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Carters Pleasures

Carters Pleasures

Actually, the two women are not related at all. Jasmine is only nineteen and a student at the local art school. On the other hand, Ingrid is thirty and a successful career woman in the field of public relation and meeting arranger. They met only three months ago, precisely at another opening reception of a little known sculptor.

"Her vast fortune served well her implacable ambition. Carter always liked to submit anyone to her iron will and peculiar whims. She joined a publishing company, formerly part of her family's ownership and later sold to a rival group. She raised quickly to the desirable job of Editor-in-Chief of the house women's magazine through remorseless scheming and her own natural flair.

Under the pretense of finishing this week's editorial, Carter invited last evening her Executive Assistant, the slightly younger Holi.

Holi is in her late twenties and she is stunningly beautiful. Tall with raven black hair and china blue eyes, she possesses a shapely body to damn all saints! She instantly attracted Carter when the Publishing House's Human Resources referred her.

At first, Holi was thoroughly impressed by the class of her new boss. Progressively, she discovered also the ruthlessness. This discovery did not deter the young Assistant, although she became somewhat wary of her Boss' whims. Anyway, she offered only a token resistance before jumping in Carter's bed for the first time. She feels that being also her Boss' lover can only consolidate her position.

Carter will not stand idle for long. She bends over her sleepy lover to wake her up with light kisses on her beautiful face and lips. Yesterday evening, after one of their fairly regular late sessions at the office, Carter drove them back to her own vast apartment, overlooking Central Park. Sony is certainly not impervious to the luxuries that she cannot afford. Immediately inside the apartment, Carter undressed her completely. Then, she took Holi totally naked inside the vast kitchen. While Carter threw the delicate lingerie of her Assistant in the washing machine, she invited Holi to prepare a bottle of chilled white wine and some canapés.

Afterwards, they returned to the vast living room, where Carter sat down on the sofa, before pulling Holi to lie down on the sofa, with her head resting in Carter's lap. Carter fed the canapés to her lover with her fingers, forcing Holi to lick her fingers. At the same time, Carter took pleasure in caressing her lover's lying body.

Holi was naturally very distracted throughout the evening. Who would not be in such circumstances? Anyway, she paid little attention to their brainstorming about the editorial. Later, they ended up the evening in Carter's wide bed, making passionate love.

Presently, Holi starts moaning, as much from her interrupted sleep as from her mounting pleasure. Carter cannot wait any longer. She pulls sharply away the bed sheet and the two lovers adopt the classical 69 posture, until they both reach their climax.

When they recover, they take a loving shower together, soaping mutually their beautiful bodies with lot of caresses. After drying one another, Carter dresses Holi back with her washed and dried lingerie of the previous day. She sends her lover to prepare their breakfast while she gets ready herself.

Over breakfast, they turn back to serious business. Not that their lovemaking was not also a serious business! It certainly helped Carter to ascertain further her dominance over her younger Assistant. Afterwards, they merely clear the breakfast table and place the dishes, pots and pans inside the kitchen sink for Carter's housekeeper later. Then, they drive back to the Magazine's office.

The office is located high up in a classical building mid-town. The building is naturally impeccably maintained. Carter has, of course, her own parking lot. The two young executives ride the elevator together, holding hands to evidence to one and anybody their lovers' status. They separate only inside the office, as Carter has her own private executive corner office, while Holi has only a smaller inside office.

The office is also superbly classical, with high ceilings, marble flooring in the lobby and passages and old parquet flooring in the executive offices. The furniture is mostly antique, yet solidly functional. Underneath the preserved classical look, it has been entirely refurbished to the most exacting and modern facilities.

As Carter prepares for her morning editorial meeting, Holi enters her own office. Instantly, Mica, her own personal secretary, joins her, carrying her note pad and a china mug of hot tea for her boss.

