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A young ladies unexpected exam

The follow-up

I woke up the next morning to Dr Chambers stroking my hair. “Yes dear you look well rested. Let’s go downstairs and check how you’re doing”. I didn’t want to but I knew there was no way I was getting out of anything doctor Chambers had planned for me this week.

I entered the exam room. This time there was a strong smell of rubber. I could see rubber hoses and bottles hanging up. Oh no this must be the enema I thought to myself. “Now you were a good girl yesterday, let’s not ruin it today” Dr Wilson said sternly having sensed my apprehension. “Slip that nightie off and hop up in the chair. Let’s have a check on your progress”. I did as he asked. Happy that my panties were still on. I lay down flat and took a deep breath preparing myself for the humiliation. “Now dear let’s see how that little vagina of yours is today” he slid his thumbs under the waistband of my panties “lift up young lady” he pulled them completely off. “Open your legs nice and wide dear. I’ll need a good view of things down there” I did so hoping to avoid the restraints this time. “That’s is bring your feet together and drop those knees to the sides”. He pulled the lamp over my genitals I could feel the heat radiating. He must have been able to see every part of me. The gloves went on with that dreaded snap and he wiggled his fingers around inside them while giving me a smug grin. He spread my labia and pulled back the hood of my clitoris “Hmm I see your clitoral response is as slow as your nipple response. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable dear. It’s my job to fix whatever’s bothering you”. He then worked his way down to my vaginal opening. “Spread those thighs dear and let me have a look inside” he inserted the lubricated speculum and opened it so my cervix was in full view. “Lovely and pink. Looks like those pressaries did the trick. You are still having some blood stained discharge I see. I shall insert a tampon to prevent leakage” at this I protested heavily “if you let me put my panties back on I can just use a liner” he sighed “You know full well we have not finished examining you yet. Now be a good girl and roll on to your side and pull your legs up to your chest.” As I did so he unwrapped a tampon. He then parted my cheeks and slid his finger with the tampon as far as it would go into my vagina.

“Did you have a BM last night dear?” He asked empathetically. “Uh yes Doctor Chambers I did. It was quite large” I said sheepishly. “Well the impaction is likely to have resolved but I will need to take a look back there to make sure you haven’t hurt your little anus passing such a large BM.” I stayed in the same position. He parted my cheeks again and scrupulously inspected my perineum and anus. “Yes there appears to be a fissure young lady” a digital exam will confirm. I could feel my anus clench at the thought of his finger entering. He must have been amused at my attempt to avoid this part of the examination. He chuckled and patted me on the bottom “open that anus up for me dear it will be a lot easier” with that he massaged KY jelly around the outside of my rectum and without warning slipped his finger in. I almost jumped off the table “Now now young lady let the doctor check you out thoroughly” he moved his finger round inspected every wall of my rectum. He then slid it out and confirmed that there was no trace of BM. “Lucky for you dear an enema is not required today”. Finally something has gone my way I thought.

Morning Tom! I heard another male voice exclaim. “Oh Dr Andrews you’re right on time” I have just finished the young ladies treatments. “Right then let’s have a look at these cavities you were telling me about” Dr Andrews said enthusiastically .

Dr Chambers came back over to the chair “it’s time for your dental treatment dear lay on your back there’s a good girl” he lifted the head of chair up slightly and brought the lamp over head. I began to reach for my nightie “it’s ok dear we’re professionals it’s nothing Dr Andrews hasn’t seen before”.

Dr Andrews had set up his supplies on the tray next to him. He pulled on some gloves and said “right now relax young lady this won’t hurt a bit” yeah right that’s what the other doctor said I thought to myself. “Open wide for me that’s a good girl” I did so even though every inch of me didn’t want to. He examined my mouth with his tools mumbling to himself “Mmm yes I see oral health needs some work” he pulled out a syringe with a long thin needle attached. Instinctively my mouth locked shut “she’s not very good at opening wide Simon. I had the same problem with that little vagina of hers” they both chuckled. “Well then she will have to have a gag to keep her mouth open this treatment really is very important.” His gloved finger pried Open my lips and he tactfully slid in the metal mouth guard. He clicked it into place and my entire mouth was on display “surely you have similar means to see what’s bothering her down there” Dr Andrews joked.

He injected my mouth with the anaesthetic. Then he started up the drill and began to fill the cavities. Dr Wilson took a keen interest. He assisted with suctioning as they discussed techniques. “There’s a good girl. You’re treatment is all done” Dr Andrews said cheerfully as removed the metal guard from my mouth.

They shook hands and Dr Andrews left. “Well dear you certainly don’t enjoy your treatments. They are for your own good you know. I may be retired but I couldn’t let a young lady like you suffer in poor health. I would hope someone would do the same for my daughters”.

I got off the chair and returned to my room. My mouth still numb. I wonder what the doctor has in store for me tomorrow.


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