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Diaper Training for Rebecca

Part 1

My name is Rebecca, and my parents were sick and fed up with my behavior or some such nonsense. Having just graduated high school, I suppose they didn’t trust their 18 year old going off to college, how did my mother put it…? Oh right, undisciplined. In her words, I was an ungrateful, spoiled brat that had no concept of compassion and acted like a big baby when I didn’t get my way. I guess its called instant gratification or something stupid like that.

Anyway, the point is, shortly after school was over, my father knocked on my door, and came in. Not looking up from my laptop, as I was buried in a very important meeting with my boyfriend, Jeremy, my father sat on the edge of my bed, and cleared his throat. I held up a finger, without peeling my eyes from the screen, and then it was forcefully closed, nearly on fingers, my father’s glare starring my dead in the eyes. Furious, as he’d just ended my voice chat with Jeremy, I opened my mouth to verbally retaliate at this visceral outburst from my normally laid back father, when he cupped his hand over my mouth. “Hush, you disrespectful brat, it’s your turn to listen to me, no more of this nonsense and none of your pathetic puppy dog eyes will save you this time. I’m here with a choice for you, and by the time I leave this room you will have either chosen one, or one will be chosen for you, so before you piss me off anymore than you already have, take this choice and think.”

Removing his hand from my mouth, and giving me a chance to speak, I rolled my eyes, knowing this was just another passing outbreak from my father, I blew air out my mouth and held my hand out to receive the piece of paper he held. It was a job application for McDonald's, or some such fast food establishment. I scoffed and threw the paper back at him. “I’m going away to college next year, on that full athletic scholarship for Soccer, and a job would just slow down my training this summer, sorry(not sorry) not interested papa.” That's what I referred to my father as when I was amused by his words or actions. It usually shut him down, but time was different as I was about to find out. “Rebecca, I’m warning you, this is your last chance, so I’d take a good long hard look at this option I'm giving you, because you won’t like the other… I guarantee it young lady.” My father knew I hated that, just as much as he hated “papa”.

I flashed my eyes at him, with my biggest defiant grin, and took the paper again. I pretended to actually read the stupid application, and after a minute or so, I glanced back at my father’s stare, and without flinching, I ripped the paper clean in two, and threw the halves to the ground, and smiled sweetly at my father, whom actually smiled back at me. Though I didn’t break my facade, I was internally confused, as he should have gotten up and stormed out by now, letting such dumb ideas go as he usually did. But not this time. His smile widened as he pulled a second piece of paper from his back pocket.

“Oh sweetie, I had hoped you would do just that. Clearly this second choice is the best for you. You’re not ready for a job. Nor are you ready for the responsibility of college either. So your mother and I have decided to send you away, but not to that damn party school you selected.

“Dad!” “You hush your mouth, you had your chance, but now you’ve made your bed, now sleep in it. Pack a bag, this summer you’ll be far away and when the fall rolls around, we’ll see if your ready for college. Even if you prove to be, you’ll be going to our community college, we gave your scholarship to another girl, much more deserving of it. She’s very excited. “Hey!, That was mine, how dare you give it to some bitch over me!” A firm tug pulled me over my father’s knee, and I was rendered speechless. Immediate painful spanks began to rain down on my ass, which my tight jeans did little to pad. My father had never spanked me before. I began to cry, and the spanks came harder and faster the more I bawled. Finally, after what seemed like 30 minutes, my father lifted me up and pushed me back on the bed. Disappointment filled his eyes, but it was soon replaced with a wry smile.

“We tried Rebecca, but your so disobedient and disrespectful, there was nothing else we could do. And I’m happy it came to this. It’s what you deserve. We leave tomorrow at 8:30, be ready or face serious consequences, I’m not kidding around.” Rebecca could tell something had changed in her father’s demeanor, as all her usually tactics had failed her, and he wasn’t showing even the slightest hint of backing down. As Rebecca's father headed out the door, he turned his head, “Oh, and I’d get used to that kind of treatment if I were you missy.”

Just like my father had said, He and I piled into the car, he was more than unhappy with me since I had just brushed my mother’s kiss of my face. How dare she kiss me goodbye, when she was sending me away… bitch. “You’re only making this worse on yourself Rebecca, if you would have only listened to me yesterday we wouldn’t be here. But since we are, strap in, cause it’s a five hour drive. One I'm more than happy to make, my father said vilely. The drive took forever as we rode in complete silence until the last half hour when my father laid down what he expected of me. “You will behave, you will do as your told, and if you don’t, you will be the first to find the consequences are far worse than anything your mother and I ever dished out to your sorry behind.” I stayed quiet, much to my father’s joy.

Not long after our “conversation” our car turned off the highway, down an exit and stopped at a single stoplight. With a few more twisty turns, deeper into shitter parts of Kentucky or wherever the hell we were, our car pulled down a dirt road outside a 2 story house. Outside stood an older man, and beside him stood what I assumed to be his wife. They must’ve been in their fifties at least. There was also a large garbage truck backed up to their home on the side, and I shuddered at its purpose or why it was there in the first place... But as our car pulled up out front and halted I put the thoughts from my mind, as my father ordered me out of the car, and he got out and grabbed my bag from the trunk. I let him rest a hand on my shoulder as he handed me my bag and walked with me to meet the people waiting for us out front.

The lady smiled at me as we approached, but the man was looking at my father. My father reached out his free hand and shook the man before us. They began to exchange a few words, and the lady greeted me warmly. I was content to be silent, but feeling a hearty nudge on my back, I mumbled something nearly unintelligible to the lady. She reached out a hand, and I shook it gingerly. My father and the older gentleman had finished speaking, and I turned to look at my dad. “Behave Rebecca, I’m warning you, I’ll see you at the end of the summer. Be a good girl.” I waved goodbye halfheartedly and then after our car disappeared in a cloud of dust, I returned my angry gaze to the couple before me. “Welcome Rebecca the man said, I’m Jonathan, and this is my wife, Lucy, we’ve been expecting you, and I trust you’ll find your stay… “engaging.” The way he had said engaging made me think I’d it anything but so.

We moved into the house, and it was rather plain, not that I had expected anything but plain, not from these old farts. I was brought to my room, and it was then that I knew I was in over my head. Lucy had followed me up the stairs to my room, and then proceeded to follow me inside too. My mouth hung open, and disbelief filled my eyes. The room was colored baby blue and lavender, there was a crib, and over sized one against the leftmost wall, and a matching changing table next to it, by the window, which looked to be child-proofed. I turned to leave, but Lucy blocked my advance, and her eye’s made it clear if I made trouble, there would be trouble.

