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A Sensuous Enema

A Sensuous Enema

Author: Nicole,

Note: The following is a segment taken from a copy write, published text that I, Nicole, wrote this past October. Any comments pertaining to its reading enjoyment may be sent to

The following day they went hiking. But the day after that brought on more lascivious fun.

It was mid morning and Christine was a sleeping face up on Jack’s bed covered with a sheet. Unclad, he sauntered into the room quietly with a prepared opened ended enema bag and hung it on an IV stand standing beside the bed. It was swollen and heavy with fluid. He glanced over his shoulder into his bathroom and saw that she, as instructed, had done her early morning preparation.

She woke up looking up at him curiously and then noticing the filled vessel; she eagerly pulled the sheet away, looking voluptuously nude and purring like a pampered mistress.

"I hope that’s not another coffee enema?"

"No, sweetie, that enema was for medical reasons. This one is for fun."

She vacillated.

"I'm not sure, Jack"

"Do you want it, babe, yes or no?" He asked firmly.

She thought a moment then gave him a big grin. She could never refuse him.

"Yes, Master, I want it!"

Jack climbed onto the bed in front of her, grabbed her knees and pushed them towards her chest. He then lifted her flexed legs by the ankles spreading them wide apart on either side of her body. He leaned over, picked up her hands and rested them on her kneecaps to help keep her thighs opened. The result was to lift and expose both her cunt and her bottom.

He reached for a tube of lube already on the night table and rubbed a large amount of jelly on the enema nozzle and the first three digits of his hand. With his eyes lovingly focused on her face he plunged his fingers up her narrow anal passage towards the wider cavity of her rectum. With a gentle circular motion he went in deeper making sure she was well oiled. He took his time lubricating her. Surrendering again to his tender rectal care was something she always looked forward to and she reveled in it.

"Oh, Jack…." She whimpered, her lower extremities quaking with pleasure.

While his eyes never left her face, his fingers drilled her more.

"What is it, baby? What do you want to say?"

"You know just how… "She stopped to knock back some air then stretched her legs further apart.

"What do I know, baby?’ he cooed, his fingers still plugged up her butt.

Her eyelids were slits and her lips were moist with passion.

"You know just where to touch me." She replied in breathless anticipation.

"You bet I know because you have the sweetest, tightest most responsive ass I've ever encountered, Christine."

Her excitement rising forced her hand to migrate down towards the open V of her thighs. He pushed her fingers away, gently insisting that he, not she, have control over her pleasure.

"Not yet, Christine, not until I fill you up back there." He reached over for the long dangling tube and held the end of it up in front of her. "This is going to feel good going in, sweetie."

"I know."

"Here it comes, baby."

Slowly he invaded her back end with the nozzle and left it in place. To bring on more pleasure and without removing the nozzle completely, he deliberately slid the impaled syringe in and out of her opening causing its tip to rub against her sensitive sphincter over and over again.

"Oh that feels so good Jack." She moaned blissfully her eyelids fluttering excitedly.

"I'm glad it feels good, beautiful." He answered smiling.

With eyes still fixed on her face he teased her bit more, by just placing his fingers on the clamp; making her question whether the enema flow would ever start. And then it did, with the help of gravity the warm stream vigorously infused itself into her anal canal and then her colon.

"Oh god, that feels even better." she sighed softly, closing her eyes entirely.

"Breathe deeply." He instructed. Her eyes flew open to stare up at him. It was a strong and piercing stare as she caught her breath and released it slowly. "That’s it, babe, keep breathing."

While the warm liquid poured inside her, Jack’s mouth came down between her wide open thighs and he began to make circular movements with his tongue on her clit then between her pussy lips. With her hands still tightly clutching her kneecaps, Christine shut her eyes again in sublime pleasure. She didn't think it possible but this was even better than the first time he'd perform oral sex on her. Feeling his mouth on her genitals along with the rushing liquid pumping up her rump made it all the more special and stimulating.

Jack sat up, wiped his mouth and then closed the clamp.

"Are you ready for me, Christine?"

"Fuck me good, Jack!"

"Don't I always, baby?"

"Oh yes, always!"

His ego soared.

"You really want to feel me inside you?" He asked teasing.

"Stop it!" She answered breathlessly. "You know I do!"

He then came forward entered her love canal with his firm cock. Each trust of his hardness brought on a new wave of enjoyment. Just as she was at the threshold of cumming and with Jack still pushing himself inside her he snapped the clamp open again releasing a new gush of warmth up her bottom and into the pit of her belly. The rectal fullness along with vaginal fullness was thrilling. The duel stimulations were causing her to cum quickly. When his moment came a pleasurable seizure took over his body as well as hers and his appendage freed its prize, spilling it, releasing it into the warm soft space that was her sanctum of pleasure.


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