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A Nurse on the block

A Nurse on the block

Mary Fitzgerald and her family moved into their new home six months ago. To get acquainted with her new neighbors on the block she threw an informal party and invited all to come by and meet her and the family. As is usual, people asked what she and her husband did by way of starting a conversation. "I am a registered nurse" she replied. "My husband, Bill, is a police officer"."I will take some time off from work to get the house in order and get the kids settled in school before I apply at the county hospital for work." she explained.

The men gravitated to Bill Fitzgerald and talked about crime prevention and guns and hunting. The woman huddled around Mary and questioned her about health care."You can count on me whenever you have a health problem and I will do all I can for you" she promised the much-relieved women.

It was not long after the party that Mary's telephone started to ring. Her neighbors called for advice on any and all health issues from fevers to constipation. Mary listened patiently and gave instructions as to what to do in a clear and no-nonsense manner. Often times she visited the home and took matters in hand with matters of a more serious nature like cuts and head injuries.

Mary was often amused by lay-peoples obsessions with fever and their bowels. In the past 5 months, she retconned that she had inserted a thermometer, a nozzle or both up the rectum of everyone on her block. She knew first hand how effective the enema was in health care.

Mary was sitting in the living room reading and sipping coffee. Bill was a work and the children were in school. The door bell rang and she rose up and answered it. Standing there was Peggy O'Connor, her next door neighbor. "Hi Peggy, come in, would you like a cup of coffee?" Peggy stepped inside and followed Mary into the kitchen. Mary got a cup, saucer, and spoon and put them on the kitchen table. She slowly poured coffee into the cup and both women sat down. After some small talk, Peggy came to the point of her visit.

"Mary, I could use your help with something," Peggy stated. "Sure, what is it?" she asked. There was a pause and she noticed Peggy was starting to blush. "Come now, out with it, my girl" Mary said matter-of -factly. "I can't poop" Peggy blurted out. "You mean you're constipated" Mary corrected. Peggy nodded. "How long has it been since your last bowel movement.?" she asked her embarrassed friend. "Two, maybe three days," she replied. "That's much too long, you will need an enema to get you moving again- oral laxatives will not do. I am not busy now- come upstairs with me and I'll get you unplugged." the no nonsense nurse assured Peggy.

"Thanks, Mary " Peggy said and followed right behind Mary to the Master bedroom. She watched Mary put a rubber sheet on top of the queen-sized mattress. "Get undressed from the waist down and lay face down on the bed," Mary ordered and Peggy complied. She suddenly felt like a little girl being taken care of in such an intimate way by her mother.

Mary glanced over at her "Patient", Peggy had a firm, round bottom. The woman's Vulva could be seen as her legs spread slightly on the bed. Light pink and moist, they were framed by a neat crop of blond pubic hair. Peggy's face was turned to the right of a plush pillow. Her blond hair fanned the left side of the pillow. Her peaches and cream complexion now gave way to a full blush at the thought of this traditionally humbling medical procedure.

Mary reached into the nightstand beside the bed. Out came the family rectal thermometer and tube of K-Y Jelly. ''Mary, I don't have a fever" she protested. Mary opened the white case, removed the thermometer, shook it down and then studied it carefully in the light. Satisfied, she lubricated the plump round bulb and turned her attention to her "patient" "I want to check your temp anyway and besides it will get you nice and lubricated for the enema nozzle. Now no fussing, dear." she admonished.

With practiced skill, she expertly parted Peggy's buttocks. Peggy buried her face into the pillow and took a deep breath. Just then she felt the rectal thermometer poke through her anal opening and straight up her rectum. She grunted and squirmed on the mattress. "Hold still for me and leave this inserted while I get the enema bag ready for you" she ordered. Peggy nodded that she would and Mary turned and went into the master bathroom.

Mary returned with the red rubber bag, filled with a quart of warm water and a gentle Castle soap dissolved fully in it. She hung the bag and attached the white tubing and the rectal nozzle. Mary opened the clamp and let a small amount of water pass through the hose to expel all the air.

Mary sat down on the bed next to Peggy, She spread her buttocks with her left hand and withdrew the rectal thermometer slowly.