I backed up and dropped my bag next to the dresser, and Lucy advanced on me locking the door behind her. “Let’s get things straight right here, right now Rebecca, you’re here because your parents tried their best to raise a smart, polite and sophisticated daughter. And to be blunt, they absolutely failed, as you’re nothing more than some dark haired, disrespectful bimbo with no compassion for others, just to name a few shortcomings. Lucy seemed very pleased with herself. “Now wait here, you bitch, I’m-” A swift and direct slap connected against my face, and it landed me on the ground off the dresser with which I had been slouching against.

“It’s Miss Lucy to you, you brat, and you will mind your manners, not that you have any I suppose. You were already in serious trouble, but you’re just added some more to your growing list. We’ve taken care of some serious cases down the years, but you are proving to be the worst we’ve seen in some time. And this may be an old cliche, but we have ways to insure your… cooperation young lady. Ways you won’t soon enjoy, I promise. Now enough talking, Lucy said grabbing my hand and helping me up, strip young lady, and be quick about it, it’s time to start your punishment for the summer, and your slutty clothes aren’t apart of it.

Still angry and defiant, but sensing growing danger and hostility, I carefully began to remove my jean shorts and crop top. “Enough Rebecca, we don’t have all day,” Lucy grabbed me and began to swiftly rip my clothes from my body damaging them. “Hey those were expensive bit-” Another slap across my face knocked me against the changing table. “You had your chance Rebecca, clearly you need the best and more severe punishment we can offer.” Lucy, approached me, while I desperately tried to cover myself, grabbed my arms with surprising strength and wrestled me onto the changing table. I fought and bit where I could, but she overpowered me, and forced my arms into leather restraining cuffs bolted to the sides of the table.

Kicking at her with my legs, she wrangled them too into restraints, and I throbbed and writhed, but soon grew tired and laid back exhausted from struggling fruitlessly. A cruel smile crept over Lucy’s face and she reached under the table and lifted up a sliding door. She bent over, and then momentarily reappeared with… a diaper. That completed the ridiculous situation I was now in. “If you think you’re putting that on me…” “You’ll what Rebecca, there’s nothing you can do,” Lucy chortled at me. I hated to agree, but Lucy had more than overpowered me and I was now completely restrained against my wishes, awaiting whatever punishment was coming.

“Since you’ve chosen to do this the hard way, there are a few more added layers were going to add to your punishment, literally and figuratively, young lady. Oh, sorry, lady might apply to some that you have manners and a polite demeanor, but we know better now don’t we sweet pea?” Lucy finished her sentence with “sweet pea” in that ridiculous baby voice, nearly cooing at me. I was frothing at the mouth nearly, I was so enraged. How dare she treat me like some baby who needed diapers, I was 18, ready for college and to go off and sleep around and whatever else college was for. “Oh sweetie, you shouldn’t struggle so much, she went on, you’re going to hurt yourself, and we wouldn’t want that… now would we” Lucy finished reaching back under the table. She came out with a wide wooden paddle, and slapped her hand sternly with it.

Fear filled my eyes, an emotion I was not used to feeling so much of. Here I was tied down, about to be diapered, and now paddled… what the hell was to come next? I didn’t have much time to ponder that as Lucy turned a few knobs on the table, allowing her to move me onto my side, whilst keeping the restraints firmly in place, lest I be able to escape my predicament.

Now twisted awkwardly on my side, my bare ass facing Lucy, I now saw why my father had been so excited to ship me off here, now understanding what he had meant when he said “I’d deserved it”. Lucy and Jonathan were to do to me all the things my parent shads been too scared or chickenshit to do themselves, and that was what they expected to turn me around, well they had another thing com-``''SMACK,” the first of many blows to my behind had begun, and I yelped in pain and surprise. ”Oww, what the shit woman?” “Oh were just beginning sweetheart, Lucy cooed at me in that retarded baby talk. You will learn to love this, I swear,” and on her final words the paddling continued, and with swiftness and severity it carried on for 5 tear shattering minutes. Tears flowed from my eyes and dripped to the ground as Lucy continued to blistered my bottom. “Maybe this will teach you some manners, you were clearly never disciplined or spanked as a child, clearly. Get used to it dear.” After those 5 tear wrenching minutes were up, and my tears streaked my face, I felt myself being pulled onto my back again, and the restraints were tightened once more.

Lucy glared down at me, and then a wry smile crossed her face. “Are we ready to cooperate sweet stuff?” I nodded yes, barely able to see through the tears, and still feeling the hot soreness upon my bottom. “Good, I was hoping to hear that, let’s continue shall we?”

Lucy held up the diaper for me to see, and laid it next to me as she reached for powder and lotion, obviously for my private region. Not wanting to give in, but still feeling the spanking I’d just received I begrudgingly lifted my butt a few inches from the table for Lucy to slide the disposable garment under me. “See, was that so hard sweetie, there may be hope for you yet.”

I laid still as Lucy adjusted the large diaper under my mid section, and then when she was satisfied, she grabbed the nearby lotion and rubbed a generous amount onto my front region, and then spun me over to massage some into my sore bum, and despite the babyish smell, it did feel nice and cool on my hot bottom. Then came the powder, which was sprinkled generously over my midriff, and then Lucy pulled the diaper up over my clit, and taped it snugly on both sides, encasing me in the plastic potty.

Carefully inspecting her work, Lucy smiled to herself and undid the tight restraints on my limbs and let me up. I covered my boobs and began to pace over to my bag for a shirt, when Lucy interjected. “Oh you don't need any of those clothes sweetums, those aren’t appropriate for your stay here assuming what you wore here matches what you packed, which I’m sure it does.” Not trying to hide my frustration at all I spun around, “Then what the fuck am I'm supposed to wear?” That caught Lucy’s attention, and I suddenly wishes I chosen my words more carefully. She grabbed my arms and pushed me up against the closest wall, and pulled the back of my diaper down and swatted my butt a few times, and the pain brought tears to my eyes from the previous encounter on my bum.

“Silly me, thinking you were capable of making any progress so soon, these naughty habits and words are not so easily lost, but they will be, I’ll see to it personally Rebecca, you brat.” Lucy pulled my diaper backup and sat me down on the small bed to my left. “Let’s see what we can find for you in the closet, I always keep clothes for my charges. Lucy entered the closet, gripping the pull chain and after a few minutes returned with what she obviously expected me to wear. Lucy stood me up, and pulled a purple shirt over me that read, “Sharing is Caring” adorned with smiling animals. The shirt didn’t do a damn thing to cover my diaper. “Lucy, this doesn't cover my diaper at all.” “I’m aware of that Rebecca, it makes diaper checks and changes on me easier.” I sighed and sat down with my arms crossed. “I’m not wearing this, period.” Rebecca, don’t make me get the paddle again, I have no problem bruising your behind till you can’t sit and pout anymore like now. So what’s it gonna be missy?” I rolled my eyes and reluctantly stood up and approached Lucy so she could finish dressing me. “You better get used to this, because around the house you will dress like this all the time, only today will be different as we have some things to do.” I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I didn't like the sound of it one bit.

