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Time for Another Diaper

Time for Another Diaper

Tommy Johnson was an occasional bed-wetter. His mother had grown tired of changing the wet sheets and bedding on the 12 year-old boy's bed. She felt that he was far too old to still be wetting the bed. To further complicate matters, two different pediatricians had examined Tommy and neither one could find anything physically wrong with him. In an act of desperation his mother, Joann, went out and bought a package of Attends disposable incontinent briefs (aka diapers) and began using these to punish the young boy anytime that he wet the bed. The way his punishment worked was that anytime he woke up in a wet bed he would have to wear a diaper for the rest of the day. While he was on diaper punishment he was not allowed to use the bathroom and had to use the diaper for its intended purpose. When his mother first began to use diaper discipline on him, Tommy would not drink any liquids all day long so that he would not have to pee in the diaper. His mother and older sister Jessica soon caught on to him and changed his discipline so that every hour he would have to drink a glass of water or other liquid to make sure that he would wet himself several times throughout the day. Despite all of this, Tommy's bedwetting continued.

One Friday morning Tommy woke up in a wet bed once again. By now he knew the drill well, after cleaning up his bed, his mother diapered the young boy and put him into a dry pair of pajamas. Being diapered by his mother or his sister was also part of his diaper punishment. His mother would tell him: "If you're going to act like a baby and wet the bed like a baby, then you're going to be treated like a baby. And everyone knows that babies don't change their own diapers."

His punishment also included wearing a pair of pajamas all day long. This was done for a variety of reasons. First of all, pants were considered "Big Boy" clothes and were off limits to a "baby", and also pajamas were baggier and would fit over his diaper better. Pajamas also made diaper checks and diaper changes much easier, just one tug on the pajama bottoms and the pajamas would be down around his ankles. And finally the pajamas amplified the diaper noises, the rustling and the crinkling of his diaper whenever he walked or sat down.

Whenever Tommy was on diaper punishment on a weekday he would have to stay home from school and either his mother or sister would stay home with him to enforce his diaper discipline. His mother could not miss another day of work, so she asked Jessica to stay home and keep an eye on her "baby" brother. The 14-year-old girl jumped at the opportunity to get out of going to school. In addition to missing a day of school, she thoroughly enjoyed it whenever Tommy was on diaper punishment. She loved teasing him and making him cry. And now she would have an entire day all alone with her "baby" brother to do whatever she wanted to with him.

As she was leaving for work, Joann kissed her two children good-bye and told Tommy to be a good little boy and to obey his older sister. The day went by like most other days that Tommy was on diaper punishment, hourly glasses of water or juice and his sister's constant teasing and "baby talk". After lunch Jessica put her "baby" brother down for a nap. He was told to stay in his bed until his sister came to get him up from his nap. Tommy was able to fall asleep and slept for a little bit, maybe a half hour but most of the time he just laid there on his bed and thought about his diaper punishment. Jessica waited for over two hours before going and getting Tommy up from his nap. After his nap Jessica changed Tommy's diaper and then made him drink two large glasses of water to make up for the two glasses he missed during his nap.

After school was over Jessica's best friend Katie stopped by to see why her friend was not at school. As soon as Katie saw Tommy in his pajamas and diaper she immediately knew what had happened. Katie was well aware of Tommy's bed wetting problem and also about his mother's attempt to break him of it by using diaper punishment. Katie had seen Tommy in his pajamas and diapers several times before, but Tommy still did not like for anyone else to see him wearing a diaper and was beet red with embarrassment as Katie looked him up and down with a look of disgust in her eyes.

Katie asked: "Did your brother wet the bed again?" Jessica answered in the affirmative and explained how her mother could not afford to miss another day of work, so Jessica had to stay home from school to "baby-sit" her little brother.

"How embarrassing to have a little bed-wetting pee-pee pants brother!" was Katie's reply.

Jessica then said: "Tell me about it! It's like totally humiliating."

Tommy began to cry as the two girls were talking about him in the third person as if he wasn't even there in the same room with them. The girls became disgusted with the blubbering young boy and Jessica said: "Let's get out of here and go to my room and leave the little cry baby here by himself."

