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Brian's Story

Brian's Story

Author: Anonymous

I trace my current interests in diapers and plastic pants back to when I was an actual "BEDWETTER" during all of my childhood and a good part of adolescence. My chronic bedwetting problem from ages 8 to 13 was a most difficult time period, and the impact it has had on my life has been very profound.

On a fantasy level, I started to really become interested in diapers and plastic pants after puberty and around the age of 14. I imagine there are quite a few Diaper Lovers (DL's) like myself who had their first orgasms in wet beds or while wearing diapers and plastic pants! I was 13 years old and in the eighth grade when this first happened to me.

By age 13, I was still wetting the bed about one to two times per week on average. I never knew when the next accident might occur. I had only recently outgrown the special diapers and plastic pants I was required to wear to bed each and every night. The only other nighttime protection to guard against my naughty bedwetting accidents was a very noisy plastic sheet.

On one particular morning, and after having awoken to yet another WET BED, I noticed something was a little different this time. Although I had been awakening with boyish erections for some time now, this time was different for me. My bulging erection inside the piss soaked briefs against the wet sheets was screaming for attention.

That morning, I accidentally stumbled upon my first ejaculation, as I found it most pleasurable rubbing my hard stiffie through the warm wet underpants and firmly against the wet bedsheets. The plastic mattress protector as it always had the habit of doing, crinkled and cracked loudly as my body began rhythmically gyrating back and forth in a faster and faster motion. This slippery force finally gave way to one of the most incredible sensations I had ever experienced!

What was this strange sensation? For the first time in my life, my pee pee began rapidly firing spurts of a white milky substance into the very wet pants. Boy did it feel good! I had stumbled upon jerking off so innocently, and the sensations produced felt fantastic!

Before this ejaculation, bedwetting had always been something which I found to be very shameful and naughty. At the age of 13, most boys are dry in the morning, but I often found myself waking up in piss soaked briefs and very wet sheets. These bedwetter episodes and secrecy that I had to develop to hide this behavior was of course not something that I hoped would continue.

From this first jerking-off session onward, "BEDWETTING" started to take on a new meaning in my life. The initial pattern of pleasure had been set and I found I could experience enormous pleasure from jerking my pee pee off while in a wet bed.

I then started experimenting by putting on multiple pairs of briefs overtop each other to try and simulate the cloth bedwetter pants I had been made to wear up to age 12 but had since outgrown. By age 14, I was making homemade diapers out of thick towels and would use plastic trash bags overtop to simulate baby pants.

With many frequent jerk-off sessions occurring in a wet bed or while fantasizing about this subject, what had once been something that was such a nuisance in my life, was slowly but surely becoming transformed into an association with extreme pleasure. Each and every climax to follow, only further sought to positively reinforce my new found fetish for bedwetting, diapers, and plastic pants! As I look back on it now, it really was a shame that I began to bedwet less and less during my 13th year. As is true with many boys, the outgrowing of the bedwetting occurred almost simultaneously with the onset of puberty.

It is due to many of my experiences as a young bedwetter, that today, my ultimate fantasy is to a thickly diapered bed and pants wetter. Maybe I felt so much shame and guilt from these experiences and never got to experience the real punishments I felt were deserved for this naughty behavior. For this reason, today, part of my fantasy is to be, disciplined, spanked, punished, and humiliated for bedwetting.

To help me recreate the scene, today, I wear thick diapers and plastic pants to bed each and every night. I sleep on a noisy plastic sheet, and I often will wet my diapers and bedsheets during the night. Although at times the bedwetting episodes do get uncomfortable, I look at these current experiences as a justified payback for the lack of punishment I received at the time I was actually a bedwetter.

Often times I purposely do not wear thick enough diapers to contain the heavy wetting that occurs and the diapers will leak onto the bedsheets during the night. This means a "Full Wet Bed" experience by morning, but I don't mind this anymore because this is how I often awoke each morning as a boy/teen. Of course it does help that I am now sleeping on a water bed because the heater keeps the wet sheets at a more comfortable temperature than a normal mattress would do.

If I want to make it a more comfortable night, I will wear extremely thick cloth diapers or even disposable diapers with cloth diapers overtop and then always a heavy duty pair of plastic pants overtop. I know it may seem very weird to most people who have not had these similar experiences as me. I truly believe that for me anyway it is, "Better to be a Wetter" and I now love to be a "Bedwetter". I have accepted the simple fact that I will always be a Bedwetting Diaper Boy!

BEDWETTING!!! What an absolutely shameful, humiliating, and babyish thing for a 13 year old to do! Between the ages of 8 through 13, I vividly remember having to sleep ontop of a very noisy PLASTIC SHEET that crinkled and cracked with but the slightest movement.

A plastic sheet on any boy's bed is a very strong symbol of his continued babyhood! It also makes the rude announcement to everyone who comes near it, that a pee pants occupies the bed! The same noisy plastic sheet was on my twin youth bed for many years, and over time it became very brittle and made much louder cracking noises from all of the repeated bedwettings that had occurred on it.

