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Daddy Brings the Dr.

Daddy Brings the Dr.

I wake up and streatch. Looking around I realize that Daddy is allready out of bed. The smell of coffee catches my attention and I sit up in the bed. Glancing around I see that Daddy has left a new pacifier on my bedside table. I know I am way to old for a passy but it puts a smile on my face to see it sitting there because I do love having something to suck on.

I grab the passy and walk sleepily to the kitchen wanting to see Daddy and ask if I can use the new passy. Cause some times Daddy doesn't like for me to have my mouth all full. And he does think I am too old for it. When I walk into the kitchen I notice that Daddy is on the phone. I be still and wait quietly but impatiently for him to finish.

I hear him say "i will get her ready and explain it all. We will see you in a little while." He listens for a minute then finishes "thank you Dr" and hanges up the phone. I wonder why Daddy was talking to the Dr.? I want to ask him but suddenly I feel a little nervouse. He said he would 'get her ready?' Did he mean me? What were we getting ready for? Just as I step forward Daddy turns and sees me standing there. His face breaks into a sunny smile and he reaches out to give me a big hugg. I fold in close to his chest. Hugging him hard and breathing deep of his clean man scent. Daddy leans over to kiss me on top of the head and say goodmorning little one Did you sleep well. I tell him I slept realy well and that I am glad he doesn't have to go to work this morning. Daddy takes a step back and asks me if I would like a glass of orange juice and I whisper "can't i have some coffee instead plese Daddy?" I give him my very best cute face. Usually Daddy doesn't want me to have coffee but some times he lets me have half a cup with lots of milk in the morning. He smiles down at me for a minute seeming to think about it then he notices I am still holding the passy. He reaches out to gently pluck it out of my hand and set it on the counter then answers me. "Well...... i guess a little coffee will not do you any harm. But the passy is for latter so leave it right here for now. I am so happy that Daddy is fixing my coffee that I don't even mind about the passy. I wait while he makes my cup just the way I like it. Some sugar and lots of milk. He even puts in a tiny little drop of chocolate syrup! I take a deep drink of the coffee and wipe my lips. I am still thinking about the phone call and I want to ask about it, but Daddy is busy making my breakfast. Scrambling eggs and making toast. So I decide to wait till after we eat to ask. The food is very good and I finish it quickly then help Daddy clean the kitchen. Putting plates and bowles in the dish washer while he sweeps the floor. Once we are finished I hope we might go outside for a little walk but Daddy takes my hand and says "today is a big day. We need to get you all cleaned up and ready. You go to your room take off your cloths and put on that pink robe while I run your bath." I realy want to go out for that walk. So I decide to try my pouty face. Making my eyes all sad I poke out my bottom lip and say "but Daddy. Why do I need a bath in the morning? I wanted to walk in the pretty sunshine with you" Daddy gives me his stearnest look and says "you heard me young lady! And you can put away that sad face. Its into the bath with you. The Doctor is coming to see you today and you have to be ready when she gets here." Now even though I enjoy being a little girl for Daddy I usually do not lose sight of the fact that I am really a grown woman. I don't act a brat or misbehave on a regular basis. But the thought of a Dr. Is enough to to put me in a very "little" frame of mind. Making me feel even more like a child than usual. For a minute I just stammer then I fanally manage to squeek out "but Daddy! I'm not sick. I don't need to see the doctor." I know this is prolly gonna get me in trouble but I can't seem to help myself. I can see that Daddy is trying to be patient, but i know he dosn't like it when I act up. "PattyAnn! Get in your room now and get ready for your bath. If you are not ready by the time I call for you it will mean a spanking. And you will Still get your bath!" I hange my head and mumble "yes Sir." And head off to my room. Even with the door closed I can hear Daddy rummaging around in drawers and running water. I decide that I am gonna be a good girl even if I don't want to see the Dr. After all the Dr. can't take ALL day and I want to have a good day with Daddy.