As she intended, the thermometer lubricated Peggy's anus and rectum and helped "loosen her up" for the insertion of the rectal nozzle. '99.6- normal- very good " Mary announced.

Mary held the rectal nozzle in her right hand. She used the fingers of her left hand to part Peggy's buttocks once again.The slick anus winked at her in anticipation."Peggy, take a deep breath through your mouth for me. " she ordered. Mary paused, waited for a deep breath from Peggy and gently, but firmly inserted the nozzle up her rectum. "Oh!" Peggy gasped. The nozzle was thicker than the rectal thermometer.

"Very good, now relax while I open the clamp and start the flow of water. Tell me if it's too much or if you need to stop, but I want you to take and hold the whole bag for me." Mary admonished her "Patient". "Alright, I will" Peggy promised.

Peggy soon heard the clicking sound of the clamp open and the feel of warm water enter her rectum."Oh, my gosh" Peggy gasped and wiggled on the bed. Mary quickly placed her palm on Peggy's bottom and held the nozzle in place between her fingers like a cigarette.

"There, there- hold still and try to relax, you've only taken half the bag" Mary soothed. Peggy took a deep breath. The warm water filled her bowels slowly. Mary watched Peggy's reactions carefully and stopped the flow and let her rest when she saw it was becoming uncomfortable. When Peggy composed herself again, she resumed the enema until the red bag finally went flat..

"Oh Mary, I have to go" Peggy cried and her tummy gurgled loudly. "Alright, honey- just relax." Mary soothed as she removed the rectal nozzle and pushed a tissue against Peggy's anus to help her retain the solution. Peggy was on her feet in seconds and made a mad dash to the bathroom. She grunted loudly and sat onto the toilet. Water gushed out of her in torrents along with two days worth of waste. Peggy felt so relieved and so aroused. Her labia were swollen and wet and she shamelessly masturbated on the toilet to a full blown orgasm.

Mary checked the results in the toiled and proclaimed the enema a "success". She then wiped Peggy clean with toilet paper like a mother would do for a little girl. "Thank you, Mary- that was quite a relief," Peggy said. "You're welcome, dear. " Mary replied as she watched her neighbor get dressed.

Word soon got around the block about how Mary had "Helped " Peggy and soon people were lining up for one of Mary's enemas. For her part, Mary thought it was nothing more then being a "good neighbor"



Sarah Thompson called early Saturday morning. "Hi Sarah, how is everything?" Mary asked when she answered the phone."I am at the end of my rope with Lisa. She has been "Cranky" all week and this morning I think she's running a temperature. After what seemed like pulling teeth- she finally told me she has not gone to the toilet in three days. I gave her a suppository , but all she did was pass some gas and expel the suppository fully intact in the bowl. "What's her temperature, Sarah? Mary asked.

"I don't know- she won't let me take it. Every time I come near her with the thermometer, she is drinking something or she waves me off with her hand." Sarah said with clear stress in her voice. "You know, Sarah- there is another way to take Lisa's temperature." she reminded her neighbor. There was a moment of silence, and Sarah said "I couldn't do that - I have not taken her temperature THAT WAY, since she was seven years old 11 years ago." Mary chuckled- it always amused her how squeamish people were about rectal procedures. "Alright- have her showered and dressed and come over in an hour. It seems she is badly constipated and just needs an enema. " Mary offered. " Thanks a lot Mary, we'll see you in an hour." Sarah said and hung up the phone.

Mary went into the den. She converted it to a "treatment room" for family and neighbors who needed her help. A twin bed with rubber sheet covering it was against the wall. A table and two chairs were next to the bed. On the table was an instrument tray. On the tray was a paper towel on which a B-D rectal thermometer lay. Next to it was a tube of K-Y Jelly, bottle of rubbing alcohol, cotton balls , gauze pads and tissues. At the foot of the bed was an I.V. stand. Stainless steel and shiny -it held a red enema bag. White tubing extended form the bottom of the bag- at the end of which was a rectal nozzle. She eyed it with a smile, knowing it would soon be put to good use. Next to the I.V stand was a commode and new roll of toilet tissue.