Sleeping on top of that ridiculously noisy plastic sheet night after night was also a constant reminder to me of my naughty babyish "BEDWETTING PROBLEM!" The plastic sheet slowly began developing several holes in it. I didn't want to raise the subject of needing a new plastic sheet to my parents, so I decided to try and hide the situation from them

I did my very best in trying to repair the plastic sheet with a roll of duct tape. Without my knowledge, the tape repair job was faulty and my nightly bedwetting accidents were slowly seeping through the openings in the plastic sheet and were saturating the cloth mattress below.

My mom discovered this situation one day and said, "Brian, you should have told us you needed a new plastic sheet! Now take your mattress outside to dry this instant!" Having this happen at 12 years old did nothing to boost my self esteem, and you can probably imagine how degraded I felt as I dragged my piss soaked and yellow stained mattress outside for the world to see. Of course the mattress had been ruined, but I wasn't about to get a new one and would have to live with the shameful bedwetter's mattress for several more years to come.

My parents made it plain to me that my mattress would not be replaced until I had completely outgrown the bedwetting habit! Years later, I can still recall seeing this mattress up in the attic and upon seeing it I would immediately be taken back to the memories of my bedwetting adolescence.

There were several neighborhood kids who were close to my age during this time, and I felt certain that they would see the piss soaked and yellow stained mattress drying outside and would quickly spread the word that, "Brian is a Bedwetter!" Would they tell my other classmates at school? Would I be ridiculed and humiliated? Would they even discover the thick cloth bedwetter pants I wore nightly and the plastic sheet I had to sleep on?

It may not have been so much fun at the time, but now, I actually love to fantasize about reliving my bedwetting past. I would love to be made to endure the shame and humiliation of it all over again. I do want to be punished and spanked for it now.

When I was 12 years old, I recall playing outside one day near my sister Patty. She is 3 years older then me and was always much to mature for her baby brother. On one particular day, I was doing my usual horsing around but was apparently aggravating her to no end. Patty tried to make it clear to me that she wanted to be left alone with her friend Kelly, and I was not invited!

I must have pushed Patty to hard as she suddenly became furious with me and went on a wild rampage. She turned to Kelly and said mockingly, "Did you know that my brother Brian still Wets the Bed?" I couldn't believe my ears and at that moment felt about 2 feet tall. My face immediately turned bright red and I felt humiliated at having my little secret let out to another individual outside the family. Patty and Kelly laughed at me as I quickly got up without a word and left the room.

Later I was curious to know if my sister had told her friend anything more concerning my shameful bedwetting habit. Would Patty tell her, "Oh yes, Brian wets the bed each and every night! He wears thick cloth diapers pants and plastic pants to bed!" Would my sister divulge everything to Kelly?

From the ages of 8 to 12, I did wear special thickly padded cloth pull-on style night pants that were designed specifically for Bedwetters. The Bedwetter Pants were designed to handle a young boy's nighttime pants wetting problems. The night pants were very similar to cotton pull-on training pants made for toddlers but had one major difference. The pants were so thick you would have to put at least eight pairs of toddler training pants together to equal the thickness of one pair of my bedwetter pants.

Later in life, I wondered where my mom had purchased these special diaper pants. It must have been though some kind of a mail order company or something because they certainly don't seem to be available at any store. By the way, although I was never taken to a medical supply store to be fitted for my diapers and plastic pants as an adolescent, this scenario is now one of my favorite fantasies.

The public exposure aspects of a scenario like this intrigue me very much. How embarrassing it would be to be taken to a medical supply store and have a parent or babysitter announce, "Brian is a Bedwetter! Do you have any diapers and rubber pants large enough to fit him?" And, "By the way, Brian is a very heavy nighttime wetter so please fit him with only the very thickest cloth diapers you have available!" Also, "Of course we must have him diapered right here in the store so we can make sure he gets fitted with the right size!"

Growing up, my parents made sure I was well equipped with several pairs of the thick "Diaper Pants" I described above. I remember wearing this special Bedwetter Pants nightly and without a complaint. From all the laundering they received, the thick 100% cotton pull-on pants became extremely soft and were most comfortable to wear. I developed a special fondness for them and hated the day I outgrew them and had to give them up.

Today I wear thick cloth pull-on style Diaper Pants each and every night to bed just like I did when I was an adolescent. I purchased these pants from Bkins, a mail order incontinent supplier from Canada. The diaper pants they sell are the closest thing I have ever been able to find that resemble the special night pants I wore as a youngster.

Often times I will also use a soaker diaper stuffed inside these pants along with a pair of plastic pants overtop. I've found that this combination will most often contain my heavy wettings, but occasionally some of the heavy nighttime pants wetting will leak at the leg and waist openings of the plastic pants and soak my bedsheets as well. This situation often becomes uncomfortable during the night. But then, "Bedwetters" shouldn't always be made comfortable now should they?


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