Mica is a few years younger than Holi is. She is a rather petite, with short blond hair and nice blue eye. Yet, she possesses a fantastic body and she is absolutely beautiful, in a delicate manner. She is generally shy and unassuming. She cannot believe her chance working for Holi. She respects very much her boss' abilities, while admiring her poise, charm and elegance. Yet, underneath her discreet appearance, she believes in her own abilities and she waits for her time to move to the same executive position as the one of her boss. However, she always feels strangely vulnerable in the presence of Carter.

Mica goes through her boss' daily duties, standing close to Holi's armchair. Holi distractedly caresses Mica's backside as she listens and sips her mug of hot tea.

Then, it is time to rejoin Carter and her other executive colleagues for the morning editorial meeting. She takes her usual position far away from her boss, despite being her Executive Assistant. The sitting arrangement is as immovable as the classical building and the classical décor of the meeting room are.

Carter goes through the meeting in her usual efficient and pushing manner. Then, the Editor-in-Chief outlines her Editorial for the next issue of the magazine. Holi is appalled when she recognizes all her own ideas in the Editorial! Yet, Carter presents all those ideas as her own, without even giving the slightest credit to Holi! How gross!

Instantly, Holi is fuming! Forgotten their recent lovemaking! She has to take her revenge and ask for her recognition! When the morning editorial meeting is over, Holi enters Carter's large corner office. Immediately after closing the door behind her, Holi starts firing off! Carter just watches her with an ironic smile of her beautiful face. This simply callous attitude infuriates Holi further. She ushers out her pent-up frustration of always doing her Boss' job, without true recognition. Yet, Carter simply dismisses her!

Holi returns to her office, too fired-up to even feel that she might have gone too far! She even vents out her frustration in front of Mica. Later, she starts calming down and she schemes out her revenge. There is a Board of Directors' meeting later this evening. Holi knows that a couple of the Directors are rather turned off by Carter's imperious manners, never accepting even the slightest interference or questioning of her style. The magazine is certainly doing fine with the faithful executive and rich feminine readers. Yet, the readership has been now stagnant for a couple of years and new high-class magazines came on the market recently, possibly shaking this faithful readership.

Holi thinks carefully and she calls the couple of somewhat disgruntled Directors. She pretends calling on behalf of Carter, to irritate further the said Directors about previously questioned practices. She feels pleased with her work when the Directors appear very annoyed and all fired-up. Carter is in for a difficult Board Meeting this evening!

Later in the day, Holi is called in her Boss' office. She informs Mica to hold on all calls when she is out, but to pass on the most urgent ones in Carter's office.

Also, when one of the upset Directors calls back Holi later to clear up some points, Mica merely follows her boss' instructions by passing the call into Carter's office.

Carter picks up the call. When she knows who is calling, she answers without passing the call on to Holi. She does not have to pretend being Holi. She merely omits to introduce herself. She is obviously shocked at first to hear what the Director is talking about. Then, she understands everything her ""faithful"" Assistant has been up to!

From Carter's brief answers, Holi understands who is on line. She blanches! When Carter puts down the phone, Holi hurriedly attempts to make up a story. However, Carter interrupts her curtly. She asks Holi why she feels so unhappy about her present confident status? Holi attacks back by venting out her earlier frustration.

Carter concludes that she cannot trust Holi anymore in her present position. However, she does not want to loose her talents. She proposes Holi an immediate re-assignment as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine's Latin American Edition. This means obviously a physical move to one of the offshore paradise. At the same time, it also means an instant promotion and substantial income raise.

Holi has little choice presently. She even feels extremely grateful to Carter for such a generous way out! She feels sorry for her misbehavior as the two recent lovers conclude their peace with a new passionate kiss.

Holi returns to her office to clear it up, as her new assignment is immediate. She explains only briefly her new promotion to Mica, without telling her what brought it in.

Mica feels that this should be her chance to move to executive position. Yet, she is much too wary of Carter to approach her. Also, she is very anxious when Carter calls her in later, just before the Board of Directors meeting. The younger woman feels her heart constrain as she knocks tentatively at her boss' door.

