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Anna's Baby

Part I

Anna Petrovana was borne in Leningrad to a prominent family in the communist party. As she grew she herself joined the party and attended the University in Moscow. Shortly before she graduated she was approached by a family friend and recruited into the illustrious KGB. She was trained in torture, along with her training she used the skills as a biochemist and psychologist to further advance the communist cause. In 1991 she was 39 years old when the bottom was fell out of her universe. The Berlin Wall fell and her own government was on the verge of collapse.

To avoid any retaliation from her countrymen she fled with a horde of wealth she had stashed. The money and jewelry were taken from many of her hapless victims. From Moscow she traveled to Switzerland. There she discovered that she could make an excellent living as a dominatrix. Anna was about forty but she looked 25 at the most, she had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a figure that made most men's mouths drop to the floor once they saw her. The local johns real seem to enjoy her thick Russian accent and would come back to her time after time no matter what torture she inflicted on them. She had toned herself down from her past style but torture was torture, only now it was sexual and guys came requesting it.

After three years as a practicing Dom. Anna felt that there was something missing in her life. She had money, an excellent home and any material possession one could ask for. After a great deal of soul searching she came to one conclusion. Anna wanted a child. When she was in Russia she had no problem conceiving, but each time had an abortion because having a young child and being in the KGB did not mix.

The next day Anna saw a fertility specialist and after many test it was discovered that she was unable to carry a child. Anna was crushed. She asked if there were any doctors who could help her. Her doctor said he knew of a doctor in the US who might be able to help her. During this time the American Company Merck had approached her and offered her a job as a research chemist. One week later she obtained a Visa and was allowed to immigrate as a biochemist to the United States.

She arrived at O'Hare International Airport late Monday night. After going to her hotel she tided herself and the next morning she was sitting in another fertility specialist office. Dr. Rarden examined her and ran more tests than the Swiss doctor, but unfortunately she received the same answer. Anna left the doctors office very depressed. She had wanted to start her new life in this new country with a family. Now she could not, at least she still had her job.

Anna started at the research lab working on anti-psychotics she then branched into developing hypnotics (sleeping pills.) Her boss and co-workers were quite impressed with her knowledge and strong work ethic. But Anna was used to a certain life style and her job did not allow for the cash she had overseas. So one month after being in the US she was again working as a dominatrix. During the day she was a research chemist at night she became Mistress Anna. Again she was successful even here in the US the guy liked her accent and style of torture. Anna soon had a condo on the shores of Lake Michigan in one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Chicago.

From her five-bedroom condo she could run her nighttime business with no questions asked. It was there that she met Daniel. Daniel was an about 20-ish male, very boyish in appearance. They had first met in the elevator and they had seen each other in communal areas of the complex. He seemed nice enough but every time Anna talked to him he acted as if he was hiding something. On several occasions she had secretly noticed that before he took his laundry to the laundry room he would look out into the hall, if some one was seen he could go back into his condo. Anna's interests were piqued and she just had to know his secret.

One night Anna secretly followed him to the laundry room. She saw him quickly empty his basket into the machine and then stand guard over the machine as it washed. She wondered what was so valuable that you would wash and guard? She conceived upon a plan, she would get inside Daniel's home and find out. She had heard that Daniel designed commercial web pages, so using the farce that she wanted a web page made she approached him.

She met him that morning in the elevator and asked if he did design web pages. He said yes and is there some reason why she was asking him this. She said that she would like some help in making one for her side business. Daniel was more than happy to agree. They agreed upon a dinner date that night at Daniel's apartment. That day at the lab Anna made from memory and her tattered KGB issue notes book three drugs. One was a strong hypnotic agent, it also cause a short-term amnesia. The second was a medication that made the affected individual respond to suggestion with out question. Her final medication was a truth serum. After tucking these three potions into the pocket of her lab coat she was ready for dinner.

Anna wore a tight fitting black dress that accentuated her features in her purse she carried the potions. Daniel answered the door and almost forgot why she came but then he quickly invited her in. "Is dinner ready?" She asked in a sultry voice.

"Yea, I mean yes," Daniel stuttered. "Please have a seat." "Would you like a drink the bar is by the bookshelf." She poured herself some vodka and asked if Daniel would like something as well.

"Scotch and soda please," Daniel called from inside the kitchen. She poured his drink and added the hypnotic agent. She then set the drinks down and examined his place. He had four rooms all seem normal except one of the bedrooms was securely locked with a large pad lock.

Before she could ask what was in it Daniel arrived with their food. The dinner was excellent as they talked she noticed Daniel seemed to be getting sleepier and sleepier until he slumped over the table. Anna quickly got up and removed his keys. She then walked over to the locked room and opened it.

When she opened it she was amazed. This 25-year-old entrepreneur had a fully stocked nursery with everything to scale. She smiled with joy; "I can have a baby!"

She moved Daniel into the nursery and quickly placed him on the changing table. She undressed him and redressed him in diapers, plastic pants, and a cute nursery print T-shirt. From there she moved him into the high chair, and gave him the suggestive agent. "Daniel, you are MY Baby." "You will do everything I say." "You will use your diapers, and you will act like the baby I've always wanted." "You will work when I say you can work, and you will please me when I want to be pleased." "Do you understand?" "There is nothing you can do to fight this and you will have no memory of how this has come about." "To you, you got drunk and told me everything, and I agreed to be your Mommy."

Daniel looked at Anna and said, "Yes Mommy."

She then gave him the truth serum and asked, "How long have you been a baby Dan-Dan."

"Since I was 18," he mumbled.

"And why didn't you tell your Mommy?"

"'Cause I was scared."

"Oh baby shouldn't be scared of Mommies, Mommies are here to take care of babies." She cooed. "Now Mommy's going to give you a ba-ba with some medicine in it and baby will feel better, Okay Dan-Dan."

"Yes Mommy," he replied.

She quickly placed a bottle nipple in his mouth and he began to suckle. The bottle contained a muscle relaxant, diuretic, laxative, and the rest of the suggestive agent and the antidote for the hypnotic. Anna knew that once the bottle was finished he was firmly hers. Daniel had become Baby Dan-Dan, Anna's Baby.


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