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A Woman's revenge

Chapter 3

Crawling up the basement stairs and through the house to the Nursery was no easy task. My rectum was even more tender now from trying to hold the sizable Plug in as I crawled. The women taunted, teased, and swatted the back of my diaper the entire way. Juanita had even nick-named me Crinkle Pants because of the noisy sound my disposable diaper made as I crawled. Even though I was still under the influence of my initial drug, I was still experiencing extreme humiliation at my treatment. My anxiety grew as Elizabeth opened the door to the Nursery and led me in. My first instinct was to weep when I entered the room and saw what my future held for me. If it wasn't for the size of the furniture, I would have sworn that I was in an actual Baby's Nursery. The walls were painted a pastel yellow and decorated with Nursery Rhyme Characters. On one side of the room there was a large Locking Crib and Changing Table. On the other side I saw a large Play Pen filled with Stuffed toys and a enormous sized Dresser. I also caught a glimpse of the closet which seemed to have clothes hanging and what appeared to be boxes of disposable diapers inside. There was even a connecting bathroom to the Nursery with a bathtub and sink, but no Toilet. I was mortified at the thought that this was about to become my new life. I was a grown man who was about to be reduced to a diaper wearing baby. And I knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening. I just lowered my head in submission and tried to accept what was about to happen to me. Then unexpectedly, Elizabeth handed Veronica my leash and said, "Why don't you and Juanita take Baby Samantha into the bathroom for a nice warm bubble bath while I prepare a few things for her here in the Nursery." Veronica eagerly took the chain from Elizabeth and looked down at me saying. "Come with us Crinkle Pants. It's Bath Time!" Sheepishly I followed Veronica and Juanita on my hands and knees as they led me into the bathroom. Without any hesitation, Juanita rolled me over onto my back, pushed my legs up and began removing my disposable diaper. "Still Dry?" She questioned. "Well that will soon change once the Diuretic I gave you takes effect." Then reaching down, Juanita grabbed the end of the Plug that was still in my rectum and slowly pulled it out while Veronica removed my collar. Veronica began to giggle as she watched the Plug being removed by Juanita. "Don't worry Baby Samantha" said Veronica, "We will be putting another one up your little ass again real soon. And I am sure that the next one is going to be much larger. We want our little baby here to feel what it is like to be a woman." Then grasping my penis, Veronica added. "Won't little Crinkle Pants here look so sexy with her pee-pee covered in ladies panties? Oh don't worry baby, you will be kept in your diapers and plastic panties most of the time. After all, you soon won't have any control over your bodily functions and will be wetting and messing yourself all the time." Veronica's words must have caused a distressed look on my face as both women began to point and laugh hysterically at me. Releasing my penis, Veronica then began to run my bath water while Juanita added a feminine scented bubble bath. Within moments I was sitting in the bathtub as the two naked women began washing every inch of my hairless body. Juanita seemed to take extra time and care washing my penis. It was almost as if she were purposely trying to arouse me. Regrettably my bath was soon over and I was ordered to stand outside the bathtub so that I could be towel dried by the two women. As I stepped out of the bathtub, it became apparent to everyone that I had developed an erection. "Oh look!" laughed Juanita. "Our baby's pee-pee is standing up." Veronica quickly slapped my bottom and added. "Maybe Crinkle Pants here is excited about being put back into diapers and being regressed to a Wittle Baby Girl." Veronica's words quickly took my mind off my excitable bath and brought me back to reality. My stomach began to feel weak as I was just reminded of my upcoming fate. Once my body had been thoroughly dried, I was then commanded to crawl back into the Nursery while naked. As I reluctantly entered the Nursery, I saw Elizabeth standing naked next to the large changing table. "Here comes my clean sweet smelling Baby Girl. Is Baby ready for her fresh clean diapers?" Elizabeth asked with a wicked smile on her face. I just lowered my head in shame when suddenly Veronica brought a stinging slap with her hand across my bare bottom. "What's wrong Crinkle Pants? Didn't you hear your Auntie Elizabeth ask you a question?" scolded Veronica. Fearing another swat, I quickly looked at Elizabeth and answered "Yes, I'm ready." "That will not do!" yelled Elizabeth. "From now on, since you will be dressed like a baby, you will made to talk like one also. Do you understand?" chided Elizabeth. "Yeth Auntie Wizabef" came my submissive reply. Elizabeth went on to say, "If either of us ever catch you using grown up words again, you will be taken immediately to the Dungeon for another severe punishment session. Do I make myself clear Little Girl?" Nodding my head I swallowed the last bit of pride I had and answered. "Yeth Auntie, Pwease don't punish Baby Samantha no more." Then quickly Veronica and Juanita each grabbed one of my arms and helped me up onto the changing table. While