I'm in my pink robe and sitting on the edge of my bed when I hear Daddy calling me into the bathroom. I walk slowly across the hall and into the room with my head still hanging down. "I'm sorry I was bad Daddy." I say. Daddy pulls me close for a big hug. Well you are being good now. And if you keep right on being good all morning then we can go see a movie this afternoon. Ok?" I look up at him with a little bit of a smile and nodd. "Ok Daddy. I will be good. It would be lots of fun to go see a movie with you." Daddy moves back just a little and tells me to take off my robe and hange it on the hook. That is when I look around and notice that the enima bag is hanging on the shower rod. And it is the big one. Its sides are allready bulging from the three quarts of water it holds. I fumble around with my robe and almost groan. The thought of the movie latter keeps me quiet and besides I know if Daddy wants me to have an enima then I will GET one so it is best to be good about it. I notice that the tube is looped up so that the nozzel is inside the bag and I wonder which one it is. I realy hate the retention one that blows up a little once it is inside so I hope it wont be that one. Daddy is allready sitting on the towlet and he tells me to kneel down in front of him. "The Doctor" he says "is going to be giving you a realy good exam today so I want to make sure you are as clean as a whistle." I move very very slowly to take my place in front of Daddy. I wonder what on earth 'a realy good exam' might mean. Daddy has never had a Dr. come to the house befor so I realy don't know what it is all about. While i kneel with my chest on the floor and my behind in the air Daddy starts rubbing my lower back the cheeks of my butt. He says this helps me relax. Then he pours the slippy stuff between my cheeks and smears it around with two fingers. Soon one finger slips in my little whole and I take a deep breath. I still have never gotten quit used to the way it feels and i have to concentrate on not jumping or pulling away. More slippery stuff spills onto His finger and he gently works it back and forth twisting it around some. Then he slides in a secong finger. This is the part where I always tighten up no matter how hard I try not to. And Daddy leaves his fingers all the way in untill I relax. Murmering to me that I am being a good girl Daddy reaches up and pulls the nozzle out of the bag. I still can not see it but as soon as I feel it pressed against me I know it is the one I hate most. I try hard to be good but it realy is uncomfortable when it slides in and I can't help whimpering a little and clinching my cheeks together. Daddy just keeps pushing slow and steady and I relax letting it pop in. Once it is inside Daddy pumps it up just a little to make sure I don't squeeze it out. I am not thinking about the Dr. Anymore. I am just trying to be good and hold still and not get in trouble. After I relax for a minute i hear the click that means the water is flowing and I feel the warmth that always feels so good at first. The last of the pain in my bottom has faded and for a few minutes I get to enjoy the feelings before the pressure gets to bad. It doesn't take to long before i feel the first cramps. I realize He must have put in a lot of soap this time. Daddy starts rubbing my back again and telling me to breath and relax. "I know it is uncomfortable for you babygirl. But we have to make you really clean today. The Dr. Is gonna take a good look at all of you today to make sure it is ok to start on some new training. You know Daddy doesn't want to hurt you but this it is really important. So just relax and let it do its work." I do what Daddy tells me and soon enough I am sitting on the toilet waiting for Daddy to release the nozzle and say I can expel. He tells me it only three minutes to go then reaches between my legs. He slides two fingers into my treasure and smiles at me. "You know babygirl i believe you enjoy this even if it does hurt. You sure are soaking wet!" I blush so hard i think even my toes are red. I really don't like for Daddy to know how horny some things make me. I just whisper Yes Sir. And he finally removes the nozzle and lets me empty out.

