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All the Babies in a Row

All the Babies in a Row

Copyright 2008 David Ryan

Chapter 1

The moment Mummy Stephanie opened the door my face went beetroot. She smiled and crooked her finger, gesturing for me to enter. She looked pleased at my instant humiliation! As I passed her I felt her hand squeezing my bottom and she laughed. I cringed and scurried down the hall. "Hurry in to the right," she called after me. Part of me just wanted to escape her attention! I was so embarassed. I could feel my face bright red.

I pushed the door open, expecting to enter a quiet room alone. Somewhere where I could catch my breath and my wits before she arrived on my tail. But I was stopped in my tracks! I saw one big baby standing in the corner, his plastic panties pulled down just below his bottom which was bright, bright red. He was sucking on a dummy and had his hands folded behind his back. I turned away, looking for a clear space to gather myself. But there in front of me was another big baby lying in a cot sucking his thumb. He looked liked he'd been crying too. I began to panic. Had I got myself in too deep? What's going on? So I looked to the right, looking for my space. But there was another big baby kneeling on the carpet with his hands on his head! His plastic panties were down around his knees and there was a cane lying next to him. I could see the stripes on his bottom and he was blubbing quietly. I gasped! I have to get out of here.

Just as I turned there was Mummy Stephanie! Her face looming into mine with that huge almost evil smile. She was laughing. "Now you didn't think you were going to get away, did you?" With that she grabbed my ear and pulled so hard I just had to follow... And she dragged me right across the room to a changing table which had a big pair of soft clear plastic panties, a yellow plastic dummy with a rubber tip and strips of pink satin ribbon. I knew these were all for me. But I didn't understand what the pretty little girl's undershirt with the pink edging was doing there.

Mummy pulled my jacket open. "Get undressed immediately," she said. I hesitated and fumbled. She let go of my ear and unzipped my jacket in one move. "I said get undressed!" My face was crimson and my hands trembled. "Listen, either you're going to be a good boy right now or I'm going to..." and with that she slapped my face! I almost started to blub. Now I knew why the other big babies were crying. I tried to mumble I'm sorry, but she was having no false apologies. My jacket was stripped off me and flung on the floor, and my jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped and round my ankles before I knew it. I felt the cool air on them, and I felt exposed. Before I had the chance to hurry up Mummy slapped the backs of my legs so hard I jumped and screeched ow! "I've no time for disobedience!" she shouted. "Do what you're told or I'll make you! Is that clear?" I nodded and continued fumbling. "Silly little boy. Sooo silly." And then her voice went all sweet and seductive, and that made me swoon even more. "You know you want to be my good little boy, don't you? That's why you came here, isn't it?"

She had me naked in a moment and I stood there, tears in my eyes and red slap marks on my face and legs. They hurt too. I looked at the floor. I couldn't bring myself to look into her eyes. "That's nice. Looking at the floor are we? That's a good boy." And with that she smacked my bottom once and twice and thrice, pushing me over the changing table and spreading my legs. She grasped my wrists and pulled them back behind me, and I saw her pluck a piece of pink ribbon to tie them with. Then she noticed that my little cock had become very hard and was sticking up and showing off. "Ooh, isn't that cute. But you know you don't have my permission don't you? Don't you know what happens to cheeky boys with big willies?" I trembled. I wished I had more control. But I knew that was precisely why I had come to Mummy Stephanie, because I don't have proper control and I need her to teach me.

"Little boys who do that are very rude," she said, standing me upright and lifting my chin with her hand, forcing me to look her in the eyes. "Don't you know that? Don't you know you're being very, very naughty?" I blushed and nodded. Mummy took the dummy and held it in front of my face. "Well, little boys who can't control themselves and behave properly have to be shown how to behave properly. Wouldn't you agree?" I nodded. "Do you know what I do with naughty little boys like you?" I mumbled a 'no' and shook my head. "Well, first off I am going to treat you like the little baby you are! Boys who can't control themselves are just like babies. And you are a baby too! You're going to learn to be a good little baby aren't you?" I nodded my head furiously but couldn't stop my little willie standing even more erect. Mummy had me cornered and had my number. "Yes, I know you're a little baby really. You really are. So I want you to look at your dummy. This is *your* dummy. I bought it especially for you. And you are going to open your mouth and take it in and suck on it. Is that clear?" She licked the rubber tip and made it wet and touched it to my lips. They quivered. I sooo wanted to suck it. "That's a good boy. Now open your mouth for Mummy." And then it was in, and I could taste the slippery rubber and feel it on my tongue. My weewee throbbed.