laying on my back, Veronica and Juanita pushed my knees up to my chest and spread my legs while Elizabeth sprinkled Baby Powder all over my body. Elizabeth seemed to coo at me as she gently rubbed generous amounts of the sweet smelling powder between my legs and cheeks. Then Veronica and Juanita pushed my legs upward bringing my bottom off the changing table while Elizabeth laid three thick cotton diapers under me. As I was laid back down onto the thick diapers, Veronica and Juanita once again positioned my legs wide apart. Elizabeth then brought the diapers up between my legs and began pinning me into them tightly. Next she produced a pair of Large Yellow plastic panties and slipped them up my legs and totally engulfing my diapers. "I'm sorry Baby Girl that we don't have pink plastic panties for you right now. But later this week we will have all kinds of baby girl things for you to wear. We want you dressed real pretty for your Surprise Party next week." said Elizabeth. My eyes looked at Elizabeth curiously as I noticed that she mentioned something about a Surprise Party again. Maybe it was nothing more than a little party for me in her Living Room. And the Three Women were just going to spoon feed me some cake and ice cream. Regardless, I didn't want to worry about some silly little Party. I was more concerned about the humiliation I was enduring by being dressed like a baby. I was then made to sit up on the table so that the women could put what looked like a baby T-Shirt over my head and onto my body. It was a very short white shirt with pictures of little teddy bears in diapers all over it. Next the women dressed me in matching yellow booties and bonnet. My captors seemed to be pleased with the transformation that I had just gone through as they all began to smile and tease me unmercifully. "Does my Wittle Baby Samantha want her Binky?" Elizabeth ask teasingly. Before I could utter a word, Elizabeth placed a large pacifier in my mouth and directed me to suck on it. Elizabeth went on to say, "Now Baby, we have another little item for you to wear." Just then Veronica and Juanita grabbed my hands and began placing them into a pair of locking Mittens. The mittens actually had locking wrist bands on them so that I could not remove them. "This is incase you become a naughty baby and try touching your pee-pee." laughed Veronica. Once the mittens were fastened, I was helped down off the table and made to crawl to my new crib. Once Elizabeth had lowered the side rail, she instructed me to crawl in and lay down like a good baby. Laying in the crib I watched as Elizabeth raised the side rail. Then unexpectedly she lifted another rail from the other side of the crib and locked it in place over the top of my crib. I had actually been locked in like a caged animal as my three naked captors stood around me and laughed. Then Elizabeth knelt down next to my crib and said. "We girls need to get ourselves dressed and prepare some lunch for our little Baby. We have a Big High Chair waiting just for you in the Kitchen. And feel free to wet your diapers whenever you need to Baby. One of us will always be glad to change you. But keep in mind, sooner or later you will have to make a messy diaper. When that happens, Veronica here is going to change you and afterwards place an even larger Plug up your little butt than before." Then with a stern look on her face, Veronica spoke up, "That's right Baby! I told you in the bathroom that you would soon have a much larger Plug up your cute little ass." Then reaching between the bars on my crib, Veronica gave the front of my diapers a firm squeeze. While still sucking on the pacifier, I watched as my three naked captors left my Nursery. I was so exhausted that I closed my eyes and began drifting off to sleep. Then suddenly I felt a cramping in my lower stomach, along with an extreme urge to pee. The urge to release my bladder and bowels became stronger and stronger by the minute. I knew that I had been given a strong diuretic by Juanita, but why did I have this sudden urge to release my bowels also. The more I tried to fight it, the more painful it became. Realizing that there was nothing I could do, I just accepted it and began to wet and mess my diapers. My humiliation became so intense just knowing that the women would eventually discover the mess I made in my diapers. I just could not understand the lack of control I had over my bowels. As I laid there in my mess, I began to worry about Veronica's threats with the larger Plug. I just could not imagine having anything larger up my rectum than I already had. Just then the Nursery door opened and in walked Elizabeth and Veronica wearing just their panties and carrying some items in their hands. "Oh My, It smells like someone had an accident in here." laughed Elizabeth. Veronica then quickly held up a Plug twice the size as the one before and announced. "It seems as though Baby Samantha needs to be changed and have a special Plug put up her to prevent these kinds of accidents." I almost swallowed my pacifier when I saw the size of the Plug that Veronica held. I began to whimper when She held the item over my crib as to taunt me with it. Then Elizabeth held out a jar of Suppositories over my crib and said. "I bet you wonder how we knew that you would be making a mess in your diapers so soon. Well Baby Girl, when you were in the Stock, I was pushing these up your ass with the other Plug. We knew that you couldn't hold out