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Darren's Life In Daycare

Darren's Life In Daycare

As mother drove off to be gone to her client's home for two hours I took the opportunity to go down stairs to the "Babies' Room" where she kept her daycare clients and their stuff. Both a boy and a girl were my age and yet needed care because of one reason or another. Mother, a child development specialist, cared for kids who were either mentally injured from birth or who had been in accidents of one type or another.

Mother is a child psychologist and a widow. My dad has been dead now for two years and Mother's day care center has grown to eleven kids now and an assistant and a part time bookkeeper.

I am twelve and my name is Darren and I love to put on diapers and other baby things when the house is empty and I am sure of being home alone. I love Friday afternoons when mother often has to visit clients for two or more hours and I can be left alone. I am small for my age and can still wear baby diapers.

I usually diaper myself and then go to the refrigerator and get myself a bottle and then lie down in a playpen and drink it down. I would feel so peaceful and good. Often I would wet my diapers when I could find one of the older kids plastic panties to put on over my diapers. This time I lucked out and even found a onesie that would fit me. The onsie had a teddy bear in a diaper appliqu‚d on its chest and a collar with rounded tabs. I looked very babyish in it.

I had a lot of trouble getting it on because it was tight over my three cloth diapers and plastic panties. It also had three buttons hidden under a flap of the material just behind the crotch. It had been made difficult to get off because the child who wore it liked to strip down to just diapers. I loved the way it made me look especially when I put on a pair of white socks with fuzz around the tops and a pair of white canvas shoes.

I was happily enjoying my bottle when I heard mother calling me. I was panic-stricken. Before I could even gather up my clothes and hide she came into the Babies' Room and caught me. She wanted to know what I was doing. She asked question after question and then started answering each question for me. She was not angry with me but genuinely surprised and determined to "snap me out of it." She told me that I had to come with her to see a prospective new client. I protested that I needed to change clothes and she told me that I had chosen to dress as I was dressed and it was just too late for me. I begged to be able to put on the pair of shorts I had in my hand and she told me that if they would go on I could wear them. I stepped into the shorts and pulled them up tightly over my diapers, plastic panties, and onesie. I barely managed to button them. They looked puffy and would fool no one but it was better than looking like a baby for sure. I tucked the fuzz fringes around my sock tops inside the socks so they could not be seen and off I went hand in hand with mother.

As we went out the front door she picked up a diaper bag and put a quick few things in it and told me that it was sort of nice to have her baby back. We drove across town and soon pulled up in the drive of the house were the client lived. At the door the lady of the house and the ten-year-old boy who was to come to mother's day care met us. His little sister who was about five was playing inside. I knew he was looking at my clothes and then mother removed all suspicion and asked me if I was wet and needed a change. I told her, "no." Mother and the lady went into the living room to talk and the little boy, Jan, and I went into the family room.

He asked me how I liked being a big baby but before I could answer he showed me his diapers and said that he just loved being babied. Jan did not have to wear diapers at all. He just liked them. He told me that he had been back into diapers since his little sister was one year old. He told me that when his mother would diaper his sister he would stand around and beg for a pair of diapers, too. He said that his mother enjoyed babying him and now since his sister was out of diapers he was the only baby his mother had. He showed me his closet full of diapers and his baby things. My penis was more than a little hard and ready to wet my diapers.

He told me that his mother had been home schooling him and that he was now in the sixth grade at the age of ten years. He had no friends that did not wear diapers and had no experience with children who didn't wear diapers except his little sister and her girl friends at the local elementary school. We talked for a while longer and then were called to come to the front room where we both were checked for wetness by our mothers and said our "goodbyes" until Monday morning next.

Mother and I drove off for home and stopped off by the drive-in window of the McBurger nearest our home. Mother bought me a giant soda and a burger with fries. Twenty minutes later we were home and I thought that I would be getting out of my baby clothes but mother had different plans for me.

She told me to go play in the Baby Room and to call her if I needed to go to the bathroom or anything. She also told me not to remove any clothes except my shoes. She bent down on one knee to untie my shoes and saw that I had turned the fuzz side of the socks inward. She immediately turned the fuzz back out and told me it was very cute. She asked if I was wet yet and felt with her finger under the elastic band on my waterproof panties to see.

