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Diaper Camp Ground

Diaper Camp Ground

George is a typical teen. At 4 feet 9 inches, 85 pounds he has reddish brown hair and green eyes. He enjoys typical teenage stuff - Nintendo, computers, model railroad, soccer and other sports, carpentry, boating, snowmobiling, motorcycling, biking and camping - especially at his grandparents camping resort. I guess at 13, he isn't typical, since his grandparents gave him the campground, and who has their own campground at 13?

George isn't typical because he has incontinence, so he wears diapers. Does he mind wearing them? Nope, he is mature about his diapers. Two of his friends are bedwetters, so he, Arran and Banff are best friends along with two others - Steven and Kevan. All five play soccer and they all love to camp.

George walked home with Aaran, Banff, Steven and Kevan on a nice spring March day. Steven said," Hmm, what a nice day. I hope spring'll be here soon. I want to go camping on Chalk Island someday soon. George, think your grandparents will open the campground this year? Your granddad had that heart attack last fall, so I know he must be looking to sell. Too bad, especially if that theme park get built, the campground would be busy. If it gets sold, the nearest campground will be 15 miles away."

George said, "Steve, I wanted that campground ever since I can remember. With Old Tyme Village, Mountain Laural Park, Seaport Museum, Hoosac Train Ride and now the theme park plus the Seaport Museum expansion, it would have a lot of tourists." He kicked a pebble, than said, "I guess it won't happen. I hope they'll keep it for 5 years." He looked at his house, and said, "want to come in you guys? Dad's trying a new computer game, and I'm one of his testers. Todd, Francis, and Wade are also the testers. It is great! You guys will try it!"

They all agreed so they went into George's house. Inside, George's mom was talking to her parents. George dropped his books on the kitchen table and opened the refrigerator. He took out six bottles of Spruce Park soda. His mom said, "Hello, boys. George, your grandparents, would like to know if you would like the campground. They aren't opening it this year, and they knew you wanted it when you were younger."

George opened the bottle, took a sip and said, "Yes, I would like to have the campground. I was telling Steve that if Tanager Park gets built, the campground would be the closest to it, 5 miles to the main gate."

His grandmom said," We wanted to keep it going, but yesterday, Dad's doctor said for us to relax, so we have to close it. We didn't know if you really wanted it, since it not a moneymaker. I mean, we made money -"

George interrupted her, "Grandmom, I always wanted it and I'm glad that I can have it. Thank you, grandmom." He kissed her on the cheek.

He took his books and said, "Mom, we are going to the rec room." He went downstairs and sat on the sofa. Steve said, "What's wrong?"

George said, "Steve, I was thinking of having a DIAPER PARTY on Chalk, but now I might have it a the motel in the campground."

Aaran said, "George, ever checked out some TeenBabies web pages? If you do, you see a few diapered kids from here."

Banff said, "Aaran, lets asked dad if we can go. Maybe we can bring our cribs." Aaran and Banff lives with their widowed dad. They got cribs for gifts when their dad saw their list for Christmas gifts.

Steve said, "You really love having your dad change you. Hey, George, think you could lease the motel out?"

Aaran said, "Lease the motel to the TIDS - the Teens in Diapers Society. I put a note on my web page and had 9 notes about it. I think I know one kid who replied, Clay Fisher."

"Clay Fisher, is cute," George said. "I got him in American Lit. I wonder if he likes diapers."

"He wears them, George," Aaran said. "You never saw him at the nurse's office? He is CUTE."

Kevan said, "What is TIDS?"

Banff said, "A group of teen diaper wearers, both who likes them & need them, from the Quintown area." Quintown area is the nickname for their location, which is Rockland. Rockland is a small city, surrounded by farms and nearby are the cities of Rochester (the biggest of the cities at 200,000 people), Manchester, Vernon, Portland and Plymouth. "On Prodigy, you can see where kids are from. Also QuinNet, TeleLink, and WhiteOakNet (3 local ISPs) members hit my web page. If we could use the motel as a meeting place we might have some visitors for the motel."

George said, "Did you announce the first meeting, Banff and Aaran?" George saw them shaking their heads no, then put on your web page that the first meeting will be held at the SunRanch Motel in 2 weeks. They'll be a campout at the campground for diapered teens and their family in 4 weeks. Lets go to the motel!"

George got permission from his mom that he can go to his campground. He then led Steve, Banff, Aaran and Kevan to the motel. When they went into the motel, Aaran said, "This is going to be nice. I know where I can get 7 cribs. George, want our dad to help get some cribs?"

George said, "Sure, he can help. Seven cribs? That would be nice!" The motel was in great shape, and they started running the pool's pump. The motel just needed to get some cribs, but other then that it was new.

During the next two weeks, Aaran and Banff both told George that 19 babies will be coming to the party. Banff and Aaran's aunt will be catering and Aaran and Banff's dad got 13 cribs in the rooms.

