Wicked Spin

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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 10

The next day, while I was being crated-up for the return trip home, 'the bitch' hovered over me. Once I was secured inside, but before having the cover put on, she bent over a tweaked my nipples and roughly massaged my tits.

"These are looking very good," she said. "I said I liked larger tits, and these are just about right. I decided not to give you another injection, cause I'd like to see how they look in a month's time; they should be about E-cup size by then, we'll see if that'll be enough."

These tits couldn't get much heavier or larger, I thought. The next month was going to be hell on my back, as I carried more and more weight up front.

Thankfully, Mistress Pane had bought a larger sized bra, my tits were a full double-D but the label on the bra said D. Still too tight, though at least not as tight as the previous month.

I made it to the next session with 'the bitch', thankfully. Strapped down to the medical-like table, I was almost looking forward to the injection. My tits now stuck-out to the full E cup size as she'd said and had become very heavy, bouncing with every movement every step through the warehouse at work, providing some entertainment for the boys.

She brought the tray next to the table, though I couldn't see its content because of the straps holding my head down.

She reached over to the tray and picked-up a device I'd seen before, but it wasn't the syringe, it was a pair of piercing forceps. She very quickly snapped the forceps onto my septum (the cartilage between the nostrils). Producing a large gauge needle, she made quick work of piercing.

She cleaned the wound very carefully. Reaching onto the tray, she pulled out a small diameter, but large gauge stainless steel ring. Slowly removing the needle, she filled the new hole with the ring. Damn it was painful; tears were flowing down my cheek.

'What about my tits', I thought.

Almost as if reading my mind, she reached over and removed the rings from each of my nipples. "You won't be needing these anymore," she said, "the holes will heal in about a month's time."

She had to be thinking about giving me the monthly shot, my tits were becoming much too large.

"I'll save the ordeal of another shot this month," she said, "I'd like to see how they'll look next month, besides, by then you'll be milking like a cow."

Milking? How could I be milking?

"The injections you've been given over the past months has, as you've seen, caused your tits to engorge more and more each month. While the regular injections do stop the growth process, they also have a cumulative effect of causing an unusual growth inside them. They will now produce what could be called milk, but in fact it's a very powerful aphrodisiac. It works on both men and women, causing a temporary massive erection in men and a near insatiable level of horniness in women. Let me show you."

She reached over to the tray and pulled out a breast pump (like the ones used on breast-feeding mothers). Applying it to my right breast, she pumped very quickly. With a dozen pumps, my engorged nipples were sucked into the pump. After several more pumps, a cream coloured liquid was drawn into the glass container attached to the pump. She repeated the exercise on the left tit.

She'd pumped several millilitres of this liquid. Removing the container from the pump, she reached over to my open mouth and poured into in (sweet and not too bad tasting), I swallowed as best I could.

"I know that you haven't had an erection in more than a year, with your pathetic cock imprisoned in that chastity belt. Once this miracle substance takes effect, you'll feel like you'd fuck anything, even though there's no place for your cock to get hard. You will be in total agony till the aphrodisiac wears off. But this should help keep your mind focused for a while."

She produced two nipple clamps and unceremoniously tightened them to my nipples. She closed the lights to her "laboratory" and left.

I waited in silence. My nose was hurting and felt a strange sensation around my nipples, where the rings once were, and where the clamps were now applied. Despite this, I wanted to get my mind off everything and tried to sleep.

I did dose off a bit, but was awakened by a sharp pain at my crotch. My cock was trying desperately to get hard, but the curved and short tube from the belt prevented any such action. I wanted some relief; I wanted to get my cock into something soft, hard, hot, cold, whatever it took to ease the pressure.

Minutes turned into hours as my cock tried desperately to escape its metal prison. The fact that I was tied down so tightly prevented any movement at all, I had to suffer in silence.

In the morning, the "bitch" returned. Almost just as quickly as she'd applied them the night before, she removed the nipple clamps. The pain in my nipple was excruciating, as the blood flowed back into my once ringed nipples.

"I'm sure you had a little trouble sleeping," she said, playing with the ring in my nose, "probably trying to make yourself cum, well this chastity belt of yours performs exactly as intended, so just as frustrated as when you started your decent into this hell you all call a life."

I couldn't tell how long the effects of the aphrodisiac had lasted, but it must have been a couple of hours. Combined with the constant pressure from the nipple clamps and the pain from my new nose ring, it was in fact a very restless night.

Mistress Pane seemed to be getting bored with me. Sure she enjoyed watching me through my transformation, the monthly worker fuck-fest was a good source of revenue and the royalties from the Internet sale of the multiple videos she'd produced of my painful bondage and whipping sessions were increasing her coffers indeed. I think she wanted more.

When I was returned to the house on Sunday afternoon, properly crated as usual, I was put to work cleaning the house. The thick rubber maids outfit was getting tighter month by month. With my hips, ass and especially tits growing, all of my clothes clung to me like a second skin, but the maids outfit was particularly tight and hot. I had to wear the low-cut dress, of course to show off as much cleavage as possible, but I also had to wear the rubber gloves, hood and stockings; you'd think I'd loose weight from all of the work and sweating. They'd even started calling me 'the fat bitch'.