I was just a little wet but the soda had not been a factor yet. Mother scolded "her little wee-wee pot baby" for his wettum's and had me hop up on a changing table. She undid the onesie and exposed my plastic panties. Then she pulled my panties off and proceeded to unpin my diapers. When the air hit my penis it stood straight up and mother took that as a sign of my enjoyment of being diapered. She washed my bottom and oiled me good - especially my erect penis.

Just before I could have orgasm she powdered me liberally and pulled my fresh diapers up between my legs and pined them tightly on each side. I was then told to lift my bottom so she could put my waterproof panties back on over my diapers. She told me that, "I would be changed once more before beddie-bye time so be sure to use my diapers well so as to be the more comfortable that night." There would not be any diaper changing done after bedtime. She then removed the borrowed onesie and put it back where it belonged and told me that I could just wear my diapers, waterproof panties and cute little sockies until bedtime. I was allowed to watch some children's VCR tapes on television and play with the toys in the Baby Room Mother told me I would have a good surprise at bedtime.

We had a snack together as usual that evening and at 8:30 the order came to go into my room and wait for mother. Obediently I followed her instruction to the letter and went to my room. Soon she entered carrying a fuzzy baby- blue footed sleeper for me. She asked me if I liked it and I softly told her that I did. She then asked if I had wet my diapers and I told her that I had wet but not much.

She then had me lay down and she inspected my diapers by pulling down my panties in the front. Sure enough I was barely wet so she took off my socks with the fuzz tops and put me into the sleeper for the night. She then helped me into bed and told me to wait there for her.

Soon she returned with a warm baby bottle for me to help me go to sleep and a pacifier on a ribbon that she pinned to my sleeper. She kissed me goodnight and turned out the light. I sucked on my bottle and soon drank it all down.

In the morning I awoke to find that during the night I had soaked my diapers but I knew better than to try to take care of myself. Mother wanted me to depend upon her for all my needs. I tried calling her but she did not answer me. Since my bottom was hurting a bit and I was frustrated I started crying softly. Mother soon came into the room and made over me just like I was a year old. She unpinned the zipper on the back of my fuzzy sleeper and removed my waterproof panties and dirty diapers.

She then cleaned me up and took me by the hand into the bathroom to give me a bath. She had a nice warm tub waiting and even had bubble bath soap in the water for me. She asked me to lie back in the water and she lathered and gently shaved my special hair. Mother said that babies did not have hair there and that it would only cause more diaper rash if it stayed. I did not much hair any way. Diaper rash was not going to bother her little baby.

When she was done she rubbed lots of funny smelling cream on all my bottom, legs, and arms and chest. I then played a bit with her and then she said it was time for me to shower off. When I did I found that all my body hair was gone. She said, "I was the prettiest baby she had ever seen."

After being toweled off mother led me back to the table for fresh diapers. After she diapered me she showed me two waterproof panties. One was frosted and plain and the other one was a pastel color and had ruffles on the seat. She asked me which pair I wanted to wear today. I know I took too long to decide for the plain ones and tipped my hand about the fancy pants. Mother then told me the reason for the choice. If I had chosen the frilly panties I would have been dressed in a dress as well and treated as a girl. Since I chose the plain pants I would be treated as a boy.

Today is Saturday and no clients are in the house so I am told that I am to just wear my diapers and panties. We had no plans to go shopping or anything else. The plan today is for me to continue getting used to being a boy baby again. I realized that I could now wet without having to try hard to pee-pee in my diapers.

At breakfast mother puts me in a high chair she borrowed from the art dept. of her daycare center and feeds me like any two-year-old baby. I did like my baby bottle though. After breakfast mother's assistant came in and saw us and I felt so embarrassed. I looked so babyish dressed only in my diapers and panties and drinking my bottle in front of this pretty young lady. After the appropriate explanations my life continued and I was taken to the Baby Room to entertain myself with all the baby toys there under the watchful TV monitor's eye. I heard Mrs. Green ask my mother about taking me out to the park later in the day. I was small for my age and she said I could pass for a child of seven or so. About that time I had a big poopies and a wettum's in my diapers so I called out to mother that I needed changing again. Mrs. Green came in and took care of me very professionally and told me that if I were her baby that she would embarrass me good for being such an infant. I just sucked my pacifier and rejoiced inside that I was not her baby.

