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Candy's Need - Prequel Part 1

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 1

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 1

Originally written by Gee for Wetset

This is Candy's story of how she started her adult diaper life.

Candy laid her head in her hands and groaned. Day to day pressures were beginning to take its toll. Her head felt as if it was going to split, she had a doozy.

If I could only stop worrying about my job, she thought, I wouldn't get these headaches. I have to take my mind off that insensitive boss of mine. I'll bet I could have him busted for sexual harassment. Why can't he leave me alone? He can't fire me for having to take a pee. I can't help it if I have a small bladder.

Sucking in her waist she was able to dip her hand under her belt into her pants and felt the crotch of her bikini briefs. The cotton triangle under her probing fingers was damp as usual. When I have to go, I have to go. I'll either make to the bathroom or I'll wet my pants. I don't have a choice in the matter. Maybe a wetting accident would make him believe me.

She smiled to herself. I remember how I solved a bathroom problem while I was in high school. I didn't use the toilet. I just peed in my pants, or rather, in my diaper. The toilets stunk and didn't flush half the time; so I wouldn't use them. Maybe the toilet not working was just an excuse because I remember I liked my diapers.

Her headache was going away. Just thinking about my wetting makes me feel

better, she thought. I still have my diapers. I wonder what it would feel like right now to cozy up in bed with a warm diaper tucked around my ass.

I still have a puny bladder, she thought. Three beers and I'm out, or rather, wet. I don't care. In fact I get a rush from peeing my pants.

Her cheeks flushed as she contemplated a return to adult baby pleasures. Why not, she thought. Who will it hurt and who will ever know?

The box of her diaper stash was in the closet. I'll just look at them, she thought. The baby oil, baby powder, cloth diapers, rubber and plastic pants, pins, and baby wipes were stacked neatly in the brown cardboard box just as she had left them. There were her favorite baby bottles and even a bib for a big baby. There were adult sized disposable diapers still in their store wrappings. As she gazed at the erotic contents, she caressed the fluffy fabric to her face smelling the faint

aroma of baby powder.

A tingling sensation centered in her crotch. A slippery dampness began to leak from between her cunt lips as her nipples puckered. These still turn me on, she thought feeling her heart begin to pound. I'll just pull them on just to see how they look.

She kicked off her jeans exposing her panties wet from her leaking hot box. The nipples of her breasts were throbbing points under her T-shirt. As she glanced at herself in the mirror, she ran her fingers through the matted dark triangle.

This won’t do. Maybe a little trim, she thought.

She grabbed her scissors and gently snipped at the curly bush between thighs. How's that? She turned to admire her trim in the full length mirror. She pulled the T-shirt up exposing her brown nippled white orbs. She massaged her tits as she frowned at her scissoring attempt. Not enough, she thought. I'll shave it a little away from my legs. Dropping the T-shirt over her aching breasts, she squirted the shaving lather onto her palm and slathered it into the crease between her leg and pubic mound. I'll just lather the whole thing and shave

around my lips, she thought.

The cooling lather shaved easily away. The slippery

wetness between her lips was becoming a river of lubricating juice. It was dribbling down her legs tickling her inner thighs. She caught it in her hand and smeared it over her sensitive lips mixing it with her shaving cream making a hot slickness for the razor. The blade easily removed all of the dark bush leaving a cooling yet completely naked crotch.

Just like a baby, she thought as she admired herself in the mirror. She took a towel and carefully wiped the shaving cream from her quivering labia. God, I'm hot. As she arranged the diapers, plastic and rubber pants on the shelf in the bathroom, she could feel her cheeks flush in erotic anticipation. Taking two cloth diapers and a pair of white rubber pants she laid them on the bed and placed her bottom carefully in the center of the diapers.

She drew them through her legs and pinned them against her hips. The cool rubber warmed against her face as she breathed in the soft scent of clean white latex. She pulled them over her feet and stood up slowly working the rubber pants up her legs and around her diaper bundled over her hot crotch.

Well, she thought. How do I look? Her diapers were flagged out of the rubber pants. As she tucked the diapers in, she caught her reflection of her sparkling eyes over cherry red cheeks. Slowly turning to admire her work, she could see that her Curity diapers were well

packed in her rubber pants.

She stretched her arms over her head lifting her un-baby-like breasts. She liked her looks. She was tall but not too thin. Her shiny dark hair was cut fairly short and bounced when she walked. Her long legs flared slightly into a nicely framed pelvis. She was wide in the crotch, but the space between her thighs was nicely bulked by her diapers.

She tented her diapers away from her flat stomach and admired her naked labia. Her cunt lips were tingling from her close shave and erotic compression in the soft cotton. She blew on her exposed pussy with a cooling breath awakening an ache that pulsed in time to her racing heartbeat. The throbbing in her clit begged to be soothed.

