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Caught Ditching

Caught Ditching

Author: By Kristen Marie

I was upstairs in my bedroom studying when my mom called, --Karen, Cassie--s on the phone.--

--Okay mom, thanks--, I replied.

Cassie was whispering so her mom couldn--t hear her. --Okay, we on for the morning? About 7:30?--

--Yes--, I answered. --I--m not so sure about this. I--ve never done this before,-- I told Cassie.

--Geeze, chill girl--, she replied. --This is a piece of cake. I do it all the time.--

--Me and Mel will pick you up on Maple Street, okay?--, she asked.

--Yea, I guess--, I said.

--k, see ya in the morning--, she said.

Karen finished her studying and then got her jammies on to go to bed. She went downstairs to kiss her mother goodnight.

--Night Princess--, her mother said. --Night mom--, Karen replied. Karen quickly fell asleep which was pretty normal for her.

Karen--s mom woke her at about 6:00 AM. Karen was always groggy in the morning. Not a real morning person. She went down to eat, took her morning shower and got dressed for school in her uniform.

Karen went to an all girls-- school, as did Melanie and Cassandra. Cassie and Karen had known each other since kindergarten, Melanie moved to the neighborhood about 5 years prior. The three girls were inseparable.

Today was the last day before summer break. It was common for some girls to skip classes for the day. Karen had never missed school for anything other than a rare illness. So this was very out of the norm for her.

Karen put on her sweater and backpack and was heading out the door. --Hey, Princess.. You forgot your lunch,-- her mom informed her. --What--s with you today, you seem kind of in a trance?-- she stated. --Oh, nothing mom, I--m just still not awake I guess--, Karen never lied to her mother, but she was so scared of being caught, she used the excuse she was still not awake when really she was very uncomfortable about skipping classes.

Karen walked to the corner and turned left instead of right. Maple Street was only one block over, but not on the bus route. No one would be on that corner. Karen waited for a few minutes as Cassie and Melanie walked towards her.

--Let--s wait by the shed at Miller--s house. Then I can see my parents leave for work and take my sister to day care.-- Cassie said. The three girls walked to the back yard of the Miller residence and watched patiently as their parents to leave for work.

--Okay, coast is clear--, Cassie said as the girl--s watch her parents drive off. --Let--s go get changed and go to the discount mall--, Cassie affirmed.

--Ummmm-- I didn--t bring any clothes--, Karen said. --What? What were you thinking?-- Cassie shrieked at Karen. --I dunno--, Karen, said, --It never dawned on me to bring a change of clothes--

--Well.. You can--t walk around in a school uniform; people will know we--re ditching school. You are like 4 sizes smaller than either of us--, Cassie told her. She can probably wear your sisters clothes--, Melanie teased. --Yea! that would work--. Cassie responded.

--Yea, like I can fit into a four year olds clothes--, Karen replied.

--Bet you can--, said Cassie. My sister is big for 4, and you are so tiny. I--ll bet ya can fit into her clothes--, said Cassie. --And if you do, we get to pick out your outfit, fair enough?--

As Melanie and Cassie were laughing, Karen replied, --yea whatever, there--s no way I--m going to fit into your sister clothes. I--m just going to head to the school.--

--No way!-- Cassie retorted, we are going to try at least.

The three girls went into Cassie--s house and up to her room to get changed and drop off their books. Cassie and Melanie changed while Karen sat on the bed reading her calculus schoolbook.

--Okay, your turn, follow us--, Cassie said to Karen.

The three girls walked to the Cassie--s little sister--s room.

--You--re wasting your time, I can--t fit into her clothes--, said Karen.

--We--ll see--, said Melanie. --Yea, and if they fit, we will make you look preschoolish so we don--t look so obvious at the mall, deal?-- said Cassie.

--Whatever--, said Karen knowing this was a waste of time.

--Okies, take off your skirt and panties--, Cassie said.

--Why my panties?-- Karen asked.

--Well, you bet nothing would fit. We--ll start with the panties and go from there--, Cassie said.

Cassie pulled out a pair of training panties that were pastel terrycloth with a plastic panty sewn on the outside.

--Wait! I--m not wearing those--, Karen screamed.

--I thought you said nothing would fit? My sister still wets too often during the day and all she has are training panties. So, let--s try them on you, if they don--t fit, then no big deal, you can go to school. But, if they fit, you are ours to dress up as my little sister,-- Cassie enforced their agreement.

Karen stepped into the training panties as she had agreed to. As she pulled them up, they were snug, but to her dismay, they slid past her hips and to her waist. They fit.