"Now I'm going to put you in your plastic baby panties, so you can stop pretending. You ARE a big baby and that's the truth, isn't it?" I nodded and mumbled through my dummy. "That's a good boy. You're getting there." She took the panties and fluffed them open in front of me. They looked very soft and almost clear. My willie throbbed again. Mummy noticed of course. "Oh, baby likes his little plastic panties does he?" She laughed. "Well, we're going to slip them on so that you won't be able to forget what you are. Mummy's little baby boy. Mummy's obedient little baby. Is that clear?" She lifted one foot and then the other so that my feet were in the leg holes, and then she slowly pulled them up over my knees and just under my bottom. I could feel them under my willie too, just touching, and this made me blush again. "Silly boy," she said sweetly, "of course they excite you. I KNEW that. Didn't you?" And with that she pulled them over my warm bottom and my still throbbing willie. "There now, we won't be having any more trouble with your naughty willie, will we?" I nodded and mumbled.

"I'm not sure you do understand. You're a very naughty little boy, and dirty too, aren't you? Look at you now. What are you? I know you play with your willie. You wrote and told me didn't you?"

At this point I was squirming and almost wiggling with embarassment. My eyes darted around the room at the other big babies. I was afraid they'd hear. Mummy saw me.

"Are you afraid they can hear? Oh you silly sissy! Of course they can!" And with that Mummy turned me and pushed me over the changing table so my bottom was in the right position. I moaned. "This is your first punishment from Mummy. A little spank on your little bottom so you know your place."

But it wasn't a little spank at all! It hurt and stung a lot. My bottom got hot and began burn. Mummy wanted me to know what a bad boy I'd been. "This is for trying to run away, and this is for being a silly, silly little boy and this is for lying to me. You will never lie to me again. If I say you're a little baby or a cry-bah or a dirty little boy you will know I'm telling the truth, won't you?" Then she slapped the back of my thighs and chuckled. "Hmm, I see you are a dirty little boy," she said. "I bet you play with yourself all the time, don't you?" I mumbled a yes. Mummy lifted me up and turned me to her: "Look in my eyes." And she popped the dummy out and held it in front of me. "What are you?"

"I'm, I'm a dirty little boy, Mummy." I strained to say.

"Yes, you are. A very dirty little boy."

Mummy pushed the dummy back in my mouth and pushed me over the table. "Don't move!" she said. I heard her walking across the room and back, and wondered what she was doing. "This is to teach you never to lie to me and never to pretend to be anything more than I tell you, is that clear?" I mumbled in a dreamy kind of way. But then I woke up like a shot! Mummy had got the cane and just hit me with it. I yelped. Then again, right across my bottom. A sharp burning pain. I wanted to jump up and stop it, but Mummy had her hand on the back of my neck and had my face pressed onto the table. I could see the pretty pink edging on the little girl's undershirt. Ow! It hurt bad. "You're going to learn to be a very obedient little boy in my house, is that clear? I'm going to make sure you are. You are going to do what I say when I say it and not a moment later." And with that she caned me three times on the back of my thighs. It stung like mad. My legs started jumping.

Then I felt the soft warmth of her hand as she smoothed my bottom and ran them over the back of my thighs. I was breathing deep, sucking on my dummy and still looking at the girl's top and wondering why it was there. Then I felt Mummy's hand rubbing and pushing into the back of my plastic panties. She was feeling for my little hole. "Ah," she said sweetly, "there's your little hole." And she pushed her fingers into it and made me quiver. "I see you're a real sissy then. Like your little hole played with don't you? I bet you'd learn to love my strap-on too!"

I moaned. Could I deny anything at this point?

"And have you been wondering what that lovely girl's undershirt is doing there? Didn't you guess why I put it there?" I shook my head. "Oh, I know you didn't write anything about being a real sissy did you? But you really can't hide anything from me. I knew from your letters that you were. Or is it just humiliation? You're so afraid of being sissy that if I make you you'll have to give in. Is that it? Either way, stand up."