Next, Lucy pulled pink frilly socks over my feet, and finished the job with pink clip on shoes that clicked at my every step. Finally, she turned me around, and took my long hair and placed it into pigtails, making me look so young and childish. “There, all finished, don’t you look just precious?” I thought I looked horrible, assuming that was what Lucy wanted, I kept silent for I knew speaking would land me more trouble. “Alright, there are a few things we need for your stay so we are going out shopping OK sweetie, let me pack your diaper bag and we can go downstairs to get ready to go.” My mouth just dropped and I felt all the blood drain from my face. I couldn’t go out like this. “Lucy, I’m not going out like this, no way.” “Oh Rebecca, you are just determined to make this difficult aren’t you. I was going to let this trip be good for you, but once again you’re bratty behavior has landed you in more trouble.” Lucy grabbed my hand, and despite my resistance, she dragged me out of the tiny nursery, and down the stairs.

At the kitchen table, sat Jonathan, smiling as we entered. “Aw, don’t you look sweet Rebecca?” “Hey, fuck you old man, this is humiliating.” Jonathan looked displeased with my outburst, and Lucy slapped my ass hard making me wince. “Keep it up Rebecca, see where it lands you, I’m so excited for your stay, you’re earning yourself punishments we haven’t doled out in years. “So she’s been that bad,” Jonathan inquired? “Like you wouldn't believe Jon, she and I are going shopping and when we get back… ooh that will indeed be fun won’t it,” she said, slapping my heavily padded bottom again. Lucy directed me to a seat at the table while she got us ready to go. I gingerly sat down and watched as Lucy disappeared around the corner, making all sorts of racket. “Things would go much better for you Rebecca, if you would just behave, you know that right?” I smirked at Jon and didn’t answer. “That’s what I thought,” he replied. Lucy returned and had me stand up. Suddenly I felt the back of my diaper being pulled open and a gloved hand forced its way down and then invaded my asshole. “Hey, what are…!” I felt several tiny objects being pushed inside. And then I felt the plastic snap of the diaper pull against my back as Lucy removed her hand.

I spun around to look at Lucy. “Oh just consider it for your own good and health OK sweetie?” Rather uncomfortable now, Lucy pointed to the door leading to the garage. As I slowly made my way to it, I heard her weight shift and she turned to her Jon, “Make sure everything is ready when we return, Lucy said kissing him. “Oh don’t worry my love, it will be.” A chill went down my spine, unsure of what would be ready upon our return, but with Lucy pushing me out the door, I had little time to think about it.

An hour later, we arrived at a Walmart, and Lucy was the first out. She opened the trunk, and yelled at me. “Unless you want me to blister your bottom again here in public I suggest you get your ass out of the car, now Rebecca.” Taking every ounce of restraint I had, I silently opend the car door, and felt the hot air on my smooth legs and face, completely aware I was clad in nothing but stupid frilly socks and shoes, and a dumb purple shirt and a very big white diaper with cartoons plastered all over it. My face burned red hot as I made my way back to Lucy, luckily no one had seen us yet, maybe if I walked behind her, I could minimize those who saw me in such a childish state.

But as if Lucy had read my mind, she pulled a big stroller from the back of the Ford Escape and proceeded to open it on the ground. I crossed my arms and shook my head no, tapping my foot, hearing the silly clicking noise it made. Lucy sighed, and reached again into the trunk and pulled out the paddle, and firmly slapped her hand with it, motioning for me to come to her. Not even having a chance to shake my head again or say no, she pulled me swiftly over her knee as she sat on the edge of the trunk base. “No, no I’m sorry Lucy, please, I’ll be g-” A massive SMACK echoed off my butt and the surrounding cars in the crowded parking lot as Lucy began to spank me again. I had managed not to cry so soon last time, but still not recovered from the various spanks and slaps administered to it today, my ass was already in agony after the first few strikes, and I was soon bawling like a baby. By now shoppers and passersby attention had been caught, and several comments and remarks could be heard, as eyes were glued to the unfamiliar situation occurring around them. Pain and embarrassment overruled my usually angry demeanor and I begged for Lucy to cease spanking me. “Are you going to behave Rebecca…?”

I nodded yes, tears running down my face and dripping on the hot pavement. I was let up, and pushed forcefully into the stroller, and buckled in tightly. There was no chance I was going anywhere now… Lucy rolled me into the Walmart, where we drew all sorts of glances, stares and comments as in the parking lot. I blushed, mortified to my core. In all the “excitement” I had forgotten I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in awhile. “Lucy, I need to pee, right now.” “Use your diaper, that’s what it’s there for Rebecca. “But,” “Rebecca, don’t test me right now, you’re already in big trouble, don’t make it worse, you hear me!?” Arguing clearly wasn’t going to do me any good, so I tried to relax myself, but even though I had to go, peeing myself was harder than I had imagined. I looked around at all the looks I was drawing and tried to be as small as I could, all the good it did in actuality. Lucy stopped in front of the produce section, obviously grocery shopping in addition to getting the supplies she needed for me. "Lucy," I started, "That's enough you brat, I told you to use you're diaper now use it! Let's see how much you like this you spoiled girl." Lucy unharnessed me from the stroller, already drawing even more attention to me at her outburst towards me. Making me stand as people watched without caring, she pulled the back of my diaper open, and made a big show of looking inside. "Have you pooped yet Rebecca," Lucy lied to the watchers she was pandering to just to embarrass me. My cheeks burned right red, as she pushed me against the wall gently, as we were in public, and pulled the diaper back farther. No stinkies yet, what a good girl you are." Just as the climax amount of people were watching the ongoing scene, I ripped a fart in my diaper, just as Lucy was closing it. "Oh, well I guess you still need your diapers don't you sweetie, Lucy said patting my behind playfully. We'll get you out of diapers next year OK sweetums?" She let the back of my diaper go, obviously pleased with herself, and she strapped me back in and we proceeded on with our shopping.

A woman, around her age whom had been watching the whole thing, was looking right at me, and approached us. “How old is she” asked the woman? Lucy smiled and was happy to answer. “Oh she’s 18, she’s a brat, and this is her punishment.” The other woman chuckled at that, and smiled back. “What a great idea, I’ll have to remember that with my daughter.” Lucy didn’t bother to correct her. Before she turned to leave, the other woman asked one more question much to my displeasure. “Is she potty trained or does she really need diapers?” “Well,” Lucy began, and much to her joy, and little to my knowledge, the three suppositories she had shoved up my bottom decided this moment to take effect. I ripped a huge fart into my diaper, one that was not all air… I also began to pee as well, the hissing very audible. The other woman got her answer, “Oh it looks like she needs diapers after all. Lucy smiled, obviously pleased with her timing, almost as if she knew this was how long the suppositories would take to work on me.