After a quick cool rinse to get rid of the soap and make the burning stop Daddy gently helps me into the tub. I sink in up to my chin in warm sweet smelling water. Daddy takes his time and washes me really good. Starting with my hair and moving down. He has me stand up and spread my legs so he can wash good between them. Then I sit back down and Daddy even washes between my toes. That makes me giggle. Next is a good rinsing off with the shower head and bath is all finished. After a good drying off Daddy helps me back into my puffy pink robe and tells me to go back to my room. He will be in soon to help me get ready for the Dr. I am sitting at my table coloring when Daddy comes in with a big glass of cold water. He says I have to drink it all so I won't get dehydrated. I think I sure wish I could have a cola instead. But I am feeling a little thirsty so I drink it up and continue to color. Soon Daddy says it is time to put away my colors cause the Dr. Will be here soon. I see that he is at the special drawer and is taking out my cuffs. He makes a big production of helping me put them on and buckle them. I feel more nervous than ever We usually only put on my cuffs if we are gonna do things that feel really good i can't figure why I would wear them for the Dr. The door bell rings and Daddy tells me to go into his room and wait there while he lets the Dr in. I wonder why his room but of course that is the only place where the cuffs work. My bed doesn't have fasteners for them. I walk slowly down the hall and into the big room. I usually love Daddies room. We sleep here and this is where we have lots of fun times. I don't think I will have much fun with this Dr. Its kind of funny though. I am still very wet between my legs. Things that make me nervous or embarrassed pr that hurt just right always seem to do that to me. Soon Daddy comes into the room with a pretty lady and tells me this is Dr. Linda. Now you get right up on the bed and lay down and remember you are going to be very very good for her today. I say "yes Daddy" real quit and hop up to sit on the bed. Dr. Linda looks at Him and he tells me I have to take off my robe. My hands are shaking a little but i manage the tie and let the robe fall off my shoulders i try to keep the ends of it in my lap but Daddy comes over and tells me to stand up and takes the robe to hang it on the wall. Nakkid I climb back up and the bed. Dr. Lunda has a big bag almost like a suitcase and she is taking things out of it. She starts with listening to my heart and lungs. Looking in my eyes. Just normal stuff and I think that this is not so bad. The longer it takes the more I am wishing I would not have drank all that water. I want to ask Daddy is I can go to the bathroom but I think maybe if I just be quiet maybe she will hurry up and then be gone. But Dr. Linda just keeps on doing silly things, like feeling of the back of my head and tapping on my knees with a rubber hammer and I am starting to get pretty desperate for a potty break.