Carter invites her gently to sit down opposite her large desk. Then, she simply explains Holi's sudden promotion. She explains also that Mica certainly knows everything about her former supervisor's job. What would she say about taking over, at least temporarily, until she can prove herself?

Naturally, Mica was hoping for such a chance and offer, without truly believing that it would ever come! She answers favorably, with such enthusiasm that Carter smiles at such instant acceptance.

Carter instantly asks Mica to come with her to attend the Board of Directors' meeting. Mica is truly taken aback by such rapid turn of events. She was certainly not expecting to be put to task so rapidly. However, she can hardly refuse! She meekly follows Carter into the vast Boardroom.

The meeting is rather tense with Carter being taken to task by the pair of disgruntled Directors. Mica can only admire the poise and behavior of her new direct boss. She feels also immensely relieved when the Directors accept unanimously her new temporary promotion.

After the meeting, Carter asks Mica to clear their respective agendas from lunchtime tomorrow. Then, the imperious young woman wishes the bewildered younger one a good evening, before going back home.

The next day, Mica participates to the morning editorial meeting and she settles down in the former office of Holi until lunchtime. Carter leaves her in peace till she calls her to go for lunch. They leave the office together in Carter's car. Mica appreciates instantly the luxury! This appreciation extends even further when Carter takes her hand to enter the very expensive restaurant, where Carter seems very well known. Mica enjoys truly the elaborate, yet reasonably light meal.

After passing through the Ladies' room, Carter takes again Mica's hand to exit the restaurant. The valet naturally opens the car's doors for the two women. Carter made devilishly sure that Mica drank more of the excellent chilled Chablis than she did herself. She wants to make sure that her new young assistant is slightly elated.

Carter drives to an exclusive shopping mall, catering more for exclusive boutiques than for fast food outlets. After parking, she takes again Mica's hand to walk in to the boutique selling the most exclusive brands of lingerie. Again, Carter seems well known by the elegant sales girls. Carter explains that she is looking for suitable lingerie for her young companion, naturally without any prior hint or explanation to Mica. The younger woman feels rather stupid and terribly embarrassed. Her embarrassment grows even further when Carter starts discussing the desired style of lingerie with the sales girls, exactly as if Mica was not even present!

When two of the sales girls start displaying some lingerie selection, Carter decides that Mica should model the said selection in order to judge properly the effect! The four women get to the small elegant fitting room. Naturally, the room is too small to accommodate the four of them. So, the sales girls leave the curtain open to let the sitting Carter watch and comment, while the two of them get busy undressing completely the terribly shy Mica.

The modeling goes on for what appears to be ages to the poor girl!

Finally, Mica can put back her clothes while Carter pays for the numerous packages. However, Carter does not help Mica to carry all the bags. Their next stop is another exclusive boutique selling clothes for the well-to-do children and younger teens! Carter decides that her new petite assistant can pass easily for a young teenager, notwithstanding her truly beautiful womanly body!

The fitting of numerous garments repeats again the embarrassment for Mica. Naturally, the final selection of garments would be perfectly cute and normal for a young girl. On Mica, they remain certainly very cute, in a very troubling suggestive manner! Intentionally also, Carter let Mica put back on her own lingerie before leaving the first shop. This lingerie is totally unsuited to the new set of clothes and Mica has again to change completely in semi-public into one set of her new lingerie, before trying on her new clothes. This time, she leaves the second shop in one set of her new clothes.

The next stop is for shoes. Carter makes sure to select a male sales person for the fitting. The new short pleated skirt of Mica often reveals her new cute panties to the reddening sales man! Mica blushes at least as much as he does!

