Wicked Spin

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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 9

By the time I got to the office, my clothes were soaked from perspiration, the T-shirt sticking to me like glue, making my nipples even more visible.

My former secretary came to greet me at reception, giving me a wink, as she welcomed me to the company. I'd of course gotten used to the heels, but had been sternly reminded to sway my hips more by Pane before leaving the house.

I was escorted to a small office. One desk, close to thirty file cabinets, a chair, no windows and no A/C. This was going to be hell.

"Take your jacket off, you must be warm," said my former secretary, "then let me introduce to the new company President."

I complied without question, knowing that she'd blabber to Pane whatever I did wrong.

I followed her to what used to be my office. Sitting behind, what used to be my desk, was a stunning, redhead. The hair was cropped short, but her figure was decidedly feminine, while the pantsuit she wore did little to hide her tall, well-shaped, athletic body.

"You must me the new girl, my name is Ms Havelova. I'm sorry what's yours, I seem to have misplaced your file," said the redhead.

"Her name's Crystal," answered my former secretary, "Crystal Tholler. Unfortunately she's come down with something, so her voice is a little shot."

"Sorry to hear that," said the redhead, "but from what I've read in your file, your talents should make up for that. If you don't mind, I've got to get ready for a meeting. Welcome aboard." She turned back to her desk, our signal to retreat.

"By the way," said my former secretary, "you're to call me Ms Drucker in public and Mistress Drucker in private, understood."

"Yes, Mistress Drucker," I whispered.

"We'll introduce you around later, right now I want to get you acquainted with your new functions."

We continued walking towards her office and my 'closet'.

She showed me my new email (they'd obviously cancelled my address). In the email directory I was listed as Crystal_UNT@... I didn't need a degree in computer science to see the genius in my new email address.

"First I want you to go down to the warehouse. See the shift supervisor, Mr. Jenkins, and ask him if there's anything you can do for him. Now go."

I trotted down the stairs, towards the back. I obviously knew the place well.

I found Jenkins in his office. "Good morning, Mr. Jenkins, Ms Drucker told me to come and see if I could do anything for you," I whispered.

"Speak up, girl, I can hardly hear you."

"I'm terribly sorry, Sir," I tried whispering again, "I've lost my voice, Sir. Ms Drucker told me to come and see if I could do anything for you."

"Well you can indeed, how about a blowjob," he said, laughing.

"If that's what you want, Sir, I was told to do anything you asked," I answered.

"Well then, what are you waiting for, get down on your knees, and get to it."

I was getting ready to kneel.

"No wait," he said, "take off your close," as he moved towards the door to close and lock it.

Shit, I thought, he'll see the tattoos. I'm fucked.

"If that will please you, Sir," I answered, demurely.

I unzipped and removed my skirt.

"Wow, SLUT! What's this?" he asked, pointing to the tattoo at the front.

"It's what I am, Sir," I answered. 'Why did I say that?'

"Property of Mistress Pane, that's a new one," he continued. "Turn around."

I did, showing him my still swollen ass.

"I'm not sure about the WHIP ME part, but the FUCK ME sounds interesting. Take off you're the rest, let's see what else you've got hidden away."

I turned back facing him, and pealed off the T-shirt, then bra and underwear. My large tits stuck out from my chest, the long nipples adorned by the permanent rings pierced through them. I was left in my chastity belt, corset, hose and shoes.

"Now I've seen every thing," he said. "I've never seen tits done up like that and that belt; what secrets do you keep hidden away?

"Never mind. Get on your knees and give me that blowjob I asked for."

I moved closer to him, got onto my knees and unzipped his pants. I was getting used to this part. I pulled out his swollen cock and first gave it a tongue bath. Once fully lubricated, I took the tip in my mouth, flicking my tongue. He was obviously very horny, his hand behind my head pulling my head towards his crotch, his cock deeper inside my mouth.

"Let me try that ass of yours," he said, pushing my head away. "Bend over, I like fucking a bitch like a dog. Hurry-up, I want to get a quick fuck in before my staff meeting. Go on, or should I try the WHIP ME part."