When it was the day of the party, it was a hot April day. The temperature was in the 70's and it will be the same for the 3 days. It was school vacation for most of the Quintown area, so 25 TIDS members will be at the party - with Friday being a teacher's day - the party started at 4PM Thursday afternoon. The first to arrive were Aaran, George and Banff, but then 6 others from their school - Jordan Fraser, David Faulkner, Clay Fisher, Kirklin Call, Brock Cox and Taji Proud - came by. Soon 5 more dropped by - from different schools, but Banff introduced George to Yves St. Martin, Yves' brother Jean-Baptiste, Scott Douglas, Tad Scotland and Bruce Refern. Soon, 5 more came in, so Aaran introduced George to George Lexton, Cor Van Ausdall, Morgan O'Taithligh and Tariq Kaissi and his brother, Saqr. Some boys won't come until Friday afternoon, since 2 school districts are having school. Some of the boys are there with either their moms, dads or siblings, so they can be changed like they do at home.

The boys were enjoying themselves in the pool or in the game room. Tad, Scott, Clay and Aaran were playing tennis. The moms and dads were introducing themselves to each other. At 7:30 there was an announcement on the PA that dinner is served.

George sat down at a table with Aaran, Tad, and Tad's mom. Mrs. Scotland said, "George, this is a wonderful party. Your mom and dad are very nice."

After dinner it was time for everyone to go to their room.

When George was taken to his room, his dad changed him and was put into the crib. His mom turned on the CARTOON CHANNEL and let him watch it until he fell asleep. His parents went back to the party, along with his brothers.

"Mr. and Mrs. Keats," a voice from behind them said, "I'm glad that Kirklin got invited to the sleepover. Ever since he was hit by that drunk, he was withdrawn. I'm glad he heard about TIDS. Tell your son that he is wonderful. By the way, I'm Tara Call."

"Thank you, Tara," Mrs. Keats said. "Your son is looking like he's having a wonderful time."

With the TIDS members in the cribs, the rest of their siblings were swimming in the pool, playing pinball or video games in the arcade or playing tennis. "Hey, Todd," a voice said, "I'm Christian Faulkner. Your brother is having a great party. Do you make fun of him for wearing diapers?"

Todd, getting out of the pool, said, "I'll tell him. Are you having fun? I know who you are, since you are in my class."

Christian said, "True, but we never talked before. Want to be friends?"

Todd said, "Yes, I'll be friends with you. I know you are good in math, and I need help in math."

Christian said, "You are good in science, Todd. Would you help me in science?"

Todd said, "Sure. Friends help each other."

While his brothers and his folks were still at the party, he fell asleep in his crib. The next morning, he was waken by Todd. "Wake up Georgey," Todd said.

He was taken out of his crib and went to the dining room. He - and the rest of the TIDS members - were still in their footed PJ's, which was donated by Mrs. Fisher, Clay's mom, who owns Special Kids. He sat down at one of the table and waited for breakfast.

After breakfast, the TIDS and their siblings had a meeting. Mrs. Fisher, the owner of Special Kids, donated sports uniforms - one piece short and T-shirt in six colors; red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange. Mr. Keats, George's dad, announce the teams and the brothers and sisters of TIDs were on teams, too. George was on the Chlorophonias - a name of a Mexican bird, so he was changed into a Green short and T-shirt uniform. His teammates were - Banff, Clay Fisher, George Lexton, Kirklin Call, and Saqr Kaissi - the diapered kids, plus Wade, Harry Cox, a brother of Brian Cox, Scott and Anna Fisher, Clay's brother and sister, Elspeth Douglas, Scott Douglas' sister, and Zoe Call. The first game will be 6 man flag football, against the Seedeaters, the purple clad team. The TIDS group kids who are coming later today, from the 2 school districts that had school, will be put on teams.

After the soccer game, which the SEEDEATERS won 2 to 1, it was time for the TIDS members to have a nap. After a 3 hour nap, the TIDS were changed and met in the lobby for a surprise, a day at Old Tyme Village, a historical museum/amusement park.

Mr. and Mrs. Keats rented three luxury buses for the trip to Old Tyme Village. They boarded the buses and the buses started towards Old Tyme Village.

Aaran, sitting in the seat next to George, said, "Nice goal you had, George. I didn't think that Jordan's kick was going to be a goal. Nice party of the TIDS and you are doing." Aaran is on the Seedeaters and he and Jordan scored the goals."

When they got to Old Tyme Village, the sign said,"Welcome TIDS, SYIF and QSTIG." Aaran said,"Hmm, SYIF and QSTI are here."

George said, "What is SYIF and QSTIG?"

Aaran said,"SYIF is Saugatucket Youth Incontence Friends. They are from Colchester and St. Helens area and QSTI is Quanatuck Society of Teen Incontinence Group. They are from Wexley, Elmbridge and Chadwick."

"More kids in Diapers?" George said.

George was in the bus waiting to go into Old Tyme Village, so he looked out of the bus and saw a mom and dad pushing a large stroller. The kid in the stroller looked to be about 11. The mom and dad stopped and started talking to Dr. DuPre, a pediatrician in the same office of his, Dr. Luxemburg.