After this last stop, Mica finds it rather difficult to carry all her bags. Carter finally picks up a few of them. They return to the car to place all the bags inside, before walking back inside the mall for tea. This time, the two women sit next to each other on the velvet sofa. Carter requests in a reasonably low voice her younger companion to lift the back of her new short pleated skirt before sitting down. Mica complies, while blushing deeply once again. After placing their orders, Carter starts caressing Mica's knees and thighs, under the protection of the tablecloth.

When they finish their tea, Carter drives back to her own apartment. In the slow evening traffic, she caresses again freely her younger companion's largely exposed legs.

Mica is again very impressed by the luxury of her new direct Boss' apartment. Instantly inside, Carter embraces Mica to kiss her passionately on full mouth. Of course, Mica is not really shocked. She is already used to similar relationship from her former direct Boss, Holi.

When Carter finally releases Mica, she leads her younger companion inside her own bedroom, holding her around the waist.

Inside the bedroom, Carter undresses completely Mica. Then, she gives the young woman a lascivious hot bubble bath. She caresses profusely the younger woman's perky breasts and nicely rounded mound. She insists particularly over the younger woman's moist sex and deep valley between the nicely rounded buttocks. Mica moans almost incessantly under such intrusive caresses. Her pleasure takes completely over her initial shame.

Carter continues naturally her caresses as she dries Mica's body meticulously with a warm fluffy bath towel. Then, she applies sweetly scented body lotion and cream. Finally, Carter dresses back Mica in one of her newly purchased cute pajamas and slippers.

Mica is at least able to calm down when both women joins in the preparation of their light evening meal. The caresses and loving feeding on the deep sofa excites again terribly the younger woman.

Her excitement subsides again momentarily while they clean up their dishes and glasses. Carter takes again hold of Mica's waist to drive her back inside her bedroom. Mica is, at last, able to service her Boss by helping undressing her. Very soon, both women are in Carter's wide bed. They make passionate love for a very long time, bringing each other to multiple climaxes. Of course, Carter assumes unquestionably the dominant leading role in their lovemaking. Mica is only too glad to let her Boss dominate her, until they finally fall to sleep in each other arms.

The following morning, they make love again, before taking a common playful shower. Then, Carter dresses Mica in one of her new outfit. While Mica prepares their breakfast, Carter gets quickly ready. After breakfast, Carter drives them to the office, where they resume their more normal working relationship. However, Carter does not miss a single opportunity to caress and fondle her new lover. Presently, Mica is totally in love with her Boss and only very happy to please her as she wishes.

Very soon, Carter takes Mica out for a whole weekend upstate, in a very elegant and suitably recluse inn. Carter insists particularly about her lover's choice of clothes for the occasion.

Mica feels slightly embarrassed to come out of her own apartment building in the selected attire. Also, she waits inside the small lobby until she notices her Boss' car. She attempts to rush across the pavement and to sneak promptly inside the car. However, Carter gets out of the car and she walks around to embrace and kiss Mica right on the pavement. Carter even fondles Mica's bottom in full view of every passer-by!

To be truthful, the younger girl's attire is certainly cute, yet provocative enough! She wears a sleeveless blouse in translucent white chiffon, over white bras, delicately trimmed with laces and a cute baby blue knot between the under-wired cups. She wears also very short and fitted pale blue shorts over cute cotton knickers, printed with small pastel flowerets. The short's legs are so short that they easily reveal the knickers around the crotch. A pair of short anklet socks, trimmed with laces at the tops, and a pair of blue sandals completes the attire.

Carter finishes by releasing her companion. They get in the car and they drive off, with the top down. Carter needs to turn on the heater to keep her scantily clad companion from catching cold in the fairly cool spring morning air. Carter spends the whole leisurely drive to caress her younger companion's bare legs and her tightly encased crotch. By the time they arrive at the inn, Mica's cotton knickers are properly damp with her own juices!

The entire weekend assures further the absolute dominance of Mica by her Boss. Mica is now madly in love and totally subjugated! She certainly does not mind any longer her public domination and quasi-permanent exhibition.