Slowly she cupped her hands between her legs and fingered herself through the warming diaper. The latex was heating from the confining diaper against her pelvis. She paused to dip her fingers between the edge of the elastic and her sweat-damp tummy. Finding her naked lips under the bulky diaper drooling with cunt juice she slipped her finger along the length of her slit. An electric shock rocked through her causing her vagina to spasm a flush of wetness.

She felt her knees weaken and sagged against the bed to abandoned herself to the erotic tension of the frantic movement of her fingers under her diapers through her tingling lips. Her hips quaked and shivered as she neared her release. Her breath hissed through clenched teeth. Then she moaned as her cum rolled through her body. Her bladder muscles spasmed in time to her orgasmic shudders. She could feel her cunt lips part with the warm wetness of her urine. The pee scalded into her diapers spraying her sensitive clit. The flow buzzing over her bud kept her at the peak of her mind rending pleasure. She felt wave after wave of jolting satisfaction rip through her body.

I'm wetting myself in my diaper, she thought. What a sensation! How did I ever forget my peeing pleasures? She lay back and gently massaged her breasts as her bladder emptied comfortably into the hot dampness of her diapers. Her body quivered as the gush became a trickle. She felt slowly around the boarders of her rubber pants to be sure that her wetting was confined to her soggy diaper.

She cupped her hand down the front of the soaked diaper and dipped her fingers through her throbbing cunt. Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she licked them. She tasted the acrid sweetness of the combined juices of her orgasmic release. She quickly pulled the T-shirt off over her head freeing her twin peaks. Rubbing both breasts she coated them with a glaze of her wetness. Lifting first one then the other sensitive breast to her lips, she was just able to lick the nipple with her tongue. She longed to be able to capture the hardened bud between her teeth and suckle at herself. In frustration she then let her aching orbs cozy into her sticky palms.

She strained to feel if there was anything still in her bladder. A small issue dribbled into her wet diapers. She strained again feeling her bowels press against her anal sphincter. She turned to lay on her stomach. Relaxing, she could feel a lump against the confining fabric tightening the diapers over her crotch and hips.

Whoops! Do I want to mess my diapers? She contemplated her wet and steamy

crotch. Why not? I’m already a such a naughty baby! She pushed harder feeling volumes of the warm mass slide through the crack of her ass plastering her cheeks snugly in the diaper. She rolled over and the hot

bulk squeezed up between her legs caressing her sensitive cunt lips. The load in her diapers flattened warmly against her ass as she rocked her hips from side to side. She ran her fingers from the tips of her nipples to the packed crotch of her diapers. She gently mashed the bulky load against her cunt.

What an erotic rush! This beats dinner and a movie any day.

As she lay savoring the combined sensations of the afterglow of her cum and the sweet naughtiness of her used diapers plastered against her cunt and ass, she wondered at her powerfully erotic response to her diapers.

When did I start becoming a big baby? She thought. I remember having my mother diaper me every night when I was real little. I remember that sometimes she would keep me in diapers all day long to make sure I didn't have an accident. Those were the days. She happily changed my wet or messy diapers. When I got older, my father left us. I remember wishing I could go back to being a baby. I did not want to grow up. I wanted my daddy back. Even though I was old enough to go all night without diapers, I started to sneak diapers for myself. I would go into the laundry room where the diapers were washed and dried for my younger sister and steal a few for myself. Alone in my room I would pin them on and hide them and my rubber pants under my pj's.

I was intending to wear them for the secure memories they gave me, but I would wake up wet when I wore them. I could hide the wet evidence in my baby sister’s diaper pail. I started wearing them a lot. It was only a matter of time before my mother caught me. On one hot summer night when it was too warm for flannel pj’s, I overslept. My mother found her full grown thirteen year old daughter in soaking wet diapers. There I was tangled in my bed clothes with my diapered bottom exposed for all to see.

She patted my diapered bottom and was shocked to find that I had wet them. Then she laughed and said that if I wanted to be a big baby, she wouldn't scold me. But I would have to wash and dry my own diapers if I wanted to wear and wet them. I was a little embarrassed at being caught and stopped using them for a while. However, I must have trained myself to let go in my sleep. A few weeks later after several nighttime soakings I again returned to the refuge of diapers.

When I wasn't feeling well, I can remember my mother helping me get diapered for bed. She didn't say it, but I could tell that she knew that I needed my diapers. Wetting safely into bulky diapers gave me a sense of security that she couldn't give me. Later, the glow I maintained from the warm wetness of bulky diapers graduated through innocent finger play to an explosion of orgasmic pleasures. Quite by accident I triggered my first climactic release.

I was about fourteen when I was absently caressing my pussy through the wet diaper. I remember a funny feeling in my pussy while I stroked my fingers over my slippery clitty. Then it felt as if my whole body exploded into a wondrous sensation. I was really hooked then.


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