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A very unexpected.. Pleasure

A very unexpected.. Pleasure

One weekend it was my birthday and my sister pulled into the driveway with her new car she had just purchased the day before. When she walked in the house she asked me if I liked it, and if I wanted to go for a ride with her to see her girl friend. I did not know her but replied. "yes for sure and I like your car". Her place was a forty minute drive away. When we got there her girl friend was sitting at the picnic table with two other girl friends of hers, We got out of the car and walked to the table. And my sister introduced me to her friend Linda. She looked at me and gave me a very pretty smile then said to me. "these are my two friends patty and Lisa". And they as well looked at me and smiled just as pretty as the one Linda gave me, we all started talking and getting to know one another. Then my sisters cell phone rang and she went inside the house to take the call. When she returned she called me aside and said. "that was my boyfriend rick and he wants me to meet him in the city as soon as possible and because it was a forty minute drive to run you home. If it OK with Linda would you wait here till I return". I replied "yes you bet I will". We then went back to the table where my sister asked Linda. Almost at the same time Linda, patty, and Lisa all said "he can stay here with us. Not a problem at all" with that said, I walked my sister to her car and said I will see you later. As she was pulling away she said. "have a good time you will like Linda and her two friends. I know them well and they seem to like you very much. Then she left, I went back and sat down at the table. I felt very good talking to these Lady's as I felt a connection to them Right away, A few minutes later Linda said I am going to make some lunch would you like to join us

I had not eaten yet and was hungry. So I said in a polite way. "yes and thank you". Twenty five minutes later Linda came out of the house and said "lunch is ready everyone grab a plate"She had, it looked like, cooked enough food for a small army so loaded up a plate. It was so very good that I had another plate. And was very full by the time it was gone, I then helped clear the table and I helped do the dishes then we sat back at the table and just talked and talked. About 3o minutes had passed and Linda said there was a tire swing over a gully in the back and would I like to go see it and maybe have a swing. I replied. "yes that would be very nice" and we headed to the back of the house. In the back was a trail that led to the swing so in single file we started to walk the trail, four or five minutes later I felt a small rumble in my stomach. And I knew what was about to happen. I reached around and touched my bottom(discreetly of course)and could feel I was filling and wetting my diapers. I was now embarrassed as I did not want any of the girls to know I had pooped my pants like a little baby, but one good thing I was at the back of the line on the trail and the girls could not see the very expanded back of my pants. I then started thinking that if I did not sit down or get to near to anyone of the girls. I would not draw attention to myself and the girls would not have to find out anything. I'd wait for my sister to return then go home and have a shower and diaper change, by the time I was finished thinking this, we arrived at the swing. It was motionless in the middle of the gully and there was a grab stick that could reach it, and bring it in so I grabbed it and pulled swing to the bank. Lisa had now come over and was holding on to the tree behind me, then was going grab the swing. But her hand slipped from the tree. And she grabbed me but it was my bottom she grabbed. I knew right away she could see the expansion of my jeans and feel my poopy diapers. She let go of me and walked back over to patty and Linda. They started talking, then there was some giggling

The three of them walked over to me. And Tammy said"we know that you wear diapers and rubber pants as we seen them when you were at the table and Lisa just informed us that you have filled your pants, but do not feel embarrassed. As we also wear diapers and we are all adult mommies as well and we have have all messed our diapers too and would you like to come back to the house and we will change that dirty diaper for you". I was in heaven to hear those words and a smile quickly engulfed my face and big smiles came from the girls as well. So we all headed back to the house. On the way back Linda said"we know also that it is your birthday as your sister told us and we got a gift for you". Back at the house they removed my wet and messy diaper and I removed theirs, then we all got into the big shower she had, and we all washed and cleaned each other up. Then when we were done I was led to the bedroom where a blue thick cloth diaper was laying on the bed as well as baby powder and a pair of pink plastic pants. And Lisa said to lay down on the bed. Tammy slid the diaper underneath me. And when that happened

I was instantly erect and the girls then smiled sweetly at me and started one by one playing with my very hard love muscle. Till the pleasure was so pleasurable that I exploded with my love juices, when the girls seen this. One by one they put their sweet lips over my manhood and all got a taste of me. It was an awesome pleasure that I had never had done to me before. And it was so very erotic. After I was done the three all took part in powdering my tush and very relaxed love muscle area then put on my diaper, pinning it up, then pulling on my rubber pants then one by one they patted my diapered bottom and said. "does baby feel better now with out that wet and dirty diaper on". You look so very cute now"then it was my turn to diaper them,,but before I did. I went down on each of them and stayed there till they came to an orgasm. And that was also such a pleasure to do. Then I one at a time diapered them, then we just all lay on the bed for a few minutes and savored the immense feelings we all just had. We then got up put our clothes back on and headed back out to the picnic table. I thanked them all so very much and they all smiled and said"Ty you very much as well. And happy birthday. Sweet baby. Fifteen minutes later my sister pulled into the driveway. Linda and the two others talked to my sister for a bit. Said their goodbyes and we got in the car and left, On the way home my sister told me that this was all prearranged by her as she wanted to give me a very nice birthday gift. I thanked her very much for setting this up and that it was the best birthday present anyone could have ever given me. Ty for reading my story for those that do. It is totally true and I loved typing and reliving it. Take care all and stay happily diapered always. 😎 😁 😜


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