Once in Jessica's bedroom the two girls began to hatch a plan to teach Tommy a lesson that evening. After they had worked out all of the details of their plan, the two girls came out of the bedroom and Katie went home.

When Joann got home from work, Jessica asked to speak to her privately. Mother and daughter went into Joann's bedroom and Joann began to change her clothes while Jessica explained the plan that her and Katie had worked out. Joann heard her daughter out and then agreed with her that it sounded like a good plan to her. At this point in time Joann was desperate to try anything to get Tommy to stop wetting the bed.

With her mother's approval Jessica immediately called Katie to let her know that her mother had given her the green light to proceed with their plan. As soon as she hung up the phone, Katie asked her mother if she could spend the night at Jessica's. Her mother readily agreed as the two girls quite often slept over at each other's houses. Katie then asked her eight-year-old sister Tiffany if she wanted to come along and spend the night at Jessica's. The young girl jumped at the opportunity to hang out with the two older girls, especially since she had never been invited to spend the night with them ever before. The two girls packed up their bags with their pajamas and a change of clothes and so forth and then their mother drove them over to Jessica's house.

Jessica answered the door and let the two girls in. "Oh! You brought Tiffany with you!" was Jessica's slightly surprised response.

Katie answered: "Yeah, I thought that she would get a kick out of tonight's activities."

"Yeah, she probably will. Good thinking!" Jessica replied.

Tommy then asked: "What are THEY doing here?"

Jessica began explaining things to her younger brother: "Your mother and I are going out to eat tonight and then after that we are going to go to a movie together. And Katie and Tiffany have graciously agreed to baby-sit you tonight."

"BABY-SIT ME?" was Tommy's startled response. "I don't need a baby-sitter!" the young man said in protest.

His sister then answered back: "I think you DO need a baby-sitter. Anybody that still wets the bed like a little baby definitely needs a baby-sitter!"

Tommy then darted out of the room and ran off to find his mother. Jessica and Katie laughed together as Tommy ran down the hallway.

Tiffany was a bit surprised when she first saw Tommy in his pajamas. She was wondering why he was already wearing pajamas so early in the evening. And then when he stood up and ran out of the room she heard a rustling sound coming from underneath his pajamas. She then thought about what Jessica had just said about him wetting the bed and she quickly put two and two together and then she asked with the sound of total disbelief in her voice: "Is he wearing a d-i-a-p-e-r?"

Katie explained to her perplexed sister about Tommy's bedwetting and also about his diaper punishment that he receives each time he wets the bed. Katie then explained how tonight was going to be the "next-step" in his discipline, that Joann and Jessica felt that if other people started seeing Tommy in his diaper and found out about his bedwetting that maybe he would get embarrassed enough to stop wetting the bed. She then told her little sister that this was actually going to be for Tommy's own good. Katie concluded by telling Tiffany: "So remember the more you tease him and the more you make fun of him the more motivation you are giving him to stop wetting the bed. OK?"

A large smile came across Tiffany's face and she agreed to co-operate with Katie and to tease Tommy and to make fun of him "for his own good". Tiffany then thought to herself that this was going to be a fun night.

Meanwhile, Tommy found his mother in her bedroom and asked her what was going on. Joann told her now distraught son that her and Jessica were indeed going out to dinner and then to a movie and that Katie and her sister Tiffany would indeed be "baby" sitting him tonight. Tommy complained and began to cry as his mother told him that if he did not want to be treated like a baby then he needed to stop acting like a baby and to stop wetting the bed like a baby.

Before they left the house Jessica took Tommy to his room where she put a fresh clean diaper on him. When they returned to the living room, Jessica told Katie that she should check Tommy's diaper every couple of hours. Joann then gave out her last minute instructions. She began by thanking Katie and Tiffany for babysitting Tommy and that she was really looking forward to spending the entire evening alone with Jessica and not having to worry about changing wet stinky diapers. She then told Katie that she had "full authority" over Tommy and that she was free to use whatever means she saw fit to keep him in line. She also added that if there was a problem with Tommy that Katie was to call her on her cell phone and left her cell phone number with Katie. Joann then turned to her son and issued an ultimatum that he had better behave himself and do WHATEVER Katie told him to do and that if Katie had to call her and if they had to cut their evening short because of him, that he would be in so much trouble that he might just be wearing that diaper for the rest of his life. She then asked if he understood her. Tommy swallowed hard and said that he understood.

