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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 1

Not long ago I had a life altering, interesting experience. Because of an injury, I had been taking a lot of pain meds and they sort of stopped me up. Being as I LIKE anal irrigations my immediate thought led me in that direction. I called my hydro therapist for an appointment. Her treatments are not erotically intended but I liked them nonetheless and she also is a licensed masseuse and gives wonderful foot massages while irrigating me. We have a nice time and she lets me go for as long as it is still getting a stained return. And hour and a half is about average for one of her treatments. I should have said that I TRIED to call her!! She wasn’t there!! The phone had been disconnected. I remembered hearing a friend say something about Georgia moving to another location but hadn’t paid it any attention at the time. I was in bad need of some help and with my back just recovering from the sprain, doing it for myself wasn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. I’m married but things with my wife are not good and even if they were, she is the last person in the world that I would ask.

The next day I looked up a friend’s number. She and I were pretty aware that we shared a lot of similar interests. Truthfully, I had intentionally sort of avoided her because my attraction to her was too strong and I am married. Living in a small town with fewer than 10 thousand people we saw eachother pretty often and the attraction coupled with the knowledge of out similar tastes always made those meetings rather charged with and undercurrent of sexual excitement. As it turns out, my wife was a lot less discriminating about marital fidelity and we were just sort of living together now. When Nicky answered I told her hi and after a little small talk, explained my problem, and asked if she had a current number for Georgia.

“Sure thing Jack! I told you last time I saw you that she had moved. Husband problems!! That’s why the number had to be changed…It was in his name.” Nicky had one of those voices that just reached inside me and grabbed something. She purred in a low breathy voice when she talked and it was sexy as hell to me. “Jack, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything Nicky.”

“Well, you know, a colonic might not be the best thing for you right now. They are great for cleansing but I think good old 3h enemas are a lot better for constipation. You DO know that I am an RN don’t you?”

I thought for a moment, of course I remembered, it was one of the things that also made her especially attractive to me! “I remember you telling me but it had slipped my mind. When I think of you I don’t think of that. You haven’t been working as a nurse since I met you. You have your printing business and I guess that is what I think of mostly.”

“I gave up nursing to come home and take care of my Dad when his health started being an issue and me and Mama took care of the business more and more. When he passed, we just kept running it. We do pretty well and I want to stay close to Mama.”

“How’s your Mama doing?” I asked genuinely concerned. I liked Nicky’s Mama.

“She’s fine. Onery as ever; she’ll probably out live all of us! What I wanted to ask Jack was if you would like to just come over and let me help you with your problem?”

“Nicky I wouldn’t want to impose on you!”

She laughed, “Jack you are the most skittish man that I’ve ever known! You know as well as I do that I like that sort of thing!” We had passed online in the sort of places that leave little mystery about our shared enjoyment of enemas and such things. We actually chatted online a lot more than in person because I am less afraid of things going to far and less standoffish online. She continued, “I won’t bite…hell I won’t even rape you if you don’t want to be raped!”

Now I laughed. Indeed we were both all too aware of our shared interests in enemas and things both anal and that impact on the ass in other ways. This is specifically why I had been skittish. That though was soon to be a thing of the past I decided. “What if I decide I want to be raped?”

“Then you will have to be a VERY good boy while I give you your enemas. I only do that for very good boys.”

We were also both aware of our preferred roles in this sort of thing so I naturally took the low road. “What if I’m bad though?”

“Then I guess you would have to be punished until you became a good boy now wouldn’t you?” She purred and my cock snapped to attention.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“When do you want to come over? I assume you really do need this so we don’t want to put your clean out off.”

It was Friday and on Fridays, my wife goes out with the girls. Sometimes she doesn’t come home until Sunday. Knowing the sort of places they like to hang out, I wouldn’t fuck her anymore with a steel belted radial condom!!! She is going to get something from one of those whore chasing drunks and whatever it was, I didn’t want it! “Are you free this evening?”

“Let me check my schedule…I happen to have an opening! How about something during the early afternoon though say sunrise slot? I’ll wash you out, THEN feed you and wash you out again later to make sure you are running smooth and clear. Can you come over around 4 o’clock?”

“Sounds wonderful! What should I bring? Do you need anything? What’s your wine of choice?” I asked.

“The only wine that I ever use Jack is a cheap white wine that goes in an enema bag. And THAT treat is not in your treatment plan for tonight. How about a six-pack of Corona’s instead for the in between period?”

“Sounds good. I’ll grab that and some limes!!”

“You do know that after you are cleaned out; those beers will hit you like a freight train don’t you?” Nicky purred.

“If I get a little tipsy will you try and take advantage of me?”

