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Adam, bedwetter problem solved

Part 3

“Is it ok Mom?” Adam looked at me for some reassurance.

“Yes Adam, She won’t hurt you and you’ll get to see and feel how Elian does it, isn’t that exciting? Besides I think you are going to get part of the surprise she promised you.”

Adam took her hand and she walked him to the room with his very full diaper stretching out his white Gerber baby pants as he waddled along. I could hear her giving him directions as she changed him.

“Stand still Adam and I’ll take down your pants and unpin you ok, then I want you to step out of your wet things and I’ll have you sit on the changing matt after I wash you, ok?

I guess he did as she ordered because all I heard was her rinsing out the wiping cloth in the basin.

“Bend over, you know that I have to wash everything, good, now up on the matt and into position with your knee’s up. I need to put some diaper rash cream on you first because you’ll be in diapers all weekend long and we don’t want you to get a rash.”

I can just imagine how he felt as she applied and smoothed the rash cream all over his behind. All I could hear were her directions and the occasional giggle as she proceeded with all the necessities of the change. I was wondering what she had in store for him and how he would accept Elian’s handy work.

“Adam I am going to use six pins to hold your diaper on tight, I don’t want it falling down at the park. There, now for your new baby pants, is ok if I call the baby pants or would you prefer plastic pants?

“Baby Pants is ok, I guess.

“I now that you are used to white so how would you like yellow ones?”

“Yellow ones, do they make yellow ones? Wow, yes I think I’d like them, Wow!

“First I am going to powder your legs so your new baby pants will slip on easier. Alright then, the first leg, that’s good, right up to your knee, now the other, stand up so I can pull them up the rest of the way. Great, all tucked in and leak proof.”

“What’s written on the waist band?

“Joe Boxer, Adam, I thought you’d like to be in style!

With in minutes of starting, he was all done and quite proud of his newly diapered bottom, enough so that he wanted me to close by eyes as he made his grand début. I did as he asked! He approached me and covered my eyes with his hands so that I could use mine to feel his new attire. My hands slowly descended to his diapered bottom as he stood between my legs, the smell of baby powder mixed with baby oil and rash ointment was overpowering. As I felt his diapers through the new soft vinyl pants I noticed that the new diapers were very thin at his sides, thicker than usual at the front and thicker in his seat but thinner as they approached the waist elastic. The waist elastic was different too; it was wider like regular elastic on boy’s briefs.

“Ok can I now open my eyes and see them Adam?”

With that he took his hands away and I saw for the first time Elian’s handwork. The vinyl baby pants that she had dressed him in were yellow and they had a black elastic waist band with the words “JOE BOXER” written on it. The pants were fairly slim and form fitting at the waist, not billowing out over the waist band. The normal leg elastic was replaced with a half inch wide grey rubber stitched to the vinyl. As I pulled outward on the leg elastic I realized that the leg holes of the baby pants were just large enough for his legs to pass through and that the rubber binding was tight enough to close the pants around his legs to form a waterproof seal but not leave red marks. Most of the diaper mass was at the front and in the seat and that would be where it would be most needed if he was running around and wetting at the same time.

“Wow what a diaper Elian! Adam, are you comfortable in them?

“Yes the best part of them you can’t see right now so I’ll tell you, ok. They have a supper soft terry cloth lining. I like how they feel Mom!! I am going to wear them all afternoon, Ok?”

“Well, if that’s what you want Adam, but I think we need some shorts to go over them just so you won’t be embarrassed wearing them.”

“Beth I have another part to add to his surprise and wardrobe. Adam be a dear and go in the room and check in the second drawer from the bottom, there is a pair of dark blue shorts for you there, bring them out here and we can try them on you.”

Adam ran to get them and I noticed how well his new diapers fitted him, snug fitting at his waist and baggy in the seat and lots of vinyl material sagging between his legs. This way he could keep his legs together while running and still have enough protective vinyl coving his diaper no matter what activity he was doing. His diaper was bulky up front but didn’t force his legs apart. Adam returned with the shorts and the sound of his crackling new plastic pants. The shorts were made like Bermuda shorts, long in the leg and high in the waist and that’s where the similarity ended.

“Here Beth let me show you how I made these. First these were a pair of high waist ladies pants that I got at the secondhand store, as a mater of fact all the material that I used to make his diapers, come from the secondhand store. The cover of his diaper is made from a pair of flannel baby sleepers that has a light baby print on it. You can hardly see it now through his baby pants but when he wets there pattern will become more visible just like a wetness indicator on disposable diapers. Anyway back to the shorts, I was going to make a dome snap opening crotch on them but decided to us an invisible zipper instead. The ends of the zipper are hidden under a button over flap on both legs. This makes the zipper easy to undo for diaper changing and then I rolled each pant leg cuff and attach a draw string at ether side of the zipper and let it come out through two eyelets hidden in the cuff at the opposite side of the pant leg. This way if he’s involved in an activity where someone might see his diaper, I can tie the pant legs closed and now one will be the wiser. I also put some big baggy pockets on the front of them to hide the bulk of the diaper. Adam lets try them on you and see how they fit!”

Adam was only too happy to do Elian’ and I liked the way they fit once in place. It was time to go to the park and let Adam get some of his pent up energy out of his system. We gathered up all that we needed for the park and Elian told me that we were going to walk to the mall after that for a fast food dinner and some shopping. She told me not to forget my special bag and then she asked me if I thought that she had “aced” the diaper change and I told her that I couldn’t do it any better.


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