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A Friend To The Rescue

A Friend To The Rescue

A couple of years ago, my husband left me for a little hottie that he met at work.

I was devistated, he left me with 3 children, ages 6, 4, and 2. They were upset as well, wanting to know wher daddy was. I did my best to explain, but it did not help much.

I went through all the emotions, denial, anger, self pity, and severe drepession. I would yell at my children for anything.

One friday night, I lost it. I got angry at the kids, screamed and yelled. They just stopped at stared at me, my oldest said"it'll be ok, mommy", and gave me a hug. Well, as you can imagine, I broke down, started crying and appologizing. I gave the kids a bath, and put them to bed. I took a hot bath, and put on some sexy lingirie, it always makes me feel better. I chose a matched set of bra, panties and garterbelt, pink, and some full-fashioned, backseamed stockings, taupe shade. I got into bed and started to read a magazine.

The tears started to roll down my cheeks, I put the magazine down, and picked up the phone. I called my neighbor, and good friend, Rhonda, her and her husband Tim were really supportive during my divorce. I needed to talk. Rhonda knew something was wrong as soon as I spoke. We talked for a while. I felt like I could tell her anything, so I said"I think a few enemas would calm my nerves". Rhonda quickly agreed, and much to my surprise, offered to come over and help me out. I was a little surprised, but quickly excepted, she said that she would be right over.

I got up, put on a robe and went to the door, I did not want to wake the kids. Rhonda came in, she was carrying a bag, wearing a housecoat and as I could see, black nylons, as she gave me a hug, I felt her garterbelt against my body. I was arroused. I had been bi-curious for awhile, but had never acted on it.

I told her to follow me, we went to my bedroom, and I locked the door. "Ok Joanne, show me where everything is and just relax, nurse Rhonda will make it all better", she said as she removed her housecoat. I just stared, not saying a word. Rhonda looked gorgeous, she was dressed in all black, bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings and 4inch stillettos. "Does this make you uncomfortable", she asked. I managed to say no, not all. "Good, then remove your robe", she said, and helped me. I was getting very aroused, it felt strange to me, but I removed my robe and sat on the bed. Rhonda complimented me on my outfit, I thanked her, and returned the compliment. "come on sweetie, show me where your enema equipment is", Rhonda said as she took me by the hand.

I led her to my walk-in closet and showed her my extensive collection, she was impressed, she took a pad and cover, handed them to me and said to put them on the bed, she got my pole that I used to hang the bag and sat it by the bed. "you take those panties off and lie down", she said, and gave me a pat on the butt, I jumped and giggled.

I was beginning to relax.

I watched as Rhonda came from the closet, she had a 2qt bag, and a douche nozzle, "we will start with this", she said and continued to the bathroom. I heard her preparing the enema, I was getting wet. Rhonda came to the bed, she was wearing gloves and carrying a washcloth and jar of vaseline.

Rhonda told me to roll over, I did, she washed my butt, slowly. Then she opened the jar, I was shaking, she put some lube on my rectum, and slipped her finger inside, "just relax baby", she whispered in my ear, she was coming on to me, I was nervous but had no intention of stopping her, she twisted her finger, smearing the lube inside my butt, I moaned.

This was all new to me, but Rhonda seem to know what she was doing, she removed her finger and left the room. I looked over my shoulder and saw her come back with a bulging enema bag. I was tingling and wet, she lubed the nozzle, told me to relax, and slowly, sensually, inserted it, as far as it would go. I heard the click, and then the rush of soapy water. I was as wet in my pussy as I was in my butt. I moaned in pleasure.

Afte a minute, Rhonda hang the bag on the pole, and began to massage my stomach. I shut my eyes and imagined her rubbing my clit, suddenly I realized that was exactly what she was doing, as she held the nozzle, she told me to roll onto my back, "Do you like that, baby", she whispered in my ear, "Uh huh", I replied, in a squeaky, pleasure filled voice, as she massaged my clit, I started to squirm.

Rhonda held the nozzle in place and picked up the pace. I moaned and squirmed. Rhonda got on the bed, and began to kiss my body, then she kissed me full on the lips, I was on fire. Our tongues entertwined, and licked each others lips. I had forgot all about the 2qts of soaapy water in my bowels, but that did not last. "I gotta go", I gasped. "Ok baby go ahead", Rhonda said. I ran to the bathroom, it took me about fiften minutes to expel the enema, I washed off and returned. Rhonda gave me a kiss and told me to lie down, she went into the bathroom. I lay down and relaxed, she returned with a pan of soapy water and a douche bulb, the bulb and the nozzle were huge, "this is mine"Rhonda said as she sat the pan on the nightstand.

