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A Woman's revenge

Chapter 4

Our Saturday began with all of us gathered around the kitchen table for breakfast. The women were still in their nightgowns and I was in nothing more than a pink baby doll top and four wet diapers encased in a pair of pink plastic panties. Elizabeth securely fastened me into my over-sized High Chair and then tied a vinyl baby's bib around my neck. "Is my Baby Girl Hungry this morning?" Elizabeth cooed. "Yeth Auntie, Baby's tummy hungwy" came my infantile reply. Juanita began to laugh at my baby words and teasingly said, "Oh look at little Samantha talking like a Big Baby Girl." "No! Me no baby!" I snapped. "Well you could have fooled us sitting there in wet baby diapers and talking the way you do." added Veronica. Knowing all too well that her hypnotic suggestions were mainly to blame for my new vocabulary. Elizabeth quickly slapped my hand and scolded, "Listen to me Sissy! I never want to hear you deny that you are a baby to anyone ever again. If you do, you will spend an entire day in the Dungeon being punished. Do you understand?" Lowering my head in submission and fear of being punished I answered in a whimpering voice. "Yeth Auntie, Me is a Baby." "And what kind of Baby are You?" asked Elizabeth. "Me is a Wittle Baby Girl." was my humiliating confession. "That's right! A Little Baby Girl is what you are, and is what you will always be." confirmed Elizabeth. The women then all began to laugh at me as they noticed my bottom lip begin to protrude like a little baby who was about to cry. "Don't cry little Baby, We will feed you some breakfast now." Juanita said soothingly. While the women were enjoying an appetizing breakfast, Elizabeth and Juanita took turns spoon feeding me a warm bowl of oatmeal. Occasionally one of them would give me a warm bottle of milk to help wash down my pasty meal. As I was concentrating on keeping my food in my mouth, I slightly overheard Veronica whispering to Elizabeth. She mentioned something about me needing another month or two of training to make my regression permanent. Even though I knew that I would never escape my new lifestyle, overhearing Veronica's words seemed to seal my fate forever. It was apparent that I was going spend the rest of my life in diapers and dressed as a baby girl. Maybe I could get use to it someday as long as my new lifestyle was confined to Elizabeth's house and just between these three women. My thoughts were quickly interrupted as Juanita shoveled another spoon full of oatmeal into my mouth. Suddenly Juanita turned her attention to her friends and with a big smile She exclaimed. "Hey Girls! We don't have any photographs of our Baby Samantha." Simultaneously Elizabeth and Veronica's faces both lit up with overwhelming smiles. "What a wonderful idea! said Elizabeth. After breakfast, I will get my camera so we can take all kinds of humiliating pictures of Baby Samantha." Veronica then quickly added, "That reminds me, I have a video camera outside in my car. We can make home movies of our Little Miss Potty Pants here." I didn't think it was possible to feel any more humiliation than I had up to now, but I did. Something about having pictures of me dressed in diapers seemed very disturbing to me. But I knew there was nothing I could do to stop these women, for I was totally powerless and at their mercy. Breakfast was soon over, and I was released from my High Chair and made to crawl to the Nursery bathroom for my morning bath. Elizabeth followed me into the bathroom while Juanita and Veronica stayed behind to clear the breakfast dishes. As Elizabeth ran my bath water, She seductively removed her nightgown only to reveal her blue satin panties and beautiful firm breast. Kneeling next to me and laying me down on my back, she began to undress me. Once my wet diapers, bib and baby doll top were removed, I was assisted by her into the warm sudsy bath water. Elizabeth gently began washing my body, as my eyes became fixed upon her beautiful breast. Not knowing for sure if what I desired was sexual or just the instinctive need for a baby to suckle. All I knew is that I wanted her teat between my lips in the worst way. Noticing my stares, Elizabeth pulled my head towards her chest and offered my hungry mouth one of her erect nipples. Eagerly I took her into my mouth, closed my eyes and began suckling like a three week old baby. Again being somewhat confused as I was feeling slightly aroused and yet at the same time like this was a means for a meal. Little time had past when my so called feeding was interrupted by giggles coming from within the bathroom. When I opened my eyes I saw Veronica standing before me with her video camera. "Smile for the camera Crinkle Pants. We want everyone to see just how much of a baby you've become." laughed Veronica as she continued video taping me. Releasing Elizabeth's nipple from my mouth, I immediately lowered my head in shame. "Don't be shy Sissy Baby. You were just doing what comes natural with all babies." cooed Elizabeth. Then helping me out of the bathtub, Elizabeth dried my body while Veronica