“Naturally!!! I plan to be the perfect enema nurse this afternoon. Then I will get you drunk and take advantage of you after you have let your guard down and feel safe!”

“K, I’ll see you at about 4!!”

“Looking forward to it Sugar. You know, the enemas were my favorite part of nursing. I miss it. A man just is so damn cute when you tell him what you are going to do to him and then even cuter when they first see you coming towards them with a big bag of suds!” We did the Bye Bye thing and hung up.

Let me take this moment to tell you a little about myself and Nicky. First me…My Mama started giving me enemas when I was probably a week old. She couldn’t do it before then because I was still in side her and out of reach and then we were in the hospital for a week. Through out my childhood, it was enemas every Sunday Night, any time I was sick…even sinuses, after all spankings and both before we traveled and when we got home…oh and after all holidays where we ate rich food. She did the same with my twin sister Jill and generally it was a together thing. There never was any mystery of the female anatomy for me nor about male anatomy for Jill.

By the time we were 12, we were giving enemas to eachother whenever my Mother wasn’t home which was pretty often and later we did it even when she was there. On Sunday Nights if she was tired (read passed out drunk) Jill took charge and saw to it that we were cleaned. We did a lot of things together. We never actually had regular sex in the vaginal sense but oral, anal and fingers filled in for that. Jill always tended to be the more assertive and as often as not if I got in trouble for doing something to her, Mama left my punishment all in her hands. SHE never got in trouble!!! By the time we were in our teens she had her own belt, paddle and switch that were there just for her use on my ass! As the years passed, more and more Mama would just order up my whipping and such and let Jill handle it…sometimes she watched and sometimes she didn’t.

You have probably noticed by now that I haven’t mentioned my Dad. Well he was there in body only. Mama treated him just about exactly as she treated me even down to the whippings and enemas and he didn’t have much say or TO say around the house. He died when I was in junior high in a car wreck that wasn’t his fault. I always figured he didn’t dodge because that was the only way he could get away from Mama. After that Mama drank a lot more and was actually easier to live with! Most days she passed out by 5 o’clock so me and Jill put her to bed and Jill ran the house. I got just about as many enemas and spankings but with Jill there were “extras” that went along with both that made them special and much more bearable. Also Jill’s punishments were real spankings or whipping rather than the beating my Mama dispenced. When I got in trouble Jill would blister my ass then roll me over for a blow job then roll me back over to wait for the enemas. If I was good she would squat over my face while she gave them to me so I could return the favor.

Eventually we both got out of the house and out of town. Mama died shortly afterward from cirrhosis and then it was just Jill and I. Jill lives in the same town as I do but we haven’t been close for a little while. She hates my wife. It is mutual and Jill was right about her. I will soon split with her and go crawling to Jill with apologies. I am pretty sure that I KNOW what her response will be and sitting will be unpleasant for some time after. We are 28 now and I have wasted 5 years on a woman that Jill told me was bad news the day they met.

Now a bit about Nicky… She is a bit older than me. I would guess that she was in her very early 30s but only because her Mama would have had to have her when she was 13 for her to be much younger than that. She LOOKS like she is in her early 20s and is petit in a powerful sort of way. She is about 5 feet tall but built to please with a nicely padded frame, green eyes, red hair and a pixyish grin that just reeks of mischief. A lot of guys had made runs at her but she was determined to find the RIGHT guy. There are not a lot of guys in small town middle America that are into the things she is into and for her, the BDSM and enemas are deal breakers. She refuses to live in the closet in her own home. We had talked online about this on a couple of occasions. She had some “special” friends, she calls them FWBs (Friends With Benefits) but they were all a long way off. She was settled where she was at and was not moving so her play was mostly from drop in FWBs from out of town or when she traveled to the east or west coast.

To me she was the epitome of sexy. I like a woman with padding. She had a dynamite little round ass and big boobs for a little woman. At 5 feet she probably weighed about 125 to 135. Her personality though was HUGE!! I have seen her bring a grown man nearly to tears with a tongue lashing that while it didn’t include a single bad word, left no doubt in anyone’s mind about that persons slime low moral character and deviant sexual preferences. Her red hair did NOT come out of a bottle and everything that you have ever heard about their temper is true in Nicky’s case. You didn’t step on this little woman!! On the flip side, she would do nearly anything for a friend and was always doing something for the poor and homeless.

I went straight home when I left work and took a shower. I dressed in casual jeans and shirt and went to grab a 12 pack of Corona’s and a bag of limes. One the way to the check out I noticed some flowers in the flower case and picked up a dozen roses in assorted colors too.

At precisely 4 on the dot I presented myself at her door.


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