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A young ladies unexpected exam

A through exam

I’d just got off my long haul flight. It was my first time travelling internationally. My first stop was a town in the south of the US. I had found a room to rent for the week online. I had been emailing the owner of the B&B, he was looking forward to having a visitor. He told me all about how he has daughters around my age who studied away from home and how he had recently lost his wife.

Mr Chambers picked me up from the airport. We had cheerful conversation on the ride home. He told me all about the sights and activities the town had to offer. After 20 minutes we pulled up outside a two storied brick townhouse. It looked very old but tidy. I stepped out of the car and started to make my way inside. Then I noticed an old sign outside his door “Dr Chambers” it was old and faded and I couldn’t make out the specialty. I felt a lump in my throat, I hated going to the doctor and now I was going to be staying with one.

The evening passed and the jet lag set in. I went to bed early. As I left the lounge I said “good night Mr Chambers” he chuckled and corrected me “Dr Chambers dear”. I apologised sheepishly and made a quick exit to my room.

Through out the night I suffered terrible tummy cramps. I was up to the toilet multiple times but couldn’t pass a BM. I put it down to the long flight and tired to get some sleep. I awoke early and headed downstairs to get a glass of water.

“Good morning dear” Dr Chambers exclaimed as I entered. “I didn’t expect to see you up this early. I heard you getting up to the bathroom most of the night. Are you ok my dear?” “I’m fine thanks I think it’s just the jet lag.” He frowned as if concerned and came over placing a hand on my forehead. “You’re a little warm there dear. You know I am a doctor, how about I give you a check up.” My heart sank I tried to think of any excuse to say no but before he gave me a chance he said “ my examination room is down the hall first on the left. I will see you in the in 5 minutes”. Oh god what have I got myself into I thought.

I entered the exam room. It was old and looked as though it hadn’t been used in a long time. It still had a sterile smell though. There was a black leather exam chair unlike any I’d seen before it almost looked like a dentist chair. My heart was racing as Dr Chambers came over to me in his white coat and directed me over to the chair. I began to sit when he abruptly stopped me ‘uh uh dear you will need to undress first” I must have looked shocked he chuckled and said “well you can’t expect me to examine you thouroughly with you clothes on can you?”. Where I came from I was never required to fully undress at the doctors office. I complied nervously. Whatever was about to happen I just wanted it to be over.

So there I was in the chair completely naked. I was desperately trying to cover myself with my arms and hands. He started by listening to my heart and lungs and then checked my ears and throat. He had me open my mouth wide and used a penlight to inspect my tonsils. “Hmm” he said disapprovingly. “You have a cavity in your back tooth, that will need some attention later” oh no this was going from bad to worse, he was a dentist too?! “Ok young lady time to have a look at these breasts”. “What? Why?” I exclaimed. It’s my tummy that’s sore not my breasts. “Shhhh settle down young lady. You’ve been on a long flight you need a through physical.” He asked me softly to move my arms to the sides so he could access my chest. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. “Now listen to me Annie, if you won’t let the doctor do his job I will have to use restraints to ensure you’re safety.” My heart sank I knew there was no escaping this. I dropped my arms to the side but my legs remained firmly shut...there was no way he could rationalise going down there.

His hands began to push and tug on my breasts. He methodically worked his way over the entire area until he got to my nipples. He took each one between his thumb and forefinger and rolled them around. I squirmed as he did so. “Very slow response in these nipples young lady. There’s no need to be uncomfortable, just relax for me” he said gently.

He worked his way down to my abdomen where he pressed deeply in different areas. He got to my lower abdomen and I couldn’t help but jolt in pain and he pressed on the left side. “Well dear this is going to need further investigation to find out what’s bothering you” I protested “I’ll be fine, I’ll just take some Advil” he chuckled and patted my shoulder. “This won’t take long”.

He began to explain that both the bowel and some of the female sex organs were located in this area. I gulped at the thought of where this was going. “Let’s have you open your legs for me dear” I began to get off the chair- there was no way this old man was going to see my naked vagina! He held me down by my shoulders reassuringly “Now now remember what I said about your safety. I don’t want to have to restrain you”. I sunk back into the chair. “Now let’s take a look”. I submissively spread my knees apart just enough for him to see my most private parts. He snapped on a pair of gloves and wheel over a tray covered with a cloth. “open wide for me dear it’s important to examine you thoroughly” I couldn’t bring myself to open them any further my legs were quivering. Frustratedly he said “well young lady it looks as though you need a little help” he brought over some stirrup attachments and clicked them into the end of the chair. I became panicked “no I’ll do what you ask please don’t” but before I knew it he had my feet in the stirrups and Velcro straps holding me in place. He spread them wide so that he had full view of my vagina and anus. “Now that’s a good girl. Just relax for me”.