--Oh My Gosh-- is all that Karen could mumble.

--YES---said Melanie.

--Okay, now let--s find something cute for ya--, Cassie said gloating about Karen--s misfortune.

--No way am I doing this--, Karen shouted.

--This will be even better than we planned. All you have to do is play along with us. No one will have a clue that you are not 4 years old and we can have so much fun with it.-- Cassie said.

--It--s doing this or you can go to school while we play. Your choice, but we are

--Okay, I guess, but I feel like a dweeb wearing these training panties--, Karen stated.

Off came Karen--s blouse and bra. Cassie put Karen into her sister--s cammi. Melanie found a white blouse with puffed sleeves and buttoned up the back. Another snug but very doable fit.

Next Cassie and Melanie helped Karen into a peach corduroy jumper dress with straps like a bib-overall. Again the fit was snug but passable.

--This is awesome--. Said Melanie. --Yea, a little playing with your hair and take off your makeup and you--ll be just what the doctor ordered!-- Cassie exclaimed.

Karen just sat passively as the two girls continued their enjoyment of making her look like a 4 year old. Fixing her hair in pigtails, removing her makeup. Ruffled anklets and t-strap shoes finished off her wardrobe.

--PERFECT--, exclaimed Cassie.

Geeze, I can--t believe how good she looks--, Melanie exclaimed.

Karen looked in the mirror and couldn--t believe her eyes. She actually did look like Cassie--s little sister. Could she really pass as a 4 year old? Did she really want to continue with this charade?

She was already so late for school she--d have to do some serious explaining to her mom. So, she reluctantly just went with the plan preferring to spend time with her friends at the mall.

The girls headed for the spare car in the driveway. Cassie had just gotten her license a few months back and her parents let her use her grandmother--s old car, which was a spare car for Cassie--s mother as well.

Melanie buckled Karen in the back seat to Karen--s displeasure. --You don--t have to treat me like I--m really 4--, Karen said.

--The more we play the role, the more people will be convinced. Just act 4 and don--t be so cranky. You look awesome--, Cassie told Karen.

The mall was great fun except for the constant teasing from Cassie and Melanie. From threats of using a stroller to a plead to use the high chair at lunch and spending too much time in the children--s department a few stores.

On their way back to the car after finishing lunch, the playful Melanie and Cassie tickled their little ward. Karen cried for them to stop but they were having so much fun.

Karen froze as the tickling caused her to lose control and wet herself. Not only wet herself, like empty her bladder accident wet herself. Karen was always very ticklish.

Cassie and Melanie stood in awe watching Karen just lose it. --NOWAY!, you didn--t-- Cassie blurted out.

--I told you to stop--, Karen was in tears now crying as she screamed back at her two best friends. --Now look what you made me do--, Karen whined.

--OMGosh, now what are we going to do?--, Melanie asked?

After a few seconds of thought Cassie responded. --There may be some things in the trunk. Sometimes my sister wets herself when we go out. Mom usually has something in a bag in the trunk.

Cassie opened the trunk with Melanie watching and Karen sobbing over their shoulders.

--All she has is diapers in here--, Cassie explained.

--Well, your choices are to stay in the wet training panties until we get home, or let us change you and you--ll have to wear these diapers, it--s all we have--, Cassie make clear.

Again Karen took the passive solution knowing that she had little choice. Cassie and Melanie laid out a changing pad in the back seat. Both girls made sure that there was no one nearby as the started to change Karen--s wet training panties.

Cassie lifted up Karen--s dress and slid down her wet training panties with a devilish grin. Next she prepared the cloth diapers to slide under Karen--s bum. She pinned them in place and slid up the Pale pink plastic panties.

--What--s with the cloth diapers? I didn--t know they still made those things--, Melanie asked

Cassie replied. "Oh, my mom--s this big environmental freak. She doesn--t use anything disposable if she doesn--t have to. These are so cute tho, huh?--

--Is all of this necessary?-- Karen asked. --Yes, the diapers will sag, so you need plastic panties over them. Plastic panties by themselves will stick to your skin. Just chill, we will be home within the hour and we can change you back to your panties, Cassie rationalized.

Cassie took the wet training panties and placed them in a diaper waste bag that was in the trunk. Both Cassie and Melanie were giggling over Karen--s condition. Cassie helped Karen get her dress back into position and buckled her into her seat.

The girl--s headed home with the two front-seated girls smiling and making comments most of the way home.

