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Erotic Poetry (Enemas, Plugs, Submission)

I Dominate and Give a Little Enema for Once (Apollo 13)

I saw your back and it looked oddly new,

As you lay face down, gagged,

As if I were aboard the Odyssey,

As it rode a damaged rocket

In the summer of seventy,

And rounded the moon

And I looked sheer down,

As from space to the airless land

At these craters, your back bones

And the crack of what for a man

Is a rather shapely ass.


Bare my wrists were and my neck

Teeth flashed with nothing between them.

I put the bottle full of water

Between my thighs as it were my cock

And tried to get the nozzle in that way.

I only embarrassed us both.


Cam Nma 2 years ago