Wicked Spin

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A tale out of Africa

Chapter 6

The voice returned, this time from further away. "Open you eyes, slut, we've got something to show you."

A sliver of light had turned to colour; a blue, subdued light, came into focus.

"Watch the screen, slut, you're going to love this", said the voice.

The blue screen turned to colour, turned to a familiar image of Maria being fucked in the ass, while bent over, her neck, wrists and booted ankles firmly secured in stocks. Another young, black stud was pumping in and out of her mouth, while one semi naked girl used a small whip on Maria's tits.

The image was from my recordings; that night, at least I'm sure for Maria, remained very memorable.

"So this is how you were going to corrupt our young boys and girls. Did they all say that they were over age, or did you just take their word for it?

"Let me let you in on a little secret, " continued the voice, "not only have we secured this recording but", as the image changed to the events after the party and the awards, "we've made our own version, showing you clearly organizing and orchestrating this whole thing. We have you from your first 'open and confidential' discussions with your house maid, to your applying the chastity belt to your wife."

'How was I going to talk my way out of this', I thought. My mind sending the right signals, but my mouth remained totally unresponsive.

"We have secured all of your 'home movies' and put together quite a film festival", she continued, as I watched the Maria's fuck-session unfold. "These recordings along with sworn statements from the twelve girls and boys, would be enough to have you put away for a very long time, in just about any country, but here, I think that the courts would go out of their way to make sure that every day of incarceration would be a living hell."

I could barely swallow, as my heart was in my throat.

"When you first began your voyage into moral corruption, you talked about giving the people a chance to exact revenge for the centuries of abuse by colonialists and enslavers. From this day forward, you will realize, as they say, that revenge is indeed ours."

I had money, if only I could talk, I'd try to bargain my way out of this.

"We have decided that both you and your whore of a wife would suffer the wrath of the very people your kind have exploited, even up to today. While her enslavement will continue, she will not suffer anywhere near what you will live through every single minute of the rest of your miserable life.

"To begin with, we have removed every single hair on your body. If you could feel anything, you notice a cool breeze over your skin from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

"If you could move your tongue, you'd notice the complete absence of teeth. These have been surgically removed, while a full mouth cast will enable us to prepare suitable dental replacements. We have unique plans for that mouth of yours."

She was right, I couldn't move my tongue, nor feel the inside of my mouth at all. She continued.

"As far as your continued employment is concerned, don't worry, we've taken care of that. Your employer has been advised that due to an abnormal stress disorder, you are to be on a two months leave of absence, which has been dutifully certified by our own, 'eminently qualified', medical practitioners. During that that time, you will begin your journey into hell."

They were thinking of everything, I would hardly be missed. My mind went fuzzy, as I drifted away again.

I seem to remember dreaming, images of Maria being fuck in the ass and sucking numerous dicks, while her tits jingled with every swing of the small whip against her breasts.

"Welcome back, slut," said the voice, now seemingly closer, almost as if in my head. "I know that you can hear me, and hear me very well. You are now the proud owner of a pair of specially designed hearing aids, which will allow to hear only what we wish you to hear."

Ding, ding. Ding, ding. The sound of metal against metal. Then it stopped.

"You heard the bell, then nothing, right?" It was rhetorical, as I still couldn't utter a word. "You see, we can turn off the device, leaving you to absorb your surroundings. We can apply 'white noise', thereby masking out all sounds, or we can communicate directly into your inner ear, like this."

No wonder it felt as if she was in my head.

"The device has a range of several kilometres, so that we can reach whenever we want. It also has a safety feature, so that should you ever attempt to get out of range, like escaping or attempting to remove it, it would automatically send a high-pitched sound, totally incapacitating you. Only our specialists can safely remove it, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. Now open your eyes", said the voice.

I found it easier to open them this time; I was in a familiar place, the maid's quarters. I could now move my tongue, though very little, as a large round object filled my mouth completely.

"Don't get too excited", said the voice, deep inside my head. "We have injected you with the antidote, so that you will slowly start coming around. You have been fastened very tightly to avoid any sudden urges to break free, as we have lots more to do."

