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A Fantasy Come True

A Fantasy Come True

Author: ABDLtwo

Here is my story, It happened about 10 years ago and is absolutely true to the best of my recollection. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

It was the fall of 1988 and I found myself once again a patient of Framingham Union Hospital. I was there because of yet another in a persistent sting of bladder infections that had managed to escalate beyond my control. I had been hooked up to a bottle of potent antibiotic medication and an internal catheter to aid in the passage of medication through my body as easily as possible.

At the time, I remember being placed in the pediatric unit because of lack of bed space in the "Adult" ward. The nurses made a point of apologizing to me throughout most of the first day of my stay. This was not a problem for me however, deep down, I have always secretly considered myself a baby at heart. Actually, I felt quite at ease and indeed, glad to have been a patient of the pediatric unit. my bed was located at the far right side of the room at the end of a row. There was a large picture window to my right. And, a long shelf located just below the window spanning its entire length. The shelf served as a sort of catch all for the various medical supplies to be used by the patients who resided in that room. One thing I particularly remember is the large box of "Old Style" Pampers on the far end of that shelf near the foot of my bed.

One of my favorite memories of my stay in that room, was waking up from my drug induced haze, Fixing my gaze on that box of Pampers, and longing to be diapered by the next nurse to enter the room. Little did I realize at the time just how close I was going to come to having my dream come true! But, on with my story...

As a result of the various medications, pain killers and the like, I had been placed on to bring the bladder infection under control, My mind was immersed in a constant fog. I found myself sleeping most of the day and night. Once in a while, I would manage to wake up for short periods of time. If I was lucky, I could manage to hear what the nurses were saying. One time I heard one of the nurses near by talking to whom I can only assume to be the units head nurse. They happened to be discussing their concern for my well being. It was noted with some concern that I had been there a full four days already, and had not yet had a bowel movement. The decision was made to give me a dose of Milk of Magnesia just before my next meal was to be served. I chuckled for a moment because I knew something the nurses obviously did not.

But first, a bit of back ground information on myself,...I was born with a birth defect known as Cerebral Palsy. Because of this, I am a paraplegic and use a wheel chair as my primary form of mobility. This, I have a pretty good idea the nurses already knew. But, what they did not know was that because I do not move around all day, other than to push my chair that is,... I do not get much lower body exercise. This translates to a bowel movement once every seven to ten days. Sometimes, with very little activity,(such as prolonged bed rest) it can take up to twelve days to achieve the desired effect. Also, because of the C.P. I lack both the ability to "Push" and luckily for me, I also lack the feeling that I am "Full". I had managed to "GO" the morning I was admitted, so, it would be at least another six or seven days before I even had that feeling. Now on with the story...

The nurses were confident that the Milk of Magnesia would take care of any problem that may develop. But still, they kept a watchful eye out for anything that may indicate progress.

I took the Milk of Magnesia, but was not hungry for the meal. This was fine since I promptly drifted off to sleep once again. Another full day passed with no results from the Milk of Magnesia. The next course of action was to use the tablet form of Sennacott for the next two days given with each meal at regular intervals.

Approximately six full days passed without having achieved the desired effect from the laxatives I had been given. However, I was now out of the woods concerning the urinary tract infection. In another day or so, my catheter would be removed, and my progress toward recovery would be complete. Except for the lack of a bowel movement that is.

At this point the nurses were ready to try almost anything to clear what was almost certainly a blockage. I remember a nurse came into my room and put a stethoscope just about where my large colon would be, and listened for any signs of movement. After a moment or two, she proclaimed that things were moving in there and it should not be too long now.

It was right around this time that I began to notice my head was clearing. I was no longer sleeping most of the day and night. And, my thinking was noticeably clearer as well. But, something else was happening too. Something quite unexpected! To this day, I do not have a clue about what was happening to me? Yes, I was feeling much better, And the infection was obviously beaten. But, there was something else,... I was beginning to feel "HORNY as HELL" to put it bluntly.

I felt as if I could successfully pounce on the very next nurse who was unlucky enough to come and see that my physical needs were taken care of. And, I did not care if the very next nurse was as homely as the rear end of a bull dog. To this day, I have NEVER even come close to being as "Horny" as I was those two or three days before I was released from the hospital.

When I think back to those days, two thoughts come to my mind immediately. First, at any available moment,... When I could be reasonably sure that I would not be discovered, I would try to fondle myself even while the catheter was still in place. It was supremely frustrating to me to realize that I could do nothing to quell my Immense Sexual Desires as long as I still had the catheter inserted. Second, and foremost,... I nearly screamed with the desire to have a nurse take one of those thick white Pampers and very lovingly, and Carefully diaper me as well.

At this point however, I was still very weak from both the infection and the medications coursing through out my body. I felt that even though that box of Pampers was probably within my reach, There was NO WAY I was going to be able to summon my remaining energy enough to even grasp the box of Pampers. Even if I could manage to get to the box, what then? What could I have done with what I seriously considered to be the ultimate prize?,... Nothing! There had to be "something" I could do to ease my intense desire for sex and be diapered, But what?

Well, little did I know just how soon my prayers would be answered! The nurses were also noticing the fact that I was more alert and able to carry on an intelligent and coherent conversation. Later that same day a nurse was kind enough to come to my bedside and confide in me about the growing concern for my lack of a bowel movement. For a split second, I thought to tell her that I was some what out of the ordinary. And, it was quite "Normal" for me not to have a bowel movement in nearly a week. Yes, the thought was there momentarily. But, as I say my mind was rapidly returning, And with it came an idea!

