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A treat for David's Birthday.

A treat for David's Birthday.

After all of my ramblings over the years about this odd lifestyle choice of mine, you all know about David my best friend. He like myself loved to wear diapers and had many, many, opportunities to wear and use diapers in our home and of course his own home for his every night bed wetting.

My sisters loved him like a brother and used to tease him about his diapers, he also had endured a number of their makeovers. David loved the treatment and the attention of all six of my sisters, even when they got carried away from time to time.

July 16 1967 and David is turning a year older he is alone with us for his birthday. He had a wonderful Mom that worked very hard to keep the two of them in their very affluent lifestyle. Unfortunately, she was away a lot leaving David with us for a lot of the time while he was growing up.

My sisters wanted to do something special for David's Birthday and came up with the idea of a party. Not just a regular Birthday Party but a first Birthday Party for a baby. The girls set the whole party up including a Birthday Cake with David's name and a great big #1 candle on it. They moved the old wooden highchair out into the family room and the old wooden crib was set up as well. On one of the tables a stack of heavy nighttime soaker diapers and all of the diaper supplies.

David was fully aware of the girl's plans. He was all prepared for the humiliation he was familiar with from the frequent diaperings and makeovers my sisters had inflicted on him over the years. The time came for the party to begin and David came down to the family room and was mobbed by my sisters. They did something I did not expect nor did I know about. They hauled him off to the big main floor bathroom and stripped him naked for a bath. The big old tub was filled with warm water and a baby bubble bath then a liberal does of David into the bubbles. The girls laughed and teased and sang cute little baby tunes to David as they scrubbed him head to toe. My eldest sister Lee paid a fair bit of attention to David's very hard penis and caught the results in a dry diaper. I still remember the fascinated looks of the younger girls as David blew his load into the waiting soft cloth diaper Lee was holding.

His bath and masturbation of David were over and he looked a little spent as they guided him out of the bathroom to the family room. The sides of the big old wooden crib were down and David was guided onto his back in the middle of the old crib mattress. I loved the smell of the old crib from the years of babies and thousands of diapered little bums, sort of a funky baby powder diaperish smell. The girls had many times diapered David and had many times been shown how by my Mom. They lifted his bum and set him down on the thickest of thick cloth diapers ever. With a lot of baby lotion and a few sets of teenage girl hands, he was rubbed top to bottom with the baby fragrance lotion. This was followed by a snowstorm of baby powder and again a good rubbing from top to bottom. Like most young boys his penis was hard as a rock again as the girls sealed it away under the thick soft folds of his diapers then pinned tight by four large diaper pins.

The girls had selected a wonderful pair of clear plastic pants so all could see clearly the diapers and the diaper pins holding the thick humiliating diapers firmly in place. The pants slipped up his baby powdered legs and over the diapers easily and sealed his shameful diapers into their waterproof confines. David was then pulled up to sit on the side of the crib so the girls could put his cute little baby socks on and baby shoes. Actually, a pair of my sister Molly's Mary Jane's in white that looked perfect for baby shoes. As David was pulled up to stand he had to open his legs quite wide due to the thickness of his diapers and plastic pants.

David was in diaper heaven with his thick diapers and the smell of all of the baby powder and lotion. The girls pulled a onesie on over his head and snapped the crotch together finishing his outfit. David was the perfect picture of a baby boy just after a good bath and diapering. He was over the moon happy and to say the least very diaper horny. The girls helped the crinkly diapered little baby over to the wooden highchair. After squeezing his diapers into the seat of the chair they slid the wooden tray in and locked it in place.

The cake was placed in front of him with the big #1 Candlelight to blow out after making a wish. The girls all sang Happy Birthday as David blew out his candle and made ready for the treat of the Birthday Cake. Wendy came up from behind him and gave his head a firm shove and planted his face firmly into the soft icing of the cake, covering his face. Damn, he looked just like a little baby with icing all over his face.

At that very moment, a tap at the back door could be heard, and I answered it. There was his Mom and Mine with some packages and gifts all wrapped up for David. As they walked into the family room David's Mom burst out laughing at the site. Her teenage son was a baby in a high chair with Birthday Cake all over his smiling face.

Oh my lord, I hope your diapers are cleaner than your face and sweetheart. You look absolutely adorable in your diapers and highchair. Let me get out my camera and get some pictures of my new baby boy to show everyone. Girls you have done a wonderful job on David and he looks just like a baby. When was he changed last? His mother reached in under the tray and did the old two fingers in the leg openings of his plastic pants. Now there is a big boy whose diapers are nice and dry, Mommy does not need to change you yet.

After a little teasing and a few good wipes with a warm wet towel, David was all cleaned up for his gift opening. The first gifts were from his Mom and all were clothes from of course the right age group. Next came the gift from my Mom and I knew exactly what she had for him. As he opened it he beamed with smiles as he saw the stack of new cloth diapers, my Mom's most luxurious kind. Double thick and double soft with a half dozen pairs of plastic pants and a couple of onesies to match.

David's Mom smiled and gave Mom a big hug, thank you for the supplies. I don't know how we could ever afford all of the bed-wetting supplies you have given us over the years. Mom just thanked David's Mom for all of the years of bed-wetting diaper testing that David had provided and said she loved David as one of her own and was pleased to provide all of his diaper needs.

Besides my Girls love baby David and treat him like one of the family. Now, how about a piece of face plant Birthday Cake for everyone?

We all had Birthday Cake and ice cream and while we all ate our cake Mom and David's Mom changed David into one of his new diapers. It is as you said back a while ago; it is nice to have a boy in diapers in the home. I know what you say and I enjoy diapering my boy too. Maybe all men should be kept in diapers for life. ???

Today we had news my lifelong friend was taken in his sleep by his god above. 72 years is all too early but brings an end to David's pain and suffering. God bless you brother.😭


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