They pulled into Cassie--s driveway and started to get their purchase and the wet training panties into the house. Half way to the front door, Cassie--s mom opened the door. --We are so busted-- Cassie thought as all three girls froze in their tracks.

--Come on into the house and sit at the kitchen table. You girls have some explaining to do.-- Cassie mom said in an angry tone.

As Karen approached the front door Casssie--s mom asked, --oh my, what do we have here?--

The four of them sat at the kitchen table. Cassie started to explain to her mother that it was customary to ditch the last day of school and that Karen was a nerd for not bringing a change of clothes, so they had bet her she could wear her sister--s clothes.

--And the white bag?-- Cassie--s mom asked

--Well, umm-- Karen had an accident. We had to change her on the way back. Her wet panties are in the bag.

--Let me see--, Cassie--s mom said sternly.

--So, she is dressed like your little sister and she wet her training pants like a child?-- Cassie mom inquired.

--Well, kinda--, Cassie replied. We were playing around and she had an accident.

--Karen, please come over here--, Cassie mom asked.

Karen reluctantly walked over to Cassie--s mom, red faced of embarrassment. Cassie--s mom lifted the hem of Karen--s dress while Karen fought to keep it down.

--Care to explain this?-- Cassie mom asked as she viewed Karen--s diaper and plastic panties in disbelief.

--We had nothing else for her to wear, mom--, Cassie answered.

--So, you girls think it--s perfectly acceptable to ditch school, dress up your friend like your little sister, and diaper her because she can--t control her bladder? No response is required. I--m very upset with you all to say the least--, Cassie mom stated.

--You girls sit right here while I put --the real little sister-- down for a nap and decide what to do with all of you.-- Cassie--s mom said.

There was silence between the three girls. They all knew they were in big trouble. This day did not turn out as planned to say the least. Karen was in a daze with her predicament; Melanie and Cassie were both snickering about Karen--s condition.

After what seemed forever but in reality was near 10 minutes, the girls heard Cassie--s mom calling their parents. First she called Melanie--s mom then she was talking with Karen--s mom.

--I found our little pack of girls that decided that playing around was more important than school. You so have to see what I found, can you come over?-- Cassie mom asked?

--Great, see you soon--, she said.

--Mom, can we get something to drink?-- Cassie asked

--Sure, I suppose--, Cassie--s mom replied. --Be sure to get the little one a sippy cup though--, she told her.

--Too funny--, Cassie said as she went in the fridge for some sodas. Just to make the issue worse for Karen, Cassie filled her sippy cup with juice rather than the soda--s She and Melanie were drinking.

A short time later the doorbell rang. Melanie--s mom arrived. Obviously she was mad and wanted the story told to her as well. The girls repeated the day--s events as Melanie--s mother listened in disbelief.

Next to arrive was Karen--s mom. As soon as Karen saw her mom, she broke into uncontrolled extreme crying and ran over to hug her mother.

--What is the name of Judaist priest is going on here?-- Karen--s-- mom asked. --And why are you dressed like that and not in school?--

--Well--, Cassie started to tell the story for a third time but was abruptly cut off by Karen--s mom. --NO, I want to hear this from my darling daughter.

Karen was so emotional she tried her best to explain the day--s activities in between sobs.

--We were going to go to the mall and I forgot my regular clothes. All Cassie had that would fit me was her sister--s clothes. I told them I didn--t want to wear these clothes, but the bet me I could fit into them and I did, so I had to wear them--, she rambled.

On the way to the car to come home, Cassie and Melanie ticked me until a wet my panties. The only thing they had to change in was these diapers--, Karen paused with horror. Karen--s mom wasn--t aware of the diapers yet.

--The what?-- Karen--s mom screamed as she again lifted the hem of Karen--s skirt.

Karen--s mom held the girls dress up shaking her head in disbelief. --I--m speechless--, she said. After a long pause she spoke.

--It seems like not going to school and playing dress up is more fun for all of you. I--m, not sure what the others mothers are going to do, but if you want to play dress up childish games, it--s perfectly fine with me. You can spend the rest of the summer and who knows how long after that enjoying yourself with your game--.

--NO mom, you can--t--, Karen replied.

Karen--s mom held Karen face, flat palmed, on both checks looking, her straight in the eye, nose to nose, and said.

--Listen here, little princess. You chose to play your little game by not attending school. Dressing up like a child and wetting yourself just confirms you have insufficient capability to act mature. Your attire, including the diapers seems exceptionally suitable for your actions.--

You could have heard a pin drop in the room. Cassie and Melanie were both opened mouth in shock with Karen--s mom--s reactions to their ditch day and the days activities.