My eyes were adjusting to the light, as I stared at the ceiling, in shock. The image on the ceiling was in fact a reflection of a tightly bound form, tied spread-eagle on a double-sized bed. The bottom portion of my face was hidden behind a leather gag, which I now understood, as I moved my tongue around, was designed to hold in a rubber cock.

"How do you like sucking, slut, " said the voice, "with the special dental prosthetic, your mouth now has a unique and special purpose: sucking cocks, without any chance of causing any damage.

"You'll notice that we have taken care of your nipples, so that when we remove the special metal retainer, they'll stick out by two centimetres (a half inch), and leave plenty of space for the rings that'll be affixed."

My tits were still numb from the drug, but somehow I didn't think it would be very comfortable, once the drugs wore off.

From just below my distended tits to my hips, I was covered in what looked like a heavily boned rubber corset. I couldn't feel the effect of the constriction, but my breathing was rather shallow. What I couldn't quite figure out was how they had managed to reduce my waist so much, That wasn't the end of it.

"How do you like you're new chastity belt, whore?" I heard the voice say. "As you can see we've had it specially made to fit your considerably reduced waist, with a tube designed to fit quite snugly around your pathetic looking cock. As for the butt-plug, you'll start feeling the effect of that shortly.

"By the way, thanks to modern medicine, liposuction and such, we've managed to trim 15 cm (about 6 inches) off your waist, and that's before the corset took off another five centimetres (two inches)."

I was stretched out on the bed, and was beginning to feel what they had done to me, as the antidote kicked in. Of course I couldn't have felt my cock anyway, but my asshole was beginning to feel rather painful. As I scanned down my hairless thighs and lower legs, I now understood why my feet were hurting; they had been placed inside the kind of ballet-style boots I had used on Maria for the past month.

"In about an hour, the drugs will have worn-off completely, " said the voice, "and you'll feel every modification we've done to you in the past few days. We want you to be fully alert and very sensitive, when we start the next phase."

'What next phase. What more could they do?' I thought, my eyes pleading for some kind of relief. I waited, as if I had any choice.

After what seemed like an eternity, my hearing totally blocked by the white noise she'd promised, the door to the room opened. It was Pane. Not the Pane I remembered, but a mean looking, leather clad, whip carrying, bitch. Behind her, dragged on from a leash, was my Maria. Still wearing the corset and chastity belt, she crawled on all fours, anxiously following her Mistress like a dog.

"You remember Mistress Pane, of course, " the voice in my head replacing the white noise. "Mistress Pane has offered to train both of you, but she says that she's particularly interested in providing you the guidance and instruction required.

"How do you like your new role, slut ", said Pane, approaching the bed. "You remember your whore of a wife, don't you?" she said, pointing down at Maria. Well over the past few days we've adjusted her training somewhat. She's been elevated to the position of personal pet, and as such is several levels above you. She even gets rewards for good deeds, while you, on the other hand, as the lowest possible life form, will never see any rewards and will be punished constantly. In fact, 'pet' here will gladly help in your ongoing punishment and humiliation."

I couldn't believe that, she adored me.

"She's seen the picture of your 'indiscretions', we've shown her copies of your 'private internet chats' with countless women, and if that wasn't enough, we showed her how you pilfered her bank accounts, for your own personal gains. Believe me, she's just ripping to tare into you, you worthless piece of shit."

This wasn't the Pane I remembered, nor the Maria I thought I could count on to save from this inferno. My tits were beginning to hurt, while the plug up my ass was filling me up.

"You've probably been too busy to notice the other small modification we've made," said my 'inner voice'. "If you look closely on either side of the belt's vertical cover, though it'll be difficult for you to see very well, we've left you with a permanent reminder of your status."

I looked more closely at the area just below the corset, the exposed skin on either side of the cock cover. My heart sank, as I made out what had been clearly tattooed.

"On the one side," said the voice, " the word SLUT and, though a little harder for you to see in the ceiling mirror, on the other side: 'Property of Mistress Pane'."

I was hoping they'd just used felt markers, but the burning sensation around that area confirmed otherwise. Public showers were definitely a thing of the past.

