids, and sat down across the room to watch. By now the discomfort felt by Rebecca was getting really painful. She watched the other children playing, all of them in diapers too. She watched as the tell-tale corner squat was adopted by a little boy and she watched the poopy mess fill the back of his diaper. He lost his balance when he finished, and tumbled backward onto his butt, covering himself in his mess. He began to cry, and an aid made her way to him and removed him from the area to change his diaper. Rebecca sighed, knowing that was to be her fate, as the pain brought her back to reality.

Getting on her knees, Rebecca tried pushing again, and she thought she felt the plug budge inside her a little, so she tried again. It was at this point things took a turn for the worse. The door to the facility opened up and a few people entered. Rebecca didn’t hear on account of her grunting. She gave up shortly after and was angry she couldn’t poop as the pain was getting serious. However, a voice from behind her drained all the color from her face. “Hi, ma’am! We’re here to see Rebecca? Is she here?” Rebecca’s worst fear had been realized. She recognized that voice, and the ones that accompanied it soon after.

Rebecca had been a popular girl in school, and she made life hell for some of those she considered to be “below” her, few worse off than the trio of Lambent sisters. She tormented Emily, stole money from Annika, and had embarrassed Kate by ripping her dress at the Prom. Aside from those serious offenses, everyday life in school had consisted of teasing, bullying, and just malicious degrading at every chance possible.

“Rebecca, I see you have some “friends” to see you now. The way the lady had said friends told Rebecca everything she needed to know, as if Lucy and her had concocted this plan just for her. “There she is girls, enjoy your visit!” “We will, the three girls said in unison.” The lady smiled at them, and just before she left to look over the other kids, she added, “Oh girls, there are snacks in the back room… wayyy in the back if you’d like to have some. She winked at them and went to attend to her other charges.

Rebecca heard the footsteps of the girls she had tortured grow closer, and felt their piercing stares on her and the partially filled diaper on her butt. She turned slowly on her knees and met their gaze as they stood before her. Emily had changed, she had been short and stocky in high school, but now she was lanky, with tight features, shown off in jeans and a crop top. Annika and Kate had grown out their brown hair, gotten into make-up and grown a few cup sizes too. Rebecca hated to admit they were pretty nice looking. But that thought quickly fled her mind when Kate reached down and grabbed the back of her diaper. “Hi Rebecca, she said, long time no see, quite the drop in social stance I see, pooping your pants now. Although if I recall what the nice lady said, you can’t even do that right now can you?” Emily and Annika giggled at that, and drew closer. Kate and Emily lifted Rebecca up, her face cherry red now, and escorted her from the playroom to the back with the “snacks”...

Behind a closed door lay what might have been an office at one time, but it had obviously been redecorated. There was a large highchair, and changing table, flowery and girly colors and prints, and a shelf loaded with diapers, pacifiers, and various toys. Annika closed the door behind them as Emily and Kate laid Rebecca roughly on the table. “Whew remarked Annika, you do stink.” Rebecca was terrified and embarrassed, but had finally found the courage to speak. “Guys, please…” “No amount of begging or shouting is going to stop what’s coming to you, little bitch. You made high school a living hell for us, every single day. This is payback, and we intend to enjoy it to the fullest. Now, Emily, if you would be so kind…?”

With another giggle from Emily, she produced a small fold-able tripod from her purse. She set her phone up on the table, at the perfect angle to see Rebecca’s face and diaper. Annika grabbed the seat of Rebecca’s diaper and rubbed it. Rebecca began to moan, against her inclination. “No, stop now! Get away from me!” “No can do Rebecca, you deserve this, you are going to cum all over the inside of this messy diaper.”

Annika began to massage and rub the front of Rebecca’s diaper harder and faster, more rhythmically. Against her will, Rebecca’s body moved back and forth with the other girls motion, feeling waves of intense pleasure surging through her. Emily had begun recording, but from the specific position of the camera, only Rebecca’s face could be visibly seen. Kate took an oblong object from her own purse, and Rebecca heard as he eyes with glued shut with pleasure, the plugging in of a device. Annika stopped abruptly, just as Rebecca was getting to climax, and moved away, and Kate took her spot. She turned on the device, and aloud hum emanated from it. Slowly she placed the vibrator onto Rebecca’s crotch, and moved it up and down. Rebecca once again, after a few seconds began to sway her body along with the vibrator motion. Emily and Annika could barely hold back their laughter and joy, making their high school bully masturbate in a messy disposable diaper. It was more than a dream come true, and they would have the incriminating evidence on her forever.

Just as Rebecca was about to give her final thrust, Kate shut the vibrator off. It was sheer torture, as Rebecca had been so close, she longed for it, needed it. “Please… I’m sorry, just let me go, I can’t do this, please... “ Rebecca’s plea fell on deaf ears as Emily moved to occupy Kate’s seat by Rebecca's butt. She took a glove from her purse and pulled it on. She then gestured to Kate and Annika to start the vibrator up again and slowly operate it around the exterior of Rebecca’s crotch. Emily reached her glove hand down the front of Rebecca’s diaper, who was sobbing now from embarrassment and pain from the butt plug. Emily began to finger Rebecca’s clit, and the most serious waves of ecstasy plowed through Rebecca’s body, as it had been starved from it for so long. Between the vibrator and Emily’s sensual fingering, Rebecca couldn’t contain herself and she came. The front of the diaper was coated in her musk.