The other lady reached down to squeeze the front of my diaper, and she was just in time to feel my bowel move, as I released a series of stinky messy farts into my diaper, along with a few firm logs of poop. “Ohh, good thing that diaper is so thick, and disposable, I wouldn’t want to have to wash that sloppy mess in her drawers.” “Certainly not, replied Lucy, that’s why we use only disposables, plus they can hold more, and I find that keeping my charges in them makes a difference. “Oh she’s not your daughter. I was going to say, you don’t seem like the kind of woman who has trouble bringing up young ladies correctly. “No she’s not, but thank you for the compliment, miss…?” “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, I’m Mary, nice to meet you?” “Lucy”, she replied as the two older ladies shook hands. “And this is Rebecca.” I was frothing with anger again, how dare she tell this stranger my name and not say I wasn’t actually potty trained. But I knew opening my mouth would result in trouble, so I kept silent.

“Well, I must be going Lucy, it was nice to meet you and Rebecca. Her diaper is going to need changing rather soon I think.” “I agree,'' replied Lucy smiling. Good day miss.” Lucy continued to push me around, as my bowels refused to slow down, filling every nook and cranny of my once clean diaper with horrid smelling poop. The front of my diaper was bulging with piss and the back of my ass was covered with poop. We picked up more diapers, what looked like some kind of oil, and a few more things clearly meant for me, and then we paid and left, all the while drawing the attention of everyone we passed. The cashier gave me a concerned look as she rang Lucy out. I shot her a dirty look, and felt a hard slap on my head as Lucy caught me. She apologized to the cashier and we left, Lucy berating me for misbehaving again. My diaper was swelling up now, and I was getting uncomfortable.

Once we got home, my diaper was on the verge of exploding, even though the suppositories had finished emptying my bowels of waste, because it was all in my diaper now. We entered the kitchen and there was Jonathan to help Lucy with the groceries and supplies we had gotten. “Everything ready Jon,” asked Lucy…? “Yes sweet-stuff, all ready, go ahead and relax, I’ll take over from here. Lucy smiled and went upstairs to do just that.

After putting all the supplies away, Jon led me by the hand and lifted me into a child's eating table, and connected the plastic tray securing me in place. My diaper made horrible squelching sounds as I tried to get somewhat comfortable in the high chair. Jon reached under the tray and grabbed the front of my full diaper. “Nice and full, just how we like it, right Rebecca…?” I spat at him, and growled. “Determined to fight every step of the way, aren't we? Fine with me, you brat, you deserve nothing less than the very best we can offer to your sorry behind. Your parents have earned that much at least, putting up with you for so long. After feeding me what must’ve been strained peas and carrots, I was lifted from the table and placed with my diapered bottom on Jon’s knee.

Tugging my hands behind my back, he held me in place and began to bounce me on his leg, sending the mushy mass in the back of my diaper everywhere. The sounds made from the diaper were disgusting, and I could feel the poop sliding up the front of me. I began to cry as the mess spread around, and eventually after what seemed like an eternity, Jon stopped bouncing me, only to turn me around to face him and continue, faster this time. After he was satisfied the mess in my disposable was everywhere it needed to be, he set me back on my feet and got up from his seat, and pointed to the stairs. We went up, and he motioned for me to go to the bathroom. He went in my room and returned to me with a few diapers in hand along with powder and lotion for me.”Get in the tub Rebecca, we need to clean this awful mess off of you.” Seemingly the best idea I’d heard all day, I climbed into the tub, as Jon removed my very full diaper, and threw it in the trash.

I pulled my stupid shirt down quickly to hide my vagina from Jon, but he slapped my hands away. How am I going to clean you up, if I can’t see it, you’d better get used to us seeing you naked like this, it’s gonna go on all summer long , ya hear?” More than unhappy, I removed my shirt with had waste on it now and tossed it aside. Jon took the shower head and began to spray me down, and I watched the water get colored with the vast amount of shit from my body. Finally all washed down, Jon laid me on ground, and diapered me up in two diapers, the first one on my with its bottom ripped out so when it was filled to capacity it would seeming leak into the next one, so I would be in dirty diapers for longer than usual.

After I was all diapered up, Jon helped me up roughly, and rummaged around in the cabinet for a moment, coming out with a few clear plastic tubes. Unsure of what they were for, I kept quiet, despite my anger rising inside me. Filling what looked like a rubber tub with hot water, Jon hung the tub up high and connected the tube to it’s port hole on the bottom. Then the rest of the tubing to extend its reach was connected. “Alright Rebecca, it’s time for a thorough clean out, bend over, please.” No thanks Jon, I’m not feeling it right-” suddenly Jon had my over his knee in a trice, and he forcefully pulled the back of my disposable diaper down and began to insert the tube up my ass. “I’ve just about had it with your rude mouth little girl, you will learn some manners, you may just have to stay longer than the summer program.” “Fuck that, no way!” I yelled. “It’s not like you have any choice sweetheart, now relax, here comes the water.” Suddenly warm water surged into my butt and began to fill my insides. Cramps started before long, but Jon kept the flow at full force, despite my pleas and begs. “Too late little one, perhaps had you behaved instead of swearing and bursting out at me, I might have you control the flow yourself, no clearly too much for you to handle right now, it’s almost empty don’t worry Rebecca.” Tears filled my eyes as the craps grew bigger and more water flowed inside of me.

The flow ceased, and I felt Jon carefully remove the tube from my bottom, “Hold in in for a few Rebecca,” he said. I did as I was told despite the weight and uncomfortable pressure on my bowels. Jon let me up, and then pulled my two diapers back into place. He finished with covering them with pink plastic pants as another added safety measure against any leakage from the massive enema I’d just been given. Jon stood and moved over by the door, but didn’t leave, instead I heard him flip a switch or something but nothing happened and he quickly turned back around. “OK, let it out now.” Still bent over slightly, and grasping my tummy, I stopped holding, and for a moment nothing happened.

“Blart,” a wet fart escaped my ass into my diaper and the flood gates opened, pouring the wastewater and last logs of poop into my diapers, quickly bulging and swelling under the sudden discharge of poop and water. I continued to fill my diaper, the noises filling the bathroom awful and rendering me to tears once more. I bent down and gripped the side of the tube= and stuck my butt out to try and make room for what was still to come, as my diapers continued to expand even more. Eventually, all the water had come out into my diaper, and Jon quickly ordered me back into the tub. He bent down and grabbed my chin, turning my head to look up into the corner, where a camera had caught the entirety of my situation from start to finish in the bathroom… “You… you filmed that, but you, Fuck you!” “Ah, Ah I would watch my tongue sweetie, unless you want that video sent to your friends back home.” “You...wouldn’t dare…” I hissed back. “Try us...Bitch.”

