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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Chapter 2

Before I could ring the doorbell, the door opened. Nicky true to her nature was dressed in a super sexy nurse costume with white miniskirt, white hose and garter belt; she even had the cut little hat perched on her head.

My mouth dropped open and I moaned, “Oh my God!!! Nicky, you are a walking wet dream!!!”

“That is Nurse Nicky and thank you…I think. Are those for me?? Jaysus Jack do you know how long it’s been since a man bought me roses? You must REALLY want me to rape you!!! Come on in, I have everything ready for you.” She took my hand and pulled me into her house.

Nicky’s home is on the outskirts of our little town. It is two stories and was at one time an old country doctor’s home and clinic. I had always wondered about that because knowing Nicky’s special preferences, I suspected that there was a reason that she had picked it. She had actually bought it from the Doc’s estate and as I was to find out, it included a lot of his old equipment. I had been in the house a few times but never alone with Nicky and had never had “the tour”.

She put the Roses in a vase and put the vase in her living room and then after kissing me on the cheek said, “Come along little boy, Nurse Nicky has the treatment room all set up for you. I do hope that you will be good so I won’t have to resort to unpleasant measures to gain your cooperation.” She led me by the hand through the front of the house into a windowless back room.

Waiting for me there was a hospital bed, IV stand with a huge currently empty bag hanging on it and worst of all, a potty chair. The room had a big double sink that was deep and had the long curved water faucet that you see in a commercial sink. The cupboards were full of medical paraphernalia and on the other side of the room from the hospital bed was an exam table with stirrups and restraints. There was a rolling cart that was covered with a white cloth that could only be described as ominous looking.

She handed me one of those gowns that make you feel more naked than nothing and pointed to a screened corner. “Strip down to your skin and put this on for me please.”

I hesitated for just a second and Nicky reached over to a drawer and opened it. From it she pulled a leather paddle that was shaped like a heart. It had holes in it and a pretty hardwood handle. It looked painful and serious so I scurried to the corner where I undressed and put my folded clothes on the chair hidden there.

When I returned she had the covers pulled back on the bed and helped me into it. I also noticed that she had pulled a bedpan from somewhere and set it and a stainless steel matching urinal can on the bedside table!

“Ok, first we are going to do a basic exam and get you ready. Roll over to your tummy so that I can check your temperature.” I did it and she parted my gown baring my ass. She spread my cheeks and I soon felt the familiar cold invasion as she slipped it into my butt.

My Mama, and later Jill, had always insisted on rectal temperatures only so it was something that I was very used to. Nicky naturally twirled and played with it and soon had me in quite a state. When she removed it she read it and noted happily that I had no fever. I heard the snap of a glove going on and knew what would be next.

“Ok Honey, lift your bottom up for Nurse Nicky. Get on your knees. I’ve got to do a rectal to see what we have to deal with. Just try and relax for me.” She massaged my puckered asshole and it just sort of turned to quicksand and she sank in. “Oh my!! Jack you weren’t kidding about being stopped up were you! I sort of had expected that you were just playing sick in hopes of getting a little play from Georgia or me!” Her demeanor changed. “Jack when was the last time that you had a BM?”

“It has been a few days I guess. I twisted my back and they put me on some pain meds and muscle relaxers that just seemed to put all that in neutral.”

“Well I’m glad I decided to play and did a rectal. We are going to have to approach this differently than a play enema. First let me get a fleet oil enema into you and put some pads under you. The oil will loosen things up and make passing this stuff easier. It is just as well that you didn’t go to Georgia, I’m not sure that she could have helped you much. Colonics are not the way to go if you are impacted.” She walked over to the cabinet and returned with a stack of pads and a little fleet enema bottle.

“Nicky, should I go let them take care of this at the emergency room?” I asked concerned.

“No silly, I am just as well equipped and trained to deal with this. I was just surprised is all.” She stroked my ass. We will have you fixed up in no time.” She put the pads under me and then slipped the fleet oil into me. It didn’t amount to much. “Stay like you are with your ass in the air while I make your first enema. It isn’t going to be a very big one but it will have a big effect.”

She took the big bag away and returned shortly with a small disposable bag that she hung on the pole. “What is it?” I asked.

