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A Dentist Visit

A Dentist Visit

Author: HishnGA

Notes: This story is copyrighted 2001 by HishnGA. However feel free to post it anywhere that doesn't have a fee for reading or use adult check, and feel free to pass it around to anyone you figure could benefit from the story. This is my first attempt at a mind control story after being an avid reader of them for years. If there is enough interest I will write additional parts. If you have ideas for those parts, please pass them along.

Part 1 - Mike and Carla

Mike and Carla Thompson sat in the waiting room. They had both come directly from their jobs downtown. Mike sat calmly reading the Wall Street Journal, while Carla fidgeted by picking up magazines, glancing at them, and then putting them down again. Carla was the reason there were both there.

Carla feared all things dental. Not the normal fear most people have, but the animal fear we each carry deep inside us. It was so bad that even simple dental cleanings usually required a diazepam tablet before and nitrous oxide during. This was more then most dentists wanted to deal with and certainly more than any dental plan would reimburse.

They both spent months talking to people, looking for a dentist that specialized in nervous patients. And one name had kept coming up, Doctor Richard Hewett. He was new to the area but building a spectacular reputation among those who truly dreaded dental procedures. Carla had taken this one open appointment several weeks in advance, and they both rearranged their schedules to make sure they made this appointment. Mike was not about to send his wife off alone to a new dentist.

At precisely 4pm, the doctor walked into the waiting room. He flashed a million dollar smile that could only come from being a dentist. He walked up to them and extended his hand, "Doctor Richard Hewett, I am pleased to meet you both." Carla quickly took his hand in her and shook it saying "Carla Thompson, I have heard so many good things about you from the other partners in the law firm." Carla released his hand and Mike grasped and shook it, "Mike Thompson, I am so glad you were able to get us this appointment." Dr Hewett smiled, "It was not a problem, we usually reserve these last few Friday afternoon time slots for new patients." Dr Hewett surveyed the couple and looked directly at Carle. "Diazepam and nitrous?" he asked. Before Carla could answer Mike spoke up, "Yes and it wrecks her for days afterwards." Carle blushed for no apparent reason. Dr Hewett just smiled, "Not a problem, we do not use anything with that kind of side effect here. You will be fine Carla."

At that moment a nurse entered the waiting room from another door. Dr Hewett gestured to the nurse, "This is our new patient Carla Thompson, would you take her to Treatment Seven. Her husband and I will take care of all the new patient paperwork." The nurse impressed Carla. She was almost six feet tall, 50'ish, and rugged almost severe looking in her perfectly pressed and starched whites. A small gold nameplate on her lapel read "Susan Yarrow, RN." "If you will follow me Mrs. Thompson, " Nurse Yarrow spoke in a low gravely voice, "we will get you all taken care of."

Mike and Carla hugged and kissed like Carla was being marched to her execution. Then Carla visiblely gathered her courage and follow after Nurse Yarrow through the door to the treatment rooms. For what seemed an eternity to Carla she followed Nurse Yarrow through twists and turns until they were standing in a medium sized room. The placard on the door read "Treatment

7." Carla took in the room and felt herself surprisingly calm. It did not look like a dental treatment room. One wall was completely covered in windows looking through heavy leaved trees and shrubs. The door they had come in through took another wall, and the remaining two walls were covered in dark wood cabinets, like her office downtown.

And in the middle of it all sat the chair. Except this again did not look like a normal dentist chair. Being a woman of Rubenesque proportions, Carla hated most chairs. But this dental chair looked more like a leather lounger, like you would have at home. Carla watched as Nurse Yarrow took a large remote control and pointed it at the chair. The chair seemed to come to life whirring, lifting, and almost opening itself to accept her.