Guess I had that one coming I thought, though the video camera sickened me, how could they do this to me? Repeating the process of before in the tub I was cleaned once again, and actually powdered and lotioned this time, though I hated Jon touching me. It was getting late, and I was tired. Jon smacked my ass roughly as he sent me back to my room, where Lucy was waiting for me. “Disrespectful again I see, it’s one thing with me but another with my husband, Lucy said sternly, smacking her paddle against her leg, this will teach you missy.” Lucy grabbed my hands and pushed me up against the dresser, and bent my upper half over the top, pushing out my padded butt. I felt her reach inside the diaper again, and insert what I assumed to be more suppositories, though instead of 2, it felt more like 5 or 6…

I began to shift, when Lucy pressed her hand hard on my back forcing me back down, “I’m not finished yet, Rebecca, stay on those knees, I’m sure you’re used to it.” “I’m not an whore” I began, only to be slapped by Lucy. “Hush your mouth, I know all about your extracurricular activities Rebecca. Your parents made sure to fill us in.” At her last words, I felt something oblong being pressed into my ass, it must’ve been a large butt plug. “There, Lucy said cooing at me again, that should hold that in for a while, till you blow it out later…” she sniggered. Roughly pulling me up, Lucy pulled me by my hair to the crib, and made me get in. Tying my feet and arms to the sides, she pulled up the side, essentially trapping me inside. All the while I was shouting vulgar slurs and such at the woman, and she smiled calmly and retreated to the changing table and came back with what looked like a strap. She inserted, against my vocal wishes, a rubber in my mouth, and tied it around my head keeping it in place, and silencing me. I writhed and struggled against my restraints, but it was no good. I was stuck for the night it seemed. Lucy bent over and kissed me, whispering in my ear I’d better shape up, or it would be a long… 2 and a half months here.

Unable to wipe away her kiss, I laid there, shifting uncomfortable save the accouterments in my bottom, and the pressure that was building. I must’ve dozed off apparently, because I woke up with a start in a dark room and feeling my restraints remembered the stupid predicament I had gotten myself into. Unable to move much at all, I moved my head, and upon doing so I was reminded of what I wore around my crotch, and the growing pressure in my tummy, which was hurting me now. A growl echoed around the room, and I knew what was coming next would be rather unpleasant. Suddenly the butt plug in my ass pushed itself out, and after a moment, the sloppy mush in my rectum exploded out of me into the clean diaper. For what seemed like 10 minutes, my bowels pushed and churned out waste by the ton. The back of my diaper was full of mushy diarrhea, and underneath firm pieces of poop rested. I shifted, and I felt the mess slide forward covering my front half in my own waste. I had to pee too, which only made the mess bigger and smellier. Tears formed in my eyes, as the reality of the situation finally set in, knowing I was trapped by these two heathens for the whole summer, bound in disposable diapers and the messes I would make inside them.

After crying my tears I did eventually fall back asleep, and awoke later to a gray day outside my window. A creak alerted me that someone was entering, but because of the way the crib was facing I had no idea whom it was. Lucy popped her head over the side of the crib, holding her nose. “Good thing we have such thick diapers for you, you’re a stinky girl. Lucy reached down and pushed down on the front of my diaper, causing the mess inside to squish around and move, covering me even more. I groaned and shot her a dirty look, but she seemed not to notice. Releasing my restraints, she quickly flipped me over, and I heard my diaper make more awful sounds whilst doing so. Lucy grabbed the back of my diaper, and feeling satisfied, she lowered the side of the crib, and helped me out. Whatever kind of diapers they bought, they certainly didn’t leak. I wished they did, as it would leave less of the smelly mess against my once clean skin. I felt as though I’d never be clean ever again, sitting in such a vile mess, knowing it was also that of my own.

Once I was on my feet, Lucy made sure to give a few hard swats and spanks on my padded rear for me, knowing I hated it so… “Alright Rebecca, that’s enough for now, let’s get you cleaned up. Normally Jon would clean you like last night, but you didn’t struggle when I pulled you out this morning, so I was thinking you could handle showering on your own, without the camera in the corner, I’ll have Jon cover it. He would still be outside the door should you try anything however… How does that sound?” Having been about the best news and only freedom I’d seen in over 24 hours, I quickly nodded, trying to hide my devious intentions inside. “OK Rebecca, go along then, I’ll be here when you finish. You’re pretty messy, so take your time and do a good job, because you won’t get cleaned up today for a while alright?” Nodding again, I waddled my way through my mess out the door and across the hall to the bathroom. Just like Lucy had stated, Jon was there. He was about to follow me in, when I turned, and Lucy called to him from my room. “Just her this morning Jon, we’ll see how it goes.” Jon backed out and waved me ahead, closing the door behind me. “Get in the tub, and drop your diaper. I’ll come get it when you start.”

I turned the water on, waited for it to warm up, and then tugged the curtain behind me as I got inside. I pulled the diaper off, hearing it unclench from my skin, and smelling the nasty contents inside. It plopped to the floor with a sickening “thud”. I heard the door open and a gloved hand reach inside a special hole in the curtain, where Jon could reach in but couldn’t see me. I hefted the massive dirty diaper to his hand, and he retracted it and I heard him throw it away carefully and then close the door behind him, turning the fan on behind him. Just as Lucy had suggested, I took my sweet time, savoring the clean hot water, soaping up every inch of my skin, whether it had been dirtied or not. Luckily my personal shampoo from home had made its way to the shower stall from my bag, so I could smell as I usually did. Taking extra time on my hair and crotch, I made sure I was clean, not knowing what today’s punishment was to be…

After a half hour I finally shut off the water, and toweled myself off and tugged the curtain away, looking up at the camera, which was indeed covered, true to Lucy’s word. Once I was dry, Jon knocked on the door. “Yes,” I answered? “Are you ready for your diaper Rebecca, a different one today OK…?” “Yes, Jon.” Upon answering, Jon opened the door, and took the towel from me and I covered myself. “Rebecca, I’m going to see you naked for a long while, so I’d get used to me seeing you like this. Plus, Lucy and I raised 6 girls of our own in addition to you. There’s nothing we haven’t seen. We’re here to discipline and serve your punishment, were not going to hurt you or some such nonsense. Remember this is a service to you and your parents, though it may not feel like such to you right now.” “No shit, it doesn't feel like it Jon, I’ve been in shitty diapers since I got here!” “Ohh Rebecca, I thought we’d made some progress since yesterday, but seems not. Lay down now.” “Wait, I’m-” Jon held up his hand and pointed to the floor, and I felt the time for talking and opening up had sense past. I did as I was told, and Jon proceeded to powder and lotion me, before tabbing up the diaper on me. He was right it was different than the ones I wore yesterday. This one was tighter, and had weird openings on the back and front, but as of now they were held closed by plastic tabs. It was tighter because there was more absorbent polymer inside than the previous ones, which I found very hard to believe, as those had gotten huge, when filled to capacity. Once I was taped up, Jon sent me with a few firm swats back to Lucy who had heard the whole thing, and shook her head in disappointment at me, before pointing to the stairs. “I had considered letting you eat at the table with us like a big girl, but it seems you’re still not ready. Shame Rebecca.” I kept quiet as I knew talking would exacerbate the situation I was in. Lucy led me into the kitchen and with Jon following, he lifted me into the high chair, placing the plastic tray over my lap, sealing me inside. Breakfast consisted of coffee and toast with eggs and bacon, well for them. I had to settle for apricots and mashed egg with apple juice, that I was sure held a diuretic to clean me out more so today.