Carter never encountered such an easy and absolute victory before.

To avoid any distraction from her younger lover, Carter does not provide any personal secretary for Mica. Hence, the younger woman fills in both positions at the same time.

When the time arrives for Carter's regular holidays, Mica spends actually more time in Carter's office or apartment than she does in her own ones! Carter made sure that Mica could clear her whole job in order to accompany her during her holidays. Mica is so enamoured that she does not even ask where they are going! Again, Carter passes by Mica's apartment to pick her up on the way to the airport.

For the trip, Mica wears a short sleeveless dress in white broderie Anglaise. Underneath, she wears one of her now regular youngish cotton bras and knickers sets. Her legs are bare, except for the regular anklets and white open sandals. She wears a pale blue barrette in her short blond hair. She could easily pass for a very young girl, except for her nicely shaped womanly body!

In the comfort of the first class cabin, Carter caresses distractedly Mica's largely exposed legs during the whole trip, even during the meal's service! Mica feels slightly embarrassed by the ironic smiles of the hostesses.

Upon their arrival to their destination in this Central American country, a pleasant woman, in her thirties, waits for them. Carter greets her as Miss Gloria, even showing some sign of respect! Miss Gloria helps them with their luggage and through the various formalities. Mica is somewhat surprised that they do not leave the airport. Instead, they get inside a small van for a short ride to a waiting helicopter. The woman gets inside with them and they are promptly in the air. Again, they do not fly over land, but rather they turn over the indigo sea. The flight seems rather long and monotonous. Although the noise is rather bearable inside the insulated cabin, the three women do not attempt to speak. Carter resumes her caresses, without minding in the least the presence of their companion.

Finally, Mica observes the growing shape of a small island coming towards them. The helicopter lands on the marked concrete platform. They all get out. Their companion looks again after their luggage. As they all get on an electric golf cart, the helicopter rises again and flies away.

The cart drives under the cooler awning of ancient trees. The tropical foliage is so dense that the tunnel is very dark. They find the bright and hot sunshine again as they arrive in front of the extensive single storied mansion, in traditional Hispanic style.

As they stop by the wide entrance door, a young woman joins them. She is very beautiful, with long dark hair tied underneath a white starched tiara. She wears a short dress in candy striped pink and white cotton, underneath a full bib white apron.

The young maid greets Carter as ""Mistress."" She stands with her hands locked in her back, presenting her lips to Carter's deep kisses. Mica feels a slight pang of jealousy. However, Carter promptly get hold again of her waist to lead her around the mansion, while the maid takes over their luggage. Miss Gloria accompanies them.

They come upon a wide tiled terrace, strewn with garden furniture and striped parasols. Two more maids, dressed similarly to the first one, sit on a pair of lounge chairs. Both of them naturally get up upon Carter's arrival. They greet also Carter as their Mistress, while adopting the same offering posture. Carter kisses them both deeply as well. Mica feels also the same light pangs of jealousy. However, her attention promptly rivets on the pool a few feet away.

Actually, the basin is much more a waddling pool than swimming one! It is only about two feet deep at the deepest! Three grown-up women actually waddle inside! All three wear cute rubber swimming caps, with juvenile yellow duckies printed on the pink background.

They also wear bandeau bras, in frilly pink fabric, and matching frilly bottoms. Although all three are full-fledged women, their identical outfits obviously suggest very juvenile ones! Moreover, the three women wear identical pink floaters around their arms and duckies-shaped round floaters around their waists.

Yet, what strikes the most Mica is the discovery that one of the three infantilized women is Holi! But she was supposed to run the Latin American edition of the magazine! Then, what is she doing here? And particularly in this manifestly ridiculous situation!

The two young maids on the terrace call the three women out of the pool. They address them as ""Babies!"" The three adult babies obey instantly, without the slightest protest. Yet, they certainly do not appear drugged in any way!

