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A genuinely true story


OK this is a bit of a novel but hang in there as I think you will enjoy.

A couple of years back a University friend of mine threw a fancy dress party to celebrate her 30th birthday. The theme interestingly was titled 'Casualty and ER'.

My girlfriend and I read the invite featuring a big red cross and both agreed that it sounded like fun. After a brief discussion regarding our outfits she dug out a PVC nurses outfit that she had been forced to wear on a hen night the previous summer – which met with my happy approval – whilst I scurried off to the spare room to dig out a box of photographic props that I have been collecting for a few years.

See, a few months prior I had been producing a photoshoot for a healthcare article, which required the procurement of various medical implements and included the essential white coat and a red-tubed stethoscope.

With glee I pulled it out of the bottom of the box and announced that I would be going in full doctor's regalia hooking the stethoscope around my neck and watching carefully for her reaction. Unfortunately her reaction was somewhat ambivalent, which was a shame – but hey let's wait for the party.

Several weeks elapsed until finally the night came around. Desperately trying to hide my excitement I adorned my white coat, hanging the bright red stethoscope purposefully around my neck: feeling every bit doctor Kildare. My girlfriend squeezed into the white PVC nurses outfit cursing how tight it was but looked fantastic. So with our medical outfits sorted we stumbled out onto the busy London Street to hail a Taxi. Needless to say a black cab pulled up in seconds – thanks to my girlfriend's outfit – and we proceeded across town to pick up her friend Kate before going into the centre of the city for the party.

We pulled up outside Kate's house, the driver tooted and Kate hurried out of the door wearing what can only be described as a vintage NHS nurse's uniform: pale blue, with a wonderful flared bottom half and a little hat – very 50's looking. Kate climbed into the cab with a little help from me sat-back in the seat directly opposite, her skirt riding up showing off her wonderful long legs, clad in black seemed stockings and finished with cute kitten heels.

Observing both of us she commented how great we looked before suddenly noticing my stethoscope and squealing with delight. Asking if it was real Kate held up the shiny metal bell and growled 'hello doctor' into it as both girls giggled. Her reaction filled me with utter excitement; it was in all honesty the reaction I hoped to get from my partner. Kate clearly connected with the whole vibe in a way that didn't appeal to my girlfriend. A shame but in some ways Kate's reaction was even more exciting.

Upon arrival at the party the guests appeared to split into 2 groups: those who had come as casualties, wearing a selection of slings, splints, bandages etc and those who came as doctors or nurses. To fuel the medical theme further the University we studied at had taught nursing so there a lot of genuine nurses in a selection of sassy uniforms and colourful stethoscopes.

We got a drink from the bar and as the girls hit the dance floor I opted to take a place at the bar and just observe. The scene was amazing; the whole place appeared to be full with people in medical costume. Again this appeared to split into 2 groups: those who clearly loved it and those who were not really interested. Scanning the room it spotted a 20 something blonde girl in loose hanging surgical scrubs. She had huge doctor's stethoscope and was insisting on examining all of her female companions who were sitting around a table. Some looked a little reluctant but others willingly lifted up t-shirts, unbuttoned tunics and generally helped the girl as she eagerly slid the big stethoscope onto their chests and listed intently. I remember feeling a little helpless, I really wanted to participate but felt acutely self conscious – after all it was just a birthday party and not a fetish club. Still it was amazing to observe and little did I know that the best was yet to come.

Anyway, a few more beers went down and as the whole place loosened up I needed to visit the gents. Both the ladies and gentlemen's toilet were situated and the bottom of a big spiral staircase at the back of a big, empty coat lobby. I skipped down the stairs incredibly happy about the party but a little frustrated that I felt I couldn't join in: and that my girlfriend did not appear to share a glimmer of interest in the whole medical vibe.

As I got to the bottom of the stairs I paused for a second to decode the fashionable symbols that separated the 2 toilets. I think I decided it was the one on the left but as I got about a stride away from it, Kate, my girlfriend's friend, came bowling out of the door and nearly ran into me. With a mild jump she looked up at me and said

– What are you doing creeping around down here mister – and where's the boss? She said with a coy smile

– She's still dancing I think and its 'doctor' to you.

– Is it now 'doctor'. And where did you get this from, it's real isn't it? She said playfully wrapping the tube around my neck.

– Yes it is I replied, may I?

As I unravelled the stethoscope and slipped in the ear pieces

Kate just smiled and pushed her chest out, which I took as her sign of approval.