Before breakfast was even finished, I felt myself peeing in the diaper, and Lucy looked at me, glancing at my crotch. Wetting already my dear, well that's ok, we’ll change you a little later, after we start today's punishment, OK?” Like I had any say in the matter anyway…

I was lifted from the table, but instead of being set down as I expected, Jon held me, much against my wishes, and he took my to the basement around the corner. The basement was rather nice, and the coolness of the room felt good compared to the humid temperatures above ground for it was the beginning of summer after all. Jon led me to an enclosed room, that reminded me of a surgical observation room. We passed through it and went to what the initial room overlooked, making the comparison even more true. Jon placed me chair, and he left once he finished tying my restraints tight. He returned to the observation room. What the hell kind of house was this, who just had this kind of elaborate setup in their basement, I knew my parents were fed up with me, but they still loved me, so if they had any notion these people would hurt me they would never leave me with them, that being said though, I was unsure of what was coming next…

Jon moved after a few moments when Lucy joined him, still sipping her coffee, to a terminal of some sorts. After a few minutes, a groaning sound emanated from around me, and a screen dome began to raise itself around me, until I was covered completely inside. The restraints retracted and the chair tipped me forward as it sank into the floor and was covered. Left standing in the small enclosure, noise overhead caught my attention and I realized the doom had not sealed it self, as there was about a 3 foot hole at the top, where a large tube dropping from the ceiling was coming to fill. The droning noise grew louder as the tube continued to drop, and it eventually filled the entirety of the 3 foot opening on the dome’s ceiling over my head. I glanced back at Jon and Lucy whom were smiling warmly at me. They knew for sure what was coming and didn’t feel the need to hide their excitement about it apparently. The screen on the dome began to move closer to me, until there was a foot of space surrounding me on all sides, save for over my head where the tube was connected to the dome.

Lucy waved at me and smiled, as noise overhead drew my attention. Just as I tilted my head up I saw something falling down the tube, unable to move my face down in time, a soggy diaper hit my face. It felt off me onto the floor not that there was much room to spare. More noise overhead, and I growled. Stinky, messy disposable diapers by the dozens began to pour onto my head. I felt poop and pee drip down my face, as the smell intensified around me, diapers piling up fast. Sickening plops and thuds echoed around the empty chamber I resided in as more and more dirty diapers fell from the ceiling. This had been what that garbage truck I’d seen yesterday had been here for, just for this. As more and more soiled diapers fell, some from babies and some from adults, the smell intensified immensely, and I began to gag. The diapers did eventually cease falling, leaving just my head above the smelly pile of disposable waste.

Lucy’s voice came over the inner P.A. “Having fun sweet stuff,” she cooed? I growled louder at her, but I doubted the sound worked both ways, but she laughed at my facial expression. “Don’t worry about the… physical stuff in there Rebecca, Jon called. It all goes through our patented decontamination unit first so there’s no threat to your health. But the smell and vile visceral feeling, sorry, that’s just the icing on the cake for you sweetheart,” he said in his best baby voice. He was almost as good as Lucy was at pissing me off.

At his last words, Jon came into the room, seemingly unaffected by the horrible smell that had fumigated it’s interior. The dome retracted itself, along with the dropping tube overhead, and I fell over cushioned by the massive pile of soiled diapers, the smell overwhelming me again. Facefirst in someone else’s waste, I lost it. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t get my feet under me, I kept sliding under soggy disposables.

Jon laughed as he picked me up, “There seem to be a problem sweetie? Here let me help you.” “I don’t need your fuckin help Jon, get away from me.” An incredibly hard slap landed my padded butt back in the pile of dirty diapers on the floor. “It’s Mr. to you missy, your such a miserable little girl aren’t you, so rebellious and disrespectful, probably the worst we’ve ever seen, eh Lucy?” She nodded in agreement as she finished her coffee comfortably on the upper deck of the observation room. John picked me up again and spun me around, and picked up some of the messiest diapers with his gloved hands. Pulling the back of my clean diaper, he shoved as many dirty diapers as he could into my disposable. About 6 to be exact. My diaper swelled immensely, as the poop and piss along with the actual diapers themselves expanded in my own. Jon pushed me back into the pile, and I felt the liquid shit splash on my ass and run up the from of my private region, dirtying my clean diaper even more.

“How’s that feel sweetness?”asked Jon, complete with a smug grin on his face. “How do you think it feels asshole, it’s disgusting and degrading…” “Rebecca!” Lucy had come to join Jon, and each grabbed one of my arms, as the chair came back out of the ground, now covered in dirty diapers. They pushed my head roughly onto the seat covered with used diapers, so my butt stuck out. Holding me down, they each took turns spanking me hard as they could. Lucy undid the plastic catches on my diaper, and 2 tubes from behind the chair came into view. I was let up and the chair went back into its resting place under the floor, leaving most of the dirty diapers. I spat on the floor, trying to get the taste of piss from my mouth.

“I’ve had more than enough of your fucking attitude Rebecca. Try this on for size. We’ve only had to use this once, so you should feel special missy.” I opened my mouth to verbally retaliate, but before I could I felt the first tube go into the back catch of my diaper, and make its way painfully up my ass. Lucy pushed the other tube through the front slot of my diaper, and this one made its way into my waiting vagina. Water began to surge into the front tube and into me, whilst in the back, what felt like raw sewage was being pumped into my butt, and my stomach eventually. Jon and Lucy finally let go of me, as I was completely immobilized. Lucy shoved more dirty diapers down the front of mine, adding to the swelling bulk and weight that was already there from the added waste in the back.

Pee, poop, messy diapers, and tubes had invaded my private regions, and the pressure was just getting to be too much for me to take. I began to cry hot tears of embarrassment. Jon and Lucy watched with avid amusement as I carried on, looking at the ridiculous situation before them, and enjoying it greatly. Jon increased the flow of whatever was back there into my rectum, and I felt the smelly sludge thicken and start to go in faster. Massive and painful cramps began to form in my tummy, and I looked at them, visually begging for it to stop. They both crossed their arms and shook their heads no.