I had been in diapers less than a day and I loved it. I didn't know that being a baby had a down side. I was used to going to the movies most Saturday afternoons but I could not go dressed as I was now. I decided to ask mother if I could put on big boy clothes just to go to the movies in. She told me that maybe I could wear other clothes over my baby clothes but not this week. I needed to acclimate to being a baby again.

At noon I looked forward to lunch because I was starting to get really bored. Strained peas and carrots before my formula did not change my frame of mind. Mrs. Green fed me the baby foods so fast that my face was all smeared up with food. Her teasing me did not help and soon she had me crying. She cleaned me up and put me to bed because, "baby needs his nap."

I must have slept for an hour or so and woke up wet. My diapers were a sodden mass between my legs. I called for mother and this time she did come and change me. She asked me if I thought that I was ready to call my friend from school over to play. She told me "he had to know sooner or later." I had not thought of my friends seeing me as a baby. I did not know shat to say to mother. She then told me that Robert had a secret too and he would share it with me at 3:00 p.m. today!

At 3:00 Robert and his mother arrived at our home for my debut as a baby. The surprise for me was that Robert liked to dress in diapers too but he did not mess in them. He was dressed only in his cloth diapers and crying. I too stood there crying never dreaming Robert would be dressed that way and he never dreaming that I would be in diapers. When we saw each other the surprise and shock gave way to laughing.

Each of now had a friend who understood. Our mothers had conspired to frighten us both and make us think we were going to be punished but they had meant it to help both of us. I t is interesting to note that both of us had to be changed right after this experience as we both peed our diapers in the embarrassment of the moment and the exhilaration of relief we both felt. Mrs. Green got those honors!

At Rob's suggestion we went into the Baby Room to play. Mrs. Green made him promise not to pee without plastic panties on. Rob said that he had never seen so much baby stuff and that it all smelled so good. I told him he had not smelled the diaper pail yet. Soon Rob and his mother had to leave and to show her kindness his mother let him wear a raincoat over his diapers. Mother and I soon had supper and I was starved after all the baby foods. This time she fed me solid foods and after the pizza was finished I polished off my supper bottle. Mother saw that I again needed a diaper change and praised me for being such a good wetter. After another two hours or TV it was "time to put baby to bed."

Bedtime became fun time for the bath she would give me and the play in the tub. She was happy my diaper rash had been cured and that my training was going so well. She told me that she felt much closer to me now. I hugged her neck and thanked her for making me feel so good as she toweled me off. That night she put me into a doubler diaper. These diapers were so thick I could barely toddle. Back into my Fuzzy sleeper I really looked like a baby. I told her, "goo-goo-ma-ma" when she gave me my night bottle and we both had a good laugh.

Sunday morning I was awakened by mother unzipping my sleeper and removing my panties so she could get at my diapers. I sucked away on my pacifier and she got me all cleaned up for breakfast. Mother put a pair of snap-on panties on me and they made my diapers rub me when I walked or moved around.

Sunday was a lazy day for us with me enjoying babyhood and mother enjoying being the mother of a little baby. Later in the day I asked mother abut tomorrow. How would I dress around her clients who would start coming in about 8:00 a.m. - would they laugh at me? What about school in the fall - would I wear baby things to the seventh grade? Mother just told me she had not made up her mind yet. How could I face my classmates when I was even worried about the kids in the day care seeing me?

Sunday afternoon mother took me out into our backyard to play. I liked the swings and the slide best of all. My plastic panties interfered with sliding so mother took them off me and let me play in just my diapers. I felt so happy and carefree. Mother sat in a big lounge and watched me. Soon she called me to come to her and she checked me for wettum's and had me lay down so that my head was in her lap. I fell asleep there in her lap sucking down my bottle. I slept for thirty minutes or so when I woke up with mother changing my diapers and putting my panties back on me.

She was again praising me for being such a good wetter. I was wishing that she had not yet changed me because I felt a strong poopie coming on. I told mother and she just smiled at me and said, "babies are supposed to do their little poopies into their diapers." As my diapers started to fill mother kissed my forehead and told me to push more and get all the poopies out into my diapers. After a few minutes she removed my diapers and cleaned me up with some handy baby wipes. "I don't have any more fresh diapers here so lets go inside where I can get you clean diapers and I will dress you in there." Naked I followed her to the Baby Room where I got up on the changing table was given a "sponge bath" and tickled and kissed all over. I felt that I really was a baby again. Mother then oiled my bottom and rubbed on a lot of baby powder and brought my diapers gently up between my legs and covered my erect little penis. By the time my plastic panty was in place I had a deep orgasm and mother held me close saying, "good baby, good baby." She then asked me if that was the first time and I had to tell her that it was not. She wanted to know if diapers and baby things has ever done that to me before. I had to tell her that it happened several times in the Baby Room on Fridays before. She just said that it was "cute" and changed the subject.