After Joann and Jessica left, Katie went into the kitchen and poured Tommy a large glass of water and brought it out to him for him to drink. She was well aware of his hourly glasses of water whenever he was undergoing diaper punishment. While Tommy was drinking his water, Katie called in for a Pizza to be delivered. The Pizza deliveryman arrived about 30 minutes later. Tommy sat perfectly still on the couch while the deliveryman was there delivering the Pizza. He didn't want to move a muscle for fear his diaper would crackle or rustle and the deliveryman would find out that he was wearing a diaper. After eating the Pizza for dinner, Tommy was given another large glass of water to drink.

An hour later he was given a third glass of water and when he had finished it Katie instructed him to come over to her so that she could check his diaper. The young boy blushed and reluctantly walked over to his baby-sitter. When he got over to her, Katie gave a tug to his pajama bottoms and they quickly fell down to his ankles. Katie gasped and then declared: "My God, your diaper is soaked!" She then stated that it was time for another diaper and then turning to Tommy, she asked him: "Are you ready for another diaper?"

The young boy turned 15 shades of red and shrugged his shoulders and very quietly said that yes he was ready for a new diaper. He was not looking forward to having his sister's friend Katie change his diaper, but his diaper was soaked and it was very uncomfortable. In addition Tommy knew that one more peeing and his diaper would most likely begin to leak and from past experience he knew exactly how uncomfortable and embarrassing it was when his diaper would leak and get his pajamas all wet and how they would stick to his skin.

Since his answer was so quiet, barely a whisper, Katie told the blushing juvenile: "I can't hear you!" And then she loudly repeated the question: "ARE YOU READY FOR ANOTHER DIAPER?"

Again Tommy blushed and said louder: "Yes Please."

"All right then, run on along to your room and get a diaper out of your closet and bring it back to me so that I can put it on you." Katie instructed the young boy.

As Tommy left the living room he thought to himself: "My God, is she going to change me right there in the living room? In front of her sister Tiffany?" The last thing Tommy wanted was to have an eight-year-old girl watch him get his diaper changed, but he did not know of any way to get out of it. He figured he would just close his eyes and hope it would be over as quickly as possible.

When he returned to the living room he slowly walked over to Katie who again pulled down his pajama bottoms. She then instructed Tommy to lie down. She unfolded the diaper and then told Tommy to lift up his butt so she could put the diaper underneath him. Tommy thought to himself that it was a bit unusual to put down the new diaper before removing the old diaper but he did not dare say anything for fear that this would slow down the whole diaper changing process. Tommy closed his eyes tight to fight back the tears as he prepared himself for Katie to remove his diaper thus revealing himself to both Katie and her sister Tiffany. Instead of removing his diaper though, Katie took a utility knife out of her pocket and began slashing at his diaper making several holes and long slits in his diaper. While she was cutting slits in his diaper, Katie kept saying things like: "Gross!" and "This is Disgusting!" Again Tommy had no idea what she was doing but kept silent so that whatever she was doing she would get it over with as soon as possible.

When she had finished cutting several slits in his diaper she took the new diaper and pulled it up between his legs and was getting ready to tape it in place when Tommy shot up and yelled out: "What the hell are you doing?!?"

Katie replied: "You said that you wanted another diaper. I'm putting another diaper on you like I said I would."

"But aren't you going to remove my old diaper first?" The puzzled child asked.

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm not removing that disgusting pee soaked diaper! That would be totally gross!" was Katie's reply. The very thought of having to touch a pee filled diaper sent chills up and down her spine and she even shuddered to add emphasis to how grossed out she was to have to be dealing with a12-year-old boy and his wet and soggy diaper.

She then continued on: "Besides, I didn't say that I was going to change your diaper, all I said was that it was time to put another diaper on you." She then tried to comfort the confused young man, "Don't worry, that's why I cut all of these slits in your first diaper. That way the new pee will flow out of your first diaper and into the second diaper." She then instructed Tommy to lie back down so that she could tape the new diaper in place.