After what seemed like over an hour of this awful treatment, the flow of water, which was just leaking on the floor and going down a convenient drain at this point, and the sludge in the back ceased. Jon stuffed a few more diapers into my own, and then a press from a remote in his hands brought mechanical arms down around me, as Lucy held me in place. I was picked up, and my diaper was covered with super tight plastic pants, so literally nothing could possibly leak out. One last time, the chair that had started this entire ordeal, emerged from the ground, and from 4 feet over it, the arms dropped me, and the innards of my diaper exploded, the plastic polymers covered me from front to back in my dirty diaper. The chair began to sway and circle a bit, making me move against my will, causing me to sway with it in my mess, making sure it covered every inch of me inside the messy disposable diaper.

After that was finished, the chair tipped me forward onto my butt again, and disappeared for the last time. The squelching and squishing sounds coming from my disposable were terrible, and I felt more tears entered my eyes, as it consumed every nook and cranny on my skin. To make matters worse, I ripped a series of messy farts, thanks to the homemade solution that had entered my ass from behind via the tube. I suspected more cameras were catching this entire ordeal, and my suspicions were concluded right as I looked up at the ceiling towards the left. 2 cameras flashing red were recording the whole thing in as it happened. Jon hefted me up, with some difficulty due to the incredible mess in my drawers, and bent me over on the railing leading to the room, so he and Lucy could continue spanking me. I couldn’t really fell the pain through the mess, all they did was make the mess worse and move it over my vagina and ass more. Tears continued to pour from my eyes, and I was defeated. They had beaten me, never did I ever think I could be broken so damn badly. This was no way to live. “SPANK,SPANK SPANK, SPANK, SPANK…” The slapping and pounding contained, the pain now actually coming through the thick mess in my big diaper. “I’m sorry!” I screamed loudly as I could. The spanked stopped immediately, and Jon slowly spun me around to face him and Lucy. “What did you say Rebecca…?” I sniffled and wiped a tear from my cheek. “I’m sorry I’ve been so bad, please… I can't take anymore, I promise to be good from now on.”

“Ohh Rebecca, Lucy hugged me tightly, Wonderful to hear you say that. That’s just wonderful, just wonderful, she kept saying. I smiled and hugged her back. She began to let go and started to whisper in my ear… “It’s too late sweet stuff, you made your bed, now sleep in it,” Lucy said as she planted the hardest slap on my face yet, twisting me back to the railing. Tears poured forth again, as she planted her hand firmly on my large ass, made big by the diaper, ad shook and swayed it, the mess moving around more and more. “You’re a little too late Rebecca, maybe an hour ago, but too bad sweet stuff,” Lucy finished, grinning vilely at me.

Crying loudly, I was taken by the hand to an industrial shower in the corner of the room, and the diaper literally scraped off me, as a hose sprayed me down painfully, removing all the excess waste, and diapers stuck to me with poop. Tears and water droplets indistinguishable now, I felt tiny and beaten… literally and figuratively. This was all my fault, and now I had to live with it… no if, and's or buts about it.

The shower lasted forever, as the vile liquid in my stomach kept causing me to shit myself, and it had to be washed away as I literally farted out poop every minute for another hour. After that had finished, I was exhausted and defeated inside, still wanting to cry but out of tears to cry. I was diapered right after my shower by Jon, and several booster pads were added to my diaper for I would be in till the next morning though it was barely after 1 in the afternoon as of now. Lucy had swept up most of the dirty diapers from earlier, but with three or four remaining, they were shoved into my clean diaper, starting the whole bulging process over ago, making my disposable sag and swell again considerably. “Lucy, do you think all the waste from earlier, is out of her…?” “Well, that’s a good question Jon, why don’t you see for yourself?” At Lucy’s final words, I felt her punch my gut, and I felt a terrible final pressure explode out of me. The back of my diaper now contained four soiled baby diapers, and the last of the liquid sludge Lucy had so graciously pumped into me and then out…

Jon pressed another key on his hand held remote, and the two mechanical arms lifted me up again, I was too tired and sad to fight back this time, and as I was lifted up, a slender smooth railing came from out of the ground. It was heavily padded. The arms spread my legs, and plopped me up and down very quickly on and off the railing. It didn’t hurt, it just caused the mess to migrate up my ass and my vagina, all the while making awful squelching sounds as it entered my asshole and every nook and cranny of my previously clean diaper. Up and down I went, my legs continually spread apart making the mess between my legs bigger and messier.

The arms finally dropped me and I was roughly escorted out of the chamber and back up stairs. My messy diaper swayed back and forth all the while too. Lucy brought me to another room of the house I’d yet to see in all our travels. It seemed to be a secondary dressing room. Lucy checked my diaper for leaks and finding none, slipped a pull-up over my diaper, not only added more pressure under me and keeping the mess right up against my skin, but adding another layer of absorption to my already saturated disposable mess I wore. Giving me a few firm swats, Lucy ordered me around again and we exited the room, back to the kitchen. Glancing out the front door, I noticed a few extra cars parked outside. That was odd, as there was nothing around for miles as this was on acres of private property, as my father had explained to me when telling me running away would do me little good. Catching my attention on the cars outside, both Jon and Lucy commented, “You’ll find out soon enough little girl.” I hated very much being called that… but couldn’t argue as I looked down at my dirty diaper. Lucy took me upstairs as Jon went out the front doors to the parked cars. Once in my room, Lucy placed the pacifier in my mouth again, my hair in pigtails, and dressed me in very babyish pink and blue clothes. I looked just like a real baby.

Lucy closed my door, and pulled a sliding curtain, like they have in semi private hospital rooms in front of it. Confused, Lucy explained I would understand soon, and not to worry my tiny brain, and just to mess my diapers like a good baby girl should. I frowned but was able to do little but comply to her demands. I heard Jon’s voice from the hallway downstairs… “ Yes, we got a new one in just yesterday, so she’s brand new, I think she’ll do you well, we’ve got her all ready to go, you’re the first of today’s looong list, I heard Jon emphasize “long”, so enjoy!” “Oh, I’m sure I will” answered the voice to Jon. I heard footsteps come up the stairs, and pause outside my door with a single knock. “Just a moment dear, she’ll be right with you.” “OK, ma’am no problem, take your time please.” “How polite, Lucy said in a voice only I could here, maybe you’ll learn something from him… She chuckled at that, hmm probably not actually.”