Mummy smoothed the tears on my face and undid my wrists. She pointed skywards and waited for me to grasp her meaning, so I put my arms up. "That's a good obedient little boy. Here now..." And she slipped the soft white girly undershirt over my head and pulled it down. It fitted me perfectly. And the little ruffled edge with pink made me embarassed again and I looked at the floor. "Aah, that's cute," she said with a smile. Mummy tied my hands again. Then she took another piece of the ribbon and pulled my panties down. "This one is for your dirty little willie. When you're well trained you'll learn to wear it without getting hard." And then another piece. "And this one's for you head, so you don't forget what a sissy Mummy has made you." When she had pulled up my panties Mummy grasped my willie so firmly that all of it was in her strong grip. "Come this way," she said, "it's time to meet your playmates." And she dragged me like this across the floor. I couldn't do anything about it. I hesitated at one point and she squeezed just hard enough for me to groan and obey. "That's right," she said.

Mummy took me on a tour! Holding me firmly like that she took me to each baby in turn.

"This is Sissy Debbie. As you can see she's kneeling on the floor, and she got caned just before you. She's a very good little miss now, aren't you Debbie?" Debbie moaned through her dummy and nodded. "And this is Bratty Billy who's been made to stand in the corner after being a very bad brat. I have to punish him more than most, but he's a good little boy event-u-ally, aren't you?" And Billy nodded and said "I'm sorry for being so bad, Mummy." She stroked his red bottom. "Billy is a very bad boy, but he's not a sissy like you," Mummy said. "And finally, this is Baby Jenny in the cot. She's been with me for many years and is very well behaved now, aren't you sweetie? Of course, I do still have to spank her sometimes, but her big punishment is to be locked in the cot."

"Now I want you all to turn toward me," Mummy said, still holding me firmly by my hard willie. "This is our new boy and I want you to welcome him. He's been very bad and I've punished him. His pet name is going to be, let me see, Leslie because he's really a sissy. At least that is what I've decided to make him. You can see that he is wearing his plastic baby panties and sucking on his doo-doo, so he can't deny what a big baby he is. You ARE a big baby aren't you Leslie?" I nodded, but that wasn't enough for Mummy. She was determined to humiliate me in front of everyone. She took my dummy out with a plop. "What are you?" I looked round the room and blushed, "I'm a sissy, Mummy." She could feel my wee wee throb when I said that. She smiled. It was very kind of her to hold me so firmly. I don't think I could have spoken if she hadn't. "And what else are you? What were we just discussing?" I cleared my throat, "I'm a dirty little boy." She smiled and looked at the big babies, who all looked at me with a strange and warm sympathy, like they knew what I was going through. "Yes, Leslie is a very dirty little boy. How are you dirty?" I blushed. God, she wasn't going to make me say it? But of course she was! "I, er, I er..." Suddenly I felt the hard smack of her hand on my sore bottom. I yelped. The big babies laughed. "Don't laugh at him, or you'll be next!" she said. "How are you dirty?" I cleared my throat, "I er, I play with myself a lot..." and I blushed crimson. Everyone laughed together at my embarassment.

"Of course you do! That's why you have to come to Mummy, isn't it?"

"Yes, Mummy."

"That's a good boy." She popped my dummy back in.

"Baby Leslie will be back to play in a moment, after I milk him." Then she turned to me, "As the other babies know I always start as we intend to go on, and I won't have little boys in baby panties with big weewees. It simply isn't right. Babies mustn't be allowed to get big unless Mummy makes them, is that clear?"

Mummy took me over to the changing table and lay me down. When she took her hand off my weewee it throbbed and yearned for her. She looked down at me, "I think you've made a very good start baby. Now you're going to learn to be milked like all the other little boys. But first I want you to be a very good little sissy for Mummy." I felt her pulling my plastic panties down and then something cold and wet touching my little hole, and then she pushed... "There, isn't that nice? Something to fill your little hole, so you can really be my little sissy." Pulling my panties back up she rubbed the little butt plug until my hole began to tremble and pout. I had never felt this before. She looked down at me, "Yes, I think you're going to be a very good little sissy. There, be good now and let Mummy play with your little hole." And with that she took my weewee and stroked the front of my panties. I started to get hot and flushed, and began moaning. "Oh, you're so sweet... There's a good sissy boy. You just lie back and let Mummy milk you in your plastic panties... Don't you know that's why you have to wear them?" She laughed. "I knew you wouldn't be able to control yourself. You have to be in baby panties. Mummy is going to milk you in them. That's what they're for, as well as punishment for being bad. Mummy is going to milk you until you are a good, obedient boy and do exactly as you're told." I trembled and rubbed my willie fast for Mummy and then...


Chapter 2 is available. Comment here if you'd like to read it and I'll post it up.

Copyright © 2008 David Ryan, contact me by PM @ zity


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