At this point in time Tommy was in complete shock. His mind raced with the words that Katie was saying. He thought to himself: "This is never going to work! Putting one diaper on top of another isn't going to do any good." He was so lost in bewilderment that he didn't even hear Katie's instructions to lie back down.

Therefore, Katie repeated her instructions, but this time much loader: "Lie Down! NOW!"

The load and demanding tone in her voice got Tommy's attention and snapped him out of his temporary catatonic trance. But before he could heed his baby-sitters instructions, Katie issued this warning: "Lie Down NOW, or, I'm going to call your mother and let her deal with you." She then asked the shell-shocked boy: "Do you want me to call your mother?"

Tommy shook his head "No" and then complied with Katie's wishes and he laid back down. He was still in a complete state of shock as Katie began to tape the new diaper in place. But then Tiffany began laughing hysterically at the site of a helpless 12-year-old boy having a diaper put on him. At this Tommy realized how ridiculous he must appear to her and tears began to well up in his eyes.

When she was finished taping the diaper in place, Katie had Tommy stand up and she pulled Tommy's pajamas up. The pajama bottoms barely fit over the two diapers, especially since one of them was already swelled up with pee. It was now abundantly evident that the young man was wearing a very bulky diaper under his pajamas. After she got the pajama bottoms pulled up, Katie patted Tommy's thickly padded bottom and said: "There that ought to hold you for at least a couple more hours until your mother and your sister get back home."

By now Tommy was fighting hard to hold back the tears and he started to leave the living room to go to his bedroom so that nobody would see him cry. As he was leaving the living room Katie asked him: "Just where do you think you're going?"

"To my bedroom." Tommy said trying hard to choke back the tears.

Katie replied: "I don't think so! I was hired to baby-sit you and to keep an eye on you, so you get right back in here where I can keep an eye on you."

Tommy began crying and yelled at Katie: "Why are you being so mean to me?!?"

"That does it!" said Katie, "I'm tired of dealing with you! I'm calling your mother right now!" With that she stood up and went and got the phone and began calling Joann.

Realizing how much trouble he would be in if Katie called his mother, Tommy began pleading for Katie not to call and for her to please hang up the phone. He came back into the living room and sat down on the couch.

When Joann answered the phone, Katie explained what had just happened with Tommy. After hearing Katie out Joann asked her to give the phone to Tommy. When she got on the phone with Tommy she asked him what was the last thing she had told him before she left that night.

Tommy answered his mother through his now streaming tears: "To obey Katie and do whatever she says."

"That's right." Joann responded and then said: "All Katie wants to do is to keep an eye on you. Her wanting you to stay in the living room where she can watch you is a very reasonable request. Now are you going to start obeying your baby-sitter, or, am I going to have to come home?"

Tommy assured her that he would obey Katie for the rest of the night. Once she felt confident that Tommy wasn't going to give Katie any more problems she asked Tommy to give the phone back to Katie.

After she got off the phone Katie explained that Joann told her that maybe Tommy was being so difficult because he was tired and cranky and that perhaps Katie should go ahead and put him to bed. "But before I put you to bed " Katie said, "I want you to drink two more big glasses of water. I want to see if double diapering you is going to work. This could cut your diaper changes in half!"

She brought out the first glass of water and Tommy drank it as fast as he could. She then filled it back up and brought out the second glass of water. Tommy had a real hard time drinking the second glass since he was already waterlogged. As soon as he finished the second glass he was instructed to give Tiffany a hug and a kiss goodnight. He thought to himself that it wasn't fair that he was being put to bed before an eight-year-old was.

After her hug and her kiss Tiffany patted Tommy on his bottom and said: "Goodnight soggy bottom boy." This caused Tommy to turn beet red with embarrassment.

Katie then led Tommy to his room where she tucked him into bed and told him goodnight. It was very difficult for Tommy to get comfortable that night. Every time he moved or rolled over his diaper squished and he felt wet and damp all over. As he cried himself to sleep that night he swore to himself that he was going to stop wetting the bed.


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