Supper was coming and we had soup and sandwiches and I polished off yet another big bottle. A little before bedtime and my bath mother dressed me in my diapers, panties and sleeper and we again watched a little TV together. Tomorrow the other kids will come to daycare and see the new baby.

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Mother put Darren to bed Sunday evening with visions of what tomorrow would bring. All mother's clients would be coming. There would be Roger who was a year or so older than Darren, Alicia who was just past twelve, and Louis who was ten and the new ten year old Jan. Darren knew he would like Jan. The rest of the kids were from four to nine years of age and there were eight of them (three girls and five boys) to ride herd on. At least they used to obey Darren. Would they obey or even accept Darren in his baby diapers?

Monday morning dawn has barely broken and mother is busy getting Darren's sleeper off and his waterproof panties and diapers.

Mother is congratulating him for being such a "good little wetter and pooper" and he just lies there sucking on his pacifier and giggling. Off she marches him to the bathtub for his morning bath. She scrubs him good and tells him what a fine baby he is. He is soon dried off and led to a changing table for fresh diapers.

Mother tells him that she has but a limited amount of baby clothes available for him so he must wear one of his tee shirts and just his diapers. She did say he could again wear the socks with the fuzz on top but no shoes since he would be in all day. She dressed him quickly and he soon noticed the lack of plastic panties, his diapers were folded in the kite style which made them look much more babyish, and his shirt only came to about three inches from the top of his diapers in back and six inches from the top of his diapers in front. But the kite fold does absorb best for a boy and mother has had no chance to shop for her new baby yet.

Mother said that the kite fold would make his diapers more absorbent so he would not have to be changed so frequently. Mother told Darren that he would have to let her know when he wet or poopied because of the lack of plastic panties.

His diapers would not stay up as well either but the look and absorbency were worth his having to pull them up every few minutes.

Mother said, "You are just adorable looking and an adorable baby." Darren was afraid the others would not let him be the leader among them that he was used to being in their little games. He looked to be about five or six - certainly not twelve.

The doorbell rang and Darren ran to get it and let the kids in. Alicia was there with her mom and they both thought Darren looked, "darling." She told Darren that he looked like a very little boy and like all little boys he needed a mommy who in this case would be her.

Other children were now present and the daily routine of bottles and diaper changes and lessons - for some older ones - were beginning. Darren just floated around did what ever appealed to him. He was finding that he had to hold his diapers up now all the time and this interfered with play. He found his mother and showed her his problem and she told him she was going to the store for him later and would make his diapers tight as she could for the present. She asked him to lay down right there so she could fix his loose "didees." The pins were close to each other in Darren's kite folded diapers and now the two diaper pins were almost touching. Darren really looked like a big little baby trying to wear a littler baby's diapers. The other kids around didn't even blink. Diapers are natural and they figure that they are no big thing. Roger, a year older than Darren, walked by and seemed puzzled by seeing Darren in diapers for the first time. Roger had never been out of diapers and had no shame in his mind about wearing them but he realized that most others his age were out of diapers. Darren's mother explained to Roger that Darren now wore diapers too just like he did. This explanation seemed to make everything okay in Roger's mind.

Darren could now move about with out his diapers sliding down and play with more freedom. With Roger and Alicia both in classes Darren found Louis and Jan, the ten- year-old boy to whose home he had been taken on the previous Friday and talked with him and had the mid-morning snack with the littler kids. For the first time - in public - Darren took a bottle and lay down to drink it in his favorite playpen. He felt so little and so good lying on his back with the little ones just being a baby with them.

Jan and Roger wanted to go out to the merry-go-round but Darren had to ask permission. Mother asked him if he had had a bottle and he told her he had. She said that Darren could go out with Roger and Jan but not exercise any because he had to save his diapers as he was running out and mother could not get more until after lunch when they would go shopping for him. Darren had to go back and tell the other boys that he could not go out for a lack of diapers and booties. He had just enough left for one more change and mother was going to get more baby clothes for him at lunch.