Mary went upstairs and took a shower. She dressed in the master bedroom. When she came downstairs, her husband ,Bill and the girls were at the kitchen table having breakfast. "Good morning, honey-it's a nice day and I thought I would take the girls to the beach." he said. "That's great - Sarah Thompson is coming over in 30 minutes with Lisa for a treatment and she will feel better if no one is here. " "It's nice of you to help the neighbors, but don't let them take advantage of you." Bill advised as he kissed Mary on the cheek. " 😁 don't worry, I won't- I'll be starting at the hospital next month anyway" she reminded him.

Fifteen minutes after Bill and the girls pulled out of the driveway, the doorbell rang. Mary answered it and let Sarah and Lisa Thompson in. Lisa had a very unhappy look on her face. Sarah practically had to drag her daughter down the block and the "sour-puss " expression she wore made it clear she would rather be anywhere else.

Mary could not suppress her laugh. "I'm sorry honey, but you should see the look on your face." she said . The 18 year old was not amused "There is nothing funny about it " she grumbled. " don't be so rude- Mrs.Fitzgerald is going to help you on her own time, so be grateful and thank her. "I'm sorry- I feel miserable, thank you for helping me." she said.

"You're welcome, dear-I'll have you feeling better in no time at all" Mary assured the blushing 18 year old. She led mother and daughter into the "treatment room". Lisa's eyes locked onto the enema bag and she froze. "relax Lisa. Sit down on the bed and take your sneakers, shorts and panties off." She advised her patient. Mrs. Thompson sat in a chair next to the bed. "Lisa had always had problems with regularity. I gave her oral laxatives and when that had no effect I gave her a glycerine suppository last night. I mentioned on the phone that all she did was pass gas and no bowel movement. " Lisa blushed "For crying out loud mom?" she whined as she pulled her shorts and panties off.

"Mrs. Fitzgerald needs to know your symptoms in order to help you." she reminded her embarrassed daughter. Lisa kept her pink top on and white knee socks and sat on the bed. "Very good honey, now lay down on your back for me." Mary ordered. Lisa did as instructed. As Mrs. Thompson looked on, Mary pressed gently on Lisa's abdomen. "relax and breathe normally for me, Lisa. Let me now if this hurts." she said."No -it's alright " Lisa replied. "You're as tight as a drum." she said. Mary reached over and put the palm of her hand on Lisa's forehead. It was warm to the touch. "I think you're running a slight fever." she advised. Mary noticed the neat triangle of red pubic hair on the pretty young woman. She was a natural red-head, like her mother and sister. Her hair done up in a pony tail. Her creamy white complexion was now a blush that did not hide the freckles that graced her face. Like most of her patients, Lisa was embarrassed by nudity and invasive medical procedures that were "all in a days work" for the experienced nurse.

"Lisa, turn over onto your stomach for me and I will take your temperature." Mary said dryly. "Can't you take it in my mouth!" the unhappy young woman begged."No, honey- I want an accurate reading and I want to get your rectum nice and lubricated and relaxed for the nozzle." the nurse told the frowning teen.Lisa reluctantly rolled over and watched Mary intently.

With her head resting on the plush pillow, Lisa watched her nurse shake down the rectal thermometer. Not since early childhood had her temperature been taken in her rear end and she was recalling it all now. Mary held the instrument up to the light, as satisfied it was ready, she picked up the tube of K-Y Jelly and applied a dollop to the plump silver bulb.With the thermometer properly lubricated, Mary turned to Lisa and placed her left hand on the girls buttocks. Lisa clenched them tightly together in a futile effort to prevent the temperature taking."Lisa, I need you to relax for me." Mary said gently. The girl clenched even harder. Mary could "wait her out" until Lisa tired of clenching her muscles, but she had a better idea.

Mary raised her hand and swatted each buttock once. This caused the shocked girl to loose control of her muscles. Mary swiftly parted Lisa's buttocks, eyed her anal opening and slid the thermometer straight up her rectum. She released the buttocks and checked the sweep had of her watch. Lisa grunted into the pillow as the rectal thermometer penetrated her so rudely. The mercury line quickly rose up the tube past the 98.6 mark. After four minutes it stopped at 100.4, and Mary reached over and slowly withdrew it from Lisa's rectum. "She has a slight fever, but I am sure it will register normal after her enema." the nurse advised.

