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Candy's Need - Prequel Part 1

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 2

Candy's Need - Prequel Part 2

Original by Gee

The diapers became my sexual release. I didn't even think about cumbersome attachments with boys. I was so thrilled to get into my diapers and diddle myself to a mindless bliss that I pretty much kept to myself. I convinced myself that I certainly had no fears of pregnancy with my sexual release coming from diaper pleasures.

Occasionally I would wear diapers under my full skirts at school with no one being the wiser. I would dribble a little in them throughout the day so that they wouldn't become completely soaked. I told myself that I was doing it to avoid visiting the nasty bathrooms. My bladder would want to burst by the end of the day. So as the final bell rang, I would begin wetting to my heart's content.

I would be walking down the halls and out the door as my hot urine coursed into my already wet diapers. I could feel the soggy diapers bunch at my crotch and sag against the elastic around my legs. When they were that soggy, the rubber pants leaked. I would hurry home with urine trickling down my legs soaking my socks and shoes. Each step brought me closer and closer to a magnificent cum. I would find something to lean on as I let my release wash through me. I could cum two or three times on my walk home.

I tried to be a big girl and wouldn't always wear diapers. But on more than one occasion I would forget and darken my jeans with my warm wetness. I had to leave school with a few embarrassing accidents. On the way home I would stop behind some concealing bushes, squat down, and a leave a tell-tail puddle in the dirt. I would finger myself to a glorious cum while the urine warmed its way through my clothes.

When I got out on my own, I told myself that I had to grow up and stop using diapers. I still found pleasure in wetting my pants and peeing through my talented fingers in bed, but I suppressed my love for diapers. Truthfully, I was probably just embarrassed. My mother had purchased my diaper supplies and I was hesitant to go shopping for my own. I stashed what I had into a box and had not thought about them until now.

Back to the present---------

As she pealed the mass of rubber pants and soaked diapers down her long legs to puddle at her feet, she admired her shaved pussy lips coated with her brown mess. She spread her legs and looked back at her ass in the mirror. Most of the mass stayed in the diaper but some still clung to her pert butt. She bent over and spread her cheeks with her hands. She ran her fingers into her dark hole scooping out some of the adhering mass which she wiped on the diaper at her feet. She pulled out a dry diaper and wiped it along the crack of her ass. As she lingered to gently clean her pouty cunt lips, she was acutely aware that she was arousing herself again.

Her lids fluttered over half closed eyes. She groaned with pleasure. Pulling up the baby wipes, she squatted spreading her lips for closer inspection. She wiped slowly until all of the brown stain was

removed. She rinsed the diapers and rubber pants in the toilet freeing the mess from the fabric. After she had squeezed most of the water out of them, she dumped them into the washer.

As she stacked the shelf in her bathroom with the softly folded Curity diapers, she couldn't help but caress the fabric between her fingers. Along with the diapers she had several colors of plastic and rubber pants. For her rubber pants she liked the white the best but saw that she also had a baby blue and a translucent pair. Her plastic pants varied in various colors including clear and frosty white along with pinks and blues along with some nursery print styles.

As she sat on the bed, she could feel the familiar crinkle of bed clothes over plastic. A clear plastic sheet had always been her nighttime companion. She also had a rubber sheet that was folded up on the shelf with her diapers. Her usual pre sleep ritual of spraying her hands with warm urine to begin her auto erotic episodes would stain and ruin a good mattress. She pulled back the bed sheets and smoothed the plastic sheet over the mattress. Even though she enjoyed the feel of either hot latex or slick noisy plastic against her body she recovered it with the sheets. She wanted to keep what she knew would become a wet and sweaty surface from sticking to her.

She arranged three diapers onto the bed and folded them carefully. She chose the translucent rubber pants to complete her night attire. Having placed the baby pins in a cup by the bed, she lay down on the diapers, spread her legs, and dripped Johnson's Baby Oil on her pubic mound. She worked the oil around the diapering area of her cunt and bottom allowing her hot fingers to linger on her sensitive labia. She hoped that the hot oil would keep the possibility of diaper rash to a minimum. She powdered her pouting lips with baby powder fully covering her wetting area. She then carefully pulled the diapers through her legs, folded the corners at her waist, and pinned them securely on.

She lifted her feet into the air and worked the cool rubber down her legs. Arching her diaper covered bottom up off the bed, she smoothed the rubber pants over her hips. They swished and puckered as she pulled them over her thick diapered bottom. The cool rubber already had begun to warm to a toasty sensuality as her hands snuggled the rubber pants over her hot pubic mound. She reached again into her secure diaper and lazily twirled her fingers around her clit. She shuddered with the beginnings of another cum.