Lunchtime came soon enough and Mrs. Green and mother soon had everyone taken care of and fed. Then came nap time and time for Darren and mother to go get Darren's baby supplies for him. Mother took Darren back into the Baby Room and undressed him taking off his little tee shirt and removing his very soggy diapers. She pinned his last two diapers on him and put a shirt and shorts on him and off they drove to mother's favorite store for daycare and baby supplies.

Mother had often wished Darren were still a baby so she could buy baby things for him and now she had her wish. She bought him a complete layette including diapers, panties, pretty socks and all the extras. He even got a little sailor suit just like the one he had been so proud of years ago.

Darren asked his mother not to buy so much reasoning that he would maybe want to be a big boy soon. Mother told him, "it is too late, and my baby is back to stay for a long time."

On the way home Darren was thinking about school and asked how he was going to be dressed next month for school. Mother told him that she had not yet decided about that. Darren loved his baby things and playing baby but he also enjoyed being a big boy and doing big boy things too, especially riding his bicycle. He felt pulled by two separate worlds.

Arriving at home mother quickly emptied out the car and took Darren in to be put down for a nap with the other babies. His nap was uneasy thinking about his school dilemma coming up but his bottle made it easier.

Soon he was awakened by the sounds of children playing and it was time for more play. This time he didn't have to worry about running out of diapers or not having booties to wear out in the play area. He had a good time playing and especially liked dodge ball.

Soon the daycare day was coming to a close and parents were stopping by to collect their children and visit a while. Jan and Roger were among the last to be picked up because both their mothers worked late.

Roger came in from the swings to be with Darren and Jan. The kids knew how to entertain themselves in the Baby Room but soon Jan soon had to be dressed for home.

Mrs. Green came in and told two children to get on a changing table. Soon their clothes were removed including their plastic panties and wet diapers as well. Mrs. Green gave them a "sponge bath" and put the babies into their going home diapers and onesies. Jan did not mind the onesie as much as the big tee shirt that he called "the baby dress" that everyone wore for art class, the last class of the day.

Darren and he played well and so far all was going well for Darren in his new role. He loved his diapers and his mother liked the idea, too. All the kids had been either as they had been to him before his diapers or even friendlier to him now mother had put him back into diapers.

All too soon both Jan and Roger were gone until tomorrow and Darren was all alone in the Baby Room watching TV and sucking on his pacifier - well, somebody's pacifier anyway.

Mother soon called Darren to supper so he ran to the kitchen to eat and tell mother about his afternoon and how well it had all gone. He told her that Alicia had told him that she was going to be his play mommy. Mother said that would be all right but no one was to change his diapers but Mrs. Green and his mother. He in turn was not to change anyone's diapers either.

Mother was grateful for Darren's unwitting information about Alicia's budding interest in him and that evening mother made a trip across town to see Alicia's mom about putting her into a special school now that she was "beginning to develop." The Baker School specialized in helping kids like Alicia develop positive self-images and coping skills that all young people need. Mother didn't say it but she knew Darren was able to climax and she now suspected the girl was getting interested in boys.

When mother returned from her little trip that evening Darren joined her for a little TV and a snack along with his bottle. Mother told him she had a wonderful surprise coming soon for her baby. Darren tried to get a hint but mother just smiled and chuckled to herself.

Darren has now been back in diapers for four full days and is regressing nicely and getting closer and closer to his mother. The past two years without his daddy have been hard on the both of them. Darren falls asleep in her lap nursing his bottle and wetting his diapers. Darren has developed into "a good little wetter" for sure. Mother carries him into the bedroom and changes and dresses him for the night. He looked so babyish in his fuzzy sleeper - he could pass for a teletubbie!

In the morning Darren waked up a few minutes before his mother came in to take care of him and just enjoyed lying there in his wet diapers and thinking of his good fortune to have a good mother. He rubbed his penis through his wet diapers and had a tremendous orgasm in them just before his morning poopies came to complete the joy. Darren was fast coming to liking this feeling more than any other feeling he ever experienced before. He would enjoy talking about it with Jan later in the day. He and Jan really loved their diapers and being babied.