continued to video tape my infantile treatment. From the bathtub to my diapering on the Changing Table, Veronica was right there recording every humiliating event. Later that morning, after the women had showered and dressed, I was brought from my Crib to the living room for more pictures. The women delighted in dressing me in all kinds of baby outfits and having me pose while picture after picture was taken of me. I had even been photographed during a few of my wet and messy diaper changes. It wasn't until early that afternoon before Elizabeth finally announced that maybe they should save some of their film for the Party tomorrow night. "I sure hope we can get most of this film developed before Baby's Surprise Party." commented Juanita as she snapped another quick picture of me. "I don't think that will be a problem" said Veronica. "Besides, We will still have hours of video tape if nothing else." For the first time I began to develop a deep concern about this Surprise Party since it was first mentioned a week ago. I wondered why the women never seemed to offer me any details about this party. Only enough was ever mentioned in front of me to arouse my curiosity. And why would they call it a Surprise Party if I was aware of it? I could only imagine that it would be some sort of silly baby party for me. Elizabeth would probably decorate with a few balloons and then feed me some cake and ice cream. And after what happened today, I was sure that many more pictures would be taken.

Sunday began pretty much like any other day with one exception. After lunch and for the first time since my captivity, I was allowed outside in Elizabeth's backyard. Fortunately for me, her backyard was completely surrounded by a six foot wooden fence. It was seasonably warm for late October and Elizabeth thought it would be healthy for me to get some sun. She had dressed me in a frilly little pink dress that did not even attempt to cover my white ruffled plastic pants. To top it off, she had placed a pink bonnet upon my head and matching booties on my feet. How humiliated I felt dressed as I was in front of Elizabeth, Veronica and Juanita, but thankful that it was only them. With the help of Veronica and Juanita, I feebly wobbled to the center of the yard where Elizabeth had spread a large blanket for us to sit on. For the rest of the afternoon I was made to play with toys on the blanket while Veronica filmed me with her video recorder. At one point Elizabeth was feeding me a bottle while my head laid upon her lap. Suddenly, Elizabeth said something strange that caught me by surprise. While feeding me the bottle, she turned to Juanita and said, "Would you finish feeding Baby Samantha for me? I haven't gone pee since before breakfast and need to go pretty bad." Juanita gladly took the baby bottle and continued my feeding while Elizabeth went into her house to use the bathroom. My thoughts flashed back to the night I watched a tearful Elizabeth in the Night Club parking lot tell me that she had to wear diapers because of a bladder problem. The more thought I gave it, the more I realized that not once since my captivity have I seen her in a diaper. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but something didn't seem to make sense. It was now getting pretty late in the afternoon and time for our dinner. I was fed a few jars of baby food, and was then taken back to my bathroom by Juanita for yet another bath. Two baths in one day seemed a bit unusual I thought, but once I was placed in my bathtub, I never gave it a second thought. "We are going to make Baby Samantha look real pretty tonight." Juanita teased as she gently washed my body. "Can you say Baby Samantha is a Pretty Girl for me?" I could feel the Humiliation overcome me when I heard Juanita's request. Knowing that any lack of cooperation on my part could lead to severe punishment so I sheepishly answered. "Baby Sammie Pwety Girl." Juanita then laughingly said, "That's right Crinkle Pants. Baby Samantha is a very Pretty Girl. And very soon you will become a very pretty Big Girl." As confused as I was with Juanita's last remark, I knew better than to ask in fear of being laughed at again because of my Infantile vocabulary. Soon I was dried and laying naked on my changing table as I watched Juanita fasten a large disposable diaper on me. Once the diaper was in place, I was taken to my crib and locked in. Juanita then gave me a quick pat on the front of my crinkly diaper and stuck a pacifier in my mouth before leaving the room. It was so unlike either of the women to leave me partially dressed in just a disposable diaper after dinner. Usually I was dressed in thick cloth diapers and plastic panties with a baby doll pajama top on. I must have laid there over an hour sucking on my pacifier, waiting for someone to come back and finish dressing me. I had even wet my disposable diapers twice and knew that it would not hold much more before leaking. Finally my Nursery door swung opened, and in walked all three women carrying what appeared to be ladies clothing. But even more noticeable was that all three were dressed extremely nice, as though they