"Lisa I want you to lie on your left side and bend your top leg slightly and bring it up." Lisa complied. "That's right" the nurse praised. "Relax while I fill this pitcher." she told her and left to go the sink. Mary over heard Lisa complaining to her mother and her mother say that "she brought it on herself " with her poor eating habits and waiting so long to tell her. Mary soon returned with a quart of warm water , to which she added some salt .

Lisa looked on as the nurse poured the water into the red bag. Mary then lubricate the rectal nozzle. She opened the clamp on the white hose and released some water to expel the air in the hose. Mary bent slightly and with her right hand, she raised Lisa's upper buttock. Lisa gasped as her anus was exposed. The slick anus opened for Mary. She gently and with a slight twisting motion, inserted the nozzle into Lisa's rectum. "Take a deep breath through your mouth, dear." she advised. Lisa did as she was told and the nozzle slid smoothly into her.

"I am going to start the flow slowly. Let me know if it starts to hurt or if you need to stop and take a break " the nurse said. Lisa nodded. She heard to clamp open with a clicking sound and felt the warm water enter her rectum. It was very soothing - not at all uncomfortable. Lisa was both surprised and happy at the same time . Mary kept a close watch on Lisa for signs of discomfort. " Good girl- you're doing fine honey" she praised her patient. When the bag was half empty, Lisa asked Mary to pause the enema. "O.K-you can start it again " the teen said. Mary reached over and opened the clamp. Warm water flowed slowly up Lisa's rectum .

When the bag went flat, Mary clamped the hose. She left the nozzle in Lisa's rectum. "Good job, Lisa- you took the whole bag. Now I want you to hold it for ten minutes to let it to it's job. Breathe normally and rub your tummy ." the nurse advised. Lisa did as told. " I have to poop " she whined. Mary gently removed the nozzle and pressed a tissue against Lisa's anus. Mary and Lisa's mother left the room to let the young woman expel in private.

Mary and Sarah went into the kitchen. The nurse advised a plan of a high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water and juices to keep Lisa regular and happy.Five minutes later, the two woman heard Lisa call out. "I'm Finished" . Mary went into the treatment room followed by Sarah. They found Lisa siting on the bed, relived and smiling. Mary eyed the full commode and knew the enema did the trick. She had Lisa lay down on her back. Once again she pressed down on the girls abdomen - this time it was soft and pliable. "Turn over for me" the nurse ordered. When Lisa was face down, Mary took her rectal temperature again. This time a perfect reading of 99.2 was noted."excellent" Mary sang out. "Get dressed dear and join us in the kitchen for tea ." Mary said.

Lisa was a changed girl. Happy and smiling, she listened to Mary's advice to avoid constipation in the future. She hugged the young woman and led them to the front door- happy to do a good deed for someone in need.



The following Saturday, Mary was in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when the phone rang. "Hello" she answered it. "Hi , Mary- it's Sarah Thompson. This is so embarrassing. " Then there was a pause. " Come now, what's wrong. Lisa's not constipated again is she? We had a high fiber diet worked out for her and she assured us she would follow it." Mary asked.

"No-it's not that- Lisa is as regular as a clock, thanks to you. I'm having trouble with her sister, Chrissie." ''Oh my dear-is she blocked up now?" Mary laughed. "No, she is fine. The problem is that when Lisa and I came back from your house last week, Lisa was going on and on about how great her "treatment " was, and well, you know how sisters can get jealous- Now my Chrissie insists that she needs her temperature taken and be given an enema like Lisa had. I told her that she was fine and did not need a treatment. She went on and on about me not loving her as much as Lisa and I did not care a hoot about her health. Nothing I say will convince her otherwise. I hate to ask you, but could you give my Chrissie an enema. I need to get this nonsense out of that girls system or I will have no peace." Sarah begged.