I said nothing, turned and put my hands on the floor, waiting for the inevitable pounding up my ass. Thankfully I had well lubricated his cock, as it slipped in easily. He pounded for several minutes, thrusting in and out unrelentlessly till his grunt told me he'd just spent himself inside me. He withdrew quickly.

"Turn around and clean this up," he said, slapping my ass.

I performed as directed, my puckered lips moving up and down his softening shaft, sucking the last bit of cum, till he was satisfied.

"Now get dressed, slut, and get out of here before my guys get here. I have a staff meeting every morning, I think I'll want one of these before every meeting. Hurry-up, you've only got a few minutes."

Getting up, I hurriedly got dress, his cum dripping from my asshole, the wetness sticking to my underwear, while he ignored me, sitting at his desk. I was just a piece of white trash.

Every day was just more of the same. A blowjob here, a quick fuck there, mixed in with some cunt licking (my former secretary especially).

Ms Havelova even had me service two of her Japanese clients, having me wear a "school-girl" outfit the whole day on that occasion. It had also been a popular outfit around the warehouse as well.

After about three weeks, I noticed that my bras were getting tighter; my tits were swelling and getting heavier as predicted, I would soon need another injection.

By the fourth week, the dresses and other clothing were getting tighter. My hips and buttocks continued their slow swelling, but my tits filled my bra and then some, presenting more and more cleavage.

When it came time for my first of the monthly injections, I was crated away as the first time and brought to "the bitch" for a weekend of work (cleaning her house from top to bottom), torture (she truly enjoyed whipping my swollen tits) and the overnight hell of the injections right into my nipples. My tits got much larger, before subsiding to their normal C size. The feeling of a hundred bee stings had kept me awake all night.

My transformation didn't stop the usual monthly oil worker fuck-fest, though the number of 'attendees' had increased to a point that the event had to be done in two sessions over a weekend. I'd spend the next week almost unable to sit from the pounding I'd received. My whole pay went to this increasing number of workers, while my former investments kept Mistress Pane in the lap of luxury.

Five months after the first injection, my hips and buttocks area had widened further, though they had not thought it economically viable to upgrade my wardrobe; I had to wear the same skirts and dresses, getting tighter around my ass, showing it off even more.

The weekend I was scheduled for the monthly session with "the bitch" was spent at a country house where Mistress Pane and several of her friends took a break from the pressure of city life. I spent the weekend either thrust-up as a pony to facilitate their transportation around the compound, shackled in the barn or used to test out a variety of new implements, including many paddles, whips and clamps.

When I got dressed on Monday morning, I was given a half-cup bra, C-cup size of course, causing most of my tits to spill out. To add to that, I was given a low-cut, very tight sun dress with a wide frilly bottom. There was plenty of tit to show as they were clearly now a full D-cup. I hoped that I would get the injections next weekend.

The next weekend came and went, as did the next three; my tits growing day by day with no relief in sight. The bra straps dug into my flesh as I was still wearing the originally selected items, even though my tits were edging towards double-D size.

I couldn't believe that I was now eager to get the injections that would stop the growth. The pursing of my lips had continued, to the satisfaction of many, while the tight dresses and skirts were close to busting at the seams.

When they crated me up for the trip back to 'the bitch', I was relieved. I knew that it would be hell, but at least I'd get these tits under control.

I went through the usual routine of cleaning the house of servicing 'the bitch's' many guests, before she finally hooked me up for the injections.

She started with the buttocks, hips and lips, the burning sensation almost a relief. She then took a whip to my entire body including my engorged tits till I fainted.

When I cam too, I was in a cell, my hands shackled to the rear of my chastity belt, a metal collar around my neck, chained to the wall. I had some liberty of movement, that is, there was enough slack in the chain linking me to the wall, but I couldn't really walk in the ballet type boots they'd put onto my feet. The cell was dark, so a blindfold was useless, but I was duly gagged, sucking on a large rubber cock.

With the darkness of the cell, I couldn't see my tits, but their weight reminded me of their growing presence. I was surprised that they didn't burn. Had she not injected them, or was I just getting used to the pain? The areas that I did remember receiving the injections, my lip, hips and ass, did burn, but that was subsiding; I must have been out a while.