Mother soon came in to bathe and dress her baby. Mother took his sleeper and panties off and marched him wearing only his dirty diapers into the bathroom. She filled the tub and took his diapers off and rinsed them before putting them into the diaper pail. She used baby shampoo and baby soap and talked nothing but baby talk to him. Mother was very happy and enjoying all this babying very much. She stood him up in the tub and picked him up in a towel to dry him and cuddle him at the same time. Even though he had just had an orgasm in his diapers his little tool got stiff from the baby play and cuddling - especially the kisses on his tummy that tickled.

Mother was surprised at his "stiffy" but told him not to be embarrassed because most babies have erections at diaper changes and such. She picked him up and put him on the changing table and after oiling and powdering his bottom she brought a pair of his soft new diapers up between his legs and pinned them with new yellow ducky diaper pins. Then came his new clear waterproof panties and a large size baby shirt that fit Darren's small upper body. He then felt mother lay him back on the table and lifted his right foot first. She put a knitted pastel yellow bootie on each foot and a babyish little yellow knitted hat with a tie sting under his chin. The booties made his feet feel so soft and good.

Both the yellow booties and the yellow hat were secured with pink ribbons. He did look like a baby. Darren and mother decided that the hat would come off until he would be outside. Mother again told he had a wonderful surprise coming and this time told him it would be here tonight.

Mother took him down stairs to breakfast and as she was feeding him his favorite strained pears she told him that he was now too little to call her "mother." From now on he was to call her "mommy" or "ma-ma."

Soon the other kids were arriving for the day and again Alicia was not among them. Only Darren and Jan seemed to notice. They had each other and Roger so "O, well." Darren spent the morning with the littlest kids enjoying babyhood with them and two big bottles. He didn't feel like finishing his second bottle so he had to do "time-out" which was the punishment for the little ones who did not behave. Mrs. Green told him gently that he had to finish his bottle because "we don't waste food." Soon he decided he did want to finish the rest of his bottle. Everyone then sang the "I'm a Good Baby" song to him and he was let out of the corner and led by the hand to the changing table for a fresh set of diapers.

The rest of the day was good - especially when Darren and Jan got to share their morning adventures with each other. Jan did not have wet orgasms yet but really enjoyed his dry ones and talking about them. Darren and Jan even decided that they would ask to be allowed to ride their mountain bikes down on the big field out back.

Mother told them at they could ride after all the others had gone home. This short time of big boy play was just what each needed. Darren did not even mind having to wear his new knitted hat out on the bike ride and Jan wore his Atlanta baseball cap. Jan especially enjoyed being out of his big art class tee shirt - the one he called "the baby dress."

Soon Jan's mother had come for him and Darren's "mommy" was calling him for the evening meal. Again it was just the two of them and Darren could tell mommy was very happy and excited.

They ate their food and Darren could hardly stay in his high chair waiting for mommy's surprise. Darren gulped down the last of his creamed corn and peas before mommy fed him his favorite desert, lemon meringue pie.

Now it was time for his bottle but mommy said they could get that later. She took him out of his high chair and into the TV room with her and turned on a baby program for him. It is now time for the surprise but before mommy would give him his surprise she had to tell him how important he was to her and how she loved her baby so very much. "Darren, close your eyes and I will get my surprise for you. Darren felt mommy moving around a bit and kept asking if he could open his eyes yet. Darren felt the nicest nipple enter his mouth and heard mommy's heartbeat as she told him to nurse gently. As he nursed the sweet breast milk from mommy came into his mouth and he opened his eyes to see mommy smiling down at him nursing on her breast. The medicine she had been taking had worked and now mother and baby were enjoying the surprise together. Mommy said that he would have to nurse her now a couple times a day to keep her milk coming and keep her breasts from hurting. Mommy explained to Darren that her nursing him would probably mean that he would not be returning to public school but staying home for home schooling. He would just have to stay home and be mommy's little baby boy. It also meant that Darren would have to get mommy's permission be fore he had any more day bottles at daycare.