were going out for the evening. Then smiling down at me, Elizabeth said. "Auntie is so sorry Baby Girl for taking so long. We had to pack and load a big diaper bag into my van. And then we needed to get dressed up for your big night." My eyes widen when I realized that Elizabeth must have been referring to the so called Surprise Party. I was then caught off guard by the events that followed. Elizabeth released me from my crib and had me sit on my changing table rather than lay. Then Veronica and Juanita began applying women's makeup to my face, using everything from lipstick to mascara. They even painted my finger and toe nails with pink polish. While my face and nails were being made up, Elizabeth began brushing and styling the hair on my head. Which happened to be almost shoulder length and the only hair left on my body. Upon completion, the women stood back to admire their handiwork on me. "Not bad!" Elizabeth boasted. "Now for the final touches." Next Elizabeth produced a women's bra from the pile of clothes that they had brought with them. Quickly she slid my arms through the bra straps and tauntingly hooked it behind my back. I was then made to lay down as Veronica unfastened and removed my wet soggy diaper. Then with a big smile on her face, Juanita held up the white silk panties that she had found at my apartment last week. Teasingly she slid them up my legs until they were properly in place. I was so embarrassed laying there in nothing but a bra and panties, and knew I could do nothing to stop these Dominate Women. After slipping a pair of women's sandals on my feet I was brought back up to a sitting position. Elizabeth then put a white sheer sleeveless blouse on me which allowed my bra to be plainly visible. After helping me to my feet, Elizabeth then finished off my feminine outfit with a short loose fitting black skirt that came down to the middle of my thighs. "Oh Baby Samantha, You make a very pretty woman. Now come with me so we can show you what you look like." smiled Elizabeth. With Veronica and Juanita each holding onto one of my arms, I was led to a full length mirror in Elizabeth's bedroom. As I stared at my reflection in the mirror, I was shocked and speechless over my feminine appearance. "So tell us what you think Baby Samantha!" ordered Elizabeth. "Me is a pwerty girl." I humbly announced. Just then Veronica raised my black skirt to reveal the reflection of my white panties in the mirror. "Look at Sissy Samantha in her pretty panties." taunted Veronica. All I could do was lower my head and try to accept her humiliating remarks. Then Elizabeth abruptly announced. "We better go now girls! We don't know how long Baby Samantha can go without wetting or messing in her panties." I then had a blindfold carefully placed over my eyes so that I could not even distinguish light from darkness. Veronica and Juanita then led from Elizabeth's bedroom to what I presumed would be another room within the house. Suddenly I heard a door open and fresh cool air began to brush up against my skin. I began to whimper when I realized that I was being led outside by my captors. Not knowing if I was in the front or the back yard, my whimpers became louder. It was one thing being humiliated by these three women inside Elizabeth's house. But there was no way I wanted to take the chance of being seen dressed like this by anyone else. My question was soon answered as I heard the door of Elizabeth's van open. "No Auntie, Baby no wanna go bye bye!" came my fearful infantile plea. Then swiftly I felt the back of my skirt go up and three hard swats came stinging across my panty covered bottom. "You will behave and get into this van before I drag you back to the Dungeon and give you a spanking you will never forget." scolded Elizabeth. Fearing the Dungeon and Elizabeth's wrath more than being outside, I became very docile and allowed Veronica and Juanita to assist me into the back seat of the van. The two women sat on each side of me and continued holding onto my arms while Elizabeth started the van and drove off. With no one saying a word and me in darkness because of the blindfold, I had little else to do but think. I began to reflect on how I had been regressed to my present infantile condition. From being forced into diapers like a baby, to being dressed as a women. Then something about the clothes I was wearing seemed to plague me. As humiliating as they were, it wasn't the panties as much as it was the skirt and blouse. Then suddenly it came to me as I remembered that Elizabeth had this same outfit. She had worn it on the night I played the practical joke on her at the Night Club. I knew that this was just another way to humiliate, and remind me of why I was at this point in my life. Our trip could not have lasted more than ten minutes before I felt the van come to a slow stop and the engine turned off. I then heard Elizabeth say. "Wait here girls, I will be back in just a few minutes. And make sure Sissy Pants keeps her blindfolded on. We don't want to ruin her big surprise." As Elizabeth left the van, I could hear giggles coming from Veronica and Juanita. "I bet Baby