I felt his gloved hands spread my labia. He inspected my outer organs meticulously. I could feel my face getting hot with embarrassment. I had only recently Dugan shaving my entire genital area, I felt so naked and exposed. “Ok dear everything looks to be in order, time for your internal” he dipped his fingers in the lube on the tray and put two fingers inside my vagina. I winced as he did so at which he gave me a concerned frown. “Yes I see you are quite tense and tight down here” he pressed on my abdomen while probing his fingers inside my vagina “no obvious caused for an upset tummy though. While I’m here I will need to check your cervix”. The dreaded speculum I should have guessed this was coming. He slid he fingers out of my vagina as he did so he studied the bloody discharge left on his glove. “At the end of your menses young lady. You shouldn’t still be having cramps. You will need to be cleaned out before I can accurately examine you cervix”. Cleaned out I thought to myself what on earth did he mean. He snapped on a fresh pair of gloves and returned from the sink with a bulb looking device it had a long nozzle on it. He inserted into my vagina and warm water began to flow. He simultaneously inserted a suction tube to collect the reminants of fluid from my vagina. “That’s a good girl, all cleaned up for the next part of your exam”.

He picked up a metal speculum from his tray and applied KY jelly. “Now dear take this like a good girl. It’s important we find out if anything is bothering you up there” I closed my eyes and tried not to cry. I felt him part my labia again. The cold metal made me jump as it first entered. It stretched me open and I winced. Finally it clicked into place. He pulled the light over the chair and turned it on. “Difficult view of your cervix young lady but it does look a little inflamed. That will need some attention”. He released the speculum and pulled it out slowly. It’s finally finished I thought to myself. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled out some foil packets. “Let’s get that angry looking cervix cleared up shall we?” He smiled. He unwrapped two little packets and and inserted the round pressaries into my vagina. He wiped the lube from me with a tissue and patted my thigh before releasing me from the stirrups. “You’ll need to hold your legs together for a few minutes and let them dissolve dear”. I lay there hoping the exam had come to and end. A few minutes passed “ ok young lady open those legs wide for me let’s check those pressaries have dissolved.” He grabbed my thighs and separated my left leg he then stuck a gloved finger into my vagina and nodded approvingly.

I began to climb off the chair. “ We haven’t got to the cause of your tummy ache yet dear” he said abruptly. “Sure we have it was probably just the end of my period” I said nervously hoping he would agree. “That does not account for all of your unsuccessful attempts at a bowel motion though does it young lady” he said sternly. He lowered the head so I was laying flat and said “Be a good girl and turn over onto your tummy for me. Let’s see what’s bothering you back there” I held back the tears. This could only mean one thing.

He placed a foam wedge covered by a towel under my hips so that my rear end was elevated and my virgin back passage was in full view. “Open wide for me young lady, you know how this works” he said in an authoritative tone. He helped me spread my legs apart. I felt so exposed. No one had ever seen my naked rear end. I could feel his gaze in my vagina and anus. “Now then let’s have a look” I heard that dreaded snap of the gloves again. He parted my cheek and rubbed a gloved finger around my rectum. “Deep breathe for me dear” with that he slid his plump finger deep into my rectum, I yelped “shhh just relax like a good girl” he probed around for what felt like forever. When he withdrew his finger he said “you seem to have a full rectum dear. That will need to be addressed”. I had heard about enemas but I had never had one before I trembled with dread. “I am going to insert a thermometer into your anus. If you wriggle we will have to start again and I will have to restrain you”. He slid the thin rod into my anus and held it there for a few minutes.I buried my head into the leather and succumbed. He walked over to the cupboards I heard metal tools being placed on the tray. He came back and removed the thermometer. “Hmmm yes you have a mild fever, I will need to inspect the inside of your rectum for infection and then treat the fever and impaction with some suppositories”. He pulled an anoscope of the tray, coated it copiously with lube and parted my cheeks “I suspect this will challenge you, your very tight back here but I need you to open wide for me dear” he forced the metal scope into my rectum it burned and I sobbed. “Yes I can see what’s bothering you, you’ll need a series of enemas to stimulate this bowel. Luckily we have all week to get you fixed up” he exclaimed cheerily. He withdrew the scope and pushed a suppository deep into my rectum. “Right young lady roll over back onto your back let’s finish up” finally it was over. He asked me to lift my bottom off the table then he slid a pad underneath and did it up. “We can’t have you having an accident while I finish the exam can we dear. Those suppositories may not take long to work”. Finish the exam? What could he possibly have left to do to me?

He raised the head of the chair up slightly and wheeled a stool over to the head. “Now it’s your mouth you’ll need to open wide for me this time dear. Let’s have a look at those cavities”. My heart began to race I had been scared of the dentist for as long as I could remember. How did I even know he was a real one? Is he a doctor or a dentist I thought to myself. I protested at thought of this stranger invading my orifices anymore. “Now now young lady I am a professional and you must take your treatment”. I opened my mouth and he began to inspect my teeth with a mirror and pick. I knew it wasn’t going to be good, I could feel at least 3 cavities he was digging around in with the pick. “You’ll need some fillings and a through clean. That will be a job for my colleague Dr Andrews. I will book you in for tomorrow”.

“Now then dear you go and have a bath and hop into bed. You will need another exam in the morning to check your progress” he said as I hurriedly got off the chair and redressed.

I took myself back to my room and got into bed. I’ll never book another room online again I thought to myself.


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