"Well, sure- I have no definite plans this afternoon. Give me 45 minutes to get ready and come over with her. I will give her a small enema- I don't want to put her intestinal flora out of balance - a pint should be enough to give her what she's looking for. Lisa needed more because she was holding onto so much waste. As far as rectal temperatures go- you know I prefer them for safety reasons and for their accuracy. I don't like this jealousy business, though, especially for a girl of 18 and I would like to get to the bottom of that - if you'll pardon the pun- If my girls ever accused me of favoring one over the other and not giving a hoot about their health- they would find themselves bare-bottomed for a good sound spanking to drive home the point that I did care about them and not at all about their unfounded jealousy. " There was a pause. "I don't know about spanking- I did that once when they were little and fighting and their pediatrician said such punishment would "scar" the girls and use time-outs instead. "My dear- my version of a "time-out " is the time it takes to switch from "open handed" to the paddle while giving a spanking. " Mary said. "In any case- the spanking is part of Chrissie's treatment- no spanking - no treatment, " Mary insisted. "Alright- perhaps you're right- she's too old for this type of behavior." Sarah relented. "Very good- I will see you both this afternoon." Mary said and hung up the phone.

Mary was always willing help family and friends,. but if her advise was ignored once it was given, she never offered help again. Mary dressed and went into the treatment room. She put a fresh rubber sheet on the bed, checked the enema bag and rectal nozzle. All was secure and sanitary. The instrument tray needed gauze pads and tissues. The rectal thermometer was shaken down and ready to go. On the wall the "attitude -adjuster " hung on the hook- ready for use as well. The "attitude -adjuster " was a ping-pong paddle with out the rubber with the letters "attitude adjuster" in bright red letters on it's center. It was put to good use on her girls' bottoms when the need arose. That and the nozzle. Between the two - the Fitzgerald home was always peaceful.

Mary was brought back to the present when the front doorbell rang. Upon opening it, Mary saw Sarah Thompson and Chrissie. Chrissie was at first glance, a carbon copy of her sister , Lisa- both sisters kept their hair in a pony tale with hair of fine copper color. Chrissie smiled brightly. "Well ,please come in- I am ready for you dear." she said to Chrissie. "Your mother tells me you would like the same treatment your sister received." Mary asked. "Yes ,please" the young woman replied happily. "Well come with me and we can get started." Mary offered and mother and daughter walked into the treatment room.

Chrissie examined everything in the room with delight. She handled the hose and rectal nozzle gently. The instrument tray caught her attention. She picked up the tube of K-Y Jelly and read aloud "An excellent lubricant for rectal thermometers and enema nozzles" she put it down and picked up the rectal thermometer. She eyed the plump silver bulb and touched it with the tip of her finger. "Mom used a thermometer like this one when we were little, but she stopped when we were around six or seven." she said to Mary. "Well, in my practice, as a nurse- I prefer it over oral thermometers." Mary explained. "Oh, that's good"she said happily and clapped her hands in anticipation.

"We can get started once you remove your sneakers, shorts and panties, honey." Mary interrupted, and Chrissie sat on the bed and stripped down in record time as her mother sat and watched the scene in amazement. "Lay down on your back for me sweetie" Mary ordered and Chrissie complied. With gentle pressure she pressed on the young ladies abdomen. It was soft and the bowel was empty- as Mary expected. "That's very good- now roll over onto your tummy. " Mary instructed.

Chrissie got into position and spread her legs slightly, exposing her vulva to the nurses gaze. Red hair neatly framed the moist lips of her sex. Mary picked up the rectal thermometer and with fanfare, held the instrument up to the light as her patient looked on from the bed. Chrissie sighed happily when she felt the nurses hand on her buttocks. She felt Mary's fingers press down and then spread her buttocks wide. "Oh My" she exclaimed as cool air kissed her exposed anus. Moments later, the slick bulb pushed through it and slowly up her rectum. It tingled sweetly and Chrissie shivered as the bulb rubbed against her rectal wall.

Mary released her patient's buttocks buttocks and checked her watch. To her surprise, Chrissie was so thrilled by the sensations the cool glass thermometer was giving her patient, that Mary had to hold it in place between her fingers and her hand pressed firmly on the young woman's bottom to keep her still on the bed. Chrissie wiggled happily on her tummy the full three minutes the thermometer was up her rectum. Upon its withdrawal - a normal reading of 99.2 was noted."Well you really enjoyed that , didn't you- young lady?" Mary asked. "Oh yes- it was wonderful" Chrissie admitted. Her mother was shocked.