Each mother went through there expressions of disappointment and each defined the punishment for their girls. Melanie was to go to summer school because her mother felt she should not enjoy her summer, but instead would repay her lost day by giving her summer up in a school environment.

Cassie--s mother took her driving privileges away for the summer as well as agreed the summer school idea was fitting. In addition, because Karen was to continue --dress up-- for the summer, Cassie would be required to wear training panties for as long as Karen would be in diapers. Cassie--s mom felt it unfair that Karen has to be the only one with a new summer wardrobe.

Karen--s mom asked if she could borrow the dress and some diapers for the evening until they could go shopping in the morning. Cassie--s mom replied, --of course you can, let me gather some things for you and box them up. I--ll also write down the number of the diaper service I use, they will be able to deliver for you in the morning if you catch them before they close.--

--If ya want, we can go shopping together for the girls. We both have to go to Jane--s boutique, you for the plastic panties and I have to get my darling daughter her new training panties--, Cassie mom said.

--Oh, that would be wonderful,-- Karen--s mom, replied.

Cassie--s mother packed a large box of supplies for Karen for the night while the girls sat in the kitchen silent and numb with their punishments echoing in their heads.

Cassie--s mom said,-- come on little girl, let--s get you home so I can make you some --num-num-- for dinner.-- As she held her daughters hand and headed for the car with Cassie--s mom following behind with her gift box of Karen--s --dress up cloths--.

Karen was overcome with all that had transpired and just followed her mother--s actions with little reactions to her new demands. Karen knew what she had done was wrong. Karen also knew that her mother--s decision was decisive and non-negotiable. Any attempt to complain would definitely cause further punishment.

Behind Karen and her mother, Melanie and her mom got into their car and headed home.

Cassie--s mom returned to the house and just verbally let lose on her. Telling her how disappointed she was with entire ordeal and that she wished she had training panties big enough to fit Cassie because tomorrow wasn--t soon enough for her to start her punishment.

Karen--s mom told her to sit on the floor as she turned on Nickelodeon for her daughter to watch. --This will be your new TV station--, her mom stated. Karen found it very difficult finding a comfy position that didn--t show off her plastic panties and diapers.

Karen--s mom was cooking dinner as Karen watch Nickelodeon. A short while later, Karen--s sister came home from work. As she entered the room she saw her younger sister dressed as a very young girls and of course couldn--t pass up a perfect situation for comment.

--Well, what do we have here?-- her sister asked.

Once again in tears, Karen went through her day--s events now adding her mother--s plans to her already miserable story. Only this time her mother was adding comments during her pathetic explanation of the day--s events.

--So, she--s going to be a baby for the summer?-- Karen--s sister asked.

--Why yes she is--, her mother replied. --Seems like that--s what she deserves.--

Karen--s sister knelt down next to Karen and examined her attire, including her diapers and plastic panties. --Cute, very cute-- were her comments.

--Hey, Jack--s grandmother is selling all of her things because she is going into a special care condominium association for her arthritis, do you want me to see what she is selling? I think she has a lot of kids stuff from her grandchildren--, Karen--s sister stated.

--Oh really?-- Karen--s mom said. --That would be very fitting for Karen--s new lifestyle--, her mom replied.

Karen--s sister immediately dialed the phone to talk with Jack about obtaining some items for Karen--s new ordeal.

Karen--s sister and Jack talked for a few minutes. Karen really couldn--t hear the conversation in detail, but the giggling made it obvious it wasn--t in her favor. Mom got on the extension seemed to be talking to Jack--s grandmother as well. Perhaps one of the three way calling or something.

--Well, what type things do you have?-- Karen--s mom asked. --Oh Perfect--, was her response to whatever was being said. --I think we--d be interested in all of that-- my mom told her. --He would?--, my mom said. --That is so kind of you both--, she followed up with. --Yes, thank you so much, see you shortly, Jack--, she said.

My mom walked to the doorway near where I was and told me that Jack was on his way with some new things for me. --So, I guess we can get started immediately with your desired way of life--, she said.

--But mom---- her mother cut her off. --No --but anythings--, child. You will do as your told. You are in no position to start any conversations about what you did today and how I--ve chosen to deal with it.--

--Consider yourself lucky that at least you--re not grounded to you room or something far worse. You made your decision to be untrustworthy and childish. Look at yourself, those clothes are you doing, not mine. My choice of what you will wear and how you will act will just be a continuance of your actions. So, not another word.-- Her mother told her.

--This is going to be so awesome--, Karen--s sister said.


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