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Adam, bedwetter problem solved

Part 2 - The journey begins

I had packed Adam’s bag the night before so that we would be ready for the tip in the morning. I put in some of his toy cars and other small toys so that he could occupy himself. It was also a great opportunity to try out the new bag that I purchased especially for his other things. It was small enough so that it looked like my big hand bag and it had a zippered pocket on the side that would fit my purse and some make up but the best part was that I could pack Adams diapers and plastic baby pants in it if we had to go out for an extended period of time. Just the perfect carry along bag, for what I wanted it for. The compartments in side were lined with waterproof vinyl and I folded up a couple of plastic bags for storing his wet diaper if needed. Two pairs of plastic baby pants, two disposable baby diapers for soakers, four pre folded cloth diapers, six pins, small jar of Vaseline, small bottle of baby oil, some J & J baby powder and some small face clothes for wiping and cleaning him. Well this should be fun. The only thing that I didn’t like was that if he got the leg elastics on his baby pants too wet and we needed to change them, then I would have to take his trousers right off and that can be difficult to do in a small bathroom. I was going to ask Elian if she might have a solution for that problem.

“All set to go Adam?

Well get in and sit on the booster seat and I’ll buckle you in. Do you want your teddy to hold onto for the trip?”

Bear was a special friend that he had had ever since kindergarten. I got him for Adam to help him adjust to school. Poor bear has been washed so many times that you would think that he would have drowned by now, but he still occupies a special place in Adams heart and the two are pretty much inseparable.

Adam scoped up Bear in his arms and with a big smile on his face we were ready to go. He was happy and content to have the extra cushion on under his pants. The traffic was light and we zipped through the city in no time. Soon we were on the high way leading to Elian’s house. Adam was dozing off and on still trying to keep hold of Bear. He had that look on his face and I hoped that he wasn’t flooding his diaper.

We turned the corner on Elian’s street and I could see her waiting at the door as we got closer. We parked in the driveway and I yelled out to Adam “Were here” and with that Adam awoke and the first thing he did was to put his hands down and feel the front of his pants. I guess his diaper was still warm from his wetting and he thought that he had leaked.

“Adam, everything is OK, you didn’t leak anything!”

Elian opened the back door and greeted Adam, first unbuckling him and then taking him in her arms when he got out of the car. She lifted him up in the air and hugged him so tightly I thought that he would suffocate. She patted him on his bum just to see if he had his diaper on under his trousers. She smiled an approving smile when she was satisfied that he did and then she greeted me all the while carrying Adam in her arms.

“It’s been to long a time since your last visit Beth. I really miss you guys! My, haven’t you grown Adam, I can’t believe how big you are! I have missed you both so much. Let s get your bags and go inside, I want to hear all of your news and especially, all about you Adam.

We picked up our bags and headed into the house; Elian noticed my new hand bag and asked if it was for Adam’s special things. I nodded that it was and she said that she was glad to see that I was adjusting to the situation. Adam put his bags in her spare room and then came out telling me all about how Elian had redecorated it since our last visit. He was so excited about it that he wouldn’t let me continue talking to Elian.

“Mom, Mom, you just have to come and see the room, Please come now!

He tugged on my arm so hard that I thought he would pull it out of the socket.

“OK, OK Adam, show me what the big deal is!

Elian just smiled and said to me “go and see”

Well, it was all pained with yellow and blue paint and it had cartoon characters stuck on the walls and a very babyish paper boarder right around the middle of the walls. Wow, what a change, it looked age appropriate for a five year old child. The bed was a converted crib, still having the bars on the back and sides and fitted with a larger mattress positioned so that the head board was made up of the old crib side gate and the crib ends were now the side pieces. It was covered with a nursery print blanket but you could still see that it was covered with a vinyl cover under that.

“What do you think Adam? It looks like Elian went a little overboard for you.”

“I like it Mom, can we do the same thing at home?

“It would be nice but I think it would be a little hard to explain it to your friends when they come over, don’t you think?

“Ya, your right. Elian if you keep the room like this I’ll come and visit you more often!

“That would be great Adam”

Elian and I left Adam playing in the room and we went out to the kitchen. Over coffee it was time to catch up on all the news. For me it was same old, same old. I still was not in a steady relationship. It had been about three years since I had said ad dew to Rick and after a few dating mishaps I had given up the idea for now. For Elian it was the same except that she had joined a fitness club and was taking better care of herself. She was about eighteen years my senior which did not seem to be a big difference. We enjoyed each others company and had a great laugh when we talked about our boyfriends.

Elian had one son to, Jeffery from a previous relationship and the father was never involved, and that was the same story with me and Adam.

“You know Beth, I was in the same situation with Jeffery as you are with Adam only it was sixteen years ago when it started with us so I know how troublesome bedwetting can be. I took Jeffery to a few doctors to try to figure out what was the matter and if there was anything that we could do to stop it. I hope that you’ve had Adam seen by a physician. Many parents suspect that there child is wetting on purpose and punish them every time they wet. How cruel and insensitive some parents can be, is beyond me. Has diapering Adam at night worked out for you and him? He seems happier this visit than the last!”

“Yes Elian it has been a blessing to have him back in diapers at night time again. He took to them like a duck takes to water and yes, he is happier in them. I think it was troubling him that I was spending so much time cleaning up his accidents. He now gets his things ready at night and all I have to do is a little pinning, it is so much easier than stripping the whole bed and then trying to get back to sleep afterwards. Adam sleeps better, wakes up happy, does his homework on time and is ready for school when the time comes. So the diapers are a little more work, granted, but they are saving my sanity too.”