Six months had passed since I'd been milked for the first time. I'd been fed my own aphrodisiac milk on a regular basis, causing me no end of pain behind the metal prison of my chastity belt. At work I'd become less of an assistant and more of a full-time whore, as more and more men and women took advantage of me and my unique elixir. Men would fuck my ass or force me to suck them for hours at a time, while the effect of the aphrodisiac, they'd sucked on from my engorged tits, kept them horny and hard.

My tits now stood out at a full double-E. My waist was kept very trim with or without the corset (though the corset was kept on most of the time). My hips and ass had been left to grow considerably, giving me an exaggerated hourglass figure. The labels "fat slut" or "fat cunt" was becoming more and more fitting.

The ring in my nose had been replace by a solid and soldered permanent ring. It had been used on many occasions to tether me or, worse, locked on to a clit ring. I had spent a half-day locked onto Maria clit ring, while she was being "rewarded for good behaviour".

Maria had been kept in her chastity belt continuously, while Mistress Pane occasionally fed her some of my milk. The belt prevented her from getting off and kept her fully frustrated. After several months of continued use, Maria was aching for some relief and had gone to great length to satisfy Mistress Pane, hence the reward she was finally given. I'm not sure 'reward' is the right word, because her ordeal must have been both pleasurable and very painful.

One Saturday afternoon, Maria was strung up by her wrists, her legs shackled wide apart. I had been placed into a very tight leather straight-jacket, my ballet-booted legs tight together, ankles to thighs. Pushed just under Maria widely spread legs, my nose-ring was locked onto her, such that my tongue could easily reach her exposed clit.

Both Maria and I were fed my own "milk". After a while, the pain in my crotch became unbearable, while Maria's thrusting told me that she was experiencing the same effect from the aphrodisiac.

"Start licking, slut," said Mistress Pane. "Meanwhile I'll warm up my whip on her ass."

I began lick feverously, the aphrodisiac was having the desired effect on me: it did increase my horniness, but also increased my frustration. After only a few minutes, Maria said: "Please Mistress Pane, I beg you to please let me cum."

"No, not yet," answered Mistress Pane, "I'm only up to seventeen and you should get at least twenty-five first, but I want the fat slut to keep licking and sucking."

I, of course, complied, licking even more and faster (something about poetic justice, as I thought of all the times Maria had been less than kind to me in the past year.

Four strokes from the whip later, Maria screamed her first of many orgasms of the day.

"You cunt," said Mistress Pane, "I said you'd have to wait to twenty-five. Now I'm going to keep at it till you beg to come again." I could feel Maria shaking, both from the orgasm and from the pain she was surely experiencing from the whip.

The whip slowed, but continued. I was told to stop licking. I knew that Mistress Pane could see every I was doing because of the camera, set-up on a tripod, and pointing up to provide a full view of Maria's cunt and my tongue.

Maria kept shaking and thrusting; the aphrodisiac was having a sustained effect, yet she was given more of the milk they'd pumped out of my tits earlier.

Maria begged again and was allowed to cum, and again she begged, the whipping continuing, and again she climaxed.

After about an hour of this, Maria's hot body was dripping from her multiple orgasms and sweat from the whippings. My nose ring was unlocked from her clit, then a penis gag with a large external cock attachment was fitted to me.

I was moved from the front to the back, the camera repositioned according. The cock protruding from my mouth was now going to be used to fuck Maria in the ass, while Mistress Pane would whip Maria tits and clit. I didn't think that Maria could cum again, but the constant whipping to her cunt area seemed to get her going again, as she tried grinding her ass onto the rubber cock.

Five times in less than four hours, Maria was "forced" to orgasm. Just when she must have thought that she couldn't cum one more time, she was given another dose of the "milk" and was brought right to the brink of another body shacking orgasm, when I was quickly pulled away from her. Her hips humping thin air, there was no further contact with either my tongue or the dildo. Her frustration was visible.

Maria's frustration must have turned to rage as Mistress Pane re-applied the metal chastity belt, locking away any chance to reach another climax. She just hung there, her legs spread wide, her sex inaccessible. Mistress Pane did help to get her mind off the missed mind-blowing orgasm, as she clipped some clamps to Maria's tits. The clamps were attached to thin chain running up to a small pulley fixed into the ceiling and running to another similarly fixed pulley about a meter in front. The remaining chain tangled from the second pulley.

The straps holding my legs together were removed and I was pulled to my feet. Still teetering on the ballet boots, my arms held tightly against me my straight-jacket, I was brought in front of Maria to where the remaining chain was dangling. A blindfold was applied and two sturdy chains were attached to D-rings located either shoulder of the jacket, there use would become clearer.

There was just a little slack from the heavy chain, permitting only limited movement in any direction. The small chain, the other end firmly attached to Maria's tits, was then pulled tight and attached to my nose ring, causing me to lift my head.

