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A Coming Home Surprise for Al

A Coming Home Surprise for Al

I come home from work and I am met by my beautiful significant Ellie at the door. She's dressed like a teenager back when we were teens: a poodle skirt with crinolines, bobby socks, loafers, and a tight sweater. She's standing with her head down, hands clasped behind her, and making a circle with her toe. She says, "I have been a very naughty young lady today."

"You have? And what heppens to very naughty young ladies?" I ask.

"Wwwwelllllll.....sometimes....they get....." her voice trailed off.

"They get what?" I prompt.

"Paddled," she whispers.

"Very well. Get the paddle, young lady, and meet me in the den. I have to go to the bathroom first." I go to the bathroom, and quickly run the hot water at the sink, adjusting the cold water till the water runs very warm. I fill the old, red, open-top bag and drop a cake of Ivory soap in it. Then I reach into the medicine cabinet and take out the rectal thermometer and jar of Vaseline. I turn and walk down the hall to the den. I stick the thermometer in the Vaseline and put it out of sight.

Ellie slowly enters the room with the Stuckey's souvenir "To Heck with Psychology" paddle we got on our honeymoon and hands it to me.

I tell her, "Bend over, young lady." She bends over and places her hands on her knees. I reach down and lift the hem of her skirt and crinoline up and pull it across her back, revealing thin, white nylon panties. I give her a swat across the tightest stretched part of her panties with a flick of the wrist and just a little arm movement and is I'm rewarded with "Ouch!" After six swats, I stop and inspect her panties. There are now places where they look faintly pink. Perfect!

"You warm enough, Ellie?" I ask.

"Yes!!" Ellie quickly responds.

"Well, we will see about that," as I retrieve the well-lubed thermometer out of the Vaseline.

I approach Ellie and slip down her panties, separating her cheeks and deftly slip the thermometer half way in as Ellie exclaims, "Oooohhhh my!"

I tell her, "Hold still now." After a couple of minutes, I remove the thermometer and pretend to read it. I tell Ellie, "Not quite warm enough, young lady. Bend over more." Ellie reaches down and grasps the middle of her shins, all but eliminating the crease between her thighs and bottom. I apply four more swats right where the thigh crease was, with a bit more flick in the wrist.

"Ouch! Ouch! Owieeeee!! Yeeooowwwwwwww. My fanny's fried," Ellie exclaims.

"I have a remedy for that. Step out of those panties and come with me."

Ellie follows me into the bathroom. Her eyes widened at the sight of the familiar enema bag. Sitting down on the toilet, I point to my lap. Ellie puts herself over my knee, raising her skirts as she does so. "Even a good old triple H will cool my bottom off, as hot as it feels, honey."

I squeeze a liberal amount of KY jelly on my finger and slowly begin to insert it in Ellie's rosebud, thoroughly lubricating her. Ellie moans in response, bending and spreading her knees and arching her back, all the while moaning softly. I finish lubricating Ellie and pull the hose from the enema bag, grasping the base of the douche nozzle. I separate her cheeks and with a slow twist make it enter her and push it in about a third of the way.

I release the clamp. The water starts to flow and Ellie starts alternate breathing deeply and moaning softly. After a bit, Ellie starts to slowly undulate her hips, her moans becoming slightly louder. She continues till the gurgling sound from the bag indicates it's empty.

"Now, Ellie, let's see how long you can hold it." I reach behind me and get some lotion, then dribble it on Ellie's bottom. This gets an "ahhhhhhh" from Ellie. Gently I start to massage the lotion into the pink ovals on Ellie's bottom. As the massage continues, Ellie relaxes until she is laying over my lap like a limp dishrag.

Suddenly, Ellie tenses. "It's time, and I mean NOW!"

I slip the nozzle out and help her up. I get up with the enema bag and instruct her, "When I come back, you better be wearing only a towel," punctuating it with a wide evil grin.

In the kitchen, I thoroughly rinse the bag and add two quarts of warm water, mixing in a tablespoon of sea salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. I hear the toilet flush and head back to the bathroom. I lean my head towards the door to listen and knock, "Ellie, how are you doing?"

A cheerful "Okay" is the response.

When I walk in, Ellie is standing barefoot in her bra and crinoline. I shake my head and sigh. "I said you'd better be in a towel. I will address this later. It's time for your rinse. Over the side of the tub this time."

Ellie removed her bra and crinoline, not wanting to risk another dose of "Psychology," and knelt down, placing a towel over the side of the tub. She reached over and rested on her elbows and forearms, then crossed her ankles and spread her knees as far as she could.

I hung the bag on the towel rack and let the hose drop into the tub. Kneeling down beside her, I squeezed some KY jelly right into her rosebud. Ellie shuddered at the chilly substance.

Inserting my middle and index fingers, I start slowly, thoroughly, and deeply; lubricating her until her hips were slightly swaying with the rhythm. I then lube the nozzle and gently but deftly insert it fully into her. That elicited a bit of a wiggle.

The clamp on the hose is flipped and the water starts to flow. The bag was a bit higher than the prior retention enema for Ellie. I was able to take her mind off this by slowly twisting and working the nozzle in and out. I'd push it in till it was fully inserted, and then back it out until it was just barely sealed and she could feel the warmth of the water. With my other hand, I'm able to gently massage her vulva. She almost immediately responds with flowing slippery juices.

As the dual massage continues, she's moaning and undulating her hips, while doing short little pushups with her hands. She hears the familiar gurgle in the bag and pleads, "Oh, don't stop." Helping her up, I slip out the nozzle and say, "I'll see you in the bedroom."

I go into the bedroom and get out a new toy I just bought for Ellie. It was a bulbous jelly-like butt plug. I hid it under the pillow and sat down on the corner of the bed and waited for Ellie.

Ellie came in swishing her hips and wearing nothing but a big grin. She walked up to Al and said, "Stand up, big boy." She deftly undresses me, tossing my clothes on the floor. We are standing there looking at each other and wearing nothing but big grins. I slowly reach my hand out and grab her wrist, at the same time sitting down on the corner of the bed and pulling Ellie down and over my left knee with a pleading, "Noooooooooo!!" as I did so.

"I told you to wear a towel. You are such a brat." I start spanking Ellie's well-curved bottom, alternating on each cheek. I didn't spank hard. Just hard enough to cause Ellie to squirm a bit, utter a few yelps, and kick a little. When her bottom was back to that "warm" pink color, I lubricate my right thumb with some lube and slowly work it into Ellie's rosebud. Then I am able to stretch my first two fingers, finding her clit, and start a rocking motion with my hand: when the thumb is fully in, the fingers are almost out, and vice-a-versa. This drove Ellie absolutely wild. She undulated her hips in rhythm with the rocking, she drummed her toes, she moaned and gasped. After bringing her to the brink, I let her up and she immediately knelt on the bed, knees to chest, and her bottom fully exposed.

"I have a surprise for you."

Ellie could only moan. I pull out the purple jelly-like butt plug and show it to her. She responds by saying, "In..In..All the way in...noow."

It's well lubed and I push it in. Then out. Then in again until it's inserted the entire length. Ellie gasps. Now that Ellie was "properly" prepped, I grasp her hip bones and take her slowly doggie style, increasing tempo and strength of the thrusts until we both orgasm and fall over into a spoon position.

Just before Ellie drifts off to sleep, she thinks to herself, "A little spanking, a couple of really good enemas, raw uninhibited sex....YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"


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