She stretched and arched her back into the soft folds of her pillows relishing the sensations quivering in response to her tantalizing fingertip. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her finger stroked

the underside of her pelvic bone inside her weeping vagina. Her lubrication was dampening the diaper. She mashed her clit with her thumb still keeping her fingers deep in her vagina. The rhythm of her pulse raced in time with her probing finger action. Her body stiffened in response to her quaking cunt. She spasmed cunt juice and a dribble of pee into the folds of her diaper at the peak of her mind blanking culmination.

She gripped her quivering cunt lips and rode out the subsiding waves of pleasure. With her hand down inside her diapers she sighed and gave herself up to blissful sleep.

Morning found her with a pee soaked diaper. She smiled to herself to find how easy it was to revert to her old habit of wetting in her nighttime diapers. She had thought that she was going to have to awaken before she could flood her diaper with her warm wetness. She hoped the plastic sheet had done its job under her thoroughly soaked diaper. Past experience had taught her that her diaper wouldn't be able to catch every drop of her warm nighttime issue. As she suspected, there was a yellow puddle circling her bottom in the indentation of her diapered buttocks.

Her arousal began to overtake her. She lay back and relaxed her bladder again flooding her already urine logged diapers. The wetness welled up her labia to tickle her clit then soak into the hot pack of cotton embracing her pelvis. She could feel the warm wet circle expanded under her bottom and spread sensuously up her back. The hot diaper squished noisily to her vigorous massaging. The bulky diaper didn't allow her adequate sensation. She had to caress her pulsing bud.

Pealing up the edge of her wet diaper plastered against her cunt she dipped her fingers along her crack capturing her clit in her slippery wetness. She caught her breath as she again succumbed to her pleasure. The fire in her pulsing bud spread through her body until she could contain the raging sensation no more. Her mind whited out in blissful fulfillment. She felt the small of her back splash in her cooling puddle as she jolted to her release.

As she lay quivering in her aura's aftermath, she was aware of the acrid scent of her pungent issue. To her it was a perfume to her senses. It was an aroma that brought back treasured memories of warm security of infancy. The scent pierced to the core of her arousal. She delighted in the sensation of soaked diapers snuggled against her crotch. She was able to maintain an almost continuous orgasmic glow. As her breathing calmed, she sighed and carefully rolled off the bed catching the sheets in a wad soaking up the wetness.

She felt a warm trickle find its way down her shapely legs as she walked to the bathroom in her soggy diapers. The weight of the yellowed diapers bunched at her crotch made the rubber pants sag low on her hips.

As she passed her image in the full length mirror, she paused. There stood a woman mature in body and curve with a wet diaper bundled at her hips.

How deliciously naughty I look, she thought. The big baby has wet her diaper. How cute! She waddled to the bathroom with her burden of bed clothes and tossed them into the washer. She stepped into the shower, turned it on, and leaned into the warm torrent. The hot water ran down her tingling body and soaked into her erotic burden enveloping her crotch and buttocks. She squeezed the diapers and rubber pants against her shaved nubile lips releasing a yellow stream down her legs to the drain.

She sighed again and stripped her diapers and rubber pants down her

legs into the bottom of the shower. She wadded up the diapers and squeezed them with her hands. She watched as the amber fluid ran over her breasts and down her arms to disappear into the cascading spray. She flopped them down into the damp pile at the bottom of the tub. After she stepped out of the shower stall, she gathered up the bundle and dumped it into the washer.

She dried herself in front of the mirror paying particular attention to her naked cunt lips and tight ass checks. She ran her hands up her abdomen lifting her supple breasts up and out, pinching the nipples as she let them fall back to her chest. She pulled one up to tease it with the tip of her tongue, then the other to match the pleasurable sensation running down to her groin focusing in her clit. Spreading her legs she cupped her hand under her sensitive mound and dampened her palm with a dribble of urine.

She mashed her lips together allowing a small stream to trickle down her legs tickling her thighs and the backs of her calves. Her need to climax still pulled at her. But I have to get going. I need one more quickie, she thought. She spit on her palm and mashed her hand along her spread cunt lips. She slathered the slippery saliva through her cunt to her tight ass hole. She dipped her finger in her dark hole lubricating the entry. She reached one hand under her crotch placing her thumb in her vagina and

her index finger inside her anal ring.

She spread her legs and sagged to her knees. With the other hand she vigorously flicked her clit. She could feel her thumb and index finger touch inside her as she dripped cunt juice over her hand. Her hips thrust against her hands in a rhythmic motion as she reached for and achieved her mindless rush of pleasure.


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