Samantha is going to have a good time tonight." teased Veronica as she slowly raise the front of my skirt. "Just look at those pretty silk panties she is wearing. Does Sissy Girl like wearing panties?" Veronica went on to ask. "You better answer her or you will get a spanking from us right here" scolded Juanita. With a shaky voice I responded. "Yeth, Sissy wikes wearing pretty panties." Then Veronica began running her fingers lightly over the front of my panties as she continued to say. "So tell me Sissy Baby Girl, which do you like better? Your Panties, or your Diapers?" Before I could utter an answer, Elizabeth had returned to the van and announced. "Okay everyone. It's Party Time!" My door was quickly opened and I slowly got out with the help of Veronica and Juanita. Even with the two women at my sides, I was having trouble walking with my legs being so weak and unstable. "Come on Baby, just a few more steps to go." Juanita said with encouragement. Distinctively I then heard a door open and knew that we were leaving the outdoors and entering into a building. Once we had walked into the structure, I could hear the door slam shut behind me. Immediately my sense of smell and hearing became intense. I could hear the faint sounds of giggling coming from a distance, and the odor in the room seemed very familiar. Then placing her hand on my blindfold, I heard Elizabeth begin to count loudly. "One! Two! Three!" Then quickly she pulled my blindfold off as I heard many voices yell. "SURPRISE!" I was so mortified that I actually began wetting my panties when I realized that I was once again standing inside the Night Club. There must have been fifteen to twenty women standing in front of me all applauding and laughing hysterically at me. I immediately recognized many of the women as regulars of the Club and close friends of Elizabeth's. Some of which I have even dated and had been intimate with in the past. Then glancing up I saw a large banner hanging from the ceiling that read, Welcome Baby Girl Samantha. After the laughter and applause had calmed down, Elizabeth took me by the arm and led me slowly to the dance floor. Veronica and Juanita followed carrying a very large and apparently heavy diaper bag. As we stood in the center of the dance floor with everyone in the Club gathered around, Elizabeth began to make an announcement. "Ladies! I give you Sissy Baby Girl Samantha!" Once again the room filled with laughter and applause while Elizabeth tried to continued her speech. "As you can see, Our Pretty Little Girl here is nothing more than a panty wetting baby." Then slowly raising the front of my skirt she continued, "Just look at her wet silky panties. I think she needs to be put back into diapers. And here tonight to do the honors is a special guest." Just then, from out of the crowd approached my ex-wife Jo Anne. I was so shocked and humiliated that I actually began to cry. "Oh, look at the big baby crying" Jo Anne said sarcastically. Then looking under my skirt and grabbing the waist band of my wet panties she went on to say. "These were my favorite panties. I knew you were secretly wearing them while we were married. I guess I was right all along, you are a Sissy and have a panty fetish. Then with the help of Veronica and Juanita, I was led to a large padded table next to the dance floor and laid upon it. Everyone in the place gathered around and cheered as Jo Anne began removing most of my feminine clothing until I was left in just my bra and panties. "I warned you Sam that someday I would get even with you." Jo Anne said while glaring at me. Then she continued by removing my bra and panties and proceeded to diaper me in front of everyone. Tears ran down my face as she finished dressing me in a short baby doll dress, bonnet, booties, and a pair of pink ruffled plastic panties. Then to further my humiliation, Jane the bartender appeared from the crowd and placed a baby bottle into my mouth and said. "Hi Sweetie! You sure look adorable in your baby clothes. Do you remember this baby bottle? It's the same one you had me fill with beer for Elizabeth over three months ago. Isn't is ironic how it was really meant for you?" Then I was passed around to the room full of women where I was bottle fed, had my diapers changed several times, and generally treated like a two year old baby girl. I even suffered further humiliation as I watched Veronica and Juanita giving out photographs of me to all the women in the Club. I was also constantly and ruthlessly taunted and teased by everyone as I talked like a baby. After hours of torment, I was eventually placed in a large high chair at a table. Elizabeth, Jo Anne, Veronica, and Juanita were already sitting there and having a drink. Elizabeth then reached up and placed a pacifier in my mouth as her and the other women were deep in conversation. As I listened intently, I began to have many of my questions answered for me. I watched as Jo Anne handed Elizabeth an envelope full of money and said. "I told this Sissy that I would get even with him for cheating on me while we were married. You did a wonderful job on him Elizabeth. It was worth every