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My Cousin Jack

My Cousin Jack - Part 4 - Awakenings

Jack was up on his hands and knees, waiting for me to give him his rinse enema. He had filled the bag really full this time. I looked over at it, and the jar of lubricant next to it and muttered to my self, "Here we go."

"Well Jack, it's now or never," I said, even louder, as I picked up the lubricant and took some on my index finger and approached his pucker.

"Just relax, and we will get this done," I added. rubbing some of the lubricant on his pucker, then pushing in with my finger. I could tell Jack was getting excited, and my boner was enjoying it as well. I rubbed for a few seconds, watching his boner wave in the breeze down between his legs, and listened as Jack emitted low moans.

"I need this NOW, Joe" hissed Jack, looking back toward me, with my finger still up his ass.

"OK Jack, here it comes," I answered, removing my finger and shoving the enema tube where the finger had been seconds earlier. It went in easily, even beyond as the red tubing went inside a few inches as well. Lifting the bag from the bed, I released the clamp, and the water started flowing. i went in quickly this time, with no obstructions to prevent it's travel up into Jack's colon.

"Oh, that feels so good," mumbled Jack, who grabbed his boner and began to run it slowly. "That feels so good, " he said again. I kept the water running and rubbed his backside slowly as the water raced in. It seemed like only second before the bag emptied, and I shit the clamp to remove the tube. Jack felt my hand on the tube.

"Push the tube in and out a bit, will you Joe. It feels so good in there."

"Sure Jack, whatever turns your bubble," I responded, then started to slowly move the tube back and forth as if it was fucking him in the ass. My own boner was at full staff as well. I almost hoped Jack would want to give me an enema next. Somehow, in the back of my mind, i knew this affair was far from over.

Suddenly, Jack turned his head toward me and said, "Joe, Take out the tube now," then added, "You remember how we played as kids, and you used to goose me?"

"Sure we were what, 11 or 12, and we both got in trouble for it when my mom found out. I remember that day too well. I got the whipping of my life, and an enema to clean me out. She was worried that I might get sick or something."

"Right," responded jack, "Then she called my mom, and I got the same treatment. The whipping came from my dad, but the enemas came from mom. She must have given me four or five over the next day."

"OK, so I'm taking the tube out now. What do you want he to do next?" Somehow, I knew what the answer would be.

Jack turned again, and answered, "Joe get those pants off and stick that huge dick of your up my ass. i really need it, right now. Will you do it?"

I took off my pants and shorts, grabbed some of the lubricant and rubbed it around my dick, and went over to the bed. Jack's pucker waited. I literally shoved that dick up his ass, and Jack screamed a bit, then moaned. "Oh, this feels good. Fuck me hard Joe."


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