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Sharon's thoughts.

Sharon had heard David's message at her house. Once her last class was over, she decided to go to the gym to see if she could find him. The college gym was the first place that she had remembered seeing him before they started dating. He had been playing pick-up basketball that time too. She and a friend had been sitting on the bleachers trading class notes when David and some guys came in to play. She hadn't paid much attention to them at first. But they started playing shirts and skins where one team took their t-shirts off. She noticed David right away. He was on the skins team and really skinny. He was wearing the same old high school shorts that he was wearing now. She thought it was funny that a college boy was still wearing his high school gym shorts with his name printed on one leg. Then she noticed that another of the boys was wearing what looked like his high school gym shorts too. So figured it must be a thing with the guys. Never throw away a perfectly good pair of gym shorts just to buy another pair from the college bookstore. Sharon liked his looks, especially since he wasn't wearing much. Gym shorts, socks and sneakers. She was curious what was under his shorts and then remembered that her brothers always wore jockstraps to play sports. With three brothers, she had seen plenty of their laundry over the years before she left home and they had no clothing secrets from her. Sure enough, when the boy that she was watching bent over to catch his breath, she could see the strap outline of his jock through his white gym shorts. She also saw that his last name was "West" or at least that was the name printed neatly on his shorts. She watched him some more and then filed his last name away for later.

Sharon had made a point to run into him again before he left the gym in hopes of getting a first name to go with the last name on his shorts. She hung around outside the boys' locker room and lucked out when he came out with another guy that she knew. Both had wet hair from having showered. She called the other boy's name and walked up to them. Her friend introduced her to David. She tried not to be obvious about her interest. She got doubly lucky when her friend said that there was going to be a party at his house that weekend and asked would she like to come. It was clear that David had already been invited so she said, "absolutely" and hoped that he would show up.

David was at the party that weekend and Sharon was excited to see him. He seemed kind of shy. She learned that he was a sophomore and thought that sounded better than the last older college guy that she had dated. And they hit it off and that led to them leaving the party to get something to eat. Nothing happened that first date. David seemed unsure of what to do about a girl who was clearly interested in him. He had broken up with his freshman year girlfriend and wasn't dating anyone else yet. Sharon took it slow. She invited David to another party and he agreed to go with her. By the third date, she knew that she liked him and he liked her.

By the fourth date, it was time for one of them to make a move. He still seemed shy. Sharon wasn't sure that he would make a move so soon. So, she took matters into her own hands. They were walking back from the library one night when she steered him off the path back to his dorm and off into an unlit building doorway. They had been holding hands already and had done quick good-night kisses already. But this time, Sharon steered into the dark doorway, pushed him gently against the door, and gave him a long kiss to see if he would kiss hard back. He did. So they made out in the doorway for awhile before she asked if he would like to come over to her house. It was a big step and she wasn't sure that he would do it. But he said, "Yeah, that would be great." Her roommates were still out when they got to her house just off campus. She had a couch upstairs right outside her bedroom where a tv was set up. She got them both a drink. It was clear that he wasn't yet use to drinking the hard stuff but it did loosen him up enough that they started making out again on the couch. Sharon was really turned-on and thought that he was too. But she couldn't tell for sure until she brushed his crotch with her fingers and felt his erection straining the zipper. So she got on his lap, facing him, and while kissing him, unbuttoned his jeans to see how he would react. No objection from David, so she pushed back from him and unzipped his jeans. He made the next move by cupping her breasts. Sharon took off her shirt and bra in two moves. That was plenty of invitation when she next pulled his shirt off and then backed off of him to pull his jeans down. He kicked off his sneakers and then unbuttoned her jeans. She stood up and took her sneakers, socks and jeans off. Then pulled David's jeans off along with his socks. Both of them were in their underwear at this point and it was clear where this was headed. She made him stand up, pulled her panties down and off and then took his briefs off. It took two seconds for her to lead him by the hand from the couch to her bedroom, leaving all of their clothes scattered outside her door. Their first sex was great. Although it was clear to Sharon that David still had a lot to learn. Still, it was a start.

The sex after that first time had been very good. Sharon figured that she had lots more experience than David had, even though she was only a year older. She liked his body. The first time that he had gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom, she had pretended to be asleep. But she took at good look at his butt as he walked from her bed to the bathroom and decided that it was the cutest one she had seen. Some guys had hairy butts, some guys were more muscular in the rear. David was tall, skinny and had a small tight butt. And it was cute to see him like that. Like other skinny guys, including her brothers, David's dick seemed a little larger compared to his skinny frame so she was pleasantly surprised by that look too.

He was a typical 19 year old boy, she thought. Almost all missionary position with some doggie style thrown. He didn't have a lot of moves yet. Not experienced in oral sex and probably hadn't gotten much of that from other girls. And definitely hadn't given much oral to girls as he tried but wasn't yet very good. She had blown him only enough to get him ready for a second go. Still, she was getting a bit bored as the sex became more routine. One plus was that he didn't cum as fast as most boys his age. He knew when to slow down when he was about to cum. It was definitely something to work with, as far as she was concerned.

Watching him played basketball back in the same gym where they had first met reminded her that he was plenty good to look at. Especially when he was wearing as little as he was now. When she looked about his cute butt in those old high school gym shorts, she thought, "I need to spank that butt. But when? And how?" She got an idea.

And this weekend would be a good time to try it out.


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