"Please sit down in the chair," said Nurse Yarrow. "Then the chair is going to configure itself to you, so please do not be alarmed when it starts to move." Carla did as she was asked and sat in the chair, taking her low-heeled shoes off and putting her stockinged feet in the foot rests. The chair seemed to pause as she sat there, like it was taking stock of her. Then the chair began to hum and move. Carla stifled a short scream of surprise behind clenched teeth. She could feel air bladders inflating and deflating along her back. She could feel the arms of the chair moving along with the leg supports as the chair reclined slightly. Carla was amazed that she no longer felt like she was sitting on a chair, it was more like she was sitting in a chair.

Nurse Yarrow opened a wall cabinet to reveal several flat LCD computer monitors. The LCD panels displayed various pieces of information that Carla could not quite make out. "Very good," said Nurse Yarrow, "You vital signs look excellent." Nurse Yarrow turned to address the question on Carla's face, "The chair has various built-in sensors for monitoring your body and brain activity. This is how we can tell if you are properly relaxed before treatment and if you experience any discomfort during treatment."

Carla was surprised at how comfortable she felt, with none of the terror usually associated with being in a dentist's office. Nurse Yarrow walked toward her with what looked like a large set of earphones with something that was supposed to go across the eyes. "This is a sound and light machine," Nurse Yarrow showed it to Carla as she spoke, "It goes over your ears and eyes and shuts out everything going on out here. There will be sound and lights played through this to help you relax." Carla nodded quietly. "When I put these on you will not be able to hear or see anything, but you can still talk and you will hear me via a microphone that feeds the headphone. Do you understand, Mrs. Thompson?" asked Nurse Yarrow. Carla licked her lips to wet them and spoke with all the confidence she could muster, "Yes I understand, go ahead and put them on so we can get this over with." Nurse Yarrow smiled and slipped the unit over Carla's head, settling it into place, and then touched the switch to turn on microphone pickup. "Can you hear me?" "YES," shouted Carla without realizing it. "Just nod yes or no, you shout when you try to speak because you can not hear yourself, " said Nurse Yarrow.

Carla felt a blush on her cheeks as she nodded yes. "Is it comfortable? Is this too loud?" asked Nurse Yarrow. Carla shook her yes to the first question and no to the second question. "Ok, we are ready to begin. In a moment you will notice sound and lights. If you want to close your eyes, go ahead because you can see the lights through your eyelids. Other then that, relax and enjoy." With that Nurse Yarrow's voice was gone with a click. Carla felt her pulse quickening and her breath starting to come fast as panic tried to come. Just at that moment light starts blinking before her eyes. Colored lights, blinking in intricate patterns. Carla tried to follow the patterns but was unable to do so. She also noticed a soft humming, or almost humming in her ears that changed every few seconds like the lights. Carla was quickly caught up in the lights and sounds and did not notice her breath and heart rate slowing as she drifted away.

Nurse Yarrow watched the monitors. She could see Mrs. Thompson body and mind reacting to the light and sound machine. She watched as Mrs. Thompson' s heart rate and breathing first raced, then slowed and stabilized. From the EEG readout Nurse Yarrow watched Mrs. Thompson entering a delta brain wave state, a state of deep relaxation. Nurse Yarrow allowed a true smile to cross her lips. Now she could get to her job of cleaning Mrs. Thompson's teeth without Mrs. Thompson bothering her. She removed a pre-packaged set of dental instruments from the wall cabinet, put an apron on over her whites, and set to work.

Thirty minutes later, Mrs. Thompson's teethed had been scrapped, picked, filed, and smoothed. A fluoride solution had been painted on to them, allowed to dry, and then rinsed off. Mrs. Thompson's teeth were now as clean as Nurse Yarrow could get them, and Mrs. Thompson had never moved or flinched the entire time. Nurse Yarrow felt a warm glow of pride at a job well done. She cleaned up all her instruments, putting them in bin to be sterilized and repackaged, removed and hung her apron, and then picked up the intercom phone to the office.