Maria's scream, as I teetered a bit from the unsteadiness of the ballet boots, told me she'd be left ungagged. Any movement from my part, translated into the stretching of her tits and pulling on my nose. I would be teetering for quite a while, the silence interspersed by Maria cries if I moved too much. The heavy chains attached to my jacket, prevented any chance of causing permanent damage to my nose or her tits, but enough room to cause a lot of pain.

After some time, we were un-tethered. I don't know what was done with Maria, but I was simply left in my straight-jacket overnight, my feet and legs securely bound together, the nose-ring locked onto something close to the floor. It was a relatively quiet night, as I was not subject to any further attention and actually fell asleep, despite the occasional cramp in my arms.

It's now been four years since I arrived in Africa. I haven't heard from Maria in over a year, ever since I was moved out of my house and installed into a small shack close to the oil pipeline. I wear a stainless-steel collar along with wrist and ankle cuffs, all welded in place. The monthly injections stopped just before being expelled from the house, the growth in my tits, ass and hips had stopped and had now become permanent.

There was no further use for the chastity belt; it was removed nine months ago in a ceremony that I could only categorize as barbaric, though locally thought to be ritualistic, any vestige of manhood was taken away. After being given a very powerful tranquilliser, I was firmly strapped down to a makeshift operating table. With my legs held wide apart, the local medicine man removed my testicles and, with near-surgical precision, cut off my cock, leaving less than a centimetre of a now totally deadened piss-hole. I felt absolutely nothing during the procedure, and unfortunately I'd never feel anything from that area again, having to squat to piss. A large metal ring was pierced through the piss-hole, providing an additional tethering point.

The corset was removed along with my manhood, it would never to be worn or needed again. Without the corset and with the type and quantity of food left in my eating bowl, I had now gained about forty kilos (close to a hundred pounds). My lips had been left to grow somewhat, before an antidote was applied, so they were now very full and thick.

I now spend most of my evenings either sucking some slob's cock or getting fucked in my now fat ass. My teeth had been taken away when I arrived, as they didn't want to take any chance, so combined with my full lips, I provide a much sought after service. Thankfully my tits are milked regularly by the persistent stream of workers coming to the shack for some entertainment which, of course, keeps them hot, horny and hard for longer periods of time. A chain is locked onto my neck collar and attached to a stake in the middle of the shack, allowing me enough room to move around, use the shower and toilet. I take twenty or more showers a day, as I must be kept clean at all times and devoid of any body hair.

The local chief has offered my services to one of his son's who uses me in the field to pull his plough every morning (he has a very large plantation). To work, I am fitted with a full leather suit that covers me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. The suit laces up on the sides all the way, pulling in the rolls of fat. The son has two employees who take about an hour in the morning to lace me up. The suit has a very large built-in butt plug that extends on the outside to what would resemble a tail. There are only three holes in the body portion of the suit, one for each breast and one for my piss-hole. My tits are compressed within a reinforced leather breast plate with two holes allowing some flesh and the nipples to protrude. Nipple clamps are then applied along with annoying bells that jingle with very step. The feet portion of the suit are shaped like very wide hooves, thereby keeping me steady as I walk through the fields. A head harness covers the hood and has a wide bit gag and blinders.

The leather from the suit is very thick and is reinforced in key areas with D-rings to allow for the hooking-up of the plough, cart or other agricultural equipment as needed. As soon as the suit has been fully fitted, I'm already sweating, after a couple of hours the leather has clung to me like a second skin. By noon, when the sun becomes too hot for the workers, the inside of the suit is like a sauna.

In the afternoon, my keepers keep me outside to bake in the sun. Nude, except for the metal from the collar and cuffs, my collar is attached by a long chain to a stake in the ground. I am forced to walk and exercise, suffering frequent whippings if my pace slows. The constant sun has caused my skin to become very dark, even darker since the medicine man started applying a locally cultivated balm that allows the skin to darken, yet protects it from burning.

My very large tits, without the benefit of the injections or support from a bra, still do not hang (my breasts are very firm, though there is more fat than before, so they do sag a little); the outside of my right breast has been branded by the local chief to identify his property. He doesn't use me himself, not with seven beautiful wives, but I have become a good source of income for the village.

The aphrodisiac from my "breast-milk" has also proven to be an excellent source of income. Monthly I am strapped to a special milking device; my breasts are clamped into a vice-like mechanism and my wrists are attached to widely spread hooks. My ankles are then pulled wide apart, to a point where my feet do not touch the ground, leaving me to hang by the tits and wrists. Specially designed cups are put onto each breast and the "milk" is pumped from them. Just to spur me on, I am whipped by the villagers until they're satisfied that they've pumped as much as they could; each millilitre of the "special milk" is a source of very high margin.

I hope that this letter finds its way to the world that I once knew. I am not looking to be saved or rescued, because while I am kept bound or tethered to this place, the shackles are not really needed, as there's no other place or purpose for me.