Soon mommy switched Darren to her other breast and he continues to gently nurse and snuggle into her side. A few hours later and the recorded TV program about a purple diapersaur is over and it is bedtime for mommy and baby. Mommy had yet another surprise for Darren. a new, even fuzzier baby blue sleeper with "I am Mommy's Baby" embroidered on it. He was thrilled with it and asked if he could wear it all day tomorrow. Mommy said that maybe on Saturday or Sunday. Mommy then gave him a "special" bottle for "nite-nites" and kissed him on his forehead. As mommy was turning out the light she heard a sound she had heard ten or eleven years ago from Darren.he was doing a big gurgley poopie in his diapers. She had figured mother's milk might do that for him and sure enough. Darren just lies there and nurses his bottle as mommy decided that there would be one more diaper change tonight before bed. She undid the snaps on his sleeper legs and opened his waterproof panties to find poopie diapers that smelled and looked like they belonged on a four-month-old baby. She changed him and again and kissed her baby goodnight.

Darren slept like a baby all night until becoming aware of mommy's taking his sleeper off awakened him. She was gently telling him that he is her favorite baby in the whole world even though he needs his "dirty didees" changed. After his bath and new diapers were pinned on he sat in mommy's lap and had a nipple and then another sweet nipple. Mommy said she would use a breast pump to put the rest of her milk in the refrigerator for him for during the day. The rest of breakfast would be soon ready in the kitchen. His pabulum never tasted so sweet and good.

Mommy and baby did well and grew very close.

Mommy even took an evening walk with baby Darren in a stroller that evening. Darren was afraid at first of meeting some of his old "pre - diaper" days friends but it was worth it just to get out into the fresh air. Even Darren could see that dressed as he was in his sleeper and knitted hat that in the stroller those kids would not have known he was a boy over four, five, or maybe six years of age. The bottle he held tightly also testified of a younger child. Darren is a baby again and loving it.

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Darren's life has been the life of the perpetual toddler and now finally at the age of seventeen with High School behind him for two years and two years into college - thanks to the Internet - his mommy is thinking it is now time for him to grow up and start to become self- sufficient. It is hard for mommy not to baby her now five foot six-inch baby son. After all, he has nursed at her breast until just two months ago. He is completely diaper dependent and knows all he knows about the world from TV, his schoolwork, and his memory as a twelve year old.

Mommy has decided to start getting him up to speed as a seventeen-year-old boy. She thinks that she might know a way to jump-start him. That night after his usual nite-nite bottle She does some telephoning and talks with a worker at the Baker school. That is the school that Alicia was sent to when mommy became afraid that she might want to become sexually active with Darren. Darren had liked her and this might have some interesting possibilities.

"Yes, Alicia now lives at home and is still not employed," her mother said. Would she be interested in coming back to daycare and helping with some of the children? The pay would be good and her hours would not be a problem. Alicia was hired. The young woman has had her driver's license and been able to drive herself around for the past three years. She would be there in the morning at nine o'clock.

Alicia drove up at just before nine and Darren's mom met her and introduced her around to the kids and made sure that she met and stayed around Darren much of the time. By the end of the day she even changed his diapers - as a favor to his mother - of course. This pretty young woman excited Darren and feelings he had long repressed and neglected came bubbling to the surface. Mommy's plan was beginning to work. But to be successful it would have to be a two-way affair. Over the days Darren's sweet innocent personality began to awaken desires in Alicia as well.

The next Saturday Alicia and Darren had a date to go to a movie at a theatre downtown. He was happy now for the grown-up slacks and shirts that mommy had bought him. The slacks went over his diapers easily. He was a good-looking guy to be frank. Alicia took no persuading that he had what it took.

After a few weeks of dating alone they found themselves with time on their hands at Alicia's house with her folks gone for the weekend. Darren and Alicia undressed each other down to their undies and did some heavy petting until Alicia called a halt.

Darren stopped immediately and they watched TV until Alicia started to unpin Darren's' diapers. He made no move to remove her bra and panties until she asked him to take her things off. Naked the eighteen-year-old girl and the seventeen-year-old baby boy made love on her bed and both found that life had just opened new vistas for them both. Love was doing its magic. They showered together and dried each other off and then Alicia diapered Darren and he returned the favor by holding her panties for her to step into. They dressed and went back to the center with independence and each other as new goals.

They told Darren's mommy that they were going to look for jobs and that Darren was going to interview for Children's Activity Director a t Three Oaks Hospital and Alicia was going to go for the assistant's position. They thought they would interview tomorrow. This was great news to Darren's mother as she could feel the growth in her son.