"Mrs. Thompson is finished Dr. Hewett," Nurse Yarrow spoke into the handset. "Very good and please proceed to phase two Susan," said the voice on the other end of the handset. Susan Yarrow felt a switch flip in her brain and a warm rush go through her body. She hung up the handset, and walked to a cabinet behind the head of the chair, opening it to reveal a nitrous oxide machine. With precise movements, she lifted the tubing and connected a nasal mask to it, adjusting the machine for 100% oxygen and a moderate flow rate. Next, she carefully placed the mask over Carla's nose, and secured the nasal mask with a small strap. Once Susan was sure the mask was secure and Carla was breathing normally she walked back to the control panel for the machine and readjusted the machine to 3% nitrous oxide. Susan then turned and watched the vital sign monitors for any adverse reactions.

Deep in her own world of sound and light, Carla barely noticed the touch of the nasal mask to her face. She did notice a slight coolness as the nitrous oxide starting flowing into her lungs. But then the nitrous oxide's effects began to take hold and Carla felt herself giggle as she slipped deeper into the world of light and sounds.

Susan spent two minutes watching Carla's vital signs. When she was sure Carla was not going to have an adverse reaction to the nitrous oxide, she pressed several buttons on the console controlling the light and sound machine. This instructed the machine to advance to its next program.

Carla did not notice as the flashing lights and sounds changed slowly and steadily. They both now carried messages for her. Important messages. Messages of desire, pleasure, touch, caring, love, and release. Carla felt carried along on these new messages as they flowed into her eyes and ears.

Susan watched the new program start to run by the changes in Carla's vital signs. Her heart rate increased, as did her breathing. Her brain waves showed a new pattern, one of physical sexual arousal. Susan even imagined she could smell the soft hint of Carla's arousal perfuming the room. She walked to the intercom phone again and picked it up. When she heard it connect she reported, "Phase two in progress." "Thirty minutes and come get Mr. Thompson from the office before proceeding to phase three," was the response from the handset.

Susan hung up the handset and left the room, closing the door carefully behind her. As she did, she knew that she would return to check on Mrs. Thompson in thirty minutes because Mrs. Thompson was napping, having fallen asleep during the dental cleaning. This was common enough occurrence here and Nurse Yarrow gave it no second thought.

Thirty minutes later, Nurse Yarrow found herself knocking on Dr. Hewett's office door. The door opened and out walked Mike Thompson and Dr. Hewett. "Go with Nurse Yarrow here and she will take you to see your wife Mike," said Dr. Hewett said while shaking Mike's hand. Dr. Hewett turned to Nurse Yarrow and spoke "Go to phase three upon arrival, Susan."

Susan Yarrow again felt the switch flip in her mind and a much more intense warm rush spread throughout her body, especially between her legs and in her breasts. She smiled warmly at Mr. Thompson and put her hand on his arm. Then she lead him off through the maze of treatment rooms until they were standing in Treatment room seven where Carla Thompson was laying in the dental chair.

"Please sit there," Susan Yarrow indicated a chair in the corner with a complete view of the room. As she spoke, Susan was removing her perfectly starched and pressed nurses whites to hang them on a hook behind the door. Mike admired the body that appeared from under those clothes, lithe and well rounded. The half-bra and thong panties came off as well and were hung with the rest of the clothes.

Susan then went to work on Carla's clothes, undressing her with a nurse's efficiency as she lay on the dental chair. Carla was soon lying naked with the headset and nasal mask still firmly in place. Susan then stepped to the controls for the light and sound machine and advanced it to the next program.

Carla did notice this change. Her world of sound and lights changed quickly. Now they spoke only of desire and pleasure. Her arousal was upon her quickly, more intense and complete then she had felt before. She moaned not knowing or caring if she was heard.

Susan watched Carla react as the new program began. Her own arousal was hot and wet. She walked over and draped herself across Carla in the chair. Susan began with Carla's large and erect nipples, kissing, licking, and sucking them to the increasingly more vigorous moans of Carla's pleasure. Susan bit down softly on of Carla's nipples and her moans of pleasure turned into a scream of ecstasy that elicited a similar scream from Susan.

