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A First-Time Enema In Scotland

A First-Time Enema In Scotland

Anne, who describes herself as a Pro-Domme, is a friendly, broadminded woman in her late 40's, about 5' 6" in height, and cuddly. We met each other through a contact site on the internet (Informed Consent). After exchanging many e-mails, in the course of which I awakened Anne's imagination to the possibility of her receiving an enema, I was invited to her "studio" in Perth, Scotland. The day couldn't come soon enough. I spent the last three days before my first visit preparing what I hoped would be suitable apparatus for Anne's first enema, and my first time giving one.

It was almost like a dream, looking back on that day. My trip to Perth went smoothly, the train keeping good time. Anne and her husband came to meet me at the station. One might wonder what her husband was doing there. A good sport, he lets Anne do her own thing. After a ten minute drive, we reached the single-storey cottage where they live. Having dropped us off, Anne's husband left for his work.

Once indoors, Anne made a pot of tea and prepared some sandwiches for me, as I hadn't eaten on the train. I showed Anne the equipment I'd brought along. I had a half-bottle remaining of Dr Bronner's Baby-Mild Aloe Vera Castile soap, sent to me by a friend in California. I'd also made a gravity-fed enema apparatus out of a hot water bottle and a length of nylon hose. This was terminated in a rubber thing you put at the end of a tap, called a swirlet. It is soft enough to go in the rear without any discomfort. I'd also brought my own Higginson's syringe (the one with the rubber bulb in the middle of the hose, which one squeezes), for when it was my turn. To add a bit of interest for myself, I'd brought along a bar of carbolic soap, which I attempted to divide into three - actually it crumbled into more bits than that.

Anyway, I took the initiative; we went to the spare bedroom first, where we undressed. Anne was only wearing a kaftan, which was easily removed. I gave her a gentle and leisurely massage, which she enjoyed immensely, following which I got her to lay on her back with her legs facing me. I performed cunnilingus on Anne, bringing her to an orgasm. I recall revelling in the fascinating and arousing scent and taste of a woman's vagina. This was a treat I'd not had for almost six years.

Next we went to the bathroom, where I gave Anne her first ever enema, using a quart of warm water and a teaspoonful of castile soap. I suggested she adopt a kneeling position in the bath. There being no place to suspend the bag, I held it up with my left hand, and after using a water- based lubricant on Anne's anus, gently inserted the nozzle, asking her how it felt.

"OK" was the reply, I then lifted the bag to start the flow. My handicraft in making the connector showed a certain inadequacy in that the stopper leaked a bit. There was also no tap to turn off the flow. I couldn't find one in time for my visit.

Nevertheless, the apparatus worked well. When the bag was almost empty, I asked Anne how she felt. She said she felt relaxed and dreamy, as if she could have fallen asleep, and that she hadn't known what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. After a couple of minutes she sat on the WC to release the enema. I asked her if she'd had a bowel movement that day. She hadn't had one for a couple of days. I mentioned that having this first enema would probably do her a world of good. Anne agreed with that!

I started to prepare the second enema, ,the "rinse", which is a quart of warm water with two level teaspoonfuls of salt added. This keeps the body electrolyte level correct. Anne once again adopted her kneeling position in the bath. I finished what was left of the sachet of water-based lubricant in preparing Anne for the re-entry of the nozzle. When the water had drained into Anne, she again seated herself on the WC, only after rushing through to the bedroom to fetch her cigarettes. Nothing like being relaxed, I thought to myself.

When she felt she was clear, I said it was her turn to give me one. I made up a quart of soap solution using the carbolic soap, which gives the water a pinkish colour. I showed Anne how the syringe worked, and attached a length of rubber hose to the slender nozzle. I suggested that she might like to do me while I was lying across her lap. A chair was positioned parallel to the bath. I then asked her to wet the longest bit of soap and insert it in and out of my anus a few times. This was a real turn-on, and my penis rose to attention! Next she inserted the rubber tube about three or four inches through my well-soaped anus, and into my rectum.

It felt exciting, with the mildly stinging action of the soap enhancing the general sensation. Anne proceeded to work the bulb, slowly and gently. I felt the gentle pulse of the warm soapy fluid inch its way into my insides. After about three or four minutes of this most exquisite treatment , the solution was out of the jug and in me. It was my turn to sit on the W.C.! Although I didn't make the solution too strong, nevertheless it was effective. We were that much at ease in each other's company, there was no embarrassment at all about having Anne in the bathroom, and I jettisoned the result of the first enema I'd ever received at the hands of another person. As soon as I felt I was "clear", I instructed Anne to make up a quart of warm water with two level teaspoonfuls of salt. This time I leaned over the bath, while Anne worked the bulb of the Higginson's syringe. Just before the jug was empty, Anne removed the rubber tube from my bottom. While Anne was seated on the chair, we had a cuddle and a grope together.

Soon I had to sit on the throne again. When I thought I was about finished, we went back through to the bedroom for a bit of love-play. We didn't get very far! Anne had to go the toilet again. I had forgotten that a "second wave" can have a delayed action.

After Anne released the remaining fluid, I too had to take my place on the WC, as the pressure of the residue was beginning to make itself felt. As I sat there, Anne went through to another room to get dressed. Time had flown. Anne had to get ready to go into town.

By the time I'd got dressed, Anne had made another pot of tea, which was very welcome. After a chat, we both got a bus into the town centre. We parted company with a promise to keep in touch. And keep in touch we did. I'm going to visit Perth again, this time to see "Nurse Anne" for a medical examination and any necessary treatment.


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