Dr. Linda turns to look at Daddy. "Well the preliminaries look realy good Bob. You are doing a really good job taking care of her. Now we can get down to the more involved stuff. I will start with checking her temp. I turn my head to look at Daddy. "Daddy. Can I go to the bathroom please? I really need to pee." Daddy glances at Dr. Linda and she answers me "You are just gonna have to hold it for a few minutes PattyAnn" she says and reaches into her bag for something else. Her voice is not mean or harsh but it is not really kind either. Just plain no nonsense and I can tell it is no use arguing. I sure do hope those few minutes will go by fast. Now I can see what Dr. Linda is holding. It looks like an old fashion thermometer only kind of fatter. While I am wondering about that I notice she has a much smaller plastic one as well that is all covered in plastic. She lays those on the bed side table and starts to put on a pair of gloves. I am looking at Daddy. Wondering what this is all about, but he doesn't say anything. Dr Linda seems to have every thing all ready now and she tells me she needs to take my temp. Then she says to roll over on my side and face daddy with my legs bent and Daddy puts a pillow between my legs. I am still trying to figure this out when suddenly Dr. Linda lifts my but cheek and sticks something way far in my butt! It dosn't hurt at all. It is way smaller than the enema nozzle. But it surprises me and I try to squeez it back out. Dr. Is holding it in place and so it won't go anywhere and Daddy gives me a warning look and says my name in that way that lets me know I am doing wrong. I stop fighting it and just wait. "It is just the thermometer" Dr Linda say"it is not hurting you so just be still. We have a lot left to do today and it will go faster if you just accept it all." I know I have to answer adults when they speak to me but I can't quit keep the sullen tone out of my voice when I say "yes Ma'am. But can I go to the bathroom after this part please? I really do need to pee really bad" Dr. Linda doesn't answer my question and I know it would be pestering to answer again so I just wait. In this position I am really aware of my full bladder and it seems like a very long time before Dr take the thermometer away, declares that my temp is fine and says I can turn over. "We are gonna check it one more way PattyAnn"she says."and then I am gonna help you out with that full bladder." I catch myself almost smiling at her now cause I really would like to go to the bathroom and that just sounds like i will get to go soon. Dr. looks at Daddy now and says "i think it would be best if we restrain her now. I don't want her moving around and hurting herself." Daddy nods and goes quickly around the bed hooking up my cuffs on the hooks that have me the most spread out. Then he leans over me and speaks softly looking into my eyes. " Things are gonna get kind of uncomfortable for you Baby Girl." He says " but this is best for you now. It is really important that you be still,that's why the Dr. wants you all tied down. To keep you all nice and safe." "But Daddy." I whisper softly "I don't understand. What is she going to do? And she said I could go to the bathroom" Daddy gently kisses my head and tells me to trust him. Everything is gonna be just fine and latter we can go to the movies. Then he says I am being a really good girl and that he loves me. Now the Dr. has come back to the side of the bed and I see she has on a different pair of gloves and in one hand she has a few little cotton sqares that look all wet. "First", she says,"i am going to wipe all around your treasure and pee whole with this. It is kind of cold. I DO NOT want to be peed on young Lady! So be carefully to hold your water." With that she bends over close to me and spreads my pussy lips and wipes me quickly with the stuff. It sure is cold and it makes we wanna pee even more but I hold it tight and don't pee on her. I really wish I could though. "Now" she say, holding up the little thin thermometer,"this one works just like the other one. Only it checks your temp in your pee hole" I really can't help myself. I have had plenty of things in plenty of holes, but never anything in my pee hole! I am so scared I almost scream "uh no! No way! What are you talking about?" I try to pull my arms and legs but can't move at all as spread out as I am. Dr. Linda just ignores my words and spreads my lips wider looking close she pushes the little thing right into my pee hole. It burns a little and also makes me need to pee even worse and I start to cry. Mostly I am crying from embarrassed and scared cause it doesn't really hurt to much. It is just uncomfortable And really strange. Daddy leans close rubbing my head and whispering that this part will be finished soon everything is fine and he dries my tears for me. I think the doctor leaves this one in longer and I feel her moving it around some. It even starts to feel a little bit good to me and I am even more embarrassed because I know my treasure is leaking. The doctor must have noticed that too cause she smiles at daddy and softly says that he has quiet a girl here."she is responding very well. I think her training with sounds will be a pleasure for you both" i have no idea what that means. But some how I am glad that she seems to be approving of me. I see Daddy smile and he gives me his proud look and whispers that I am doing really good. Finally she pulls the little therm. out of my pee hole. It sort of burns and I have to really fight not to wet myself but there is still a relief to have it gone. But just as soon as it is gone she has something else pushing against me. It feels bigger around than the last one and I instinctively clench up. Dr. reaches out and slaps me hard on the thigh. She tells that i am only making it worse if I fight and it is going in anyway. I see that she is right it is sliding in despite my efforts. It goes much deeper and burns lots worse. Also it seems to sort of streatching me a little bit and I just know I am gonna pee now. Suddenly I feel a sort of pop feeling and the pressure in my bladder goes away. I feel like I am peeing but my bed is not getting wet. The thing is all the way up in me now and the Dr. finally explains "this is called a catheter PattyAnn. It is a sort of tub and it drains your bladder into a bag. Most Dr.'s use it when a person can't pee or if the can't get out of bed for a while. I am using now for two things. To make sure your pee tube is all the open and to relive your bladder without you having to get up and go anywhere. Also we are gonna use it to measure how much watter your bladder can hold. Some days Daddy might need you to be still for a long time so we want to know how long it would be safe for you to go without peeing. I know some of what we are doing today hurts. But your Daddy loves you and he never wants to do you any damage so he has to know what is safe as he begines to teach you new things." The pain from the catheter is fading some and Daddy is wiping tears off my face again. I nod to show the Dr that I understand and say softly that I am glad she is helping us. Daddy says again how proud he is of me and Dr. Linda says she is gonna get a quick drink while I have time to get used to the catheter. She leaves the room and Daddy sits on the side of the bed telling me to relax and rest. He gently rubs my legs and arms while I close my eyes