I bit my lip, and fought back the urge to scream what was on my mind. With all the sincerity and seemingly inhuman ability to remain calm,... I slowly, and hesitatingly, mentioned that perhaps she should think about putting me into a diaper? And when the nurse asked, "why?" I simply said there had to be some sort of dam stopping me up. And, when it finally lets go,... Well, with all the laxatives I have had in the last few days,... There may be no way for me to control the flow once it got going. And under the circumstances I would not be opposed to wearing a diaper. The nurse paused for what seemed to be an eternity. Then, she said that perhaps I was correct, And that she would have to check with the doctor to see if he approved first. I told the nurse that it would probably be best if she got permission as soon as possible? She agreed and left the room at a fast walk.

Now, it was my turn to lay there and hope against hope that my doctor would give his permission for me to be diapered. Within half an hour my prayers were answered. The nurse I had spoken with returned. But, to my surprise, she had not "a" single diaper. Instead she returned with a stack of ten or twelve of the Attends brand of disposable diapers. At the time, they were still very thick and the tapes were still white. And, the diapers had what used to be called "Comfort Cuffs". That was the name for the frilly lace at the pleated leg openings.

When I saw what she was carrying,... OH MY GOD! I nearly died and went to heaven! Just knowing that the whole stack was meant for ME was one of the most thrilling sexual fantasies I have ever had in my life!

As I lay there watching the nurse place the diapers on my night stand, I could not help but notice how wonderfully thick and white they were. And, as the bag was placed on the night stand with a "thump", my imagination began to run wild!

However, my imagination was not only met, but actually surpassed by my ever increasing "libido" or sex drive. Which by this time was reaching seemingly inhuman proportions. As the bag was torn open,... a wonderful aroma wafted through the air. The delicate scent of baby powder hung in the air for only a precious few seconds. But it was there just long enough to confirm to me that indeed I was about to be diapered. I laid there for what seemed to be an eternity waiting for the inevitable to happen...

I was in a state of supreme sexual arousal, and could swear I felt a cool breeze sweep over my body from head to toe. My body had become rigid with anticipation for the process that was about to take place. Every movement the nurse made from that point on seemed to be in slow motion.

Thankfully, the nurse decided to prepare the diaper and supplies before she would tend to me. I was sure that despite the medication I was on, my current state of sexual arousal would certainly be given away by what could only be termed as an enormous erection. At that point I feared my secret would be realized, and thus put the whole process in jeopardy. I began to pray that when the nurse did get to me, the medication would have done its work to the point that there would be NO noticeable effect in that area.

In slow motion the nurse removed the first diaper from the package. She laid it on the shelf coincidentally, right next to the box of Pampers I had spent so many hours longing for. Next, she retrieved a large bottle of Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder. I felt myself break out in a cold sweat,... Now she turned her attention toward me, And my heart began to pound in my chest!

The nurse reached for my covers (I froze) and slid them down past my feet. I felt the cool air of evaporation envelope my body as I lay there waiting. My Johnny was gathered from about my body and removed. At that point my breathing became a bit labored. Apparently my current state of arousal had not been given away. The nurse continued with the process. She turned her attention from me to fetch the diaper and supplies. I was utterly unable to remove my eyes from every move the nurse made. The noise of the hospital had been shut out. The entire room was completely silent except for the noises created by the process that was unfolding before my very eyes!

To my surprise,... the nurse was able to roll my seemingly limp body to the left with ease. Now, I lay on my left side, and could hear the sound of a disposable diaper being unfolded, and the unmistakable "Crinkle" that was associated with such a process. Next, I felt the diaper being placed by my back side, and the pressure needed to slip the diaper under a portion of my body. Now, she gently laid me back down onto the diaper which was perfectly placed and centered.

Now I lay there at what surely had to be the very peak of my sexual arousal. Or, so I thought anyway... I was busy now pondering the "NEW" and utterly wonderful feelings that had surrounded me. For a moment I forgot about the nurse and the process that had yet to be completed. I was busy thinking of the fluffy thickness of the disposable diaper that I was now "Almost" encased in.

Next, the nurse retrieved the baby powder, and applied a rather generous amount over my privates and onto the inside front of the diaper. Another waft of baby powder drifted past my nose. Finally, the diaper was grasped at both front corners and brought gently, but firmly up between my legs. All four tape tabs were also firmly applied. I lay there in utter silence. Just when I thought the process was over, the nurse surprised me. She took both of her index fingers and ran them along the inside edge of the diaper by my privates. This was done to pull the comfort cuffs out from the inside the diaper to prevent wetness from leaking onto the bedding.

Now, being finished with the task at hand, she got me a clean Johnny,... Covered me back up, and left the room without another word being said between us. I was left alone in the room, in THE MOST comfortable diaper that I had ever been in. Not to mention my heightened state of sexual arousal. I was certainly one happy camper. I immediately lost myself in my feelings, desires and sexual fantasies!

First, I was truly amazed at the thickness of the diaper I was now wearing proudly. It was so thick around my bottom that I remember not really being able to feel the mattress below me. Also the "Crinkle" of the plastic alone,... And the sound it made was certainly enough to get me, "Excited". Not to mention the thickness of the diaper alone was enough to prevent me from pulling my legs together. That was another turn on. And the Comfort Cuffs Too! All in all a perfect disposable diaper by my standards.

And now, I simply HAD to do something about my extreme state of sexual arousal. It did not take me long to figure out just exactly what to do! I simply moved the Johnny enough to gently slide down past the outer plastic covering of the diaper, And proceeded to relieve my pent-up emotions.

Fifteen minutes later I drifted off into the most peaceful slumber I have ever experienced.

The End.


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