“Liquid dynamite Jack. We are going to blow the dam.” She assured me. She sat on the bed beside me. “This is a strong laxative enema that is going to be rather unpleasant I’m afraid. You are really blocked up and if this doesn’t work…well I will have to go in and break things up by hand.”

“You are kidding right!!!!????” I asked a little panicked.

“Not at all Jack. That is exactly what they WOULD do at the emergency room. I am not in as much of a hurry so we are going to try and do it this way instead.” She laughed. “I was all dressed up to PLAY nurse and you really do need a real nurse.”

“I’m sorry Nicky!! I didn’t know or I wouldn’t have called you.” I offered.

She picked up the paddle and proceeded to give me a fast but very impressive spanking. “Jack, you are being silly again. I am going to have a great time!! You on the other hand won’t enjoy some of the early going near as much as what I had planned for you. Now do I need to wear your ass out first to help you past this silly guilt trip?”

“No Ma’am…Not right now anyway.”

She popped my ass once more hard. “That’s my good boy. We are just going to have a rather longer enema session that expected.” She grinned at me. “Isn’t it just a good thing that we love enemas Jack? I for one am excited about this. You are looking really cute to me right now and vulnerable. That makes me hot and I promise that if I’m hot you will get the full benefit of it as well! I think that while we clean you out in back we might as well clear your tubes out as well.” She smiled. “Would you like THAT Jack?”

“I would love it Nicky. I haven’t had sex in about 9 months but if you do it then I won’t much use for you later.”

She leaned over and kissed the cheek of my ass. “Jack, you are just soooo cute. You will be great for me throughout the entire thing and especially later. Don’t you understand that I can get fucked ANY time I want to but this sort of thing is once in a blue moon. Besides, your tongue isn’t injured is it? I love to have my pussy licked and you are going to have a lot of time to do that if you are willing.”

“You have no possible idea how many times I’ve jerked off thinking about eating you!!”

“Goddamnit Jack. Why have you stayed with that slut so long??? I knew that you wanted to play but respected that you were married and didn’t want to mess around on your wife. It is one of the things that I like best about you but you should have bailed before now. I offered to do this with you because everyone in town knows that your marriage is over. She is fucking drive throughs off the freeway for god’s sake!!”

“I know. I just can’t see how I could have been so wrong about her! Jill told me but I wouldn’t listen. Now I will have to go crawling back to Jill and beg her forgiveness.” I looked at Nicky, “It will not be good. She will expect me to accept her wrath in a most unsisterly way I’m afraid.”

Nicky laughed, “You mean she is going to beat your ass thoroughly!! Give you enemas until they come out your ears and expect you to lick her to about a hundred orgasms!!!”

I nearly got whip lash turning my head to look at her. “How….???”

“How do I know all that? Lord Jack you ARE an innocent aren’t you. I know Jill…shall we say…intimately! She and I have discussed you in detail and now that you have decided to dump the whore she will be thrilled to reassume her place in your life. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to call her right now!! She can help with this, start wailing on your ass now. Jack you don’t understand, are not going to leave this room until you are cleaned out! That is an order!!! So since you will be occupied anyway it will be a good time for you and Jill to make up!” She walked over to the wall and hit a speed dial number!

I panicked! “You don’t want to do that Nicky!! Jill is pissed at me and it will take a little time before…”

“Shut up Jack!” She ordered and then said, “Hi Jill. What’s cooking? You won’t believe what I have going over here right now! NO, not THAT!!! What do you have going tonight?...Good, why don’t you come over and spend the night. You know the person we discussed the other day with his head stuck up his ass? Well he is laying in my hospital bed right now with his cute little ass up in the air letting an oil enema soak in…NO it’s not so I can pull his head out!!!” She giggled. “THAT might be easier. The silly shit is impacted. He is also extremely sad and would give ANY-fucking-THING if his sister would forgive him for being stupid and just beat the shit out of him and be done with it so y’all can get back on track! Yeah, I’ve already had to spank him once…yeah! Ok I’ll leave that for you then. See ya in a little while! Bye!”

“OHHH Jack, you are going to have a VERY interesting night. I hope the whore isn’t expecting you home tonight!! You might not even make it home TOMORROW night!” She grinned, “Hold onto that oil and I’ll go unlock the door so Jill can get in!!!” As she got to the door she turned around and grinning from ear to ear she told me gleefully, “Oh Jack I am going to have SOOO much fun tonight!!!”