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A Brief Threesome

A Brief Threesome

For my most recent session, I actually had two "patients". One was satisfied with a douchebulb of warm soapy water, and an orgasm or two. The other was more into the scene...

I'd talked to both online, before meeting R/T. I've known one for about 9-10 months now, and met the other in a chatroom. The one I've known longest is a ways away, but came up to my neck of the woods to meet some friends. N, the one I'd met in a chatroom, sounded a bit interested in my kink. She was a bit nervous, though, so L gave her a backrub to calm her down.

During the massage, I was laying out my toys and the bag I'd bought for L. I got a few wide-eyed looks as I displayed things like the 8" dong nozzle, the candy thermometer, and so forth.

I've found that a tube of Prep H ointment or the drugstore-generic equivalent works best as a lube for multiple enemas. Water soluble lubes like KY wash away, and vaseline, while good, doesn't produce the thick, irritant-proof coating.that hemorrhoid cream does. There's also that nifty nozzle-tip for the tube. Both ladies had been told that they'd need a tube of hemorrhoid lube, generic hemmie suppositories, and a disposable douche or two. Since I'd had an alkaline pH problem up front with a prior patient, I wanted to fill the bag for front action with something that belongs in there.

After L had finished N's massage, the latter was lying limply on the table. I took out my new German thermometer, N's lube tube, and a couple of suppositories. While L undressed, I began by squirting N's bottom with lube. Working the applicator tip in and out of her bottom, I squeezed, producing a giggle.

Then, I inserted the thermometer. The part on a German thermo that's supposed to go in the patient is about 1-1/2" long and a tad thicker than an American thermometer. Above that is a thicker body with an oval cross-section. N gasped a bit as I slid in the first part. When I got about an inch of the wider part in and started twirling between my fingers, she got a bit more worked up. I kept titillating her bottom as the thermometer registered, producing a reading in the normal range.

Taking a suppository up in my gloved hand, I put the tip to N's anus. Urging her to breathe deeply, I slowly pressed inward. When my fingertip touched her back pucker, I paused, letting it melt a bit. An anal quiver and some hip motion told me to proceed, so I buried my finger. This elicited a gasp and more heavy breathing. The second suppository was a bigger production. I did my usual there - slide it in a bit, out a bit, in a bit more, out a bit less... This left her warmed up for when it'd be her turn.

L, meanwhile, was nude. I prepared her lube tube, couple of suppositories, and a douchebulb of warm soapy water. Her buns being somewhat ample, I had her in the knee-chest position for better anal exposure. It also added a slight tang of D/S to the mix...

After switching to a fresh glove, I stroked the ointment applicator tip in and out of her bottom, squeezing until she was good and slippery. Then, I inserted each suppository, taking a minute or so. I started with the tip, then went in a bit deeper... By the second, she was ready for her enema.

Adding some lube to the douchebulb's flexible tip, I placed it at L's opening. Keeping the bulb downward to prevent leaks, I worked the nozzle in past the flow holes. Telling L to take a deep breath and let it out, I deflowered her enema virginity with a long, firm squeeze. N watched wide-eyed as I pulled out the nozzle, then slid in a finger. L's bottom quivered, anal muscles clamping, as I began a thorough rectal massage. When I turned my finger downward and went G-spot hunting, she went ballistic. After I switched from finger to a vibrator, L came and then developed an urgent desire for the potty.

I cleaned and disinfected the bulb, then refilled it for N. She'd already been prepped, if you'll pardon the pun. I played around a bit with the nozzle, stroking it in her bottom, then administered the squeeze. Her breathing got heavier, and segued into short gasps as I began her rectal massage. L had finished with the potty by the time I got the other vibrator into N's bottom, and watched her bouncing around the bed, enjoying her orgasm.

When N had dashed for the potty, I showed L the selection of tips. We'd decided, due to some time pressures, to go straight from bulb to double- barrel. I generally prefer a more gradual workup, but N figured she could handle it. As it turns out, disposable douches all seem to come in two-packs. I put both in my pink rubber folding douche bag. L had selected the 8" rubber dong nozzle for her pussy. For the back, she chose my smaller butt-plug nozzle. I attached this to the hose of the combination bag that I'd picked up for L.

L's bag got an enema solution of warm water and baking soda, and the douche bag got topped off with hot water, producing a warm-ish solution. We took the bags in the bathroom and hung 'em on the shower-curtain rod. I lubed the buttplug tip copiously, and asked L if she was ready. She said yes and bent over. With N watching, an amazed expression on her face, I slowly worked the dong nozzle into L's pussy. Then, she reached back and pulled her buns apart for me, as I inserted the buttplug enema tip.

L was already panting with arousal as I helped her kneel in the tub, negotiating the tangle of hoses. Then, I popped the clamps. There are times, watching the effects of the double-barrel, that I'd like to be female for a day. This would be just so as to have the right plumbing for the experience, one time. Needing to free up a hand or two for playing, I had N take over holding the bags. Then, I proceeded to stroke both of L's openings with the nozzles. I'd brought in the vibrator L was using, but she was a bit too busy quivering and coming to play with it. Near as I can tell, once she's had enough anal stimulation she goes multiorgasmic... When she was full and the bags empty, N and I left her to the potty and the vibrator.

N declined a second enema, saying she was satisfied. As usual, I cleaned and disinfected my toys while the "patient" emptied herself. L came out, and both ladies gave me a big hug and kiss - I think they enjoyed themselves.


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