As long as I hold still the catheter is not so bad, and soon Dr. Linda comes back into the room. She takes something else out of her bag....it looks like the bags that hospitals use when you get and I.V. and she puts a tube in the bottom of it then hangs it from a hook. I watch her very closely now cause IF she brings out a needle I am gonna start screaming . But I don't really think she will. Daddy knows I hate needles and he would never let anyone do that to me without a good good reason. The Dr. doesn't seem to have a needle anyway but she is changing her gloves, then she starts doing something with the catheter. when she moves it around it sort of stings again and I whimper. It is not too bad really....so I don't cry.

The Dr. grabs the tub that comes out of the bag she hung up and seems to attach it to the catheter some how. At first I don't really notice anything then I have the feeling of peeing backward. the water is a bit cool but no where near cold. The whole thing feels weird but it does't hurt. Dr. Linda tells Daddy that she is gonna run the water really slow so that it won't make my bladder cramp. Looking at me she says to let her know when I feel that I really have to go pee.

Daddy knows me very well. He knows being bored is the worse thing in the world, so while we wait he starts talking about what movie we should see. I am dreaming about something with scary parts so I can hold on tight to him and hide my face against his chest. He probably knows that is what I am thinking so first I say maybe we should see the new jackass movie and Daddy laughs just like I knew he would. He knows I hate those kind of things. Then he says He was thinking of that space war movie with the skinny little machines fighting each other. Now it is my turn to laugh out loud....Daddy doesn't like that kind of movie at all. Laughing makes me aware of how full my bladder is getting and I say to Dr. that I really need to pee now. She looks at her bag and then feels of the bottom of my tummy. She smiles at me but tells me that I am not even as full as I was before she put the catheter. in and I just need to relax and think about other things for a while. I sort of huff at her cause I do feel like I need to go but she goes back to whatever she was doing. Daddy rubs my head and tells me it won't be much longer. The time seems to crawl and after a while I feel really desperate. Dr. checks again

and this time she seems satisfied. She does something with the tubes and all that water runs back put. This time I thank her for it cause it feels so much better with my bladder empty!

The Dr. smiles and says she is gonna take the catheter out now. which makes me real happy, until she does it and it burns as much as it Did on the way in.

Now she looks at Daddy and says something to him about how much water that was but I am not listening. I am thinking we must be finished here finally untiI notice that Daddy is putting on gloves now and the Dr. is saying somethings to him about how it is so important that everything is really clean. She hands him a funny looking metal stick. It is skinny but has bumps on it. They are both leaning over between my legs and Dr. pulls my lips apart again saying to Daddy. See right there. Then I feel cold metal against my pee hole. The thing slides into me really easy and Dr. Tells Daddy to go really slow about half way. This doesn't burn as bad....or go as deep...as the catheter. did and after a minute it starts to feel kind of good. Then even better when Daddy moves it slowly in and out. It sort of feels like it is rubbing my clit from fhe back and I moan. Daddy looks up at me and smiles. "I know babygirl..That feels really good doesn't it." When I nod he says I. such a good girl. Then Daddy slides two fingers deep inside my treasure.....moving them in time with the little stick in my pee whole. Now I am really moaning and moving my head back and forth. Dr. Linda presses two fingers against my bottom hole and quickly slips them all the way in. Now I am drowning in feelings. So many different good things at once that I can't even think. I am just riding a wave and I feel it building up bigger and bigger.

"Daddy! Daddy daddy??? Can I cum Daddy? Ease, please, please?"

Daddy says yes and so I do falling into pleasure that ripples through me in wave after wave. when it ends Daddy tells me I am the best babygirl. he unhooks all my cuffs and gives me my passy. Covering me with the blanket he tip toes out of the room while I fell asleep.


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