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Yearly Exam

Yearly Exam

Well, I had my yearly. This year I decided to ask my husband not to go. It kind of embarrasses me for him to be there, and I wanted to see if it was any different being examined by my male gyn without him. He was a bit upset, but understood.I showered paying special attention to the areas that would soon be on display, and shaved my legs, then went to work before my afternoon appointment. It started out just like any other yearly, waiting in the waiting room forever. I always feel like men are looking at me and thinking about what is about to happen to me. I sat there with my usual combination of embarrassment and hint of excitement. I tried to focus on the excitement part this year, especially since my husband was not here. Finally they called me and took me back to be weighed and to pee in a cup. The nurse talked to me about whether I was having any problems, about my periods, and other private things. Then she pointed to the table with the gown laying on it and told me to take everything off top and bottom and put the gown on open to the front, and left the room. I took the gown into the little dressing area with the thin cloth screen, and began to strip. First my shoes, then opened my belt and took off my jeans, then I pulled off my t-shirt and unhooked my bra. Unhooking my bra and taking it off always make me think that now I am now vulnerable and exposed, and it doesn't help having nothing but a thin curtain between me an an unlocked door on one side of the room and a huge window with no drapes or blinds on the other.

I finished undressing and put that stupid gown on "open in the front" as instructed by the perky nurse, then sat on the end of the exam table and waited. The doctor came in finally and we talked about nothing for a couple minutes to break the ice, and he mentioned that my husband was not with me today. I told him not this time that I wanted to come alone. He grinned and said, ok let's get started. He asked me to lower the top of my gown and raise my arm over my head, and he started my breast exam while asking me if I had any concerns or issues with my breasts. I croaked out no. He ran his hand around it while pushing, looking for lumps. Then he closely checked my nipple and the darker area around it. He seemed to spend more time picking it than normal, and he squeezed it and rolled it in his fingers, supposedly looking for discharged. I was already starting to breath hard and I tried to control myself. Then he did the same to the other breast and had me lay back on the table so he could check them with my laying down. Around and around my breasts his warm hands went again.

I was flushed from embarrassment and excitement, and I was afraid he could see it too. He then worked his hands down my abdomen pushing and looking for any problems. He stopped at about my belly button. I knew it was time for an even more intimate exam...He told me I could cover up and to sit at the end of the table and lie back. I watched him getting everything he would need and putting on new gloves as I laid back and tried to cover myself with the flimsy gown. He turned back to me and helped me get my feet into the stirrups, and as usual, I was too far up the table and he had to ask me to slide down. As I slid down, the gown slid up my body fully exposing myself and my legs bent more.

I kept my knees together as best I could until he sat down on his little stool and slid up between my legs. He touched my knees with his wrist, which was my cue to spread them. Now I was fully exposed and vulnerable to this attractive doctor. So far he was being very professional, but I also saw the grin he made when we talked about my husband not coming along this year, and I know he knows I get excited by being examined. He said "ok, let's see how you are doing here", doctor speak for I am going to look at your nakedness now. He told me he was going to check my vulva area first and warned me before the first touch, but I jumped a little anyway. I told myself to relax. He first pushed here and there and looked around, then he opened me up so he could check around my lips and all the way up to my clit. Again he warned me before he touched the hood over my clit, but again I jumped as he touched it, I mean who wouldn't. He pushed the hood back so he could see the clit and took a nice long look while moving it from side to side.

I knew I was getting wet now and my embarrassment caused my face to flush. He said it looked a little inflamed and asked if it was hurting at all. I groaned out a no, and he moved on to his next are to check. He ran fingers from both hands down the sides of my vagina to open it up so he could "visualize my urethra" or pee hole as I call it. He spread me open and looked closely at it before sliding down even farther to check my vaginal opening or MY PUSSY as I call it! He looked around a little, then put a finger slightly inside my lips and pressed all around my labia checking it closely. I was on fire and knew I was getting wet enough that he would notice when he put the speculum in.

Then he said everything looks fine and asked how I felt. I croaked I'm fine, and he grabbed what I knew would be the speculum from a pan that I hoped had warm water in it. He told me he was going to insert the speculum now, and he spread my lips with one hand and gently pushed the speculum into me with the other. Once it was all the way inside, he squeazed the handles and opened my pussy for all to see. I felt so full that way, and I wondered if he could see and smell my excitement. He did the thing with the little spatula and brush as I held my breath. When he was done, he looked inside me some more and opened the speculum a little wider before finally removing it.

It was time for just his fingers. He again asked how I was. I said "good, does everything look ok?" I must have looked flush and I felt like I was panting. He said everything looks great and grinned at me then sat back down and slid in between my legs again. He told me he was going to insert his fingers now. I nodded and he spread me again with his left hand and put two fingers inside me. I didn't mean to but I moaned when he did. He chuckled a little and told me to relax. As he probed around inside me with his fingers he pushed on my tummy with his other hand, and his thumb kept bumping my clit! I jumped every time and I knew he was doing it on purpose and I liked it. I could feel my wetness as he moved around inside. I knew he was being more "thorough" than normal and I found myself pushing up toward he hand and tensing my whole body.

Then he laid his thumb right on my clit and applied pressure.I almost came immediately! He held it tight against me as I writhed a little trying not to be too noticeable. Just when I was about to cum, he pulled out of me and told me to bear down because he was going to insert a finger into my anus. Oh shit! There is no way I am not going to cum now. He did not slide his fingers complete out, but let his middle finger slip free and pressed it to my asshole and pushed. I felt it go in all the way in one push and he now had 1 finger inside my sloppy wet pussy 1 finger in my butt hole and his thumb went back to my clit. I could not hold it any longer and I came on his hand REALLY hard. I kept from screaming or being too loud, but I moaned and thrashed against his hand while I came for what seemed like minutes.

Once my vision cleared and I started to calm down I opened my eyes and looked at him. My face was reddening and I could not make eye contact. He just smiled at me and said he was almost done. Almost? He had to finish his exam so after pushing on my tummy some more, he slid his finger out of my pussy and pushed his other finger deep into my asshole. I almost came again and I did contract again. I am sure he could feel it on his finger. I just laid their gripping that silly paper they put on the table with my head to the side in embarrassment. He was finally done and let his finger slip from my tight ass. He took a few seconds to look at me in a way I had never seen before, then stood up and told me everything looked just fine and that I could get dressed and to stop at the counter on my way out to schedule my next appointment. I finally made eye contact and said thank you doctor and he smiled and said sure no problem at all, then left.

It took my more kleenexes and time than normal to dry myself and get dressed and I kind of sped toward the counter quickly to get out of there. I was not sure if anyone had heard me cum and knew what had happened, but no one seemed to have noticed. I decided the solid doors were enough to block the sound I made as I was "examined". I paid and left as quick as I could. Am I a bad person? I feel dirty and like I am the only person that has ever had this happen, and am even more nervous about going back next year now.


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