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Erotic Poetry (Enemas, Plugs, Submission)

I Want To Be Sculpted

I want to be sculpted like the Tetrarchs,

In purple stone from the old empire,

Equal parts sight and style flowing

Through the sculptor's hands, showing

Me half as I am and half as I want to be.

* * *

I want to be an icon of submission,

Bound to Andrew's Purple X

One piece with it, captured in the

Act of struggling against it,

Cunt gaping, for all the museum-

Goers to stick their fingers up

When the guard is napping.

I want the ball in my mouth to be

Lone, strapless, heraldic, a sign

That this one has surrendered voice

I want my teeth to look nice on it.

* * *

But forget posterity, fuck me now,

I am waiting on the bed, my hair

Still in a tail, my butt plugged,

My limbs spread, my teeth on plastic

That no one asked me to put in,

I will pretend I am in bondage

And you can pretend I am too.

Be my lines of gawking visitors

Asking who was this, and why

Was she sculpted, be my scholars,

All pining for me as they debate my

Purpose as artistic object.

Objectify me.


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