Mother got on the phone that evening and talked to the Hospital Administrator and the owners and managers of all the daycare facilities around. Many were really interested but the hospital administrator seemed the most interested. Darren and Alicia sat on the sofa and held hands for a while and then the time came for him to walk her out to her car.

Early in the morning Alicia was back and Darren was ready as well.

This was going to be their day. After the appointments had been made on the phone they left to make the rounds. The first stop was a daycare looking for an assistant. Then they left for the hospital and spent an hour and a half there. Then on to a series of daycare centers in surrounding towns with nothing overlooked. They stopped for lunch and two diaper changes for Darren and kept on going until they got back to Darren's home at three o'clock. They had not been there long when the phone rang and it was the hospital administrator congratulating them both. Darren was named Children's Activities Director and Alicia was to be his assistant. He was going to have to go to school and learn techniques but everyone on the board was deeply touched by his understanding of children and their needs.

The date of the wedding was set and life just kept getting better for them both. His mother and her parents thought this was the best possible thing that could happen.

After the wedding the happy couple honeymooned in Maui and after two weeks came home to start their adult lives - Darren in diapers - of course.

After three months Alicia notice that she was not having her period and wondered if she might not be pregnant. Her doctor told her she was about two months pregnant and that she would have be "buying some baby things." She said, "I already do - my husband is in diapers full time." The doctor coughed and told her to see the nurse on the way out for another appointment.

As Darren and Alicia lay in bed thinking together about the coming "blessed event" the irony struck them that their child would be out of diapers while he stayed diaper dependent. No big deal because diapers are not bad and "I love my big baby boy."

Alicia had to start using disposables on Darren mid- way during her pregnancy. It is too hard washcloth diapers when your stomach is holding a baby. Darren helped her by doing almost all the housework and not complaining about his new "paper and plastic diapers."

All went well and the day finally came that Darren had to get her to the hospital. The admitting nurse was new and didn't know of Alicia's close relationship. When Alicia was undressing for admittance the nurse was shocked to see Darren so personally involved with her. Alicia made a wise crack to the nurse that she ought to see how close they were to each other in the privacy of their own home.

She told her she and Darren were old childhood sweethearts. A drunk driver had hit her family's car and hurt her badly and Darren had helped then. Soon Darren saw her wince at the contraction and knew the process of childbirth was under way.

At six o'clock that evening Darren Francis made his entry into the world and loudly announced his presence. He was sixteen inches long and weighed six and a half pounds. Darren got to do the honors and tape the little one's first diaper on him. Darren kept thinking that the diaper would be too small but that was only because of the size of the diapers he ordinarily pinned.

Alicia needed a bedpan too but Darren called the nurse for her. He did not want to take a chance on hurting his beloved wife and mother of his little son. After two more days the hospital discharged the happy little family and Darren was given two free weeks to stay home with Alicia and help her. So with Alicia's family and Darren and his mother Alicia was well taken care of.

Time passed rapidly and Darren - little Darren - was three years old and all potty trained. He was now the "man" in the family out of diapers and the family got a big laugh out of it.

Darren decided that he was going to accept an offer from the hospital to go to the state university and get a degree. He and Alicia had become much loved by the employees of the hospital.

He was to pursue an accelerated program dealing with child development and then come back to the hospital. Everyone was sad to see him go but knew it was for the best and it would only be for probably three years.

A party was planned for his last day in the office before he would be going off to the new adventure. And what a party it was. It was like an all day shower style of events. Some brought gag gifts and others brought useful gifts like diapers and baby oil and powders. The hospital board had even gotten into the spirit of the affair and presented the little family with expense money and tickets to Disney World for a week.

Darren's mother's daycare center was now caring for ninety-five kids and employing twenty-two people. Mother helped the couple all they would let her and she doted on that grandson of hers. The semesters whipped by and Darren did very well graduating as class salutatorian.

Coming back to the hospital Darren and Alicia built their Department's reputation to the national level and kept the hospital administrators busy going all over to accept awards for excellence in child care. Time Magazine did an in depth story on the "Dynamic Duo" who were leading the way in making children comfortable with and in hospitals.

Darren and Alicia credited their own situations as being crucially important in helping them help others. Darren told the reporter, "My diapers have made me more sensitive to the needs of others. You never heard of a bandit wearing a pair of diapers hold up a bank or kill anyone.there is a lesson here."


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