In a few minutes, Dr. DuPre came on the bus and said, "Hello, welcome to the first annual Old Tyme Village Incontinent Kids Day. We want you to enjoy the day." Dr. DuPre continued on.

In a few minutes, George was at the entrance watching a few kids in strollers. One kid waved to him and then said, "Hi."

George said,"Hi. I'm George Keats. I like your stroller."

The boy said, "I'm Conner Wise. I was born without a bladder. My mom, her boyfriend, my brother, my sister and my mom's boyfriend's son likes to baby me. I love being babied."

George introduced Aaran to Conner and they started to talk about their interests. Conner said he loves sports, woodworking, computers, boating, the outdoors and swimming.

Conner's sister, who is a blondish red-haired girl of 14, came up to Conner and said, "Baby Conner, are you thirsty?" She put a bottle of apple juice in his mouth.

"Hello, I'm Sue Wise," Conner's sister said. She was telling George about herself.

In a few minutes, George's parents came up and they started into the 'Old Village' area, where the museum is located. Conner's family went to the museum area, too.

After an hour of exploring the buildings, Todd said, "mom and dad wants to know if you need to be changed. George said that he needed to be so they went into a family style rest room, with a diaper changing table. Todd, who is 12, changed him while George was looking around at two others kids who are being changed, July Clark, a 12 year old boy; being changed by his mom and Vanja Hallberg, an 11 year old girl, being changed by her 10 year old brother, Verner. Soon, Verner was on the table getting changed by Vanja.

When George came out of the rest room, his mom gave him a SIPPY CUP of juice. He grabbed his dad's hand while drinking the juice. They then went into a 1840 blacksmith shop and watched the smith make a plow. The smith was talking about his job and answering questions.

After the blacksmith shop, they hit the meeting house and the mill shop. After the mill, it was time for lunch and a half hour nap. They all sat down at the 'town's' green, where the employees of Old Tyme set up air mattresses for the naps. Aaran, George and Conner napped next to each other.

After they woke from their nap, they were changed into dry diapers. They finished the tour of the village so The Wises were taking to the Keats.

Denise Wise, Conner's mom were talking to George's mom. They were talking about the support groups, babying their boys and other things. After looking at the railroad station, the group started towards the water park.

When they hit the water park, with 6 water slides, a wave pool, three swimming pools and two water rides. Conner, Aaren and George decided to hit the swimming pool. They dived into the water.

"Hey, Conner," a brown-haired boy of 11 who was dressed in just diapers, said, "This is a great party. Are you enjoying it?"

Conner said, "Lyn, these are George and Aaran, they are part of the TIDS group. George and Aaran, this is Lyn." Lyn Cox joined them swimming and Conner and Lyn became George's and Aaran's friend.

After two and a half hours at the water park, George and Aaran invited Conner and Lyn's families to the motel. They accepted, so they will be at the motel soon. George and Aaran got on the bus and fell asleep.

When they hit the motel, George was introduced to a few more TIDS members. The TIDS members that were introduced to George were kids who had school. Trevyn Harnish, a dirty blond-haired boy of 13, said, "Hello, George. Thanks for inviting the TIDS."

George said, "You're welcome. I think the TIDS are a nice group. Hope we can have fun this weekend." My mom wants to change my diapers and get to bed. Soon, George was put into dry diapers, footed PJ's and was placed into his crib-- along with Conner.

While Conner and George were asleep in George's crib, along with the rest of the TIDS group, the parents were talking about their kids. Aaran and Banff's dad was taking orders for nursery furniture, while Mrs. Fisher was getting orders for clothes. After 10:30, it was time to be quiet.

When morning came, Conner looked at his crib mate and snuggled close to him. Conner said, "George, I didn't know that there are so many kids in diapers in this area. How long have you been a member?"

George said, "Yesterday, I became a member of TIDS. I didn't either, but now I got many friends."

Conner said, "Who started this party? Does the owner knows it is a diapered party?"

George said, "The party was started by Aaron and his brother Banff for the TIDS group. Yes the owner knows it is a diapered party, because you are talking to him."

Conner said, "You own the motel and the campground? How did you get it?"

George said, "It is my grandparents, so they knew I want it, so they asked me a few weeks ago if I still did." George told the story about the campground.

"Boy I would be here everyday camping. I like your friends, George." Conner looked at him and smiled. "I love this crib. Is this yours?"

George said, "Nope, it is the motel's. Each room has at least one crib in it, some has three or four and one has 5 cribs." Soon, Conner's mom's boyfriend and George's dad came into the room.

Conner's mom's boyfriend, Scott Ter Heide came in and said, "Had a good sleep, Conner?" He started pulling off Conner's pj's, while George's dad did the same to him. George looked the now naked Conner and saw a scar across his genital area.

Conner saw that George was looking at him and said, "This is where they operated on me when I was born." He looked at the now nude George and said, "You are cute."

In a few minutes they were dressed in diapers and went to the dinning room for breakfast.