"And, while you can't see it, " she continued, "we've similarly tattooed you ass with two more bold statements: FUCK ME and WHIP ME. Those are far less discreet, they'll be seen from several meters away, and clearly an open invitation to one and all."

They had caused irreparable damage. What was I supposed to do? I wouldn't be able to show up in public again, I thought.

With a yank on the leash, Pane told Maria to get me ready. She got up, approached the bed, her eyes searing with hatred.

She unfastened my right hand from the top of the bed and attached it to a ring on the chastity belt. She did the same with the left one. She then unfastened my left ankle from the chain bolted to the bed frame, then, using a short chain, linked my left ankle to the right one. Only then did she unfasten my right ankle from the bed.

She then attached a leash to a stiff collar around my neck and pulled me to stand precariously on the ballet boots. I kept leaning against the bad, preventing from falling flat on my face. With a little prompting and support, I was pulled over to the stocks, where Maria had spent countless hours over the past thirty days.

Bending me over the horizontal bar, she place my head in the centre receptacle, then one at a time, placed my wrists, before lowering the locking top portion. My ankles were separated and inserted into widely spaced stock as well.

Pane said, "'pet' here, is going to warm your ass up real nice for all of us to see. She's committed to giving back to you what she experienced during the last month."

Smack. It started, without warning. Smack again. Pane had said that fifty was a good number to start with. Smack.

I could only grunt through the thick rubber cock gag, while tears rolled down my cheeks. My ass was burning, as if someone was holding a blowtorch to it.

"We'll continue this later, " said Pane, finally, then the white noise filled my head.

Much later (I'd lost track of time, so I didn't know what time of day it was or in fact what day), the voice inside my head woke me up from a daze.

"Wake-up, slut. Are you hungry? You must be, you've been on intravenous for the past several days, so we though we'd get you some real nourishment."

From the corner of my eye, I saw a form approach. Pane was holding a thick rubber hood, similar to the one I'd used on Maria during her wild evening with the football team. While she was unbuckling the gag, the voice said: "if you say one word, or make one sound, we will castrate you here and now. Is that understood?" I nodded in the affirmative.

As the cock gag was removed, my tongue rolled around my mouth, trying to feel where my teeth used to be. What I felt instead was thick, padded rubber affixed to my gums. I now understood the fiendishness of the prosthetic: it kept my mouth open, while allowing for the entry of 'foreign objects'. Essentially, if I could have seen it, it probably would have looked like the inside of a cunt.

The rubber hood was unceremoniously applied to my head, followed by the leather contraption I'd applied to Maria: the handles. My face was to become a fuck hole.

I could barely see through the bug like eye covers, and a few minutes later, I could detect the unmistakable smell, as a large, hairy black cock approached.

"This man is one of the pipeline workers", said the voice. "He's been working on the project for the past month with very little 'entertainment', in fact being treated as if he was slave labour."

I couldn't imagine how I was going to get though this. Sucking cock was not one of my fantasies.

"He's brought twenty seven of his buddies with him, all of who have been kept similarly busy over the last several weeks, working at less than minimum wage and in bad conditions. We told them that they'd get paid to fuck your pathetic mouth, fifty bucks for each load they pump down your throat, so you see they're quite horny and quite eager. Don't worry this is coming out of your wallet, so in fact you're paying to have yourself filled with these men's cum."

No warning, just a deep thrust inside my mouth, his sweaty hands gripping the handles located on both sides of my head. Pumping furiously. He obviously wasn't going for quality, because his goal was to do this as many time as he could.

I don't know how many times the first one took or how many times he pumped in and out, but the salty taste of his cum almost made me gag. When he was spent, he was quickly replaced by the next worker. Pumping, swallowing, pumping.

"Twenty-nine hundred dollars, I'm sure you won't miss it. These boys must have dumped quite a load down your throat. Fifty-eight times they pumped and came. You must be full, now", said the voice, as the cock gag was strapped back in. "We promised them that they could do it again next month and offered a reward of a hundred dollars for each other 'guest' they brought to the party. For the sake of efficiency, we told them that we'd make two holes available to them next time."

I was indeed full. Fifty-eight cocks had dumped their jism into me. Fifty-eight, this time, how many more could I take? And, were they referring to my ass as the 'second hole'?