“I was hoping that your story would be like mine. Once that I stopped being obsessed with the “Y” and just accepted it and dealt with it things turned around for me and Jeffery to. I have a little confession to make to you! I made up the spare room for Jeffery when he comes to stay with me when he’s here on business. He still needs to reconnect with his inner child and having the room made up like that helps him relax. I still sew his diapers and order his plastic pants for him. When he comes to stay he always wants me to give him that special attention and I don’t mind at all. I sort of get my child back for a few days and he gets a loving Mom. Diapers are the order of the day and I get to bath him, change him, rub on the baby oil, powder, Vaseline and pull on his plastic pants. He still makes an adorable baby all dressed up in his baby outfits. The house smells like a nursery for a few days after he leaves. So are you ready for Diapers 101?’

“Do you think Adam will be the same way, I mean, diapers and baby things?”

“He might just like diapers or he could dry up and never be interested in diapers and childish behavior again. It like a person that has been injured in a car accident, the body shuts down using all of its energy to repair and maintain the vital functions. In Adams and Jeffery’s case they regress in order to repair or fix some other part of them that is troubled. They don’t know that they are doing it when they are doing it. Jeffery still questions why he likes this regressive behavior, but he has learned to accept it and allow it to heal his broken parts. You can see the change and difference in him between the time that he arrives and the time he leaves.”

“But doesn’t it cause him problems in the real world?”

“To the contre, he functions much better when he is diapered. Some times when he is here and has to go to meeting and is under a lot of stress to perform, I send him discreetly diapered and usually I put a pacifier in his pocket just to let him know that after the meeting he can be a baby again. Well his business associates can’t believe how well he does under pressure and they even arrange to do that kind of business here because he’s better here than there. You have to look at the whole person, diapered or not, it’s not that big of a deal. Do you mind if I call Adam over, I want to check to see that his diapers are not leaking and to ask him if it would be OK for me to change him?”

“No, not at all, he may like the change of changer!”

“ADAM, honey, come out here and let me see you!

There you are, isn’t it funny how, if you know the sound of a wet diaper, you can tell that it’s getting about that time.”

Adam presented himself and let Elian hug him again and she patted him affectionately and inquisitively on his bum.

“Adam, have you wet your diaper?”

Adam hung his head and looked over at me for the look that said it was OK to admit that he had.

“That’s ok Adam, after all that’s what the diaper is for, isn’t it?

I’ll tell you what, would it be ok for me to help you take off your pants so you won’t get them wet and then we can check your diaper to see if you need a change right away, how does that sound?

Adam nodded a yes and then he started to undo his pants belt.

“Adam dear, why don’t you let me take care of that, I have lots of experience doing it for Jeffery, you’ll see how good I am at it.”

Elian undid his belt and pulled his zipper down, widening out the top of his trousers as she pull them down over his puffy white plastic pants and diapers.

“There doesn’t that feel better?”

She waited for his smile of approval as he stepped out of his trousers.

“Now let me see just how wet you are, hold still, it won’t take a minute! Bend over my knee a little please”

Adam did as she asked and didn’t move as she slipped her fingers under the leg elastic’s of his baby pants and felt the diaper for wetness, then she checked the diaper under the top waist elastic front and back the same way.

“You know that he is not that wet. I guess that you went potty in the toilet before your mom diapered you this morning! So if you want to go and get your coloring books, you can stand here at the table between us and I’ll change you after lunch before we go to the park, ok?”

Adam ran to the room and hurried back with a couple of coloring books, his wet diaper sandwiched between his legs and his plastic pants crackling as he ran. Elian watched as he returned and opened her legs so that he would have a place to stand at the table. Beth watched as he started to color his books completely oblivious of Elian’s gentile touch on the seat of his baby pants.

“I love the feel of the soft Gerber vinyl baby pants and how they cover the whole diaper, comfort and protection all rolled into one.”

We drank our coffee and talked about his school and what he wanted to do when he grew up. He started to get a little antsy, holding his legs together as he was standing there, and Elian realized what he needed to do.

“Adam, dear, are you uncomfortable? You’ll feel better if you just let go, here let me help you relax.”

With that, she moved her hand down to the crotch of his diaper and invited him to open his legs as she soothed his upper thigh between his legs with one hand and she rubbed his back with the other. It didn’t take to long and then he stopped coloring for a moment and let the pressure escape into his waiting diaper. Elian smiled and gave him an encouraging hug as she felt his diaper warm under the plastic pants as his pee spreading out, absorbing into every corner. It was the first time that I got to watch him wet his diaper. Usually he went and hid to do it, I guess he was more at ease with Elian than I had thought. Elian got up and started lunch asking Adam what he would like completely ignoring what had just happened until Adam went to sit down.

“Hold it right there Adam, wait until I put something on the chair incase you leak a little.

We had lunch and I could feel Adam’s growing anticipation about the soon to take place diaper change as there became less food to eat. He had never been changed by anyone else but me. I think he was a bit shy and at the same time excited about the prospect of Elian changing him.

“Ok Adam it’s time to get you clean and dry again so that we can go out to the park and the mall after that. Take my hand and lets go to the bedroom and get that wet diaper off and get you into something that I think you’ll like just as much.”


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