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David's thoughts continue.

The pick-up game was about to wrap up. Which was a relief because Tom and David and their third player were way behind on the score. They were soaked with sweat as the gym was warm that afternoon. David had played worse than usual with Sharon watching him from the first row of bleachers. He was trying not to embarrass himself and managed to shoot a couple of baskets near the end so that he ended with a better look. When they finally called the game, David ran over to where Sharon was sitting while the other guys headed off to the showers. Only Tom lurked around near the gym door leading to the locker room. He was thinking about this morning when Sharon had gotten out of David's bed totally nude in front of him and how sexy she had looked. Tom's dick was hard enough that he turned and adjusted himself in his jockstrap and hoped that no one saw. Fortunately, the hallway was empty and David was walking away from him and toward Sharon.

When David reached Sharon, he said, "Surprised to see you here." Sharon replied, "Had to see what you were doing. Like what I saw, if you know what I mean." David wasn't sure what she meant. Then she crooked her finger in a "come closer" motion and, as he came closer, she whispered "come closer, big boy". Which David thought was both funny and sexy. He bent over to be at her level. She pursed her lips for a kiss. As he leaned down and kissed her, she moved toward him and put her hands around his butt to pull him in closer to her. At the same time, she reached up under the back edge of his shorts and found the leg straps of his jockstrap. David felt her hands on his butt underneath his shorts and thought that she was about to squeeze his butt. Which she did first. But then Sharon pulled down hard on both leg straps of his jock and then let them snap upward against his butt. Tom was watching from the doorway and heard the hard pop of David's jockstrap getting snapped. Surprised, David stood straight up. Sharon said, "Why don't you go get your shower now and meet me outside?" David barely stammered out, "Okay, yeah, that would be great" before he turned and headed to the gym doorway where Tom still stood. David now had a boner from their hot kiss and getting his buttocks groped and snapped. There was also a slight sting at the bottom of his buttocks where Sharon had snapped the leg straps. He saw Tom by the doorway and hoped that his boner wasn't obvious in his tight shorts. David didn't need to worry as Tom had his own problem. Just watching Sharon and David and remembering Sharon's nudity this morning had gotten Tom hard too. Tom turned away as David approached. As David passed him, Tom whispered to him, "See, I told you that you were a lucky bastard."

David just nodded as he was embarrassed by being that turned-on by what Sharon did and wondering how he was going to hide his erection in the lockerroom. Since Tom had the same problem, he was in no hurry to head to the showers. Instead, he stopped at a drinking fountain in the hallway and started drinking water to buy time. David did the same. Within a few seconds of drinking cold water, Tom and David felt their boners go down enough to venture into the locker room. Still, both took their time stripping out of their gym clothes because they were afraid that what they had in their jockstraps might still be too much to reveal just yet. David took the extra step of heading to the scales on the other side of the locker room in his jockstrap to weigh himself. Tom had already stripped off his gym clothes completely and was following David. When David got on the scales and pretended to check his weight, Tom passed him on the way to the showers and said, "Now, that's a wrestler for you. Still checking weight." David turned and replied, "Yeah, old habit, I guess." Lucky that Tom had remembered David had been a wrestler before or else David checking his weight wouldn't have made any sense. David was as lean as anyone so Tom assumed that weighing was a quirky habit for David. By now, David felt safe enough to strip off his jockstrap and grab a towel. And then joined Tom in the shower. Without either realizing what the other was doing, both boys turned the temperature down at their showers to cool off their bodies after their sweaty pick-up game and to keep their erections from having a mind of their own.

After leaving the shower room, David glanced at the full-length mirror in the locker room to see if there were any marks on his butts from Sharon snapping his jockstrap. But there weren't any marks other than the faint imprint of the tight jockstrap at his waist and buttocks just as there would have been normally. Tom joined David back at their lockers as they both dressed into their regular clothes. Tom asked David, "Did you tell Sharon that I was going to be gone to Susan's room again tonight so you two can have the room." David replied, "Not yet. But she is meeting me outside right now." "Then see you tomorrow morning, I guess," said Tom as he headed out of the lockerroom. David said, "Yeah, see you later."

But David couldn't helped wondering if Tom was hoping for a replay tomorrow morning of what he had seen this morning: Sharon butt naked getting out of David's bed without any apparent inhibitions about being nude in front of Tom. Tom had exactly that idea but being able to spend another night with his girlfriend was great too.

Sharon was sitting on a bench outside the gym as David came out. He sat down beside her and she scooted close to him, turned toward him, and laid her hand on his crotch. She gave him another long kiss. David was already unsure what to do next. He needed to study tonight but he also wanted to take Sharon straight back to his dorm bed. Before he could decide, Sharon said, "Let's go study and then get something to eat." David replied, "Okay, cool" and they walked to the library. On the way, Sharon said, "I can smell your sweaty gym clothes from here. If you are ready to do laundry, bring everything over to my house this weekend and we can do laundry together." "Yeah, I need to wash everything. I'm way behind on laundry," he replied. David also thought, "This is a first. We haven't done laundry together. Kind of weird."

They studied for a couple of hours and then went to get something to eat at a local burger place. David wasn't sure what to do next. But he spoke up and told Sharon, "Tom is going to be at Susan's tonight. Do you want to come over?" She replied, "Two nights in a row in your tiny bed? I could do that. But we need a weekend to ourselves at my house soon. I'll see what my roomies are doing this weekend or next?"

David knew that his dorm room was not ideal for Sharon to sleep over. The boys' communal bathroom was down the hall and the nearest girls' bathroom was in another wing of the dorm. Sharon had been nice about sleeping with David in his room but it couldn't have been her favorite place to have sex with him. And his tiny twin bed for fine for sex but not for two people sleeping together afterwards. Plus, he had to admit that he was already worried that Tom would change his mind about sleeping with Susan in her room or that they would get in an argument and then Tom would come back to their room unexpectedly. That had happened during David's freshman year when his roommate had returned to their dorm room in the middle of the night. David's freshman girlfriend had been embarrassed to be seen in bed with David and with their clothes scattered around the floor. Fortunately, his freshman roommate had come home drunk so he was still sleeping it off the next morning when the girl slunked out of David's bed to find her clothes, dress and leave.