Then she sat on the bed and patted her lap, I lay across her, she put on gloves, and finger fucked my butt, while massaging my clit, I could not hold back, I had a mind blowing orgasm, right there on her lap, she seemed pleased by this. I was trying to catch my breath when I felt the huge nozzle slide inside me. "Squoosh", I felt the water rush into my bowels, she removed the nozzle, quickly refilled it and gave me another, and another, I got six of these huge bulbs before she stopped and inserted her finger.

Once again she pumped away, and rubbed my swollen clit, I squirmed and moaned. A few minutes of this and she told me to get on the bed, I did. I felt her kiss my pussy, I gasped, she started to lick, up and down, in and out, I could barely stand it. Finally I had another orgasm. I needed to expel the enema, but was too weak, I lay there, helpless. I Finally made it to the bathroom. I came back, looking like I had been through a tornado. Rhonda just smiled and patted her lap, she gave me the rest of the enema, just rubbing my back, I was able to catch my breath.

After that was finished, Rhonda gave me a3qt rinse. I came back to the bed and lay down beside her, we kissed. It was my turn. Although I was new at this, I just did to her what she had done to me. Before long she was moaning"Yes baby, oh God", I rubbed, licked and sucked her pussy and swollen clit, she grabbed my hair and started bucking, moaning, then she went limp. I let her catch her breath, then we cuddled. I rubbed her nylon covered legs, she was beautiful. I told her that it was my first time, she giggled and said"I kind of figured that baby, as she gave me a long passionette kiss.

I watched as she got up and walked over to the bag that she brought, My eyes widened as she removed a black leather harness, it had a rubber penis on it, a nice one at that, she strapped it on and got back in bed. We kissed and rubbed each other, she gently pushed me on my back, and mounted me. Oh my God, I thought, she screwed me into two mindblowing, strength draining, orgasms. I momentarily blacked out.

I opened my eyes. Rhonda was smiling at me, "you ok, baby", she asked. "I'm great", I said. "Ok then, turn over", I was a bit apprensive, but I turned over. Rhonda lifted me on all fours, she put a generous amount of lube on my rectum. I wiggled my butt, she laughed and then I felt two fingers slide inside, I winced, but did not resist.

Rhonda rubbed my butt and said, "just relax baby, you are going to like this". I closed my eyes. Rhonda slowly, gently inserted the rubber penis into my tiny butt-hole, it hurt at first, I gasped, she rubbed my hips and slowly pumped, in and out. Finally my sphincter relaxed and I started to enjoy it. I got in sync with her, "OOh, yes", I moaned.

Rhonda reached around and rubbed my swollen clit. This went on for at least fifteen minutes, I started to tingle. I moaned and thrusted my hips. I came again, Rhonda kept on pumping and rubbing, I came again. I fell face first onto the pillow. Rhonda rammed the penis all the way in and just held it there, she continued to rub my clit.

When I came to, I was laying on my back, Rhonda was beside me. I looked at her and smiled. "Ok baby, as soon as you are ready", she said, as she got out of bed. I watched her get another strap-on from the bag. I jumped up, she helped me put it on. I gave it a playful pat, we laughed, and got in bed. The foreplay did not last long. I mounted her and started stroking. I wanted to please her as much as she did me.

I rode her into an orgasmic explosion, she bucked and writhed, she looked like a carnival ride. I did not let up until she went limp. I gave time to catch her breath, and I rolled her over. I asked her if she was clean back there, as I rubbed her hips, she said yes"I had an enema right before you called", she said, and gave her butt a wiggle. "just one", Well I will just have to give you a couple more, before we go any further", I said, she agreed. I got up and went to my closet and chose some equipment.

I gave her three enemas, two soapy and one rinse. I used some of my custom nozzles. Rhonda seemed to love enemas as much as I. This was the beginning of many, many, private E-fest.

After she expelled the last of the enemas, I told her to assume the position. I mounted her and began, slowly, steadily. I rubbed her clit, penetrated her wet pussy with my fingers, and rammed her voluptous backside, she was all over the bed, I would not let her get away. I continued until she let out a muffled scream, and went face first on the bed. I lay against her, rubbing away, I finally withdrew, and collapsed on the bed. We lay there for several minutes, kissed. Nothing was said, Finally we got up, undressed, and took a shower.

I put on some fresh lingirie, Rhonda put hers in the bag, along with her strap-on, she told me to keep the one that I used on her, I said thanks, we kissed.

"I better get home, before Tim comes and gets me", she said with a laugh. I thanked her for making me feel better, she said that it was her pleasure, anytime I needed to be cheered up, just give her a call, we kissed one more time, I walked her to the door, and watched her until she made it to her door.

I went to bed, it was 2:00am, we had been going at it four hours, I felt strange about what had just happened, I really enjoyed it and definately wanted to do it again. I fell asleep, thinking about the next time, it would not be long.


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