Carter kisses all three of them successively, fondling the dripping wet panties over the women's buttocks. Then, she turns the three women to the maids. At this moment, the first maid rejoins them and she starts looking after one of the three babies as well.

One of the two other women appears to be in her late thirties. She still possesses a fine and firm body. She is also fairly tall. The last woman is seemingly in her twenties, barely older than Mica is, yet taller than Mica is. Her body is slightly plump, with very generous breasts and wide hips.

The three maids start removing all the floaters and swimming caps off their respective babies. Mica is still shocked to discover the new babyish hairstyles of the three grown-up women! They wear little pigtails or ponytails, tied with pastel color ribbons as well as retained with matching color barrettes!

Then, the three maids remove also their respective charges' childish swimsuits, right here on the terrace! Again, Mica is shocked to discover that the sexes of the three adult babies are totally hairless. Also, she feels surprised that none of the three seem disturbed being thus exposed totally naked in public!

Quickly, the three maids dry up meticulously their babies' bodies with large beach towels. When they are dry, the three adult babies lie down on the lounge chairs, where their respective maids apply baby cream and powder. The maids place thick terry-toweling diapers, fastening them with large safety pins. They cover the diapers with transparent plastic panties. Next, the maids pull on the pink ribbed cotton undershirts, with thin lace trims around the wide straps and the round necklines. Albeit very girlish in style, the undergarments have been modified to support the adult breasts of the babies, containing under-wired cups.

Identical cute onesies, in nursery print cotton, trimmed with thin laces around the legs of the bubble bottoms, almost complete the babies' dresses. Naturally, the bubble bottoms close with discreet small poppers between the legs, for easier changing the babies. The tops are fully bibbed, with straps crossing in the back.

To finish their babies' attire, the three nannies put on matching baby booties on their feet, tying the satin ribbons around their ankles. The nannies remove the barrettes and ribbons from their babies's hairs in order to brush the hairs, before tying them up again. Finally, they place matching bonnets over their babies' hairs, tying the ribbons under their respective chins.

At this moment, an older woman, dressed in an austere black dress, joins them on the terrace. She wears also a fully bibbed white apron, as well as a white starched tiara in her slightly graying hair. She has the strong features of her Amerindian origin. She pushes a rolling trolley. She grabs one of Carter's hands to kiss it respectfully. In return, Carter seems to unusually warm up, almost as much as she does at the peak of her sexual pleasures, as she greets the older woman around.

The older woman serves the tea for her Mistress, as well as for the Governess and for Mica. Then only, she passes three bottles of formula to the three nannies to feed their respective babies. As Mica sits besides Carter on a swinging settee, sipping her tea while Carter resumes her caresses, she watches with deep fascination the three nannies feeding the bottles to their respective charges.

The conversation turns exclusively around the babies' behavior since the last visit of Mummy Carter. When Carter finishes her tea, she decides that the older adult baby and Holi need an enema.

The older maid in black returns inside to prepare the enema bags. When she returns, Carter starts opening the older baby's onesie and pulling down her plastic panties. At the same time, she orders Mica to do the same to Holi!

Of course, Mica is again deeply shocked to look after her recently former boss in this manner. Nonetheless, she feels terribly excited! Moreover, Baby Holi does not seem to mind at all this reversal of position. They open the safety pins, as well as the still dry diapers. Pulling the two babies across their respective laps, they insert the properly lubricated large nozzles inside the babies' rectums. Then, they release the clamps.

Once the bags are empty, Carter and Mica remove the nozzles, before fastening back on the thick diapers and pulling back up the transparent plastic panties. Finally, they fasten back the small poppers between the babies' thighs.

As she performs this totally new role, Mica realizes suddenly that she too is ultimately destined to finish up as a baby in this island paradise.

She instantly resolves to be such an obedient and devoted lover to her adored Carter that this ultimate retirement will not occur for as long a time as possible!

The end?