penny." Then Elizabeth smilingly looked up at me in my high chair and said. "That's right Baby Samantha. This was Jo Anne's idea to have you reduced to a little baby. She hired me to do whatever necessary to regress and to humiliate you before the whole town. And yes! We even staged the night you thought you were playing that cruel practical joke on me. Almost everyone here that night was in on it with me. And just for the record, I really don't need or use diapers for a bladder problem. I knew how your mind worked and you responded exactly how I thought you would. Remember Baby, I have known you since High School and can read you like a book. The bottom line is Sissy Girl, you were set up." As the four women began to laugh, Elizabeth turned to Jo Anne and asked, "So what would you like us to do with her now?" Jo Anne quickly replied, "For all I care you can keep him and do whatever you'd like. He, or is it She, doesn't belong to me anymore. All I wanted was to know the sweet taste of revenge. Besides, I am leaving town in the morning to start a new life and job in California." "Great!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "The little Sissy has sort of grown on me and I would like to keep her around. In a month or two with Veronica's hypnosis skills, and some of our other techniques, Baby Samantha's regression will have become permanent." Then looking at Veronica and Juanita, Elizabeth asked, "So what do you say Girls? Do you want to keep Crinkle Pants here as our Baby Slave?" Both women broke out into laughter and whole heartily gave Elizabeth a definite Yes answer. "Fine!" responded Elizabeth, "Baby Samantha will be staying at my home permanently." Just then, Jo Anne pulled a small gift wrapped present from her purse and placed it on the tray of my high chair. "Well, go ahead and open it Sissy Pants." chided Jo Anne. With Elizabeth's help, the small present was finally opened. "Oh how adorable!" laughed Elizabeth, as she held up a pair of pink silk panties and matching bra. Jo Anne quickly added, "They're an old set of mine that I use to catch your Baby Samantha wearing on occasions when we were married. I thought you might want to dress her in them once in a while. Now if you Ladies will excuse me, I need to go home and finish packing for tomorrow's trip." As the women exchanged their farewells, I began to whimper once again knowing that Elizabeth had just found out for sure that I use to try on my ex-wife's underwear. After Jo Anne had left the party, Elizabeth looked at me and wickedly said. "So you use to secretly try on ladies underwear did you? Well you won't have to be sneaky about it in the future because we will see to it that you are dressed in panties a few times a week from now on." I once again lowered my head in shame and unknowingly began wetting my diapers. After another hour or so had passed it was time for the Party to end. I was made to sit in my high chair by the front door and say good bye to each of the ladies as they left the Club. After the last woman left, Jane walked up and gave me a big kiss on my cheek. "You make such a cute little baby. I would love to baby sit you sometime." Jane smilingly said. "That shouldn't be a problem." said Elizabeth. "In fact, we had offers of baby sitting from every woman here tonight." Then Elizabeth told me to thank Jane for closing her Club to the public tonight for my Special Surprise Party. "Tank-you Jane." I shyly said. Then once again I was helped into the van by Veronica and Juanita for our short ride home. I could hardly contain myself with the humiliation I endured tonight. I just imagined how everyone in town would soon know that I was now living a life as a diaper wearing baby girl. As we reached Elizabeth's house, I was escorted straight to my Nursery by Elizabeth, where I was changed into clean dry diapers and into my baby doll pajamas. As usual, Juanita followed behind Elizabeth and gave me my nightly diuretic injection to help me lose control of my bladder. I was then given a kiss good night by the two women and securely locked into my crib for the night. Then Veronica came in and sat next to my crib for another hypnosis session which furthered my regression even more. Over the next few weeks, Elizabeth allowed many of the women from my party, including Jane, to come to the house and baby sit me. By the end of November, I realized that I had far passed the point of no return in my transformation from adult to baby girl. With each passing day, I knew that any adult independence that I still may have had was slipping further and further away from me. Although I may have been an adult man on the inside, there were many times where my thoughts and feelings were as a real two year old baby. Eventually, Elizabeth had all of my body hair, with the exception of the top of my head, professionally and permanently removed. Even my characteristics and personality took on the appearance of a toddler. I had been sentenced to live a life as a baby girl by Elizabeth, and for no other reason than the satisfaction of a woman's revenge.

The End


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