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was visibly shaking as I raised the shiny metal bell and pressed it against the small exposed section of smooth skin at the top of her vintage nurse's tunic. What if someone walks down the stairs, what if it's my girlfriend, I really was concerned but the over-riding desire to see it through was just too strong.

Bending forward slightly I increased the pressure, lightly resting my other hand on her back to steady her slender form. The stethoscope was only a nurse’s model so it was quite hard to hear but the increased pressure certainly helped. Our faces were inches away from each other in an incredible moment of intimacy. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating but the lub-dub sound of her racing heart was sublime. Kate was clearly as nervous as me and was shaking slightly as heart pounded like a freight train.

After listening at the exposed apex of her chest for a minute or two I lifted the stethoscope up and repositioned it a little lower down – leaving behind a perfect circular impression of lighter skin as the blood slowly returned to the surface. The lower position was almost inside her tunic and I felt a little reluctant to push the boundaries too far by sliding my hand into her costume. I was about to finish my impromptu examination when Kate must have read my mind. Popping 2 buttons of her tunic undone she pulled her uniform open, exposing her lacy white bra and allowing me the freedom to conduct a more thorough ascualtion of her milky white chest.

Every fibre and nerve ending in my body was electrified, buzzing with raw excitement.

I lifted the stethoscope up again, pushing it firmly onto the spot below her left breast. Again I steadied her with my other hand as I moved the instrument around her chest in a circular pattern, pressing it hard into her smooth white skin. She seemed to be relaxing slightly as her heart appeared to slow to a more normal rhythm but her breathing was laboured and heavy. I was about to ask if could listen to her lungs too when a man in rugby shirt and a ill fitting lab coat came bowling down the stairs.

– Are the bogs down here he shouted. Followed by an embarrassed silence as he (kind of) realised what we were doing. He shuffled past us with a grin and I looked back at Kate apologetically as she closed her uniform to cover her exposed chest. I noticed she was biting her lip.

– Are you ok I asked?

– You look really funny she said. As I realised I still had the tubes in my ears with the stethoscope hanging down and was just looking on sheepishly. We had been caught but I just didn't want to stop. I desperately wanted to listen to her respiration too. Kate again took the bull by the horns and asked:

– Is my examination complete then doctor?

– Not quite I said. Leaning forward again and placing the stethoscope back on her chest. Her tunic was still undone but it was pulled closed covering most her chest. I gingerly opened it up a little.

– Ok but be quick. She said still biting her lip and looking around nervously.

Sliding the stethoscope down to her lower right chest I asked her to take a deep breath. She responded immediately as her chest rose and fell.

– Again please. I said as she repeated the motion, before sliding it over to the left side of her ribcage.

– Deep breath please. I asked her as again she faithfully responded. I slid the metal bell up a couple of inches.

– Once more please Kate. I asked again as her magnificent chest rose and fell one last time.

– OK I think we are done. Are you feeling ok?

- Uhum. She replied with a prim but coy smile as she refastened the buttons on her tunic. We both fell silent and it felt a tiny bit awkward as we began to ascend the stairs back to the party.

– Did you enjoy that as much as I did? I asked trying to break the silence.

– Oh yes. She replied as she returned to being her normal animated self. I had to go for a pre-employment medical when I started my last job. It was at some posh private clinic. The doctor was this gorgeous young Aussie guy, barely out of his Twenties. I had to pretend not be aroused through the entire thing: but he must have noticed: he took my blood pressure about 5 times and my pulse must have been going mad.

– He probably thought you were just nervous. Besides I bet he gets it all the time.

– I bet he does! She replied

– Anyway, when I was sitting there in my knickers and he listened to my heart with a stethoscope I nearly exploded. I just wanted to jump on to of him. It was sooo embarrassing.

The next hour was a bit of a blur. My girlfriend was a little angry as she wondered where we had both been. Fortunately she didn't see us both emerge from the stairs together. God knows what she would have thought. I just said that we had been talking to the birthday girl.

As I looked around the room the party was in full swing. I spotted a couple of people 'playing' but it was nowhere near the experience and intimacy that Kate and I had just shared.

My girlfriend and I are still together. I keep wanting to ask her if we can 'play doctor' but I really don't think she would be into it. I see Kate fairly regularly but we never talk about it and that moment was never repeated, which is probably for the best as she is now married. I wonder if the lucky sod gets to play doctor with her on a regular basis. Although I bet he doesn't. It's one of those dark little secrets that you don't generally share until by chance you meet someone who shares your interest.

She flirts with me like crazy though.



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