"Now, dear- I want you on your left side, top leg bent and up toward your chest- it's the best position for your enema. Now just relax while I fill this pitcher with warm water for you- I'll be right back." Mary said and turned on her heel.

"How could you be so brazen- shame on you" Sarah said to her daughter.

Mary returned with the pint of warm water. She put it slowly into the red bag hanging on the I.V. pole as before. She opened the clamp and released some water as she did with Lisa. "Take a deep breath through your mouth just before I insert the nozzle." the nurse advised. Mary used her left hand to raise Chrissie's upper buttock. Her anus quivered excitedly as it was exposed. Mary heard her patient take a breath. She slid the nozzle up Chrissie's rectum. "Now you are going to feel some warm water. I want you to let me know if you need a rest and I will stop the flow.-alright" Mary advised "O.K- I will" she assured her nurse.

Mary opened the clamp. "Oh Wow- that is so soothing" Chrissie exclaimed happily. She reached down and masturbated without shame. Mary had seen this reaction from a girlfriend at college and it did not faze her. Her constipated roommate begged her to give her an enema and had climaxed when it was given. Chrissie did not ask for a rest from the enema, and soon the bag was drained- and so was Chrissie- she shook on the bed as the orgasm flowed over her. Mary removed the nozzle and clamped the hose. She wadded a tissue and pressed it against the girls anus. "Expel in the commode and call us when you're finished."

Mary and Sarah adjourned to the kitchen as before- only this time , Sarah was blushing at the sight she just witnessed. Mary assured her it was not uncommon for some woman to reach orgasm from an enema. She mentioned the case of her girlfriend at college who was very anal, like Chrissie.''Mrs. Fitzgerald, I am finished" she heard Chrissie call out.

The woman returned to the treatment room. "You did very well, dear- you took that bag like a trooper." Mary praised. "Thank you" Chrissie replied with a smile. " I would like to re-take your temperature to verify the enema's effectiveness." Mary said and Chrissie was about to roll over onto her stomach."No honey- It would be safer if you went over my lap- you are quite a "wiggle -worm" Mary said with a laugh. Mary sat down on the bed at the end.. She guided the young woman face down over her lap- Chrissie's legs hung down over the end of the bed and her upper body lay on the bed with her head on the pillow. Mary put her arm on her back and then reached over with her left hand and parted her buttocks. She eased the bulb up Chrissie's rectum as she held the glass rod between her fingers, hand pressing firmly on her patient's tingling rear. Over the nurses lap- Chrissie was unable to move. The instrument registered in the usual three minutes. As expected the reading was normal..

After Mary withdrew and noted the temperature, Chrissie expected to be let up to dress, she was mistaken. "You are a very naughty young woman. Who gave you leave to masturbate during your treatment? she asked. "Well no one" Chrissie admitted. "Yes, and who said you could waste my time -coming to my home for a treatment when none was needed"? Mary asked "Well no one-but" Chrissie stammered. "But nothing- You owe your mother an apology for acting so childish with all this jealousy nonsense for the past week- You're 18 and on the way to college- I think you need some help in growing up -young lady.

Chrissie's heart sank. The thrill of the afternoon evaporated. Mary held her firmly over her lap. She raised her hand and went to work on Chrissie's up-turned bottom -going from one buttock to the other. Smacking sounds echoed off of the walls as she spanked the young woman's bottom so soundly. "Ow-stop it -that hurts." Chrissie wailed. "Silly girl-a spanking is supposed to hurt" Mary laughed -"but if you want me to stop-I will. " Mary soothed . Chrissie thought her ordeal was over until Mary took the attitude adjuster down. She brought it up and then down quickly on the young woman's very pink rear end. "Oh No!" Chrissie yelled as the paddle hit it's mark. Chrissie kicked her legs and howled as her attitude was adjusted to the satisfaction of her mother. A crying Chrissie apologized her her outrageous and very childish behavior. Mary held her over her lap and applied a soothing lotion to Chrissie's bottom. She then let her up and dress.

"Join us for tea when your ready, dear" Mary said . She placed a pillow on a chair in the kitchen and Chrissie sat and had tea with the mother and Mary. "Thank you Ma'am- I am sorry for how I acted. "I Know honey- but that's all behind you - enjoy your tea." Mary said with a laugh.

The end


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