Lucy made sure there were fresh diapers under the table, that the side of my crib was lowered, and that I was ready to go, waiting on the floor like a real baby. “OK missy, you make sure to do whatever these fine people ask you too, without question, got it, we’ll be listening, as these… “sessions” are mostly marked private by our clients, but rest assured we’ll hear something wrong and come to.. fix it. OK?” All I could do was nod, as the last thing I wanted after today was anymore unnecessary trouble from Lucy or Jon, though unbeknownst to me I was about to receive more than my fair share for the day… and the summer…

Lucy finished her preparations for her and Jon’s “clients” by checking my diaper once more,oh and of course adding 6 suppositories to boot. Lucy winked at me vilely, and then went under the curtain to let the first customer in, as to surprise the person when they first saw me I guessed. After I heard Lucy greet the young man as it sounded, I heard the door open and close, and the curtain moved aside and was replaced. A young man, as I had thought soon stood before me, stood in a diaper himself, obviously having messed it a few times, and began to approach me. The man laid me down, first feeling the large bulk between my legs in the very big and rather messy disposable diaper. Then he turned around and sat on my face, and I tried to resist, as this was not what I had in mind, but was powerless as he was stronger than me as his ass connected to my mouth and nose. The smell was terrible, and I gagged again as I had earlier from the chamber. The man began to hump my face, while taking one hand and rubbing the front of my diaper and one I guess was inside his own stroking his erect penis. I was finally let up, and he laid on top of me, and he began to kiss me sensually, first on the cheeks and the lips next.

He continued to throb his dirty diaper on top of mine, and I could feel his excitement grow even more. Finally, he sat me up on my knees, obviously enjoying the sound my full diaper made when he did so, and he pulled his dick out, still fully erect. He grabbed my head, and pushed his penis roughly inside my mouth. It certainly was not my first blowjob, but this was different, and I felt trapped in my dirty diaper unable to do anything as he slid his dick in and out, with growing speed. I could feel his penis pulsating more and more. He moved my head in and out, making the usual noises a BJ did. It was still awful and felt degrading doing this for a young man in a dirty diaper, who enjoyed shitting his pants. With that final thought, I felt a massive throb, as a massive amount of cum was then blown into my mouth. I tried to spit it out and I did so, but the man pushed my head down as I did and he pulled open my diaper with lightning speed, and all the horrid liquid from his dick went right into my awaiting diaper, covering me. I wiped what I could away from myself. Pleased with himself and happy, The man patted me on the head, and then sat on the floor and pulled me onto his lap to hold me, and of course suck on my boob. All the while he held me and sucked, he massaged my ass and felt up the front of me and my diaper.

Seemingly satisfied finally, he let me go, spanked my ass hard a few times which hurt pretty badly, enough to bring tears to my eyes, and kissed my head and left under the curtain, leaving with tears running down my face and feeling heavily violated inside and out.

I heard Jon downstairs say goodbye to the client, and the next one come up the stairs. This time, a youngish woman, probably earlier thirties, entered from under the curtain, ad immediately sat down. She was thickly diapered as well, though it seemed clean. Just as the man had done she pulled me onto her lap, and pulled down her bra. I shook my head no, fear filling my eyes swiftly, but a hard swat on my ass from her left hand rendered my fruitless attempt to resist futile. I gingerly parted my lips, and felt one of the woman’s shapely nipples enter my mouth.

Another swat on my bottom, made me start sucking. Much to my surprise, sweet liquid began to fill my mouth, and I realized this woman actually had milk in her boobs. She cooed at me and held me upper half, while my legs rested on the floor. It was at this point, the suppositories Lucy had inserted graciously in my butt began to take effect. I ripped a messy fart in my diaper, and the woman removed her nipple from my mouth and looked down at me. She lifted me up and carried me to the changing table, and peeled my soiled diaper off, and grabbed a fresh one from under the table, and then powdered me up and tabbed up the clean diaper on me. It felt good to be clean, but I was still vastly worried and uncomfortable from this afternoon’s recent events. After I was changed I was relegated back to the position I had just been in, with her nipple in my mouth and me suckling away like a real baby. I was feeling full so I tried to pull away, and I heard the older lady scoff, and she removed her nipple again, and spun me on my stomach, and then spanked me just as the young man had moments just a little while ago.

I began to cry softly, and I felt more poop slid into my diaper as Lucy’s suppositories really… really went to town on me. The lady finished spanking me for being naughty, and she then massaged the firm pieces of waste in my diaper much to my displeasure. She changed me again, powdering me good again, and she kissed me on the cheek before taking her leave.

I was terrified to see who was next as I laid myself back in my waiting spot on the floor, which by now stunk bad of piss and shit, thanks to my full disposable diaper upon my ass. I heard Jon say goodbye to the woman as she left, and greet, luckily, my last client of the day. Another young man made his way under the curtain. First he stood me up and checked my diaper, and finding it full, spanked me real hard a few times, much to my painful experience. He then bent me over on the bed, and without taking off my diaper or his pants just rammed his crotch against my dirty diaper.

This continued for a few minutes till he grew bored, and wanted more. After a few more hard spanks on my sore and messy bum, he took off his pants and made me blow him. After gagging on his huge dick and swallowing his massive load of cum, he picked me up and sucked on both my boobs, taking turns left and right. All the while I could feel his bulging dick on my diaper, as he laid on top of me. Finally setting me on the ground he pulled his pants down, and sat on my face to give him a proper rim job. Several farts escaped his ass as I did so, and I cough severely to clear the stench from my mouth and nostrils.

Finally to finish his session he drove his hands down the front of my diaper and began to feel me up, rubbing my clit hard. I began to moan and throb hard on his fingers, despite the mess between my legs. The logs of poop thrust-ed themselves against my ass and taint as I throbbed against his touch in my vagina. Finally coming to climax, I collapsed on the floor, tired and worn out. The young man’s parting gift to me was to change my diaper surprisingly, and his lotioned and powdered me up. After a few more swats on my clean butt, he left, and Lucy came back in, moving the medical curtain back to its original resting place on the wall.

“That’s all for today missy, but this being Monday, you have four more days before a break will be given OK?” This will now be your job alright” Lucy said with a wry grin. You’re parents let us know you needed a job in addition to your punishment, and I think this fits quite well. Don’t look so shocked sweetie, you will get 10% of each clients payment. By the end of the summer and three visits five days a week, you’ll have over 500 dollars! Isn’t that great Rebecca?”

I slumped in my diaper, looking at the dumb animals printed on it. I ripped another fart in my diaper and felt more waste pile in. “Well?” asked Lucy crossing her arms, waiting for me to answer her question. I was too shocked at the news to answer, so Lucy marched herself over to me and hefted me up, bending me over on the dresser, and spanking me profusely, squishing the mess around again. I felt I’d never be clean again, knowing this was my entire summer now… I began to cry again as I piled more poop into my diaper. “Goodness Rebecca, you are a messy girl. You've barely eaten anything since you’ve been here, you must have been really clogged up in there if you’re still pooping this much. Well this will be good for I guess, but still… unpleasant,” Lucy said with a sly smile. Lucy pulled my diaper as high as it would go holding me up in my mess, and she laughed at my ridiculous state that I was powerless to do anything about. Lucy lifted me onto the table to change my diaper, and I stared at the ceiling… wondering how I’d let it come to this… ?