Mike watched all this with amazement and excitement. He had already opened his trousers and was stroking his own cock. Dr. Hewett had instructed him not to cum while just watching because Carla was going to need to be fucked at least once before leaving the office. So he stroked softly as he watched Susan pleasure his wife.

Once Carla's writhing had subsided somewhat, Susan kissed her way down to Carla's pubic mound. Once there, Susan began an all-out assault on every erotic location Carla had there. She kissed, licked, nibbled, caressed, and pinched anyplace that elicited a moan or scream of pleasure from Carla. Susan was lost completely in the world of pleasuring this patient she had been commanded to. So she kept no track of how many climaxes she gave the patient or how intensely the patient came each time. Susan only knew that she was not to stop until this woman was satiated completely and totally. And every time this woman came she would also cum.

Mike watched and listened as Susan pleasured his wife. He could tell both women were getting tired and were almost spent. With a final loud scream both women seemed to collapse and Mike realized they were done. Susan lay there for a few minutes, then stood up and stretched. She had a contented glaze to her eyes as she moved around the room. First she removed the nasal mask from Carla and coiled all the tubing up into the cabinet, putting it away. Then she advanced the program for the light and sound machine one last time. Finally, Susan took a wet towel and washed herself off with it.

Now cleaned of sweat and other things, Susan dressed quickly and easily. Then she turned and spoke, "When you hear the tone, remove the headset from your wife. Place it on that mannequin head on the desk. It will take a few minutes for her to wake up after that. Then just do what comes naturally," Susan smiled warmly. "Thank you for becoming a patient of Dr. Hewett and I look forward to seeing you both again," and with that Susan, Nurse Yarrow slipped out the door.

Mike stood and looked down at his unconscious wife. He loved her body, even if she was not happy with it, even more so as it glistened with sweat and juices. A tone sounded from the desk and Mike slipped the headset of his wife's head. Be careful of the cables he put the headset on the dummy head and returned to admire his wife. After a few moments, Carla's eyes fluttered open and started to focus on Mike.

"Hello there beautiful," said Mike. Carla smiled and spoke in a stuttering voice, "M..M..M..Mike T..T..Take M..M..Me," as reached for him. Mike did not need a second invitation. His clothes were off in a heartbeat and he moved between his wife's legs. Taking an ankle in each hand, he lifted her legs high and buried himself to the hilt in her in one stroke. Carla screamed in ecstasy, climaxing hard. As Mike began to make his customary strokes into her Carla's words came more steadily, "Mike, Mike, Master fuck me, Master fuck your slave, please Master fuck your slave." Mike's mind went blank at these words and he drove into Carla with abandon. Mike thrust with all his body and heard Carla screaming in ecstasy over and over again while calling on her Master to make her his. Mike as almost to the end of his endurance and his control when Carla's words came again, "Master fuck my ass, Master fuck your slave's ass." This was something Mike had always wanted to try though Carla had been reluctant. This was the time, Mike realized, to fulfill this dream. Withdrawing from her pussy, Mike lifted Carla's legs higher and buried himself in her ass. Carla went wild, screaming and cumming as Mike held her ankles in the air. Mike managed a few strokes before exploding in her ass, adding his howl to her scream.

They then collapsed together into the chair, giggling uncontrollably. It took them both considerablely longer to dress then it had to undress, because there was much kissing and hugging and cuddling as they did so. Finally most of their clothes were back on in the proper places, and the extras were stuffed in convenient pockets. They follow the hallway back to the waiting area they had begun in several hours earlier. Dr. Hewett was waiting there. He had a small card in his hand, which Carla took happily and placed in Mike's jacket pocket. "You have a follow-up examine in eight weeks," said Dr. Hewett as Mike and Carla passed by. "We will both be here Dr. Hewett, you can count in it," came Carla's words as they slipped out the front door.


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