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ANR and More

ANR and More

Susan and I are in our 40s and have been married for over 20 years. We have two young adult children who live on their own so we are empty nesters. At our last anniversary dinner in a quiet restaurant with candle light and wine, our conversation drifted to both of us agreeing that our sex life had become dull and wondered what we could do to make it more exciting. Remembering how much I enjoyed suckling Susan to relieve residual engorgement after breastfeeding our infants, I suggested that maybe we could have her induce lactation and add adult nursing to our sex life. Susan immediately agreed that it would be fun to do and revealed that nursing had given her an immense sense of calm and satisfaction, and that she would have little mini orgasms. The next day Susan made an appointment so see her Ob/Gyn and after her visit came home holding a prescription to induce lactation. In preparation for her new state of lactation she went out and bought several nursing bras, all really pretty with lace and some in bright colors, and a box of nursing pads to protect her bras and clothing. Wearing only nursing bras made it convenient and quick for this new activity, especially when nursing her away from home, which we would occasionally do in the car and during walks in the park and camping

For the next several weeks and with lots of breast massage and nipple sucking, a few drops of clear fluid began to appear. After a couple more weeks, she began to produce quantities of breast milk similar to when she was breastfeeding our children. And then began our routine to enjoy her fountain of youth. We would awaken around 6:30 in the morning and for about 20 minutes I would nurse her beautiful full breasts before getting started for the day. Because Susan had a job where she could come home for lunch, she would use her breast pump to drain her accumulation, but if she had to remain at the office, a stall in the ladies room would suffice. She would refrigerate her milk so we could use it in our coffee. We would usually arrive home around half past five and immediately retire to the bedroom where I would nurse her for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, with my head over her chest, I would become so relaxed I would fall asleep at her nipple. After the time out nursing, we would watch the news sipping a glass of wine and then do dinner. At bedtime after brushing teeth and emptying our bladders, we would recline in bed and I would massage her neck and back, kiss passionately and then suckle her re-engorged breasts. After her breasts became softer from my drinking, we would assume the spoon position where I could enter her from behind and massage her clitoris. As Susan’s breathing became fast and her body tensed, I would thrusting so we could have a simultaneous climax. Susan said that she really enjoyed giving me her milk and being nursed heightened her sexual excitement and providing fabulous orgasms. For me, nursing her was likewise exciting. Warm milk and a climax at bedtime always had me sleeping like a baby.

At our subsequent anniversary dinner we talked about our nursing pleasures and wondered if we should add something more to our sex life. Although never having had anal intercourse, it always appealed to me and I hesitantly brought up the subject, expecting Susan to veto anal sex. She admitted that she had read and talked about it with her girlfriends with varying opinions from pain to exquisite pleasure. And, she was aware that anal was now common and considered almost mainstream. Without a negative response to my suggestion, she said she would like to try it providing I took it slow and backed off if it was painful. The next day I found a set of anal dilators on e-Bay and purchased them. As soon as they arrived I told Susan we would try anal sex. Doing it would require some preparation on her part so after retiring to the bedroom, I had her remove her panties and over my knees gently massaged her rosebud with my well-lubed finger. As I could feel her sphincter relax, I penetrated through the sphincter to lubricate inside and deeply inserted two glycerin suppositories. We then got into bed where I gave her a massage and nursed her breasts. Soon the suppositories had done their job and she sat on the toilet to evacuate her rectum and lower colon. Returning to bed after washing herself on the bidet, I held her and rubbed her breasts through the nursing bra she was wearing. With Susan on her side with legs flexed, using plenty of lube I began to dilate her anus starting with the smallest dilator, ten minutes each, working up to the next to the largest one. After the third dilator I could feel that her anus and sphincter were openly relaxed and ready. Still on her side, I lubed her and my penis, and slowly pressed up and into her anus. I asked her to tell me if she was uncomfortable and I would stop but she said nothing. With a little more pressure, her sphincter accepted me allowing the full length my turgid penis into her rectum. We lay there for a while as I held her breasts and kissed the back of her neck; then as I began massaging her clitoris, I began thrusting in and nearly out. Her tightness was oh so pleasurable and Susan’s breathing became faster and deeper from her dual stimulation. Again we came together as my semen filled her. We lay there in silence until my penis softened and slipped out of her hole. After cleaning up a little, we returned to bed where I held her and nursed some more before drifting off to sleep. The next day Susan revealed that she had really enjoyed anal intercourse and wished to do it more. We both agreed that Sunday evenings would be our night for back door sex.

Besides nursing and anal intercourse which has really enhanced our intimacy and pleasure, we are wondering what, if anything, we should add to our marital activities. What do you readers recommend?


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