The intense release in the front triggered the relaxing of her Rebecca’s anus and the butt plug popped out. Rebecca grunted loudly and hard as she pushed log after log of poop into her already messy diaper. The device was constraining her, and she grimaced and winced, forcing even more vile sludge through the small opening. The three girls watched in complete awe, as their once prominent popular high school bully, shit her diaper filled with her horny leftovers. Rebecca felt the tears pour from her eyes as she finished pooping her diaper. There was no room left to be had. She wanted to scream, to fight back. She looked into the grinning faces before her, and felt more tears escape her eyes. She was finished…

With the camera still rolling, Emily, Annika, and Kate removed their tops, their faces still hidden away from the camera. Rebecca, now distressed, confused, and smelly as could be, laid defeated on the table as the beautiful trio of topless girls approached her. Annika was first, she took her left boob and shoved it into Rebecca’s mouth, while Emily and Kate spanked Rebecca’s poopy bottom. Annika slapped Rebecca’s tear stricken face, and she started to suckle at her teat, though nothing happened. After a few minutes more, Annika removed her boob from Rebecca’s mouth, and let Kate move in. Rebecca shook her head violently no, but Kate’s iron grip stopped her, and another boob entered the girl's mouth. Annika started the vibrator up again, and jammed it down Rebecca’s dirty diaper. More waves of pleasure steamed Rebecca’s body.

Kate felt up Rebecca’s boobs, as the captive girl below suckled strongly on hers. Rebecca continued to cry all the while. With a final thrust, Rebecca came again, boob in her mouth, stuck in a poopy diaper, and her three biggest bullied victims dominating her. Kate finally removed her boob from her mouth to make room for Emily. Annika still had the vibrator inside Rebecca’s dirty diaper. It was removed slowly, and before Emily did anything, Annika and Kate flipped Rebecca over onto all four, and watched her massive disposable sag on her bottom. With a rough spanking, Kate laid into her, as Emily stuck her boob in Rebecca’s mouth now. Emily also took weighted clips from her picket and applied them to Rebecca’s waiting breasts. The clipping hurt, and Rebecca cried out, though it was muffled by the boob in her mouth. The laxatives from breakfast had not finished, for Rebecca felt a build up of pressure in her anus. With a loud runt for the camera to hear and see, Rebecca ripped a messy shart in her diaper, she felt as the liquid sludge poured from her ass into the diaper, which had begun to leak. Annika came close, and got up on the table, setting her tight jeaned ass on Rebecca's face. "Mummmph... Mmmmmm..." as Annika pressed her ass harder on Rebecca's face.

Fart after fart Rebecca let loose into her diaper, the three girls laughing and enjoying themselves greatly, at her displeasure. Finally, Emily removed her boob from Rebecca’s mouth and the girls returned her to her back side, hearing Rebecca’s full diaper squelch against her wet skin. Another loud fart escaped Rebecca’s ass as she laid there being judged and laughed at. Emily made way for the camera and took some final close up shots of Rebecca’s face, and the bulging and leaking diaper she lay in. With that finished she shut it off and returned her tripod and phone to her purse. The girls replaced their tops, and fluffed their hair. “It’s been fun Rebecca, we simply must do this again soon,” Kate said. Annika and Emily were too amused to say anything else. With final spanks from each of them, the girls made their exit, leaving Rebecca feeling hurt, violated, and disgusting on the soiled changing table.

She heard the lady outside saying goodbye to the girls, and she came in soon after. “Did we have fun this afternoon, they seemed sooo excited to see you Rebecca, I wonder why.” Rebecca shot her a dirty look, but she seemed not to notice. The lady picked up Rebecca and quickly got her to the shower, where Rebecca was at least allowed to peel off the huge disposable, and wash herself. Lucy was there soon after, and changed her into a new diaper. She was none too pleased to find out all the attitude Rebecca had given her friend. After Lucy said her goodbyes and such, she placed Rebecca back in the stroller, attracting many stares as usual. She tucked Rebecca in the car seat. The ride was silent on the way back.

Once home, Lucy took Rebecca inside. She took her to the kitchen and pulled the back of her diaper open, and removed the metal device. Rebecca’s ass returned to normal and it felt much better. Lucy then jammed a bottle of green fluid between her lips to drink. It was the same horrid stuff from breakfast. Jon came up from the basement and kissed Lucy. “How was shopping, my love?” “Oh it went well, I got some new pants and tops.” “Excellent honey, and how was your day Rebecca?” Rebecca didn’t bother to answer, just shooting a dirty look. “That well huh, glad to hear it. Ok, now that you’ve finished your bottle, it’s time for your nap. Jon escorted Rebecca upstairs to her crib, and pulled up the bars. Sweet dreams, you brat.” Just as Rebecca was closing her eyes, she heard voices from downstairs. She couldn’t make them out. But she was unable to investigate as the bars were locked in place. It was no matter as they were coming up the stairs. Without the plug in her bottom, the green liquid she drank was already making her poop. Rebecca felt the mess hit the seat of her diaper and spread out. Now whoever this was would see her messy drawers, great she thought.

Her door opened and Rebecca’s jaw dropped. Kate, Emily and Annika with their luggage entered. “Hi Rebecca, it’s us again, you didn’t think you’d seen the last of us, did you…? Lucy and Jon are tired of taking care of you and your bratty behavior, so we offered to watch you while they go away for a few weeks, won’t this be fun!” More poop filled Rebecca’s diaper followed by several loud messy farts, Annika grabbed the back of her new diaper. “This will indeed be fun, won’t it, she said pushing the mess around Rebecca’s bottom. Tears formed in her eyes as the girls surrounded her. Kate added, “Oh, are you ready for your afternoon clients Rebecca…? Here they come.”


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