much longer before you would lose control. Now I will leave Veronica here to change you while I go back to the kitchen and finish helping Juanita make Lunch. I hope it won't be too uncomfortable for you to sit in your High Chair after Veronica finishes changing you." Elizabeth started laughing at me as she unlocked the top of my crib. Then placing her hand on the front of my diapers announced. "Oh, I see Little Miss Pissy Pants has also wet her diapers. Oh my, you are becoming a big baby aren't you?" Then wishing luck to Veronica, Elizabeth quickly left the room. I could tell by the look on Veronica's face that I was about to endure a great deal of humiliation as she lowered my crib rail. "Come Baby, get out of your crib and crawl over to the Changing Table. We need to get your dirty diapers changed before lunch." chided Veronica. I reluctantly did as I was told and soon found myself being strapped down on the Changing Table. Veronica expertly removed my soiled diapers and cleaned me thoroughly. As I laid naked on the changing table I began to tremble as I watched her cover the Larger Plug with Vaseline. Then with one arm she held my legs up over my head which left my bottom totally exposed. Slowly she began pushing the Larger Plug up my rectum while totally ignoring my screams of pain through my pacifier. Inch after inch was inserted in me until finally it was in as far as it could possibly go. As she slowly lowered my legs down, there were three clean diapers awaiting my bottom. I was quickly re-diapered and another pair of yellow plastic panties were pulled up my legs and over my thick diapers. Then sadistically Veronica asked. "How do you feel Miss Sissy Pants? Does Baby Girls Wittle Bum hurt with that big Plug in her?" Releasing me from the Changing Table, Veronica then had me crawl back to my crib where I was once again locked in. With nothing more than a wicked smile on her face, Veronica teasingly snapped the waist band of my plastic pants and abruptly left the Nursery. The strain of the Plug in my rectum was so intense as I laid in my crib. I felt as though my sphincter muscles were being stretched far beyond their limits. Then unconsciously and without any warning whatsoever I began to wet my diapers uncontrollably as though I were a baby. Realizing what I had done, I then knew that Elizabeth had beaten me. I was now well on my way in becoming the Baby Slave she had intended for me to be.

Over the next week, the results of my forced regression to a baby girl had became more evident. The Women had finally obtained many baby girl clothes for me to wear, including a large selection of pink and ruffled plastic panties. Elizabeth even had special little girl dresses and baby doll pajamas made up to fit me. The garments were so short that when I was dressed in them, a good portion of my diapers were still exposed. The women had even arranged their work schedules so that one of them would always be home to baby sit me. Unfortunately, their baby sitting skills consisted of breaking my will to resist them, and physically reducing me to babyhood by any means possible. It was not just one method of regression they used that was making my transformation successful, but a combination of many. I was repeatedly punished and raped in the Dungeon for the slightest infractions. My rectum had been stretched far beyond normal when the women ultimately began using extremely large battery operated anal devices on me. My facial and body hair was constantly being removed keeping my skin baby smooth. Elizabeth had even made good on her threats to destroy all of my self-confidence by means of humiliation, verbal abuse and spanking me into submission. Juanita was also very consistent in giving me my daily injections of drugs. Every night I was locked into my crib and given a diuretic injection. By morning I would be wet and then given another injection of the sedating drug. And most effectively seemed to be Veronica's use of her hypnotic skills on me daily just before my bed and nap time. By the next Saturday, which was the beginning of the eighth day since this whole ordeal began, I had undergone considerable changes. I no longer had any control of my sphincter muscles and had begun wetting and messing my diapers uncontrollably day and night. My superior strength was now that of a two year old toddler girl. I was able to crawl sufficiently, but wobbled like a baby if I tried to walk. And finally, every time I tried to speak, my words unconsciously came out in baby talk. Even though my mind was thinking adult words, my tongue only had the vocabulary of a two year old child. I found myself saying short phrases like, "Me want ba-ba" or "Me make potty in diapers." I was sure that my actions and speech were mainly brought about by Veronica's hypnotic suggestions. Not to dismiss the potency of the other harsh regression treatments I had received. I felt as though I were an adult man trapped in a baby's body My mind and emotions would think and feel as though I were an adult, but my speech and physical performance were that of a toddler. I was sure that this is what Elizabeth had intended for me. To be able to mentally perceive my surroundings as an adult and the emotions to feel the daily humiliation of my new infantile lifestyle. Not to rule out the lack of physical, verbal and because of drugs, the mental ability to do anything about it. I was now trapped in a lifestyle that appeared to have no means of escape.